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Podcast 131 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 131: Today. Server Time. (2017-08-04).

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Unknown Speaker 0:00 podcasts stand for pom pom Jafar gentleman when God was a master the best of the web

Cortex 0:23 all right. Hey, welcome to episode 131. of Best of the web, the medical third monthly podcast. I am Josh Malartic, a cortex.

Jessamyn 0:32 And I'm Jessamyn West known as Jessamyn.

Cortex 0:35 And we are recording this Friday morning server time on August the fourth, talking over the last month or so of site events. And stuff.

Jessamyn 0:44 Certainly time. Have you ever said that before?

Cortex 0:46 No, I was just mixing it up as I was looking at the clock and realize we're in different time zones. I was saying Morning. Morning, my time also I figured that once I got in process on the sentence, but by then it was like it was picking up its own personality. It decided it wanted to be about specificity. So here we are. How are you? I know, weird month for both of us

Jessamyn 1:09 been a weird month for both of us. As I have mentioned in a couple places my mom passed away, not surprisingly, but still it's a mom thing. And doing a bunch of stuff with my sister. I'm living in my childhood home for the month, planning a shitshow of a life celebration for 150 former neighbors of my mother and a lot of people who haven't known me since I was 16 years old. But as these things go, it's actually going pretty well. The weather's been nice. I live really close to Jim, this house is fascinating and interesting. I get to spend a ton of time with my sister who I adore. And I heard you all met a filter now, which makes me very happy.

Cortex 1:50 Yeah, that's the thing. That's the thing that happened. I do now own the site. Matt had owned it for people who have not been paying close attention.

Jessamyn 1:59 Who missed the banner? Or maybe who were rock? Oh,

Cortex 2:02 well, you know, there's always like, you know, certain you hit a certain chunk of the site populates with any given thing. And then a lot of people don't catch that. So

Jessamyn 2:10 Right. Or people were like, Oh, I shot on Twitter or Facebook, or it was on the best of the web blog or Yeah,

Cortex 2:16 well, I mean, I've got a couple of notes for people saying, Oh, wait, you didn't. And then there's occasionally you know, the note from saying, Wait, you, you run Metafilter now, and you know, this is all

Jessamyn 2:27 right, right. You didn't especially like people like Matt who, which Yeah, so it's like, it makes me laugh like hell. But you know, everybody has

Cortex 2:34 a slightly different, like, level of awareness and correctness of their impression of what the state of things is. And that's fine, because you don't really need to know any of this stuff to read or hang on a minute filter. But yeah, Matt left for slack back in 2015, early 2015. And I took over day to day operations at that point. And ever since then, he's

Jessamyn 2:53 still owned it and occasionally could like make decisions and all the money stuff was things and all the stuff was in his name and like blah, blah, blah,

Cortex 3:02 filter. Yeah. And it was sort of Matt's accountant and maths lawyer handling those stuff. And so so now we have transferred ownership to me entirely. Matt has zero to do with with any the business anymore his

Jessamyn 3:13 email address still on the PayPal?

Cortex 3:15 It is at the moment, PayPal is complicated. Gotta

Jessamyn 3:18 tell me the truth, man, I'm your friend. No, no,

Cortex 3:21 that's that's straight up. This is a Pay Pal issue. So his name is still on there. Because I can change and have changed every single administrative field and have full control over that account. But the part where they list a primary email, they don't want you to change that. So we're having to arm wrestle that much more complicated, like, wow, we

Jessamyn 3:39 well, he can just set up a script at least so that all those emails go to you. Right?

Cortex 3:43 Yeah. And there's a couple things. Yeah, we've got that set up. And there's a couple things we can maybe tweak on the interface even to sort of route around that, but it's a little bit nicer. And we didn't want to do it, like literally on the day the same? Yeah, so yeah,

Jessamyn 3:54 you know, I have that with one of the domains that I own. Like, I used to have a business name back in the day, and I wanted to change the business name because I don't have that business anymore. And my domain registrar's, like, Nope, you literally cannot do that you can transfer the domain to like a different owner. And then I'm kind of just being a dingus, because I have kind of a low user number name there. And I don't want to

Cortex 4:25 these are the compromises you got to wrestle with when you get into the nitty gritty on this stuff.

Jessamyn 4:28 And then like dealing with my mom's stuff, right? I have basically a list that's like two single spaced pages of her passwords to fucking everything. Yeah, but Lord love that lady she was concerned about I don't even know. And so all of her passwords are written down in code.

Cortex 4:49 ciphers, slow down the thieves.

Jessamyn 4:51 And she told me the code maybe a couple years ago, and I forgot the code. So I had to like break into her keychain on her computer to figure out some matching password from the print password list in order to figure out how to log into, you know, her bank or whatever and pay her bills.

Cortex 5:11 So like you literally had to decrypt her encryption scheme on her password so that you could get out the passwords

Jessamyn 5:16 that makes it sound a lot smarter than one I actually that's what it is.

Cortex 5:19 I mean, that's what it is. You used a known plain text to figure out what this

Jessamyn 5:23 thing would be like number number, and then like plus plus plus plus, and I'm like, that doesn't make sense. She has four pluses in a row. I don't even think that would work. I was like, Oh, the pluses stand for something. Yeah, I asked my sister. She's like, I don't know. What. And, you know, meanwhile, I'm trying to I'm getting locked out of account after account because I'm trying to log in over and over again, then I have to call people on the phone. People love those phone calls. Oh, I bet. Although I do have to say the Boston Globe takes the cake because I've been trying to cancel my mother's newspaper now for literally a week and a half since she passed. And they keep like escalating the issue and the newspaper keeps showing up. And it's not a huge deal, because I'm at the house. But eventually, like a house with a pile of newspapers in front of it is not, you know, that's not really kosher. And they're just kind of like, whoa, who even knows these things. And I'm like a human being drops off the paper like it's the wet warious system. Give me the person's name, I will call them. It's been a little challenging and they're super nice. At least they don't have a nice day me like a lot of the other people do. Like I'm like, Oh, my mom died. I need to cancel the thing. Okay. Okay. Thank you so much for doing business with us have a nice day. And I'm like, I fucking won't. worse now. But you got to have a sense of humor about it. GJ culture has been an absolute Prince, just whatever talking through a lot of this stuff with me, but I don't know what you do. Boston Globe. Put a little trashcan in the front yard newspapers here.

Cortex 6:58 Yeah, I guess. I mean, at the end of the day, I guess it will take care of itself. And you just check out the issues that they kept delivering. For some reason.

Jessamyn 7:05 I've been kind of enjoying the phone calls, though. Look, her obituary is in the paper that you've delivered to the empty house, can you not? Which my mother would fucking love to because she loves this kind of stuff. We found a folder in her file cabinet that's literally called beachy letters.

Cortex 7:27 I saw that I saw a picture you posted

Jessamyn 7:29 on my sister's Twitter. Yeah. And it's not all bitchy letters. Some of them are nice, but it's sometimes it's like she you know, she emailed the principal of like, our elementary school because the school nurse was mean to my sister, and me. And everybody, apparently, because somebody else's mom is on Twitter. And she's like, Oh, is it at that school nurse? And we're like, yeah. It's been very funny. So gorgeous. My mother would have appreciated it, but not everybody else. Does you tell these jokes? And yeah.

Jessamyn 7:59 But which makes me miss my mom because she would have left.

Cortex 8:05 Yeah. Well, I'm sorry that happened. But I've been glad it's been going well, yeah. Right. Yeah. Life moves on. This is This is life and proceeds. Segue should we proceed to job?

Jessamyn 8:22 Well, I was going to, you know, tell you a little bit about the number 131. Oh, yeah. What the heck 131 is actually Oh, then I set up. My mother had private browsing turned on our computer. So I was like, Why is everything broken? Why won't it keep my passwords? Like, like she had something to hide? I don't even know. So 131 is a prime number, a full rep tend prime, whatever the hell.

Cortex 8:50 And two, we probably talked about that some point. I don't remember what we talked about repetitions. I think so. It may have come up previously, at some point. The word retcon, which

Jessamyn 8:59 you taught me talk you did at South by Southwest. Yeah. So good. And it's the second three digit palindromic prime, although I think calling 131 a palindrome

Cortex 9:10 is I say, as soon as you got three digits to Palindrome, as, you know, it's like there's a narrative at that point. It's a 3x structure, you've got 131 You know, it's like 111. That's kind of, but

Jessamyn 9:27 there's something different. I say,

Cortex 9:29 yeah, yeah. three digits and they're not all the same. At that point. I'm fully on board. It's not it's not a big Palindrome, but it's a that's a palindrome by gosh, it's not like saying, you know, it's a palindrome seven. You know, it's a

Jessamyn 9:43 prime. There's all sorts of different kinds of primes, which is really interesting to me.

Cortex 9:50 Yet by that I don't know a whole lot about the different kinds but seems like you know, it's such a, it's such an attractive, magical sort of field of numbers that can see people going

Jessamyn 9:59 so it's also an You'll like this. It's an Anna grammatic prime. So the digits can be switched to any permutation and they're all prime.

Cortex 10:07 Really? Yeah I'm excited.

Jessamyn 10:10 Tension 113 and 311

Cortex 10:13 Nice, isn't it? That is That is very nice. See now that I want to I want to Anika Radek prime like The Full Monty on that I wanted to have three separate digits so you've got like, six permutations, but I'll accept this this is pretty solid. Plus one of the anagram attic primes is 311 the best band ever what nothing? Is it really don't understand three lemons totally and they were like a cheeses now I'm gonna have to try and make sure I got my number bands right. But I want to say they're like the Amber was the color of her energy ban and who was Gucci? Oh, that sort of weird chill. I don't know. Yeah. Anyway, that's been the medical music

Cortex 10:58 hour. Well, that's that's good job. 131. You brought it back. Like we probably won't do the numbers every time but like this one was that was that was a solid showing 131 deserves a mention. Yeah, that was my feeling. And when we get to Episode 311, we can just recycle this bit. So let's talk about jobs briefly, because there were some interesting jobs, both as job jobs and as just things.

Jessamyn 11:27 Weirdly fascinating. Yeah. This month, and I don't even know exactly why. And I hope people found I mean, the fact that we can see them means that they're not fill

Cortex 11:40 it means well, it means that the person who put it up didn't didn't close it out, which doesn't mean that they didn't get it fill and they're one of the ones that I wanted to note sort of falls in the territory of I wonder if that happened and that's the pickup 27 books and shipped 12 of them to me post

Jessamyn 12:00 which I mean, I didn't even click it. But what

Cortex 12:04 tell there's there's really not much more to it. This was a post saying I need you to pick up 27 books from a school district auction mail a specified 12 of them to me via UPS and dispose of the rest. And the question in my mind naturally is okay, what's the deal with those other 15 books that you need to go get

Jessamyn 12:20 them and get rid of encyclopedias? Yeah,

Cortex 12:23 that's well volume and a 15. They're like I don't want the longer one. I don't want you think that the bigger ones dumber? Like it's 12 type volumes and then

Jessamyn 12:34 Britannica New Edition Encyclopedia Britannica old edition. Okay, I want the old one. I don't want the new one. But they're bundling them together so that they get rid of 27 books not 12 And then nobody takes the other.

Cortex 12:45 Okay, so those are the job Lister here had to buy the full lot in order to get the 12 that they wanted. And they're just having the person chuck the other 15

Jessamyn 12:54 or do whatever you want. Yeah.

Cortex 12:57 It does say disposal but I guess it doesn't say you must not continue to own these. So right, just

Jessamyn 13:03 right. Right. And never look at the other ones again. Leave them in the dumpster behind what Georgia? Yeah. to happen. It needed to have happened

Cortex 13:15 like a week ago, so so that it probably didn't happen or maybe it didn't happen. And the poster just didn't come back and Margaret and either way that's fine. Whatever. You know, you take what and get jobs is sort of like a little bit of a crapshoot because it's not like a giant

Jessamyn 13:31 Post your stuff. Two gigs on Craigslist, also, like you just cover all your bases. Yeah, exactly.

Cortex 13:36 So who knows that happened if there actually is a story, they're malleable? Let us know. Yeah. And if you get if you got to taken care of go ahead and mark it as to you know, filled or whatever. Yeah, it would be

Jessamyn 13:49 nice at some point to do like when you're doing a state of the sight thing, which you're now going to do every January if you would don't even enter don't you interrupt me? If we could include like stuff like how many jobs were filled and encourage people to you know, do that kind of stuff?

Cortex 14:07 Yeah, do sort of staff dump? Yeah,

Jessamyn 14:10 I also I like this digital library internship, obviously because Villanova has a cool Digital Library. Oh, yeah, a whole bunch of stuff. And this is a paid internship and Foyt is the is the contact there and looks like it would be kind of cool if you like you know, library stuff and you live near Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Cortex 14:32 There's also this this is so this this this seems like a nice use for jobs if it works out. My mom needs a ride to the dentist for someone to wait for her and then you know, ride home basically on August 9, so this hasn't happened yet. And this is in Palm Desert California. And if you can help someone out with the right to dentist, free lunch and money, yeah, go do it because like, hey, it's you know, it's it's it's not much of a gig but it's a thing that is gonna make a difference for someone and it's kind of a good use. for jobs as sort of like a community job thing, like this is the weird sort of fill in stuff that there's probably a way to do this outside of medical to like, you know, find somebody

Jessamyn 15:10 that you kind of knew, at least you know, I mean, cuz that's the metal filter value add right that there's a vouching that is happening by there's a meta filter person, you can read all their AskMe ease and meta filter posts and see if there's somebody you want to put your mom in the car with. And yeah,

Cortex 15:28 exactly. It's sort of like it's couch surfing for driving. If that

Jessamyn 15:31 I feel like I need to put up some jobs, things like please haul away 50 dictionaries, no questions asked,

Cortex 15:38 please, please come get these books.

Jessamyn 15:40 I'll give you 20 bucks, just take the dictionaries take them. My mother had, you know, she was an educational writer. And so she has tons of books, many of which are fascinating, but almost all of which are going to have to go to dictionaries are the biggest, literally, like the largest in volume thing that I'm just like, man, once those are out the door, there will be slightly more space in here. Yeah. So yeah, maybe I'm just gonna start abusing me by jobs 20 times, go for it for 50 dictionaries.

Cortex 16:11 I think you should I think you should do it. And you should take note of your whole experience with it. And we can use that as feedback on job stuff.

Jessamyn 16:18 Yeah, for your state of the state thing. Exactly. Oh, and I also have to give a shout out to Julie Ron Kind of cheese. I think she's wrong. Oh, yeah. She's who also has given me a lot of local organizer assistance. When I looked up some people and talk to the local professional organizers about finding me someone local, who can help me and my sister with this giant house full of stuff, because it's a real thing that you can pay people to do if you can hire people. And, you know, professional organizing is not just for I need to clean this house. But it's also I need to clean this house out, or a bunch of other stuff. And there's people who specifically work with like, add type people or hoarder type people, or I have too many cats type people, only one of which probably applies in my case, but I was touched by how much assistance she gave me and how compassionate and useful her and the other local lady that she consulted with work, so shout out. Thank you. That

Cortex 17:16 was Yeah, that's awesome. Julie's great. Like we got to meet her along with a few other folks when Angela and I were out in Huntsville, back in 2015. For raising that's so

Jessamyn 17:27 cool. Yeah, I knew she was down south. I just knew she was farther away than I could meet. But

Cortex 17:32 yeah, we drove I think maybe that was when we drove into Tennessee. It's all a blur. I don't know. Anyway, yeah. Had a nice meal.

Jessamyn 17:38 But like TJ is a good person to call if you have questions about funeral stuff. Oh, yeah. And he did a solid like calling around to different funeral homes to just make sure they were all legit and how they worked and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Julie is also a good person to pain when you have questions about getting organized, getting rid of things or you know, my relative lives in a house. That is Oh my god. So

Cortex 18:00 yeah, yeah. metal filter, we got people who know shit, it's great. Hey, yes, I'll mention one other job because it's sort of like a capital G gig. Senior UX designer for a company doing VR stuff. And it's a remote position. So if you are UX UI, and interested and familiar with like, you know, VR and unity or other 3d geometry stuff, this is totally a thing you should look into. Because it's super fucking rad. Yes, buy snacks, get your snacks

Jessamyn 18:32 must have one VR project in your portfolio. So this isn't a completely entry level. But it's a pretty entry level.

Cortex 18:37 Yeah, no. Wait, snacks, senior UX. It's all it's all coming together. What's next? Oh, that's right. I'm always thinking what's next?

Jessamyn 18:50 It's user experience. And then there's an experience.

Cortex 18:57 You want to talk about projects? Yeah.

Jessamyn 19:01 Oh, I was I was just I guess you want to talk?

Cortex 19:04 No, no, no, I was gonna meta talk about projects and say that like, I think I've got enough stuff lined up and tabs to hide the fact that I've been super distracted all month and not as prepared for medical period as usual, just people you're not prepared to rush well, but the thing is, like the thing I haven't been paying attention to beyond just opposing proofing posts, whereas usually I'm all about it is projects. So like, I'm suddenly realizing I have nothing marked except for Dan Hans, which is good enough, because I'll just talk about that.

Jessamyn 19:29 Oh, Hans Metafilter saying that thing ever. I didn't even see it in projects. I saw it literally on Twitter and was like, I'm in love. And then I saw him at a talk. Yeah, like in love and he uses the word library, so completely amazing. Well,

Cortex 19:43 I'll probably mention it and that'll be that's the one project posts I know I can mention is Yes, Dan Han, has been doing some neural network goofiness. And he decided to turn that on some AskMe medical data. So we grabbed the hydel text from The Confident we've got all the titles have asked me questions up there. And he just trained it on that. And it's it's sort of the same spirit as Markov chains. We've talked about a couple times on previous podcasts, I think. But basically you take a source set of text, and you train a machine that sort of starts to recognize relationships or similarities in that

Jessamyn 20:20 text, these words go next to each other these words don't or whatever,

Cortex 20:23 yeah, that sort of thing. And then it produces new sentences out of that. And he did that with asked me titles, and he got a bunch of new ask me titles, and it's wonderful. And there's a meta talk thread in the meta filter thread. And I just loved the whole thing. And I'm gonna try and work with him and get him some other data as well. That's not as easily available, but might be fun to train on. And we'll see what happens there. But I love it. I love it. I love it.

Jessamyn 20:46 Well, in my projects, one of the things that I liked was Adam Greenfield who's been a meta filter users and 14 1000s finally wrote his finished his book, and I don't mean finally, like finally, but finally, like it's done. Particle technologies, The Design of Everyday Life talking about you know, how a lot of the sort of new and like edge Casey, they're not even edge Casey really anymore technologies kind of change the ways, you know, we live our lives and how things work with them, and whatever. And the thing that's kind of cool about the project post is Sokka shot first, who is also like a long time Metafilter person is clearly reading it, and then posting to projects as they're reading it, and just is excited about reading it, then starts reading it, then is really enjoying it. And then, you know, is maybe going to write an essay about it and just really likes the fact that Adam wrote this. And so they have a nice little back and forth in the comments, which is exceptionally good, in addition to Congratulations, Adam on publishing the book, because good for you.

Cortex 22:01 Nice. Yeah. Hi, Doug. I had forgotten about this until I saw it. Oh, it's sort of a goofy little thing, but I like goofy little things. User snort a sprocket. enjoyed a tweet from Massey edge. AKA the pinboard guy. No, I know. I should. But yeah, I'm speaking to the listener. I'm trying to.

Jessamyn 22:26 I'm right here, Josh.

Cortex 22:29 Anyway, made a tweet about you know, dis unveiling Trump as a way to discourage abusive behavior on a social network. And so started sprocket actually made something that just does that it just takes the tweets and disempowers them and I feel like this unveiling at this point. It used to be like a watchword on meta filters. In geo referencing there's people have been around longer who recognize it but like it dates back to like 2008 was when it sort of had its heyday because some weirdness on Boing Boing at the time, and there was this unveiling was a practice that used at the time, which had been important for making light which, at the time, going by Maria Teresa Nielsen, Hayden had used successfully on making light and

Jessamyn 23:10 TV work at boingboing she had such a short tenure there. Remember anymore? It was such a big deal for metal filter? Yeah, I feel like we remember and maybe no one else. Really? Yeah,

Cortex 23:23 that's the thing. It's like it's still potent to some extent my mind but at the same time, it's like you know, I realized this is this is old dumb blog dramas.

Jessamyn 23:30 Actually. Dumb blog. I'm sure you do too.

Cortex 23:34 Yeah, but so that leaves me wondering like does this embarrassing have any sort of like punch for anybody who wasn't like a round on metal filter in 2008? Essentially, but throwing it out there? Tell us your disinviting What the fuck are you talking about stories in the comments. See that I'm promoting engagement. This is this what podcasters do apparently

Cortex 23:58 other projects stuff I'm blast through real quick.

Jessamyn 24:01 I don't think it just occurred to me that the project that I was involved in I don't think got posted to projects but I got oh my god, this is gonna be bad. No good. Well, no, it's gonna be one of those like i There's a thing but I forgot it. So hang on. But two things that I was involved with, but that are not projects, but that if I had my wits about me, I would have posted to projects or encouraged people to post the projects was a Ernie Smith Post wrote a very long kind of love letter to gopher that talks about when meta filter brought the gopher server back, which to the best of my knowledge, it's still back. You and I are both interviewed for it. Yeah, yeah. Article, so even though Ernie didn't put it on projects, it should be there and everybody should read it because I think you'd appreciate it. Yeah. And then I'm sorry, I'm just scrolling through my No, no, it's cool. Scrolling through my tweets, I found a mouse in a matte box

Cortex 25:11 I will quick mention a couple projects, just in the Hey, people on meta filter also make little video games. That's odd and one is zero lives has been working on a eight bit pro wrestling RPG called a wrestler. I liked it already. Yeah, like the name kind of sells it. But I feel like you immediately know whether you're interested in that or not. And, you know, if you're not, maybe give it a go anyway, because it's a goofy little indie game. Likewise, Breck has released secret spaces, which is a sort of infinite wander through procedurally generated 3d Space thing. And it's pretty rad to and you should go check that up. And that got written up on Rock Paper Shotgun recently, which is pretty rad, as someone who's a big fan of Rock Paper Shotgun as a good games blog. So

Jessamyn 26:04 a couple of shotgun is one of those places like I hear it as sort of the destination for other people. And I have never spent any time there. But I am like, curious about I don't know. Yeah. Curious about how that place works.

Cortex 26:18 Yeah. I mean, ultimately, it's, you know, a group, blog publication about video games. And a lot of that's just like, hey, here's a trailer for anything, or, Hey, here's some video game news if you're following this big video game, but then there's also like, more interesting sort of thinking about stuff or talking about video game history and whatnot. I like it. It's a good base, a good group of people. The comments aren't universally terrible, which is great

Jessamyn 26:44 for good mods, or so I've

Cortex 26:46 got a reasonably reasonably good community, I think is most of it. I don't know how I'd actually be curious to know to what extent the back end, like I can say, I can say, well, at the run on WordPress, I can say for sure that they do not moderate as much as they should, in my opinion, as someone who has strong opinions about such things, but it manages to mostly not be a trash pile. Anyway, there's certain subjects when they come about in like, the comments on here aren't going to be nearly as bad as they would be some places but they're still gonna kinda suck. Just because there's some hot point stuff and a lot of dinguses in the world, but all in all better than average and their actual writing that they have people who work there right is great. So Paper Shotgun.

Jessamyn 27:31 The only other thing I was gonna mention, because Patrick O'Keefe does a podcast on community stuff. Yeah. on as a guest occasionally. I think you were on. I know Matt's been on

Cortex 27:42 that's what I have not been on yet. But we should all see

Jessamyn 27:45 you shouldn't be on now. Like this whole thing would be perfect. Maybe. But he did a thing. So Photobucket did that crazy bullshit, which probably there's a Metafilter post about this, that we can link up with this. But Photobucket did this crazy thing where they're like, hey, our service that was now free and that you've used for hotlinking images for the last 15 years now costs 40 bucks a month. Sorry, not sorry. And then everybody's images just immediately broke. And so Patrick had me and another dude who does kind of internet copyright stuff on and talking about it and because he does like a regular podcast, he doesn't put like a you know, I did a new episode up on projects every time but because this has an overlap of me and community stuff and Photobucket and Internet people. I thought people might be interested. Yeah, yeah, sorry. I'm using the podcast as my own projects. No, no, no, no sure. Like, this is what I did this month. But it is what I did this Yeah. Well, it's

Cortex 28:47 a nice podcast, you know, and there has been metal filter content and so you had on the Photobucket thing is really interesting. I wasn't aware of

Jessamyn 28:56 a July 1 metal filter post so I'm putting in the in the excellence but only 69 comments which Oh, it says second post. Look how nice that is siddur it Oh, except I don't know where the frickin first post is. What is the second post means its current residents. Second post not it's the second post about photo bucket. Wow. So there's only 69 comments. That is crazy.

Cortex 29:23 Yeah, I mean, photo bucket is kind of weird. Like, like I would say it's like not even as engaging as imager where you also have posting but also

Jessamyn 29:31 integer I think of as more a community because people comment they interact with each other. Like one of the posts. The points we made in the podcast is Photobucket almost didn't have a community and then created them one by pissing off all of these users at once. I mean, Flickr has kind of done that occasionally. But yeah, just interesting interest catalyze

Cortex 29:55 group awareness by giving the group something to stand up and be like what the fuck about

Cortex 30:35 Should we talk about Metafilter?

Jessamyn 30:35 Metafilter? Yes.

Cortex 30:39 You know, there was a there's a post I liked about some project by some guy who did neural network stuff with the AskMe medical intertitles. So that's my post about that.

Jessamyn 30:52 Wait a second. They didn't they didn't promote this from projects. They just found it and thought it was good. Yeah, I think they just can talk through it also. Oh, yeah. Project. So Right.

Cortex 31:03 He didn't put it in projects. After the talk. I told I was telling him independently because he like, DM me about it. And it's like, hey, what do I think about this? I think that I think that's perfect. I think you should make project suppose.

Jessamyn 31:14 So it's a trifecta. Yeah, ask and are not asked. There's nothing about ask yet help.

Cortex 31:19 Not the traditional trifecta, but it's a trifecta.

Jessamyn 31:21 helped me get the mysterious library to my sister. Yeah, I liked it. Everybody takes the library ones.

Cortex 31:27 Yeah. Do you want to do you want to just briefly read some of them aloud for anybody who doesn't actually looked at this yet? Because they you know how to break up with dishwasher please.

Jessamyn 31:37 How to compare trade contractors. What can I do to improve my internet in the US? That's a completely normal one. A single time car alarm clock is dead. Are there

Cortex 31:47 any vegetarian foods in bed? That's like a fortune cookie thing.

Jessamyn 31:52 What to do about quote work unquote and a quote feminist unquote and disaster quote, unquote, there's a lot of quotes in there cheap beef wedding certificate. I don't want to look at my childhood. Dental karaoke insurance. How do I stop paying dead for my dog?

Cortex 32:11 How can I fix this man? Well, that's also just stuck asked me but my cat is in the magic lions.

Jessamyn 32:18 Simple restaurant war computer school stories. This bill had happy to me

Cortex 32:27 it's fantastic stuff.

Jessamyn 32:28 Highlighting that one.

Cortex 32:30 My computer's too much, everybody.

Jessamyn 32:33 Fucking medium Fuck, I hope they're eventually wind up with a revenue model.

Cortex 32:42 On slightly more substantial front, there was a very nice post obit post, but really sort of also, you know, a good bit like sort of story of her life about Sheila Michaels, who passed away recently, who is the woman who sort of got MS into popular use? exists?

Jessamyn 33:03 I did not I did not see this. But cool. Yeah,

Cortex 33:06 I think it had been sort of like, you know, a linguistic tic that someone had suggested. And you know, it was documented prior to her push on it, but then she just really

Jessamyn 33:14 was the one who was like, this should be a thing. Yeah. And now

Cortex 33:18 it's like, it's just like, no water at this point. Like of course, well, that's just one of those things, you know. So yeah, that was a it's a cool read. I would I would recommend going and reading it. You know, sometimes an obit post is more like oh, hey, this person died and here's a post about it. And now we'll talk about it but like this is a case where like, no, go read really good. Read the article.

Jessamyn 33:37 Nice. Well, here's another post about a pretty terrific woman, by Shelley Michelly. And Celli.

Cortex 33:48 How do you pronounce I think she says, uh, Michelle Lee, but

Jessamyn 33:50 I'm not Shelly. Okay. It's basically about a woman who 56 years old, got divorced. Her daughter was in college and decided to become a firefighter.

Cortex 33:59 Nice. Yeah, no, it's other than passing. Yeah. Yeah. And it's just

Jessamyn 34:03 kind of a nice, very brief thread, but it also includes a bunch of other people's saying, you know, hey, my dad became a volunteer firefighter at 53. Hey, there was a fire in my town. Hey, here's, yeah, there's actually a picture of Sarah is disenchanted with her firefighting crew. She's a local firefighter. And it's a great picture. Super, super cute. So yeah, it's a great, great thread. I very short, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Cortex 34:35 There is on the video game front, a post about a game called Dream daddy and the post is actually sort of about some of the complicated aspects of it. If you look closely at it and try and pick apart how people feel about its treatment of like queer representation because it's game about being a dad and you're dating other dads and so it's it's like, from the get go. It's not Typical like, essentially, hetero centric, dating sim and dating sims are a huge thing that I have read about, but basically know

Jessamyn 35:07 nothing about the world of dating sims, except that they're a huge thing in a world that does not overlap with my own.

Cortex 35:12 Yeah, it's kind of it's essentially, you know, a choose your own adventure and overgrown, choose your own adventure about dating. And generally, there's a bunch of different potential deities and divergent plot lines for each of them. And those, each of those plot lines can resolve in a few different ways. And maybe they can intersect, you know, different characters interacting with each other. And so it's like, it's about that it's a it's a text driven game, generally, where you're sort of making decisions and trying to navigate one or another branch of potential relationships with people. And dream daddy, just like, has gotten a lot of people's attention. Because for one thing, it is explicitly saying, hey, you know what, there's a game about being a dad dating a dad, and you know, there you go. And also, it seems to be actually just well written, and well done. So. So it's a really neat thing. I've got to earmark because I'm gonna have to sit down and play it. But I follow a bunch of people at Twitter room playing, it's open, get a nice, like, big chunks of things they've enjoyed or thought were interesting about it. So yeah, check out dream, daddy, check out that post.

Jessamyn 36:13 Maybe you can explain to me why I favorited your post, like, I'm sure there was a reason. But now I can't remember what that reason was. And now I'm looking at the thread and I have no recollection. But I think your posts from July 2, about the 100 person shooter Hunger Games, plug post, it's a great post. And there's a whole bunch of interesting commentary, but it's not in my wheelhouse at all. I

Cortex 36:42 saw your favorite. And I was like, Oh, this must be one of those things where I'm talking about a video game and Jasmine appreciates finding out something about a video game she heard about, Well, the

Jessamyn 36:49 nice thing I don't even remember favoriting this like, I have no idea why. Maybe Jim favorited it using my computer? Or maybe there was some comment. I mean, not that it wasn't a good post, because it was a good post. And it's a great conversation. Just trying to get back to

Cortex 37:08 what was the crumb trail on this go? Yeah.

Jessamyn 37:13 I'm sure there's something in here. Yeah.

Cortex 37:15 Well, and it's it's a game I've been playing lately, and I've been enjoying it a great deal. So. So yeah, I, I was basically looking for an excuse to make a post about it. And realized, actually, there's actually a lot of pretty good excuses. Because there's a bunch of fun video content and sort of story behind it's a little bit interesting. So Well, that's

Jessamyn 37:33 what it seems like it seems like kind of a simple game with a you know, a very understandable you know, mechanics, but there's a lot of thing thinkI things to think about if you want to,

Cortex 37:46 yeah, a simple framework, and a lot of people are playing it. So you're getting a lot of exploration of like what can be done with it. And a lot of people are streaming it and recording it and editing videos and whatnot. So there's a there's a lot to digest. So it's a lot of fun to play. It's a specific kind of game, you know, you're creeping around, trying not to get shot by other people's virtual guns and trying Yeah, I

Jessamyn 38:08 mean, I can't I can't do these at all. I like those like snowboarding games where you collect llamas, and that's basically it.

Cortex 38:16 Yeah, yeah. So this is not going to be there's not going to not be a game about shooting, which is pretty much immediate, no for plenty of people. And that's fine. But a lot of people are, who are into that sort of thing to begin with, are enjoying it. It's, it's very good if you've been playing with my brother on the East Coast, and voice chatting. And that's actually been really nice. And we haven't done that sort of thing in a while. So it's been as much as anything.

Jessamyn 38:38 So do you wish to get through the game? Or do you voice chat? Like, you're on like Skype or something? We

Cortex 38:43 Yeah, we use discord as another, like chat and voice chat system. And we use that because that's what he uses with our other friends on the East Coast already for a lot of stuff. So I just jumped on that. But you can use the end game too. It's just you have to hear other people in the game to at that point, which is not always great, because it's the internet and there's a lot of dinguses who just learned cuss words for the first time. Yeah, yeah, no, we'll chat over basically, you know, basically like this like skyping and playing and laughing about everything that's going on. It's a nice time.

Jessamyn 39:15 I feel remiss if I don't mention that Metafilter is now old enough to vote

Cortex 39:20 yes, yes. I guess that was sent to other

Jessamyn 39:23 posts by you. I'm done talking about you know, this has been like a Cortex cortex cortex month, but like, you know, why did you even make this false? Why did somebody else make this poll?

Cortex 39:34 I waited till I got up in the morning. I was like, Okay, well, it's not happening. Fine. I'll do it. So I made it because it needed to be made.

Jessamyn 39:42 And so cat I thought Matt owns that.

Cortex 39:45 He does. I linked to the jokey fake, old school CAT scan that we set up as a subdirectory on CAT scan after we bought it so if you go to it is the memories. Yeah, I made that in like eighth You heard when we were getting ready to launch the newly branded CAT scan?

Jessamyn 40:04 Gosh, yes. Beautiful, Toby. Yep.

Cortex 40:09 I, one of these years I'm gonna actually plan ahead enough to really like a month ahead of time push for people to scan their cat because I was removed the day before. I'm like, Hey, by the way, you know, if you want

Jessamyn 40:20 my phone to just remind me to do shit like, Yeah, talk about it and forget about it. Yeah, you

Cortex 40:24 would think you think I was you know, I was busy. Have I mentioned

Jessamyn 40:31 that. And as well, you have a job? Yeah.

Cortex 40:37 I liked you can watch me go on a journey in the first couple of comments of this read. But I really liked this post from Omi wise about Star Wars. But the lightsaber sound is on Wilson saying, wow. Which if you if you know who Owen Wilson is, and,

Jessamyn 40:52 and I do yeah. Now, not only do I know and Wilson, but like Melissa Villasenor, who was like one of the new and underappreciated SNL people in the last year, does like this own Wilson impression. That is amazing. And he's got Owen Wilson more on my like, what's he up to? If he had just been doing his own Wilson thing? Yeah.

Cortex 41:15 Well, it's just a whole bunch of lightsabers move around. And you know, wow, wow. Wow. You know, it's it's gorgeous. But I had seen, I explained this in the comments that like, Oh, I thought this was okay. I mean, it's kind of roughly done, but I still enjoy it. And then I realized I hadn't clicked on the link yet. And this was a better one than the one I watched it for

Jessamyn 41:33 commented without reading the link, and I was so certain on a thread.

Cortex 41:37 I was so certain it was the thing that I had seen, because, come on, look, it's like, Hey, here's a video of Owen Wilson, saying, Wow, instead of the lightsaber sounds in a lightsaber fight, like you, if you've seen that video, you know, you saw that video, that's a very specific description of a video, you know, there's not gonna be two of those. So

Jessamyn 41:54 wait, you thought you were commenting on a thing you had seen? Yes. You just had not seen it.

Cortex 41:59 It turns out that there were two of those. There was another Owen Wilson saying wow, instead of the lightsabers downs in the Star Wars, lightsaber fight videos on the internet at the time, so. And I was delighted. And I shouted a bunch. I also liked this post from word shore, about people's observations about things they do in games that they don't necessarily need to do, but it just feels like the right thing to do like ethical behavior or thematically appropriate behavior. You know, people who change into comfortable clothes before they go to sleep, instead of sleeping in their armor, making sure to pet their pet cat, you know, changing, changing outfits periodically, bunched up and it's one thing for like, the post is good. It's a nice roundup of stuff. But then the threat is great, because it's everybody's like, Oh, you know what I do? You know, so it's one of those fun sort of, Oh, it didn't, we didn't realize it, everybody was ready to talk about this, but everybody was ready to talk about this. So it's a really fun read. And this is one of the things it's like, it's about video games, but even if you don't give a fuck all about video games, it's a really enjoyable, fun sort of community read. So I heartily recommend given that thread to read.

Jessamyn 43:12 And then like last one I wanted to mention we'll talk a little bit later about, you know, July is for amazing posts, contests, whatever the fuck it was called. And one of the ones that like I picked because I liked it, but I wasn't one of my pick picks because it was a lot of other people's pick picks. So you probably didn't miss this. But in case you missed it. rangefinder one point fours, beautifully designed tiny houses for birds. Not just a post about this cool, beautifully designed tiny houses for birds thing, but she talks a lot about the Lady J to Fitch, who makes and they're basically it's like a bird house but you stick it on a window and then you design the inside so it looks like a little apartment. Like I did one of those. One of those things called where like you tried to do a thing like Pinterest Oh, Pinterest fails. Like I started out being like, I could totally do this. I would love this and I got as far as like a cardboard box and a magic marker where I was like, This is shit, this is not going to work at all. So I appreciate JDF pitches, much more like a bird house you can kind of look into through your window to see what the birds are up to. And she's very like imaginative and interesting and whatever. And rangefinders post just includes a lot of other really interesting things about the woman and about her life and as well as awesome pictures and I commented a couple times in this thread because there's a show called peep show P where P is P i P which is a Norwegian, like television show or YouTube show about birds that come into a thing that's look one of these but it's made to look like a coffee shop. Yeah And so that's amazing. And, and I just love. You know, I'm the big bird feeder bird house person. So this is just everything I liked. All in one this. I love this post.

Cortex 45:13 Nice. I had, I feel like I have one more I wanted to mention, let me make sure I've actually got. Yeah, that's what's in my clipboard

Jessamyn 45:22 for Josh posed by

Cortex 45:24 your hippie bear about oiling bowling lanes, and I knew nothing about this, and neither did several other people in the post. And then a bunch of that was like, oh, yeah, I knew about that. And blah, blah, blah. And apparently there is a pattern of oil deployed on well maintained at least toilet bowling lanes that actually affects the speed at which a ball will grip and turn if you put some English on it. Which is actually a big part of

Jessamyn 45:51 why people put those crazy Englishes I'm like watching this video now and not listen to you at all. Yeah,

Cortex 45:56 it's Yeah, so like the way a ball spins like if you ever watch, you know, a bowling ball go down the lane. Well,

Jessamyn 46:04 certainly I enjoy bowling. Yeah,

Cortex 46:06 you'll see like, you know, a pro bowler has caused a ton of spin on it. It'll sort of like, feels like it breaks later. Like, it spins and it's sort of

Jessamyn 46:17 like be going into the gutter and then hooks at the Yeah, do that.

Cortex 46:21 Yeah. And then you know, I always watch this and assume well, it's because like we're watching down the lane. It's like watching a curveball thrown like you're seeing a dramatic version of the curve, because you've got this specific viewpoint, but no, actually part of it is that, you know, there's less oil farther down the lane. And so it can actually grip more, and it actually does start to curve more at the tail end.

Jessamyn 46:37 And they take advantage of that because they know what they're doing. You don't because you just found this out today.

Cortex 46:42 Yeah, but different different alleys will have different patterns that they use, you know, Pro Bowlers expect a certain thing on pro circuit that's different from what you might see at a more casual bowling alley, etc. So knowing what the oil pattern is, is something you can incorporate in your game. Knowing how the oil pattern changes over the course of the day, as people keep bowling on it is a thing you can use to incorporate in your game. This is all like mind blowing, because I had no idea. None of this was ever on my radar. So. So that's pretty exciting. Wow,

Jessamyn 47:11 that's neat. And now I have to nerd the whole thing up by saying I'm actually staying in Central Mass home of candles.

Cortex 47:17 I still never candle pin. I should try it sometime.

Jessamyn 47:21 I literally went to the post office. So like the town I grew up in has a zip code but not a post office. It briefly had it had a post office in old times. And then it briefly had a post office inside the liquor store, which I guess you just kind of knew about. And it didn't. And so my mother who basically has 25 of everything doesn't have a damn postage stamp in this house, which just means I lost them right. But I had to mail a letter Oh, and I sent Griffis I sent you a postcard. Because I found a postcard of a person with a mustache. It looks a little like Griffis. So the postcard and looking for stamps, and I couldn't find them. So I had to go to the post office to buy a stamp which offends me as you might expect, because there should be 6000 stamps in the house. So I had to go to Harvard, Massachusetts, which is the next town from where I am. And on my way to the post office. Not only that to go to a spec, Angular library, but I also pass the candlepin bowling lane, which is like right super close that also has an arcade. So candlepin is like when I grew up that was the only kind of bowling I knew existed. Like you watch bowling on TV, and it was candlepin bowling. You went to the bowling alley. It was candlepin bowling, and then I moved to college and suddenly candlepin isn't a thing anymore. That's how I help people ball. Yeah, learn what we call big ball bowling until later.

Cortex 48:40 See and yeah, it was the exact opposite for me. I like I went to school in Central Massachusetts after growing on the East Coast and like everybody's like bowling and then they were talking about canopies. Like what the fuck are you talking about?

Jessamyn 48:50 How is that

Cortex 48:51 what what you're talking about? This is wrong, literally everything. No wonder you get three throws. It's terrible. What do you you know, I'm saying this in abstract because I've never played which is so dumb.

Jessamyn 49:02 It's much harder to do a perfect game. Yeah, the pins are smaller, I mean narrower and the balls are tiny. You get three balls instead of two. And yeah, I haven't done it in a while because I mean, I like to bowl but almost everywhere else I am including Vermont. It's regular big ball bowling. But I think Jim and I are gonna go try it out. Nice photographs

Cortex 49:25 do so next time. Next time I get up in the vicinity of Massachusetts we should see if we can coordinate Kendall pin

Jessamyn 49:31 out him. I would like that very much. Where does your brother live? Like Somerville area, something like that. So

Cortex 49:35 I'm like that, you know, like the entire state of Massachusetts is a greater Boston area as far as I can tell. So in Greater Boston area.

Jessamyn 49:42 Well there's the Berkshires which is over where language hat lifts and he doesn't Yeah,

Cortex 49:45 that's the

Jessamyn 49:48 song dog and

Cortex 49:49 I guess I guess by the time you're too Western, maybe it's not really the Boston area anymore.

Jessamyn 49:55 When I used to grow up when I used to grew up, I grew up The title, the radio station would be W. F. Wooster, Boston and I didn't know any geography. So I assume Worcester was like Cambridge may talk about this every podcast possibly.

Cortex 50:09 It's fun to revisit. Should we talk about AskMe? Metafilter? Yeah,

Jessamyn 50:14 I have a whole bunch of various things about butts and bathrooms. Yeah. So silent farting.

Cortex 50:22 That's the big one.

Jessamyn 50:24 By psychiatrics 26 comments, 19 favorites. I'm pretty good at farting without making any noise. I'm reading this, I'm not this. But I hear this is not a skill that Everyone possesses. And then some techniques about not even getting into it. Can other people do this? And so there's interesting commentary about how that works. As well as my old buddy Jean hack. Please don't delete his comment. Even though it's not on top.

Cortex 50:58 I saw a couple things that I I'm, I just decided to let go. And it's like, okay, that's Yep.

Jessamyn 51:04 So silent, farting, yes or no. But then there's this thread from today. In fact, literally from you know, eight minutes after we started talking. I right. I was clicking around the website, but like, you're in the bathroom doing your thing. The door is locked, which means you're not at my childhood home because none of our bathroom doors locked. And somebody knocks. What do you what are you supposed to say? I mean, it's one of those great kind of like nerd etiquette questions, right? Like, is there an answer that everyone expects? Like, every time I say a thing, I feel like an idiot. But like, what are you supposed to say? Hi. I'm in here.

Cortex 51:46 Yeah, a lot of people say occupied. And I think like, to the extent that it feels like that there is a standard answer, I guess occupied is maybe it but it's so arbitrary. It's just like, you could literally just, like emit a word list mon and they're like, Oh, okay. Yeah, no problem. You know, it's like, the door. Yeah.

Jessamyn 52:05 Hey, I'm pooping. That's fine. Cliff's Yeah, I'm usually like, hello. Because because why not? But you know, I'm so often in like, you know, randomly is this bathroom door locked at all? If you're a dude and somebody walks in, they just see your back most of the time. Right? But if, Lady you're just like sitting there, like, okay, so, I don't know, I have thought about this. I was pretty interested in this question. By dream phone, by the way.

Cortex 52:34 Yeah, I actually had it in a tab open already as well because one person had flagged it and I can sort of feel that well maybe he's a little bit chatty, you know, experimental flag but I'm, I think I'm saying nah, now we're going with this. This is fine. A very, very niche specific one from a few days ago from Kay O'Meara.

Jessamyn 52:55 He has to take it not Kamara.

Cortex 52:57 Okay, Omar, his name is I don't know that his name

Jessamyn 53:02 is Kumar.

Cortex 53:03 Well, it's, it's these Kevin O'Meara's is Kayla, whatever. I think we may have even literally asked him to explain this last podcast and he may have actually answered in the comments and I don't remember what happened. So we'll just do it every every podcast from now on. We're gonna do this Kamara, Kamara dance

Jessamyn 53:19 and talk about the Worcester Boston thing. Okay, exactly.

Cortex 53:21 So he wants to know where in New York preferably Manhattan, he could buy some cheap synthetic resin teeth cheaper than the $11 that they sell on Amazon. So we're talking cheap. So if you know a good source in the like New York City area for cheap, cheap synthetic resin teeth, especially if it's molar heavy, get out of it. There's nothing else to say about this question. That's the entire content of it. But there you go. Someone out there with a with a line on cheap synthetic resin teeth. Hook KMR up.

Jessamyn 53:52 I would pay $8. Yeah, nothing but molars. You know, there's probably a ton of us who just have drawers of actual teeth. Baby teeth. I'm sure somewhere in a drawer in this house. There are my baby teeth. And I do not need or want them anymore. Kumar would you take actual teeth? I assume he's got a

Cortex 54:18 project. All these as I'll just ask him on a pretext. For instance, hey, I wanted to send you a postcard and then I'll just we'll work it out if you instead send him teeth.

Jessamyn 54:29 Instead, I'll send you Jessamyn steep

Cortex 54:31 No, no, it's not weird. They're actually human teeth. It's fine. It's fine. It's

Jessamyn 54:36 super normal. Yeah, no, no, they're

Cortex 54:39 my friends from their childhood. Yeah, no, no, no. Yeah.

Jessamyn 54:43 It's my friend's baby. Well, that's like the funny joke, right? Because that's like one of those like, skeleton jokes, right? Where they're like, here's the skeleton of this famous guy. And then here's the skeleton of this famous guy as a child, you know, like, hahaha, but like, you can do that with teeth. Yep, here's my teeth. Here's my teeth when I was a child. There's a

Cortex 55:00 couple of years. Yeah. Similarly, you should see my chronological catalogue of my fingernails. All right, Howard. A little bit David Letterman. Lovely.

Jessamyn 55:19 Are you gonna grow a beard now?

Cortex 55:21 No. Well, I mean, I've had a short varyingly quite short beard. Yeah, no, I think it'd be very difficult for me to like grow a beard beard. Like I don't feel like I don't think it would get that long. Like it would get real scraggly after like a year but still only be like three inches long.

Jessamyn 55:40 Yeah, so I went a little bit and you wouldn't like it. Yeah,

Cortex 55:43 I went a little bit fuller for some of the last few months and then I decided you know when that word

Unknown Speaker 55:50 What was that word?

Cortex 55:53 What did I say?

Jessamyn 55:54 I went a little bit.

Cortex 55:56 Did I say like, I probably fuller Yeah, okay. Just like you know, growing

Jessamyn 56:01 older and I was like, is that follicle? Okay?

Cortex 56:05 Yeah, no, I just I let it get a little bit longer. And then I've decided I don't really like it longer. So I'm keeping it pretty close. Now. That's been beard talk

Jessamyn 56:19 like this question about accessible elevators. So hey, there's banks of elevators. One of them is an accessible elevator I which I assume means the buttons are reachable by different height people, people in wheelchairs, whatever. But if you can't choose which elevator to call, how do you get the accessible elevator? By literary hero? Like I'm just curious. And there's a couple different like answers. Like like some places have a button some places give people who have wheelchairs a key fob in for read stuff. Kind of depends. But I I was interested it was one of those things. I just had no idea and it was interesting to read the well yeah,

Cortex 57:01 it's one of the things where if it doesn't affect you, you might not even be aware of it even though obviously it's super important for there actually be an answer for the people it does affect and which is one especially

Jessamyn 57:09 if you're a giant building, right? Yeah, just play roulette with the elevators forever and always I always feel in a building with a lot of elevators. There's usually only one or two that are working half the time anyhow. Not that the others are broken, but they did just never show up. Yeah. Oh,

Cortex 57:30 would anyone wants some shoes from 1909?

Jessamyn 57:34 I love this question. Yeah, I love

Cortex 57:37 just Mrs. Ms. Danny be Ms. Boom, there we go. Callback polling instalay insulation out attic in her house and or I'm assuming her I'm just going with gender assumptions. But found some shoes found from shoes in old insulation. And Lady. Yeah, okay. Good. Check. I mean, not good. But yeah. It's it's really warm. Yeah, I'm just gonna walk away from that. But yeah, got some answers. follow up comment

Jessamyn 58:11 about the concealed shoe lady on Metafilter. A while ago. Oh, nice. Yeah. It's a thing. It's actually a thing. Pretty interesting. At the very end of June, so it was probably in the last podcast, ah, very interesting. Thread from a nurse painter Picasso, who always is asking fascinating questions that asked Metafilter she's just got a really interesting set of questions about her life that I'm always really interested in. But she works at an ER she's an RN, lots of people ask, Hey, am I going to die? And she wants to give an answer that is useful, but not kind of lying. Yeah. But you know, the doctors, you know, what if the doctor is not there, and somebody asks, You can't be like, like, it's good to have answers. And so there's a whole bunch of nurses that have different feedback, people who've been patients who talk about this links to other thread forums. I mean, obviously, there's no obvious answer, but it was it was just neat listening to different people talk about this.

Cortex 59:21 Yeah. Yeah. No, I mean, it's it's a thing. I mean, shit. Like, that's the most natural thing in the world for someone want to ask, but also like, how do you navigate that is? Yeah, yeah, good question. Yeah.

Jessamyn 59:32 And, you know, different people want different things like, through reading the thread. It's really interesting. Some people want to be reassured that they're not dying. Some people want you to lighten the mood or would appreciate that other people are like, Don't you dare lighten the mood, like, you know, people have different feelings about what they would want in that situation. And that's interesting in and of itself. People are different. Yeah. We, you know, we spent a little bit time in hospice this past month. And it was amazing how not reassured we were by the chaplain who I mean, she's supposed to be kind of an all denominational, whatever the fuck, right? But just whatever clearly works for other people, which was her thing really didn't help us, you know, I mean and we were okay like my sister and I get along well were supportive we were on board with stuff with my mom like everything was fine but the chaplain literally has like gotten under our skin to the point where like we say her name and we both just start laughing and like shaking our fist at the sky right because she was clearly trying to do a thing that was not working for us and then doubling down on that thing because maybe she was not trying hard enough, you know, to be kind of supportive and to talk about my mom in a certain way and it was clear that that mostly work for most people and it was also clear to us that we were not most people and what we wanted was hard to stop and go away and it's awkward right because for some people the way that they respond to grief is by kind of you know pushing away when they really want you to just try harder to connect so we got stuck in this awkward dance yeah we're what I wanted to be was like you're doing a great job but you need to go away right now whatever eventually she did but like oh my god like I know how hard it is to like really want to do the right thing but the fact that the world of people is different means that there there isn't always like a right thing. Although I think saying hi oh when you're in the bathroom with the door locked is probably the you know the right answer there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34 Oh,

Cortex 1:01:35 Kermit the Frog. No, wait, that's probably going too far

Cortex 1:01:40 Oh. Any other asked me

Jessamyn 1:02:18 just one. I enjoyed this one because it was interesting. It was by Mrs. pterodactyl Mrs. pterodactyl who chick and pronouns female grew up with a kid in her class, who brought in a sword that the kids said belong to famous person, Robert Gould Shaw. But it looks like the sword actually was the Civil War guy. But she's like, but the sword looks like it was given to somebody else. So this kid wouldn't have had it. But maybe they did. Or how would this have worked? Can you help me figure out if the sword that I looked at from the kid when I was in elementary school is the same sword Yeah, and actually, you know there's kind of an answer to how that worked and where it was and blah blah blah fascinating. So interesting. Just an interesting and interesting question and interesting thread

Cortex 1:03:16 that T RR Martin novel A ask of swords you're gonna what?

Jessamyn 1:03:28 Well, I'm now that I can ask to ask Metafilter questions a week? Did we announce that last month?

Cortex 1:03:36 I think that was about a month ago. Maybe two months?

Jessamyn 1:03:38 Is it okay to say it out loud?

Cortex 1:03:40 No, no, no, no, it's totally it's official policy.

Jessamyn 1:03:42 Now I want to ask all sorts of dumb questions like I like this snowboarding llama game for the Apple TV helped me find other games that that's a great question that that are just like, that'll put me to sleep with like a nice song in the back of my head and I don't have to shoot anybody and no one dies.

Cortex 1:04:00 That is an excellent question. You should totally free willingly just post it without worrying about the consequences. Kind of consequences so that I know like you wouldn't have your question for the week, I

Jessamyn 1:04:10 thought about consequences until you brought it up. That

Cortex 1:04:12 was that was part of the whole point is to get away from the beat, people would not ask because they'd be worried. Well, that was

Jessamyn 1:04:18 a secret. Which is that as a former moderator, I can ask as many goddamn questions as I want to. Well, yeah,

Cortex 1:04:24 and I could do the same thing for me. But like, you know, I still try not to ever do it anywhere other than talk because and we have that power not because we are power mad moderators, we have it because we can do things like test posts. And if I have to do a test post, and then I can't do another one for 24 hours or a week, obviously that's not a good way to debug stuff. Oh, great. But I try and be real good about like, even when I'm excited about multiple things I want to post on the front page. I try and make sure I space them out like upwards of 24 hours and so on

Jessamyn 1:04:53 well and that was never my thing. Like I appreciate that other people you know would be concerned about Maybe I'll have another question that was I was never worried. I never asked that.

Cortex 1:05:03 Yeah, I'm sure. I think it's one thing to vary a lot from person to person.

Jessamyn 1:05:07 I have a model of AskMe Metafilter in my brain, and I'm pretty sure I know what AskMe Metafilter is gonna say about those things, like, like relationshipy things or that kind of stuff. But like, I don't know any other good games. Yeah, it's this crowd is made for it. Yeah, exactly.

Cortex 1:05:22 Yeah, no, totally due to it. Yeah, at some point, we'll sit down and like do a review of whatever incremental changes we've seen in asking frequency and whatnot. Maybe a little later this year, when things aren't quite as busy.

Jessamyn 1:05:34 Set an alarm on your phone to remember if that's a good idea. It is. Thank

Cortex 1:05:37 you. I've heard about that. But yes, but we haven't, we've discovered a number of weird little like edge cases and bugs, and bits of old code that just hadn't been activated in years because of the week limit. Someone was having trouble asking a question,

Jessamyn 1:05:52 the double post alerter or whatever the Yeah, or the you've asked an extra question. Yeah,

Cortex 1:05:59 yeah. So stuff like that needs tweaking, we found out someone was having trouble asking a second question, even though they were apparently totally in the clear. And we found out that there had like years and years ago, I think Matt had written some code that prevented you from asking to inside of 24 hours just as like a first no flooding limit, probably in the very early days. And we had the week limit. So that never came up in the ensuing whatever. 10 years. And now recently, a couple people have run into we finally figured that's what it was for him. It was looking around and they figured out Oh, it's this and so I

Jessamyn 1:06:34 must be a fascinating like, bizarre code review. Crazy thing. Yeah.

Cortex 1:06:39 It has been buried there for a decade, essentially. So So yeah, fun little stuff there. But yeah, well, we'll revisit that and I at this point, I'm feeling very comfortable with it just like being like this is this is how it is period. There were no disasters everything's fine. To a week is the way to go so spoilers that'll that'll be policy at some point. What? Well, just because like we were experimenting with like, we were definitely rolling. Working. Yeah, I think it's I think it's just gonna be you know, definitely for keeps.

Jessamyn 1:07:12 Good. I'm really glad that that worked out. I was on the people who was cautiously concerned about it. So I'm happy. Yeah, Vietnam thing.

Cortex 1:07:18 You know, I went in with like that, a little bit of caution, like I felt pretty likely it was gonna be fine. But still is like you never quite know. So we got to try.

Jessamyn 1:07:24 And I noticed kind of on the back end, you guys have done a good job. But the people who are kind of like my relationship, let me talk about it seven, you know, yeah. Let me talk about it a little too often asking kind of the same question over and over again. Yeah.

Cortex 1:07:36 And that's really just That's its own not in person specific issue. That's not like a rate limiting because someone who does that once a week is already, that's a problem. So yeah. In my in my effort to mention more sub sites, I was talking with the Secretary this morning about podcast stuff and figured I'd mentioned some IRL stuff. Oh, great. First of which is that we had another ping pong meetup in Portland recently, it was a lot of fun. Just a bit of a surprise getting together and playing some some ping pong. But also there is in Chicago coming up. Also go play ping pong. It's fun. But in Chicago, there is an upcoming meetup. end of this month, the barbecue which is an event that happens in Chicago, where they basically provide food and clothing and haircuts to people who need them. And so several of our Chicago mefites Who are among the best darn mefites Man, Chicago, I wish I could get out there more often.

Jessamyn 1:08:33 Seriously, I was there last year, and boy, they showed us a very good time.

Cortex 1:08:37 Yeah, now they know how to party. amens a great sort of host and tour guide and source of energy and and yeah, bunch of bunch of rad people and hey, people you read. Amon is bringing the karaoke rig so there will be karaoke at the at the barbecue. So yeah, if you're in the cargo area, maybe go by and hang out and help out and whatnot. But yeah, IRL it's good use IRL meetups, throw them go to them. They're fun. I like it.

Jessamyn 1:09:05 I'm also going to mention you know a little bit of nepotism or whatever the hell you call it. My my man not on display and his friend other gym who again, they have the same date month, your birthday and first and middle name. And they got together and did a sort of satire take off on the WK RP and Cincinnati.

Cortex 1:09:31 Song. Yes, this is as you say in the thread adorable. It's, I think I think I'll just end the podcast like the whole thing runs. It's like 50 seconds long or something? Yeah, yeah. No, I really enjoyed that. That was that was very cute. There's also a couple other music things. There is a very nice pile of fiddle music from Hades camp meeting on the Fourth of July and it's

Jessamyn 1:09:56 it's meeting it's actually though a word I was Trying to remember yesterday. Yeah. Yeah, cuz I was trying to explain Oh, that's where the old camp meeting was, but I couldn't. I was like the old method is the old. Frickin camping the old nice. This awesome. Thank you. Yeah, that's

Cortex 1:10:13 it's a neat tuning he he, I'm saying he but Hades, they just click. Yes. I know. I just never planned Yes. Yeah. Josh. Hey fella, Josh. Anyway,

Jessamyn 1:10:27 he owns the domain Nice.

Cortex 1:10:29 Nice. That's solid. Anyway, he talks about the tuning for this, which is DD ad is the notes on the strings, which is not standard fiddle tuning. And it allows it to have this like just droning D note throughout, which is just, it's a fantastic textural thing. It's like it just sounds different. You know, it's, you know, bagpipes uses a drone is part of the characteristics sound. And this doesn't sound like bagpipes. Exactly, but like, you know, it has a similar sort of like, you have this continuity, just underlying piece of music. That's a really cool little detail. So that's real nice. I liked it.

Jessamyn 1:11:07 That's good. I love that type of music, and I am gonna enjoy listening to this.

Cortex 1:11:12 And then there was the Kook did a slow fingerstyle take on some Elvis starting off with can't help falling in love. Just such a pretty song to her. I did a cover of it a few years ago, I think. But it's it's just it's real nice stuff that was playing real nice. The whole thing sounds beautiful. That's just some really Spartan setup with a Telecaster through some effects. And yeah, it's great. That's the Music Minute, it's a little bit shorter than might otherwise be. But you know,

Jessamyn 1:11:47 that's not apologize.

Cortex 1:11:48 I will also mention, formally. Just to mention it. I haven't been spending any time on this this month. But people are because among other things, it's Game of Thrones season. Basically.

Jessamyn 1:12:05 I like that I can read the fanfare threads and not have to watch the show or even think about watching the show.

Cortex 1:12:11 It's not a bad compromise to run with. So yeah, Game of Thrones discussion, very active as it always is every year. But a bunch of other stuff going on too.

Jessamyn 1:12:20 Well, and could I tell you in fanfare that like Jim and I just saw get out? Did I mention this last month? I think he did. Okay. And I just it was fun to find a fanfare thread from February. Yeah. And get to read about it because it was interesting to read what people had to say. Yeah, so the only other major thing I wanted to talk about was thank you to eyebrows McGee and everybody else who contributed to the best post contests for July. If you just want the high points, and you're sick of Josh and me talking about libraries and video games, you can find all sorts of other best posts, category posts, member category posts, random stuff, people just wanted to throw in the thread. And it's just really cool. Thank you eyebrows McGee, thank you all the mods who made their own contests. Thank you for people who offered up prizes Thank you hippie bear hat who contributed a whole bunch of stuff rangefinder had a really sort of mega post of stuff that she liked in there. The whole thing was just lovely. Yeah, there was a

Cortex 1:13:23 tremendous amount of good stuff. I am still way behind on it. I did art, have I? But, but there was a tremendous amount of stuff, just browsing through everything tagged art this last month. It's like it's a nice reminder that you chose I was I was busy. I couldn't get more specific I should have dude art

Jessamyn 1:13:45 is like one of the most commonly used tags.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47 I know, I know. I've set myself up. All the ticks would have been.

Jessamyn 1:13:52 No, but I do have to say I've been seeing your still lifes on Instagram. And they're lovely. I liked that lemon picture.

Cortex 1:13:57 Thanks. Yeah, I was really happy with how that came out. I went and took a class and that's not something I normally do and I'm glad it did so. But yeah, I'll get my pics on are in the thread finally today at some point, but a ton of good stuff a bunch of today. So by today you mean today? Yeah, like this afternoon every time? Yeah. Okay, server time yet? Today's overtime.

Cortex 1:14:23 That's maybe your title.

Jessamyn 1:14:24 Today, server time? Yes. server time

Cortex 1:14:28 with the opening of an action movie. Couple other metadata things. Oh, there's a Holiday Movie Club is sort of an annual tradition at this point that's spinning up sort of metadata and fanfare I suppose. But yeah, the man of twists and turns posted a post to start organizing. So if you're interested in that sort of thing. Here you go. There's a thing they've got a calendar and everything and

Jessamyn 1:14:52 yeah, so that that looks like it was gonna be cool. Yep.

Cortex 1:14:55 I guess in the metadata section for completion ism, I will post links to both the announcement thread and the fundraising threads since we did two separate threads that sort of let them be their own discussions about the whole transfer of ownership and whatnot. And there was one other thing on metadata and I can't remember what it is. And I lost the tab. I killed it. Oh, I know. Well, there's been some fun metal cocktail stuff. Anyway, that continues to go on. The most recent one was favorite words, which I am looking forward to going through because I like how people relate to words that they get sort of caught up on copying the wrong things that can't talk and chew gum.

Jessamyn 1:15:36 Are you going to talk about how you're gonna send stickers stickers? Oh, so

Cortex 1:15:38 Oh, so here's the here's the deal. Matt was going through some boxes and he found like 30 Old like metal filter transfer stickers that he had just sitting around that he had printed off years ago. And he dropped by the house and I made a post on Twitter about the change of ownership. And I took a picture of those because that seemed like a good thematic thing to throw there. And then a lot of people like Oh, my stickers on I was like, oh shit, I just tried to be thematic. But as a result, I say, I know I wasn't really thinking it through but it worked out fine. What I did, I ended up collecting addresses from people via MFI mail and sent stickers out to various staffer and Pro staffer. So you've got one on the way to you and

Jessamyn 1:16:23 hey, did you send it to one of my actual addresses and not where Matt sent my last paycheck?

Cortex 1:16:28 Yeah, I think I did to the PIO. And and yeah, so I went through all of them pretty quickly. So there's no more stickers for the moment, but definitely, we're gonna make some more stickers because Gosh, darn it, people are excited about stickers and I'm excited about people being excited about stickers and so yeah, getting some merch going as part of what we want to do and we talked about that a bunch of that talk actually, last month. So yeah, I'm excited about that stuff. I'm excited about stuff. It's been it's been a busy complicated couple of months but I'm I'm real happy about things where they are and dang it I'm just happy about Metafilter I'm glad this is such a part of my life so

Jessamyn 1:17:05 great. I hope this next month is more chill for you than the past month. Please wish me the same.

Cortex 1:17:12 Amen. We will we will take a blood oath on it. Can we can we cut our thumbs and person together Oh, Skype, does that have that functionality yet? Their blood,

Jessamyn 1:17:22 some functional equivalent, right, I can send you some password to something. It should be like a blood a blood oath swear dot whatever, where there's like a little circle on the screen and you cut your thumb and you push it up against it. And then it takes a picture of something

Cortex 1:17:37 like maybe USB dongles, like you just send a little little USB device that just plugs into a port and it's got a tiny blade, you stick a thumb down on it. And then I'd like verifies you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:46 How smart are you know, this

Cortex 1:17:48 would be great. I'm gonna jail for a very long time.

Jessamyn 1:17:51 I found a USB dongle shaped like a roll of film in my mom's drawer. Oh, wow. Yeah, it's not even it's still in its original wrapping, you should check

Cortex 1:18:00 inside to make sure it doesn't actually secretly have like the film of the JFK assassination hidden inside it because it'd be the perfect place to hide it. No one will look

Jessamyn 1:18:07 really interesting note, there's actually a stack of photographs of a young JFK in this house, really, because my mother was predeceased by a really good friend of hers years ago, 10 years ago, who was a photography collector and had a bunch of, you know, photos of JFK before he ran for Senator. Yeah, as like a child basically. But they're like print photographs. We gave some of them to the JFK Library, which is in Boston, and the rest of them are here. So if anybody's like super into JFK, you know where to find me. Meet Yeah, yeah, there's gonna I think I'm just going to have like, some giveaway website. But because I've got like a ton of stamps and a ton of stuff, so I should be able to make use of some of that somehow. Yeah. Yeah. Who knows what we'll find? Yeah,

Cortex 1:18:53 I look forward to seeing what else gets unearthed and distributed. Yeah. All right. Well, I think that's pretty much it for podcast I think we I think we did the thing we showed up here to do I think that

Jessamyn 1:19:03 worked out really well. It's great to talk to you it's good to hear you in good spirits Yeah, I look forward to listening to this podcast all over again after it's done. Yeah. We're like

Cortex 1:19:16 who does that who reviewed their own work ever? Alright, I'll talk to you later.

Jessamyn 1:19:22 Okay, Josh, good talking to you bye bye. Talking God tired sites connected couldn't be maybe she did send me an email was You