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Podcast 124 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 124: Happy New Year Call-In Show (2017-01-03).

Pronoiac passed the podcast to


Cortex 0:00 How can I stand for a podcast? Podcast? Josh bar joke man where God was

Cortex 0:14 the best of the web be

Cortex 0:24 welcome to the metal filter monthly podcast. Best of the web episode 124. This is the first episode of 2017 kicking off the new year. It's what January 2? I think Monday. Yeah, I've I'm Josh Malartic, a Cortex

Jessamyn 0:44 Jessamyn, aka Jessamyn. And

Cortex 0:47 this episode, we'll do a little bit of our normal podcasting, but we're also gonna have a whole bunch of audio from you. If you are one of the people who called us. If you didn't call us, there will not be any audio from you. But if you're part of the general metal filter, user group and family and general WEBO sphere, it's still from you. It's there's a there's a unis there. I've started off 2017 By being a guru, apparently.

Jessamyn 1:15 You said Eunice?

Cortex 1:17 I did. Yes. The quality of being you, I guess. Yeah. How are you doing? Happy New Year

Jessamyn 1:26 hit I have really enjoyed, by the way listening to? I mean, how many how many audio files 7580 audio

Cortex 1:34 files. 85. Total? 8485. Yeah, not all

Jessamyn 1:38 for public consumption. Some of them are just for us. And thank you. But I love listening to people's voices. It's really a thing that I miss. Because everybody knows what my voice sounds like. And they all know what your voice sounds like. And we know Matt's voice and a little bit kind of restless nomads and the other mods maybe the Paul I think like good news for the insane has been on music, but I've really liked hearing what people sound like I respond to voices. And so just getting to sit and listen to these was really a great way to spend it. You know, good half an hour here.

Cortex 2:13 Yeah, no, it's it's really kind of awful. And now we get to share that with everyone else. Yeah, exactly. You know, I'm, it was, I knew we would get some calls. If we did this. I don't know how many. We got a wealth of them. I mean, it really was yeah, like 8590 calls altogether. And yeah, just just a ton of fun, like hearing people's voices hearing people talking, being reminded that there's this whole sort of, I don't know you, personally presence attached to the word like,

Jessamyn 2:46 I mean, I've said, like your words.

Cortex 2:49 I know. I don't know what it is. I've been to a lot of meetups, you have to you know, obviously we've we've had plenty of chances to interact with people as you know, meatspace people besides just the text anyway, over the years. Yeah. But it's kind of nice to have this because I mean, there's lots of people that I you know, haven't had a chance to, and may never have a chance to, you know, be at a meet up with. But it's still nice to have that little bit of connection and like, sort of hear that voice and oh, yeah, there's this this person, this may be someone I've talked to on the site, maybe someone who just kind of lurks, but either way, they're all sort of part of this weird big stew that is metal filter. And, and yeah, it is. It's a lot of fun. It's really nice. It's, it's heartening, you know, the messages really ran the gamut. A lot of quick, you know, basically Hey, it's me and Happy New Year, everybody, which was great. A couple of babies couple of bucks, several babies, several animal sounds.

Jessamyn 3:44 All Rando at least one

Cortex 3:45 difficult attempt to get a baby to get gold.

Jessamyn 3:49 A couple of multiple calls. A couple poems.

Cortex 3:53 Yeah, some some poems and quotes, you know, and some some cheerful stuff, some some whistling past the graveyard stuff. Last year was a hell of a year. And a lot of people sort of touched on that, you know, one of the big themes, not everybody had necessarily anything specifically positive about last year to mention or about this year, but there was a lot of let's hope this year is better. And aside from that, there was a lot of, you know, last year sucked, but metal filter was here, and that made it workable for me and, you know, that's, that's, that's huge as that's, that's a really important and sort of, you know, touching and meaningful thing to hear. I agree. So yeah. So basically, thanks everybody for calling in. This was a lot of fun. It is inspiration to definitely try and do this sort of thing more often. It's inspiration to try and get mefites on the podcast and more of a guest or interviewee context a little bit more

Jessamyn 4:48 well and more mefites more often. I mean, I think people enjoy our interviews and I know I really do but it is just kind of a deep dive into one user. And you know, sometimes hearing from 10 or 20 or 30 users is really more of a way to connect the users to the users is my feeling.

Cortex 5:04 Yeah, yeah, no, I think I think I think both are both have some definite good stuff going for it? And I think we'll try and do both. And just sort of get the mix mixed up a little bit Morgan, call it call it, dare we say a resolution. Okay.

Jessamyn 5:20 Do you have resolutions this year speaking? Because I did not call the because I knew I would. Yeah.

Cortex 5:28 I don't really I have, I always end up with like, some loose guidelines. And I try not to call them resolutions so that they suffer under the structure of failure to, you know, accomplish them and then feeling bad. Well,

Jessamyn 5:41 I don't want to put you on the spot, then I'm saying it is gonna break. It's not like

Cortex 5:45 that. I'm definitely going to try and blog more like on my blog, which I feel like that's, that's kind of like the internet version of I'm going to try and go to the gym. But it's true. Like,

Jessamyn 5:55 you go to the gym so we can check back in next month. Did you blog Did you gym?

Cortex 6:00 Exactly. We can we can we can keep each other accountable a little bit. I don't know I miss, I miss having a sense of sort of like cohesion to where my stuff is like, I really enjoy sharing stuff on Twitter. And it's great to be able to do something, take a picture, stick it on Twitter and have you know, a little bit of feedback there immediately. But I was like looking over my year this year. And if I go to my Twitter, I posted a bunch of stuff on Twitter. And you know, a lot of people enjoyed it. And I'm glad that they did. But like, if you look at my blog, I did like two things this year. And that's the like, what happened to my ear, like all this stuff I did, it's not in the one place, you would think that I would, you know, catalogue it. So. So I want to get back to not pretending that life is actually self documenting via social media and actually maybe do a little bit more of, you know, keeping track of what I'm doing. And you're writing in one place and sort of collecting my work and stuff like that. So that's that's, you can pull

Jessamyn 6:55 your tweets in and do stuff like that. Also, I mean, that's one of the things that I do. So that my kind of workI blog, you know, pulls in my book list and my tweets, and then I do kind of an end of the year wrap up because there's nothing else ever going on this week. And so that's Well, last week, I guess. Yeah. But yeah, figuring figuring out ways. I think I did that a couple years ago, like figuring out ways to make my online person more cohesive with my real life person.

Cortex 7:24 Yeah. Something like that. We'll see how it goes. Cool. But uh, yeah, do you have any things that are nonbinding general thoughts besides the gym that you might

Jessamyn 7:35 know, I make like resolutions. Like, like, I'm like, Okay, I flushed everyday, last year, which was a big deal, because my previous flossing record was like three days, I think I've probably mentioned this in every podcast, because I'm obsessed with it. This year, I'm making it to flossing and brushing, very exciting. The meditation thing I did last year, I'm keeping it up. And so last year, the meditation thing was the big deal. And like, my mantra for the year was like, let this day be good, which is kind of this mantra about just freaking relax and allow things to go, Okay, if you don't keep trying to grab the wheel and make it do something that doesn't help. And so this year, you know, I'm focusing more on sort of being a good companion. I mean, like, being a good neighbor is kind of the short form. So like, being a good member of my real life community, I feel like I'm doing really good at being a good member of my online communities. You know, like friends with Facebook, friends, on Twitter, friends on email, I'm good with email, I'm good with interacting with people. And I feel like I should bring some of that effort, which to be fair is easier online. Yeah, to my real world, which I'm pretty good with the real world, but I want to do better, you know. And so a little you know, getting over myself a little bit more and like stopping by to visit people more than I do, because I'm all wrapped up and weird social. I don't know if I want to stop by what if it's a bad time, like that kind of stuff. And so trying to break down that wall a little bit, be a good neighbor, be a good friend, be a good partner, be a good family member. That's, that's my, that's this year's mantra, in addition to just fucking flossing, it's a good and getting to the gym is just the thing I do normally and I have kind of a, you know, a goal I try to hit which is going like three days a week, and I did that half of last year, like 50% of the weeks. So just better. Better than that.

Cortex 9:39 Nice, I think I think that's I think that's the solid plan. Yeah,

Jessamyn 9:43 yeah, I think so. And I do pretty good with this stuff. Like I'm not like one of those like, where I'm gonna lose 20 pounds and be like, Oh, I didn't lose 20 pounds. Well, do it. Lose 20 pounds. Oh, I didn't lose like I just, you know, I do it like it's my job. So it'll happen. Yeah. I could you has a job too. So we'll see how that goes. So that's as if it were my job.

Cortex 10:08 There may be a few, a few people in that position. So yeah, exactly. I'm trying to I'm trying to remember I'm looking at a post and trying to remember if I mentioned it last year, or last year, in the last podcast

Jessamyn 10:25 on the 20th, right, yeah, I'm 3030. Sorry, sorry. And you know, a letter that starts with his

Cortex 10:31 Yeah, one of those zeros. I'm just gonna peek in the old podcast post. Let's say this. Let's tell me everything that you know about the number 124 Real quick.

Jessamyn 10:40 What I told you, I wasn't gonna do that. Because that tabs. No, but you said there

Cortex 10:45 was nothing so we were gonna do it as a bit. And you were gonna say there was nothing and then we would move on. So let's say

Jessamyn 10:51 you want to set that up again? Yeah, let's look

Cortex 10:53 at it. Totally not just stay in the podcast. That's not what's going to happen. I will edit it. And this will all look super smooth. Hey, just about episode one or number 124? What's 124?

Jessamyn 11:06 You know, nothing. Okay, like

Cortex 11:12 now and with all that editing I did that all just sounded amazing.

Jessamyn 11:17 Hitting the end of a fun number stuff.

Cortex 11:20 Yeah, maybe maybe. I'm gonna say from now on coming up with something interesting about the numbers, the job of the listeners. And okay. And if that happens,

Jessamyn 11:30 start repeating themselves, right? Oh, it's a non torsion. It's an untouchable number. It's a rep digit and base five like,

Cortex 11:38 yeah, it's a region, it will be left as an

Jessamyn 11:41 exercise to the listener. All right.

Unknown Speaker 11:46 What do you think I am word Sure. And I am from the internet, but also England. Something I'm looking forward to in 2017 is the total eclipse which will traverse the Western colonies I mean, the United States of America on I think it's August the 21st. My provisional plan is to attend the tail end of the marvelous Iowa State Fair where splendid local cuisine, usually deep fried and on the end of a stick will be consumed with much gusto and no dates on tomfoolery. Right tough to this and consulting the weather forecast I will head either western Nebraska or south to Kansas for a few 100 miles and then watch the splendid solar eclipse I thought maybe everybody should check out the past of the eclipse and have one or more me fight meetups on the route anyway, on hopes to meet a Metafilter recital to either during this astronomical event or some other time during 2017 finest wishes of the season to you all

Unknown Speaker 12:49 Hi, I'm Isaac. Do you sell Christmas for Hanukkah?

Unknown Speaker 12:57 Hey, this is frenetic aka bread sucks Happy New Year metal

Unknown Speaker 13:01 filters I

Unknown Speaker 13:02 still beat around love you guys hi, this is me fight him and daily calling in to thank the Chicago cabal for being a shining beacon of hope and an otherwise terrible year. I love you all and hopefully I'll continue to see your first Wednesday this month and every other until the cold dark end of time. By the way, there is no Chicago cabal so you can erase this Hello. Greetings from Johnny wallflower to 2016 has been interesting to say the least. But one good thing is the Wildflower clan is going to be able to spend a substantial portion of the winter in Puerto aorta. So Happy New Years everybody and Jessamyn and Yvonne theodoridis Look for your postcards.

Unknown Speaker 13:55 Oh, window and looking forward to 2017 metal filter and opening that all of your answers are best answered. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 14:06 it's rabbit rabbit and I'm sending lots of love to all use smart nice people at metal filter and hoping that 2016 is not the last good year. And is the

Unknown Speaker 14:16 plane 17 Is the is better than 2016 Okay, bye.

Unknown Speaker 14:24 Oh yes, one final thing it is pronounced aluminium not aluminium but aluminium

Unknown Speaker 14:33 Hey, folks, it's funny me. I just really want you guys know that I pronounced that mi fi. That's right. Um, I am sorry. Happy 2017 Hey, happy

Unknown Speaker 14:45 New Year better filter.

Unknown Speaker 14:47 It's Jason from Colorado. As our society spins onward towards uncertain Doom and sort of the nice type of place for civil discussion, commentary and occasional plate of beans.

Unknown Speaker 14:56 I hope your 2017 not turned out to be as bad as we're

Unknown Speaker 14:59 wearing About y'all later. Hey, metal filter. What's up? It's mln Jr, calling from Richmond, Virginia. Just wanted to say happy new year. Don't don't change. Hi, this

Unknown Speaker 15:13 is Agatha Magatha. And I just wanted to say I'm tremendously grateful almost every day for metal filter and for helping me processes last year. metal filter was key. So thank you fell on my fights. Yes, my fight steps I say my head the voices in my head say to say my fights. Have a great 2017 It's gotta

Unknown Speaker 15:37 be better.

Cortex 15:40 Let's talk about projects. Let's talk. There are a few projects.

Jessamyn 15:44 Super fun. Well, at least I thought so. Specially favorite maybe. Which was just like, weird and small. And let me find your

Cortex 15:57 texty one. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, we didn't do that ahead of time. Because yeah. Podcasting? Yeah.

Jessamyn 16:04 Yeah, no, right. It should be fair, like, usually we do this earlier in the day.

Cortex 16:10 Yeah, we're doing an evening podcast.

Jessamyn 16:13 Well, it's evening for me and it's early evening for you. So projects that I liked, including the 1958 Rambler super station wagon Rebuild by Hilary Jade, who's got a brother who's putting together this. This car and Hillary Jade is helping. And one of the ways helping is putting up the pictures. And you basically they took like the body and they put it on the chassis of 86 Oldsmobile and worked on it from there. So if you're somebody who's really into, you know, that kind of Jalopnik type, how the heck does this stuff work? You will enjoy this because it is cool. Yeah.

Cortex 16:57 Yeah, no, that was very cool. And, you know, it's funny, it's like, I'm not a car person, but it's just it's neat. You know, it's I feel like, like bond close. Like, you know, I made a guitar things like he

Jessamyn 17:08 has a Twitter feed now completely for the guitar stuff that he does now. In fact, why isn't that on projects? Bond cliff?

Cortex 17:17 What are you thinking, man? That's let's just upgrade people on the podcast. They'll they'll they'll respond to that. I wanted to mention Hocus Pocus, which is a video game recently released by Breck br ECC a metal filter and method club person and I always have to when I see folks putting stuff out, so there you go. Hocus Pocus,

Jessamyn 17:45 Hocus Pocus, you're in focus. I just went to look up bond cliff on Twitter and super confusing. I feel like I mentioned this project before, but I don't actually think I have this is a local to me. I mean, not me, me and Massachusetts, PSC. 2000, she plays the ukulele, she got a public performance license. Her goal is to play all 63 of the MBTA. Like the subway stations that have performer areas between now and the 28th of May. That is awesome. And she's donating her tips to toys across America, an organization that gets toys in the hands of children with autism. It's super fun. It's very cool. She has videos. And she's also working with people who are local. So if you're local in the kind of Boston area and want to go do it with her one day, you should she tried to get Jim to do it. I know one time and I don't think she managed it. But it's a and she's got a pot while you know. And she's got a great Tumblr blog about it. You know, really talking about what it's like to play at the subway and a whole bunch of other stuff. It's very, very cool.

Cortex 18:54 Yeah, I wonder if that might have come up in conversation on the site.

Jessamyn 18:57 I feel like I've mentioned it before she may have a song or something. That could be podcast definitely just came up. Yeah. Yes.

Cortex 19:06 That's awesome. I want to mention this one. partly just because it's complicated this Yes. Foods.

Jessamyn 19:14 pH o DS, d z,

Cortex 19:17 had made a site called Heart heart Now those are heart emojis. And and the thing is, I had to email back and forth a little bit to figure out whether there was something that I could do on my end to make it work. And I think what we determined is it in the database schema of projects, specifically, I was gonna ask about that, that it may just those particular fields maybe just aren't UTF eight or whatever it is. I don't because

Jessamyn 19:44 when I look at it on the website, it's Q n dash Q E is Not Heart, heart heart,

Cortex 19:52 which I think is like the safe ASCII translation. Yes, and it's

Jessamyn 19:57 because there is an ASCII underlying all The emoji characters Yeah,

Cortex 20:01 and the thing is, like emoji works on the site in plenty of spots. You know, I don't know that we necessarily plan for that so much with Pb just sort of like unfucked things when it came up, I'd like you can see, you know, Foods has a comment right in the first comment in the post that correctly has the actual imagery. But something about that, that that like title field, in project, so we'll have to look at it at some point, it's possible that that's actually a design decision to be made at some point, because like, in that one spot, it was a bad idea to allow arbitrary, but I don't know, I don't know, what's the deal. So I found it fascinating as a problem that like, you know, I can't figure out what's wrong here. And we're just going to, like, hack around it for now. So that's on my to do list for 2017 is figuring out for the you know, the next time someone posts an emoji URL project. But I thought that whole thing was interesting.

Jessamyn 20:53 Yeah, well, and you know, the whole idea of, you know, well, I can't see this emoji. Well, I can, I mean, the whole idea of what's going on when you try to load an emoji is fascinating, super fascinating. Like, you know, it'll display I mean, I can get the new emojis, for instance, to display on Twitter, but not in my browser. Show up on my phone, but not. Yeah, yeah, this whole weird. Let's see, does it show up in Skype? Do you see an owl or a box with a question mark? in

Cortex 21:23 it? I see a box with a line through a circle in it.

Jessamyn 21:27 Oh, see, I see a box with a question mark.

Cortex 21:29 Yeah, it's like, yeah. Like, not only do you have inconsistent support for emoji, you have inconsistent sigils. signaling the failure to be able to display and it's Yeah,

Jessamyn 21:41 yeah, yeah. And so this guy did this as a hackathon project. And yeah, he's a GoDaddy web developer, apparently. And this is like his cool project. So that's pretty awesome. Yeah, I'd love it. And of course, the holiday season would not be complete without more jingle rock, pal.

Cortex 22:04 We both had this in our tab. Yeah. Yes, a music video of of

Jessamyn 22:11 pink stainless tails, jingle rock Bell. Even if you think you hate the holidays, do yourself a favor and listen to this damn thing. And now you can listen to it and watch this goofy video.

Cortex 22:21 Amazing. Very complicated visual aid process. visualizing this, this music. This this? Yes. This music song. It's not like the audio version of the music video.

Jessamyn 22:35 I clicked on this link when I was at home over the holiday season with my sister. And you know, I'm like, sitting at the computer. She's doing whatever. And she's like, are you seeing that fucking jingle rock bell thing again? I'm like, I haven't listened to it once in the last 363 days. Get off my butt. But you know, it's it's it's got a lasting a lasting effect on people.

Cortex 23:00 Yep, it's potent.

Unknown Speaker 23:02 Hey, it's his calling way up from Canada.

Unknown Speaker 23:08 I guess I just wanted to say hello to everybody.

Unknown Speaker 23:10 I'm very happy that I been a part of Metafilter for so many years. Hopefully you guys are enjoying the posts and comments as much as I enjoy yours. And the one thing I'm looking forward to this year is traveling more. I just got a new job and finally have benefits for the very first time and actually having vacation is something I'm looking forward to so Happy New Year to everyone and all the best. You guys let do all the work behind the scenes. Thank you. You guys make the place a very enjoyable place. Take care. Bye. Hey, this is me fight Carson to be a silent, so I guess you're reading it as Carson be. Anyway. People in my office are looking at me funny. I'm just leaving a message to remind everyone that there's never ever going to be Nephi swapped again. physical media has permanently down swung CD ROMs CDRs CD rewrites no longer even exist. Nobody has anything to play them on. Who would want to do that anyway, so it's kaput forever. I hope you like that. Hello, this

Unknown Speaker 24:22 is double a catastrophe matrix.

Unknown Speaker 24:25 Yes, we are Nephi and we are married and we had a baby this year.

Unknown Speaker 24:30 Hello? She's

Unknown Speaker 24:34 Yes, she's eight months old and she's adorable. And she is our little Metafilter baby and that's a great thing that happened for us this year. I baby yeah, that's Nabal

Unknown Speaker 24:50 Okay, guys, can you I want you to say really loud, can you tell me what you do Hello this is Leslie mitten. And that was the last one was the two buckets is my nephew's because they're pretty great.

Unknown Speaker 25:20 Fake Valentine came mostly Lurker, sometimes commenter saying it's medicine. It really did help me deal with all of the happenings in 2016. Especially the election thread, excuse me, I can't believe I just said coma. Patients from work. So is a an artifact of that. Either way, keep up the great work, Josh, I appreciate you. And hopefully we'll have a chance to get together this year. Bye bye. So this is not on display. something good that happened nestled in this bullshit year was that the Cubs won the World Series Hey, hey, my 2017 New Year's Resolution, which is not my sort of thing, but I figure I like doing it is I'm going to try to comment on every single piece of music that's posted to medical to music in 2017. Wish me luck. Goodbye.

Unknown Speaker 26:33 Hi, it's Jim, Joe. And I do have some good news to share. I was in the middle of a stretch of unemployment that was starting to get kind of long, it was freaking me out. But just yesterday, I finally landed the best paying job of my life. And it's a huge relief. And I'm excited to start on Tuesday.

Unknown Speaker 26:54 And life is just

Unknown Speaker 26:58 looking up all of a sudden, I don't know. I guess that's it. There's other good things happening but short messages short message. Alright, I'm

Unknown Speaker 27:09 not on display again. Also say hi to Jessamyn for me while she's on the podcast. Thanks a lot. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 27:17 Hello, this is 50 with two zeros. Better 2016 has been pretty bloody awful. It's a death of lots of my heroes, not the least of which being my dad at the end of October. But I still have hope I'm always have hope. And there's hope 2017 gets better. Happy New Year everyone. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 27:42 Hey there, this is book mammal. I've been a metal filter member since 2009. And I'm I'm certainly not a prolific poster commenter. But I do participate. And I read the green, the blue and the gray every day. And although metal filter has been part of my everyday internet wandering routine, I, I've come to realize that I never truly realized how much I learned to depend on metal filter as a community until after the election last month, I I just really can't express how much it has meant to me to know that there's a whole group of folks out there none of none of whom I've ever met in real life are taught to voice to voice but folks who, who truly felt the same way that I did after the election and who together really created a sanctuary for for people like me, like like all of us who were just trying to process everything and trying to figure out how to be okay. And I know without a doubt that this metal filter community and Sanctuary has helped keep me emotionally and mentally and spiritually healthy in the aftermath of the election. And you all have also helped me figure out the concrete steps that I've started taking to help myself and others be okay and make it through the next four years. So cortex thanks for giving us all the chance to kind of speak our piece on this and thanks to everybody, the whole metal filter community including the mods of course for for being there for all of us, and I'm looking forward to spending another year with all of you so happy new year metal filter on to 2017 for better for worse. We'll we'll get through it. Happy New Year everybody.

Unknown Speaker 29:57 Greetings cortex and Jessamine This is Willie man wholesome known as Aaron hope you all have a happy end of dumpster fire. So I know I sound like a robot here such because I am nonverbal. Jessamine has met me before so she can vouch for T h T. Anyway, keep up the great work and Happy New Years to you.

Unknown Speaker 30:27 Hey y'all this would be the infamous and much mispronounced salmon Stata or salmon say that depending on how you roll or salmon me find some people pronounce it other ways. Just want to say Happy me faiz. Definitely then a year has some sort. But just I say I was really pleased yet once again to hang out with all of you all. And I look forward to another year of good cheer and good humor. And well, yeah, there you go. And just on behalf of cortex, but but but but but but but already I have a better one. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 31:15 up again, I just remembered a song. It's been rattling around in my brain. And that one is by the inimitable miss. And it goes. It's so easy to love. So easy to hate. It takes strength to be gentle and unkind. Over and over, over and over. It's so easy. It's so easy to hate. It takes guts to be gentle and unkind over. It's over. It's over 2016 is almost over 17 slightly bow by

Cortex 32:01 would you like Metafilter

Jessamyn 32:02 What about jobs?

Cortex 32:04 Oh, probably jobs. I'm just gonna I'm we're going for a short podcast jobs is gonna have to look out for itself this time.

Jessamyn 32:10 But there's a library job. Dad, close the tabs.

Cortex 32:16 Okay, well go look at jobs. There's a library is a library job

Jessamyn 32:19 there. And math cow for my dad. Okay, things I liked in metal filter, mate. Many of them were various kinds of local. So that includes the I liked it, but a lot of people were grumpy about it. Weather forecasts uncentered post by Beagle because it's got this hillbilly weatherman, who's basically a guy who's dressed up as like a rural New Hampshire guy talking about the weather in his New Hampshire accent. And then of course, the thread turns into exactly what you would think, which is a whole bunch of people being like, what, that's not a New Hampshire accent. Blah, blah. But then it also had a bunch of people not a bunch a couple from like Massachusetts in New Hampshire who were like, This is the real local, you know? Weird, ridiculous Yeah, weather person that we have. And so there was a bunch of fun links so I can read them. Yeah,

Cortex 33:22 nice. I really loved I mean, I really loved the thing is, is what it was. This is a post by bigger J. It's a roundup of a series of Star Wars edits by a comedy group called the aural knots. And it's just like, aggressively short, Goofy, alternate narrative takes on on the Star Wars films, using the original footage and you know, aggressive editing and redoubling the dialogue. And every episode has a lightsaber dance party in it.

Jessamyn 33:57 It's how long are they

Cortex 33:59 varying like the first one is probably like all of 15 minutes, I think the longest ones maybe like 40 a little bit more expensive once they get into the original trilogy, because they've sort of built up a lot of narrative to work with, I think, but it's just very funny. If you like, if you like, bad lip reading and goofy dubbing and and subverting the dominant narrative themes of Star Wars. Well, then you should not you should probably get other people other people I think would enjoy it. I thought it was very good.

Jessamyn 34:30 Maybe not for maybe not for me, but it does sound like a good time for those people who it would be a good time.

Cortex 34:35 Yes. Yes, exactly. So for those people go enjoy it.

Jessamyn 34:39 So my next hyperlocal thing I liked was DC Public Library in Washington DC has this big scanning center with a whole bunch of technology that's both open to the public and they use for digitization projects. And they did a thing which digitized issues from the first decade of the LGBT newspaper The Washington blade aid, which would be like from 1969, to the early 70s. And now they're available online. And so this was like a gay newspaper back when gay culture was a very different thing that it was than it is now. And so it's fun to not only just kind of look at that, but also have people who were gay in that era, or kind of shortly after that era, talking about, like, you know, pointing out highlights of this, like, oh, you know, there's a whole bunch of people who are like writing down the license plate numbers of potential cop cars that may be outside the gay bar. And, you know, that's just sort of part of what would be in a gay newspaper in the early 70s. So just really interesting, really cool thing that DC Public Library did, it was one of those like, 31 favorite seven comments, and I just wanted to point it out. Oh, by waning Gibbon, which is also a username, I think is great.

Cortex 35:53 Yes, that is a solid name. Yes. You got your Yeah. It's it's complicated. That's it's got layers is what I like about it. I will mention real quick, a musical toy that got posed by by foci for analysis. It's a musical chord progression arpeggiator on RPGA, pitch eight or real word it is. an arpeggio is like that, when you've got sort of like moving up and down a scale, okay. And arpeggiator is something that does that. And synthesizers often would have an arpeggiator function so that you could like hold down a chord, and instead of just playing the chord, it would arpeggiate or whatever tempo you had set up. And also, at whatever pattern, it doesn't necessarily have to be just stepping up and stepping down one note at a time. It could be like diving deep, you know, sort of jumping around. So this lets you set out a sequence of chords. And then pick one of any of a whole bunch of possible arpeggiation patterns. So like the order in which you play the notes and what it does, you know, nothing else is a it's just a fun musical toy to play with. Go play with it. Not right now, though. I mean,

Jessamyn 37:07 I just did. Yeah. Can you hear that through your?

Cortex 37:09 I can't. Too bad, bad.

Jessamyn 37:14 Wow. That's great, though. I love that. Did Jim post in this? Yeah, one of Jim's while I don't know if he'll play it. But like one of his resolutions is like, listen to and comment and all the music threads. And this kind of stuff is like crack for him. He loves this stuff. Speaking of music that we really like, I enjoyed this post very much, which is a bunch of Bhangra dancers dancing with snow shovels. And the thing I liked about it the most, this is a post by mandolin conspiracy, who also called us in, and the thing I liked about it the most is both me and someone else in the thread. Basically, were coming to post the thing at exactly the same time. Like I literally searched meta filter for the thing. The thing wasn't there. I went and clicked by the time I had put together a post and click Preview, the thing was there. And I was one of two people who did that, but it's basically a bunch of Indian Canadian gentleman dancing with snow shovels to bunker music, and it's very, very, very Canadian. And so it's a fun thread talking about Canadian gouffre and grab ESRI

Cortex 38:27 speaking speaking of that going to post and then someone did it already thing I had the exact same experience except for by several days or most of the year. I really not

Jessamyn 38:37 at all the same Josh.

Cortex 38:40 I'm gonna make the Segway work. I liked this post from February from Uncle Ira of a video of crushed between two portals, which is someone conspired to create a portal level that's a game where you can shoot your

Jessamyn 38:54 portals credit the last new video game I ever played, actually,

Cortex 38:58 yeah, for anybody who doesn't know portal is a game where you use portals, you fire a hole in a wall, and then you can go through that and you go through the orange portal and you come out the blue portal and vice versa. So somebody set up a hack of a level so that like, you could stand in one spot, and then the portals would clamp together on you which What does that even mean? Like you're standing like this? You should look I mean it basically you're squished between the two portals but you go into one portal, you come out the other so it doesn't make any sense what would happen probably something terrible. It turns out the game doesn't just crash it. Oh, wow. You get the super trippy like staring into infinity thing going on. So it's just a it's just a video showing that off and it's it's kind of great, but I saw that

Jessamyn 39:43 the other day. They set it to music. Am I understanding this correctly? They

Cortex 39:46 might have I haven't. I haven't washed it in a few days, but probably why not? Anyway, I got really excited about that a few days ago and went to post it and then found out that had been posted like almost a year ago. So I'm but a similar similar situation happened with the this is amazing the B movie, but every time, blah it goes faster. I mean,

Jessamyn 40:11 that was also on my list of things. Can you explain this? Because it took me longer than it should have to get my head around what this is and why it's funny.

Cortex 40:19 I don't think there's any. Okay, so I mean, the thing for anybody who missed it, just go watch all these links. It's just some spy Etrigan. Yeah, trick and I say, like, whether that's correct or not. This is why you get a call in the voicemail so we can find out after you agree on one that's exactly so so Etrigan, let's say posted this, but this is one of the things where it feels like very raw internet meme. Like, I don't know if anybody knows who started it exactly. But the canonical one is, hey, it's the B movie trailer. But every time they say B, it starts playing the audio and the video 15% faster. And you know, it's the B movie. So there's a be a lot. So it starts out normal, and then it starts to get a bit high pitch and that gets a little bit but how do

Jessamyn 40:59 people even do that kind of thing? Is my question. Like, just so specifically. Weird. So know what I mean?

Cortex 41:06 Yeah, some video editing software. I'm sure it's probably easy enough to select a region and say, Okay, now this part. And so every time you go through a new mark all the BS, and then you go through a new speed the whole thing up, you know, I don't know, I haven't tried it yet. But it seems pretty doable.

Jessamyn 41:19 I just didn't know this was a thing. Yeah. And then all of a sudden, it's everywhere. Yeah, it's weird.

Cortex 41:26 Yeah, exactly. I thought I was maybe catching the middle front edge a bit when I went to post it. And then I found this post was already there as like, well, dammit.

Jessamyn 41:34 We didn't talk about this last month.

Cortex 41:37 No, we didn't I don't think so. I checked the podcast post and I didn't see it.

Jessamyn 41:42 We must have talked about you know, I forgot to put

Cortex 41:46 the last the last part number 30. And I have a comment in this post on the afternoon of November 30. So I think what we did was we recorded the podcast that morning. And then that afternoon, I went to do this and ended up leaving a comment complaining about the fact that this happened, because I had gone first it's November 28th. But like my comment looked like nine days later in that thread. You can see me posting the post I decided not to make because someone else had beaten me to it after I'd spent a bunch of time building out.

Jessamyn 42:18 And then I also commented in this thread, the day after the podcast.

Cortex 42:22 Yeah, it was just it. We missed it by the wire. But the thing is, and here's here's here's where it's complicated being simultaneously the guy who can break the rules and the guy who shouldn't break the rules is I found that post I was like, Ah, I can't just make another post about it, though. Like because there's this it's clearly good, but you do it but I didn't. I was like I'm not gonna I'm gonna show restraint. Then two days later, MC Mike Anambra makes a post about another twist on that. And then I just said, you know, I'm just gonna let it stand. I'm just gonna, we're just gonna do a double because what did I say? Mike? Anambra.

Jessamyn 43:01 I don't know what you said.

Cortex 43:03 Okay. Anyway, yes. From Chicago. Hi, Mike.

Jessamyn 43:06 Mike. Happy late birthday.

Cortex 43:10 And yeah, anyway, so I liked all that. Boy, I'm really doing a great job at keeping up lean and lean. And

Jessamyn 43:15 speaking of songs. I just have to, you know, give the shout out to not on display in his ridiculous avocado. tweet, post. It's an avocado. The tweets the end.

Cortex 43:28 Oh, I like this. Short. Oh, and it's an inner view on this setup. Ah, that's excellent. Oh, this setup. This is Daniel Bergen. Switching my head but but yes, I believe Daniel bogans. Site.

Jessamyn 43:47 Wait for baby. Yes. Anyway, we're both we're both interviewed for that way. Yeah.

Cortex 43:55 So avocados. Got one

Jessamyn 43:56 tag? Avocado. Honey.

Cortex 44:00 Oh, I want to shout out a cool thing that happened. So there was a post about knots on Mars. This is a post from Dhruva. About literally,

Jessamyn 44:11 has been regularly killing it on metal filter since 2004. Yes.

Cortex 44:15 Keep it on forever. What? Yeah. So this was this was a another awesome post. And this one's about tying knots to keep tables, cables in place on you know, basic space spacings. So you know, we're going to send something to Mars. We've got to tie the cables in place first, and they've got to stick around because no one is gonna be able to say, oh, you know that cables getting a little bit loose. Let's go just Can you go over to Mars and fix that? You gotta you have to tie a good knot, but you don't want to pinch. You don't want to damage stuff. You don't want it to react badly from stress during migration, etc. So you actually have to think about it. But it's not. We've been using knots for 1000s of years. So there's this like very strong connection between old new to cool pose. Since the nice write up, but then later in that thread someone popped in to sort of talk about not stuff this was username repack writer

Jessamyn 45:14 yeah and

Cortex 45:14 I'm making the mistake of like trying to read while I talk which is never gonna work out anyway repack writer pops in to say some stuff about not I have

Jessamyn 45:23 a photo of an original knot I am pretty sure no one else ever tied in which may never be tied again. There is still room for creativity and knots despite their history dating back to the dawn of humanity.

Cortex 45:35 But specifically, he didn't want to post it. Because he didn't want to break the rules. At which point several of us said no, no. You have to post it. And he did and, and it's cool. And it's on it's got a whole cool side of stuff. So So I thought that was very cool. And a repack, writer and unknown. No.

Jessamyn 45:55 And this is a great website to

Cortex 45:57 Yeah, no, it's very cool. Yeah, if you'd like knots, that post and repack writers website linked there in our great if you don't

Jessamyn 46:07 like not ace for a beta called the aphids.

Cortex 46:11 Well, let me let me put it this way. I won't say if you don't like not Scala, because if you know that you don't like knots, then obviously don't put yourself through. But if you've never thought, you know, knots are pretty interesting, but you've never really thought about it. Maybe go check it out. Because knots are actually pretty cool.

Jessamyn 46:23 You know, I had a kid who I went to, like, you know how you kind of always knew the kid who like had maybe skipped second grade or something. And so even though he was in your grade for like, 14 years, like you always knew he was the kid who was a year younger than you kind of have that. You take my word for it. Okay, yeah. Well, this kid I remember we all had to do presentations in one of our science classes, and his presentation, you know, all of us were like, this is about h2o do and it does a special thing. And or he was like, let's talk about the mathematics of knots. And I was like, why? That fucking guy. And he wound up working for Google and being a genius the end

Unknown Speaker 47:09 me say mama and daddy are Nephi. Fire midsi is deluding myself, which is never a name that works really well in introductions. Anyway, happy New Year hope 2017 is better than the last for as many of you as possible.

Unknown Speaker 47:28 I'm not super optimistic about that wish. But in the tradition of my white, suburban USC and people and burning a bunch of things that I intend to be done with this this year comes to a close tomorrow night.

Unknown Speaker 47:40 And for everything else that I can't burn and be done with. Until then, I guess we have to muddle through somehow. Thanks for being here. metal filter.

Unknown Speaker 47:48 Have a good 2017 or something.

Unknown Speaker 47:54 I met for Blonko and you're listening to the Mi fi podcast.

Unknown Speaker 47:59 Hi, Nephi This is Ali Baba calling from London where I'm home from Paris for Christmas. wishing you all a happy new year. Happy hard money and burn money to cover all my language bases and nationality. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 48:14 Hey Metafilter it's younger here from the Netherlands. And let me wish you a garbled guttural hood of Plato's and 17.

Unknown Speaker 48:25 And one last thing, people who introduced the milk before the tea into a cup of demon cells to be savages and barbarians.

Unknown Speaker 48:37 Please hold the line Please hold the

Unknown Speaker 48:45 line. Happy New Year everybody. This is yes. I said yes. I will. Yes I can. Yes. I'm completely loaded up on Percocet that I have really successful thyroid surgery a couple days ago. It has been a wonderful recovery. I can't wait to go to more meetups to meet more of you next year. Happy New Year to everybody. I hope I don't think something really embarrassing while I'm still fully loaded up on Percocet Happy New Year.

Unknown Speaker 49:11 I cortex is Devil's Advocate. One thing I'm looking forward to in 2017 is that Mike Pence will no longer be the governor of Indiana. Our plan to get rid of him didn't work out quite the way we hoped. But at least he's out of our state. So sorry to the rest of the country but we're happy about that. Hi, this

Unknown Speaker 49:33 is Janet lands calling in. Happy New Year everybody. Listen, I'm trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Can anybody out there help me? Thanks in advance.

Unknown Speaker 49:44 So of course, this is John MC, calling from the restroom at the employee restroom. That's where I work. That's where a lot of my clothes are made. So it's amazing that As well anyway

Unknown Speaker 50:03 hello its ally vortex Happy New Year everyone. Hello, Patrick here,

Unknown Speaker 50:08 longtime reader first time caller returning at the end of the year after a bit of an extended absence. Glad to be back I think I need you guys just wanted to share a quick poem that a friend of mine wrote this year and it helped me get through what was by any measure a difficult year. Don't you find that as helpful as I have? Good notes by Maggie Smith. Life is short for my children. Well, life is short and I shortened my 1000 Delicious ill advised ways 1000 deliciously ill advised ways of keeping my children the world is at least 50% Terrible. And that's a conservative estimate. Keep us from my children. For every bird, there is a stone from the bird for me love child chum broken Second Life is short. The world is at least half terrible for every time stranger is when you break you keep this from my children trying to sell them the world any decent realtor walking you through a real shithole chirps on about green boats. This place could be beautiful, right? You could make this place beautiful So here's to making a more beautiful place a metal folder this is Madeline conspiracy. Just want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2017 And as for 2016 This is all I have to say to you

Unknown Speaker 52:01 Hi, this is Grumpy Bear 69 Carshalton, a happy new year. And I hope the 2017 brings you all to comfy tastic fun you deserve.

Unknown Speaker 52:13 KfZ here from Texas. First thanks to metal filter collectively and individually and especially the mods. No tongue can tell how much you enrich my life. May whatever goodness and mercy exists in these. This universe rained down on us all in a new year of unprecedented challenges. I shared the extraordinary White House photos by Pete Souza with a friend who responded all the while as I was looking at these I kept muttering were sofa here's a resolution.

Unknown Speaker 52:48 Take art and then take action. David boy Gene Wilder and Leonard Cohen did all they could now it's up to us

Unknown Speaker 53:01 Hi, it's la foreign tax again. I'm gonna say should acquaintance be forgot. abroad to be forgotten. Lang fine. I don't remember the rest of the word. But I know it's all good work, do all things i

Cortex 53:38 i think that was most of my Metafilter stuff for my short version.

Jessamyn 53:41 That's all my Metafilter stuff. Let's

Cortex 53:42 move on to AskMe Metafilter. Let's fantastic ourselves about Metafilter.

Jessamyn 53:47 Okay, favorite thing? And I'm just going to ask you this question as part of the AskMe Metafilter thing. So when I say on a Monday, we're gonna go do this next weekend. To you does that mean in six days? Or does that mean in 12 days, I or like 10 days? Doesn't matter if it's Tuesday, or Wednesday when I say next weekend?

Cortex 54:14 I like this question got asked because it is like the perfect you know, we've talked about sort of like the it's almost chat filter, but it's also so useful thing is like kind

Jessamyn 54:23 of a chat filter because I think that person is having an actual quandary about understanding humans.

Cortex 54:30 Now Yeah, I love I haven't even read through that thread yet. I saw it go up. And I think a

Jessamyn 54:37 great, a great username and that person lives in Portland. So

Cortex 54:43 yes, which come to maybe the come to meetup. I think maybe they're going to try and come to a meetup.

Jessamyn 54:49 Don't you just mark every person you've met in your met thing on your contacts?

Cortex 54:53 I generally do but sometimes I goof every once a while I this person

Jessamyn 54:56 is linked by one user. And that's a dream. Did you die?

Cortex 55:02 Oh, they they were going to come to the ABI meetup and then they got strep. That's right. I think I have not met them. Okay, I was at the meetup that they were going to be at, but then they didn't make it to the meetup.

Jessamyn 55:12 At any rate, I enjoyed the hell out of this thread. Because it is one of those things where it's like, Ah, you better figure it out with the people you're making a meeting with, because there isn't actually in English a way of completely specifying five days from now.

Cortex 55:28 Exactly. You just kind of have to kind of have to, like, lay it out there. And it's, it's one of those things where I mean, we've, I've gotten in the habit of like using specific dates, when arranging scheduling stuff and medical early years. And that's mostly just because we learned in practice that everyone's Well, we both know which Tuesday we're talking about. But it turns out, we both know we're talking about two different Tuesdays. And, you know, if you just throw the date on there, okay, so which is a boring answer. I mean, like, it's a practical answer. But it's also

Jessamyn 55:58 it is another one of those things that has kind of two polarities, right. Like, is it this weekend or next, like this weekend or the following weekend? And how sure, are you that your interpretation is the correct one? Yeah, you know what I mean, because sometimes people are like, Well, other people disagree. Bla, and other people are like, No, the mathematics of the thing show that. I mean, you can have a thread that really is split 5050 And people still, and I enjoy it, which reminds me Oh, sorry. Oh, no,

Cortex 56:28 I was just gonna say I enjoy that the nature like, I can say, well, there's a boring answer. That's the practical answer. But I'm so much more interested in the arguments like the there's a theory of the universe that explains why my disambiguation of this inherently ambiguous thing is obviously correct. And I Yes, yeah, sure that it's good.

Jessamyn 56:47 Which reminds me I have to amend my shower thing. Like I realized that I I commented early in that how do you shower thread? And I think a lot of people were like, I do it the way Jessamyn does it. But it turns out, I don't actually do it the way I think I do it because fully 50% now of my showering time is taken up with what I call the Stevie Wonder thing, where I kind of leaned back into the shower and then shake my head side to side to get all the fucking soap out of my hair.

Cortex 57:16 You don't just like, use your hands to rinse it out. Like

Jessamyn 57:19 no, I have really thick hair and not awesome water pressure. Oh, fair enough. So I have to do that thing. I don't do it when I'm at the gym and I have to see also why I need to go to the gym more often because I can get the soap out of my hair better. But like when I'm at home, I do face away more often and then do this shakin head side to side davening kind of thing because water amendment

Cortex 57:45 there were you know, save this. i I'm thinking in real time. I liked this

Jessamyn 57:52 thread from not thinking real time

Cortex 57:55 what I'm thinking out loud, I guess. I mean, I don't know sometimes. It's a really complex ruminative process it feels like it's more scheduled like yes, fork is better asked basically how learn to cross stitch and I got excited because me and Angela both been learning how to cross stitch just recently too. So nice hobby. Yeah. No, it's it's a good meditative thing. And it was it was interesting seeing a bunch of answers covering like not not consensus precisely but a lot of people seem to have like sort of come to the same well you actually wanted to do you know this thing you know, get a starter kit, go ahead and jump in and

Jessamyn 58:34 here's a good way to get started. Here's a good way to blah blah, blah. Yeah, and it's fun too, because you can make little gifts for people and they're cool and they're kind of homemade and somebody can put a little thing on their wall and yeah, yep, it's it's a useful one what I consider one of the useful hobbies

Cortex 58:49 if I if I were to decide it was worth doing and got my my stuff together it seems like the sort of thing where we could make a little like metal filter craft kit that include like the basics to do like a metal filter logo cross stitch you know just the title because you

Jessamyn 59:05 know I have a metal filter logo Lego thing, right? I

Cortex 59:08 do too. Yes, yes,

Jessamyn 59:10 I do. You know, that's another cool project. It's a slightly less complicated well more and less complicated depending on how you look at it. But yeah, no, I think that's a great idea.

Cortex 59:20 That's always that could be fun

Jessamyn 59:24 Yeah, so here's my one and done that I enjoy. There's absolutely nothing to talk about with this. I want to watch this documentary but it's not available can you help me and this is by just good enough. And then everyday Ville basically came in 11 minutes later and you mean the four part documentary on BBC it's on YouTube. Bam.

Cortex 59:45 That's it's great.

Jessamyn 59:46 I love it when that happens. I've got I've got three more tell me something you run out.

Cortex 59:55 This is the one thing I was gonna mention just because I enjoy it when these happen. We got a final update on a closed question us No one was looking for a barber. They found a barber they were looking Oh, just the right barber so yay. Happy barber outcome.

Jessamyn 1:00:08 Oh dude, that's great. He's got a good haircut. I mean he did in the past I assume he still does Usonian

Cortex 1:00:14 me What if what if it turns out he finally found the barber who can give them the haircut? We don't like that he

Jessamyn 1:00:20 wants. Ah, he's he wants a slicked back undercut. I know what that is. And I bet it looks good.

Cortex 1:00:26 Anyway, happy outcome there. What? Give me Give me Give me the rest of yours What else we

Jessamyn 1:00:30 got? Okay, so just a long thread that mostly didn't turn into kind of a nerd off was, Hey, your service worker, what are some small things I can do that are helpful. Of course, this went away. It always goes where there's a bunch of like, Well, I'll tell you what's not alcohol, but not too much of that. And just you know, little ways that you can be in somebody's job and not have to not make it worse. You know, don't call the business the second day open because people are like getting their coats off and sitting down at their thing and you'll get better attention and also not be kind of rushing them. You know, don't put a lot of liquid in the coffee trash, the coffee shop trash. Don't come over with your baby and ask us to turn the music down. This is a bar tipping, you know, tipping in cash, that kind of thing. But I just enjoyed reading it because I don't know that much about kind of other people's job. And there's certain things that people don't agree on, which is fine, but it was interesting to learn about. Speaking of what I want for a follow up, I want to know what banjo in the pork got for her husband, Robocop is bleeding for Christmas. He's like my husband literally impossible to shop for. I need help. Bubble bubble blah, blah, blah. And people gave her a lot of great advice. Robocop is bleeding, as you probably know, has his own metal filter store with a whole bunch of like weird, quirky stuff that he makes. He loves that kind of thing. And she's like, he always buys himself the stuff. How do I buy him stuff? And so people gave him a lot of good advice, which I liked. And then lastly Solarian has a likes to aimlessly wander and is looking but doesn't want to aimlessly wandering the internet anymore. I want to find ways she wants to he wants to they want to find ways to Joshua's probably dude, I want ways to aimlessly wander. But like, pick things to like go hunting for or looking for. Yeah, and you know, people are like look for birds look for moss look for what is benchmarking benchmarking, I have not learned about like benchmark hunting, oh, looking for USGS survey things. Because as you know, like I love like, I want to go to all the X in the Y kind of thing public staircases. So it was just neat. And it made me think about like other things you could collect so that your random walks are not quite so random.

Cortex 1:03:10 Excellent. That is a that is a? Yes. That's one of the things I haven't really thought about. But that is like, oh, yeah, that would be a that's a that's a useful category of thing is what it is?

Jessamyn 1:03:21 Well, I think for a lot of people, the idea of kind of, you know, going outside and getting exercise and whatever is a thing they feel like they should be doing and yet for some people, myself, I am sometimes this way, having a purpose, often is a good way to kind of keep the momentum going. Yeah, but it can be as easy as like, you know, touch every mailbox or whatever. And then then you get out and do the thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:45 Hi, this is Mona and this is probably the best idea you guys have ever had. I love it. So listen, I want to thank all of you guys out there for helping me get through a terrible, terrible year. And also to whoever told me that or told the group that we need to Shell our chickpeas before we turn them into hummus and all that good stuff. You've changed my life. So thank you so much for that. And I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful new year and I'll see you in 2017

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10 Bye. Hi, this is Plymouth. I wanted to wish you all a happy new year. And to remind you that in the words of Jake Johansen don't give up now. There'll be plenty of time to give up later. Take care y'all. Hi, this

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27 is fig and I just wanted to say thank you to all of Metafilter because you made my life a lot easier and a lot better in 2016 by all your funny posts, especially those involving dogs, cats, tiny humans and other funny things. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46 Hi. This is any cats in a dog suit? I don't know really what to share. My usual New Year's show solution is to just keep moving forward, even if I have to crawl. So there's that. I wanted to share this poem that I really love from Edgar Lee Masters from his Spoon River anthology. And it's palm 64 George Gray, which is pretty good advice for starting a new year. I've studied many times, the marble which was chiseled for me, a boat with a furled sail at rest in a harbor. In truth, a picture's not my destination, but my life. For Love was offered me and I shrink from its disillusionment. Sorrow knocked at my door, but I was afraid. Ambition called to me, but I dreaded the chances yet all the while I hungered for meaning in my life. And now I know that we must lift the sail and catch the winds of destiny.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07 Wherever they tried Sapote.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14 To put meaning one point may end in madness, life without meaning, is torture.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:22 But restless and vague desires. It is a longing for the sea, and yet afraid.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31 So happy you're here. And let's hope it's good. Hi, it's Kimball Russell from the great state of New Jersey, longtime leader first time caller. I wanted to thank everyone at Mehta filter, especially the mods for creating a community that I consistently want to keep visiting. You guys are absolutely great. Keep up the good work. And May we all be here and healthy at the end of 2017. So we could do the college show again. Hey, before I say who I am, I will say that when I went to meetup about a year and a half ago in San Francisco, the one thing people were asking was how to pronounce my username. And I'm not an expert in the language, but I have a number of pronunciation guides in various books. And the best that I can gather is that the TL is pronounced like the Welsh double out, which doesn't really necessarily help that much. But I will say, with with no real confidence in it that this is tip a nahi saying Happy New Year to everyone. My Accounts deactivated right now only to keep me from commenting, because I tend to not like most of what I say anyway. But I'm still reading your posts. They're wonderful. I really appreciate them. And I hope you all take care. Have a great new year. And and I'll take

Unknown Speaker 1:07:51 care. All right. I'm in a filter. This is bond cliff. Happy New Year to everybody. Hope everyone's doing well. Thank you to cortex and Jessamyn. And also, my big secret is and I'm actually Scott Adams Have a good day goodbye.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08 Hello metal filter. Or as I say it my head Hello mefites. Yeah, in that small minority. This is Island View on robot she also known as Keith wishing myself on the mefites a very good 2017. And as far as 2016 goes, this was a very difficult year for many of us, but it was personally especially difficult for me. And for this reason, I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to the medical community in general, and specifically to those of you who took the extraordinary and generous effort to reach out to me during a difficult time, one time endangerment and Gianni wallflower, both of whom have sent me cards and postcards that mean the world to me. And to Empress Galapagos, Miko in particular Iris Clara, all of whom have written me supportive and helpful emails. And finally, my good friend Billy V. Who, because of metal filter I've gotten to know over the last few years and it's proven to be a wonderful person and a true friend. Thanks, Metafilter. I don't know what I do without you. You guys should all pat yourselves on your backs for being just plain good folk. And hey, this is the 505 area code which is New Mexico, which is my old, my where I'm from, which is kind of cool. So love you Metafilter have a great 2017

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18 Hi, man, so happy new year.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:21 You nice to my mom.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:25 Hi, Josh. This is a M I L saying great idea for this column. I'm going to contribute a favorite quote of mine. Why can't people just sit and read books and be nice to each other? Hey, this is my back laundry. And I was going to tell you all a story about how yesterday was a naked man in the bookstore where I work and say there was a man with a colander on his head because it's very 2016. But actually another time that's true. I am just gonna say that I have been really really grateful to metal filters this past year and it has made things bearable, and also made me incredibly well informed and all that good shit and keep on keeping on and happy year or less. At least, we could have one that is slightly better than 2015 robots to next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:27 Hello, this is 922257033 C four a zero, f, three d c d, d d 819. A for six D 626999 D one A F for a. Have a good one. Hi Metafilter This is why HBC Your humble and beloved Commissioner wishing all the neophytes on me fi a very happy new year from me.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:11 Hey, Nana filter this Two Minute Granger calling in to wish you all a very, very happy new year. It's been a wonderful mo okay, I haven't been wonderful. It has been very nice to have all of you around to figure out how to survive this past year and I'm really looking forward to getting to know each of you a little bit better so that we can make it through the next year because lord knows we'll we'll meet each other. Anyway much love to you all. Good night

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50 hey, Metafilter business choco

Unknown Speaker 1:11:52 cat calling me from beautiful downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. So 40 minutes into 2017. And just calling to say I hope everybody has a great new year. That's better than the last one. And all you crazy Americans down there take care of each other and good luck and have a good year by

Unknown Speaker 1:12:19 itself. Forget that part after

Unknown Speaker 1:12:30 Hey, meta filter, it's

Unknown Speaker 1:12:31 the wrong kind of cheese. I love what you guys have taught me this year, and how you let me be useful. And the best part of this last year has been getting to know so many of you off screen where the Snark is less bitey. And when I grow up, I want to be as cool as Jessamine. Don't we all may all have a happy and a healthy 2017 zag event.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55 Hi, this is dw and I have absolutely no idea what message to leave. So that's my message. Goodbye. But

Unknown Speaker 1:13:06 hey, it's Volibear

Unknown Speaker 1:13:13 Hi, this is Mike Mongo. And what I am most excited about at the beginning of 2017 is being a children's book author. Because children's books when done well. instill hope. And there is nothing more revolutionary or counterculture right now then hope. So Happy New Year. Read books. Fight the man's flight 830 in the morning and my head hurts because of alcohol from last night. That's what you do on New Year's Eve. If you're into drinking if you're not that's fine. This is Greg dog and I'm about to jump in the Ohio River. Everyone's telling me please Jeff has gross but I'm not gonna listen.

Cortex 1:14:04 I have a segue into meta talk which is this AskMe Metafilter question about do face sets and fitted sheets

Cortex 1:14:17 This was another this was like right on November 13. So I think this happened like the morning of the podcast recording and hadn't quite turned into a thing yet.

Jessamyn 1:14:24 By then But then it turned into I say Yeah,

Cortex 1:14:28 so there's like 40 comments you know AskMe edit filter thread you know reasonable busy number of answers turned into like a several 100 Comment metadata thread as everybody's lost their minds about the possibility that someone could possibly use a top sheet or a not top sheet and yes, it's it's a pretty fantastic time

Jessamyn 1:14:46 well and I love this because it touches on but does not really dig into the laundry issue that is beneath a lot of this right. Like like how dirty does your shit get by touching you? Yeah, Ah, is is the underlying kind of stress of this question. I think so it was fascinating for me.

Cortex 1:15:09 But yeah, it seems like also some significant regional variation. Yes. It's not totally consistent. So, ya know, it's

Jessamyn 1:15:17 another another one of those dual polarity things like how do you sleep? How sure are you that the way you sleep is the only way to sleep?

Cortex 1:15:25 Yeah. Like the impossible, the thing that is normal to you is not like, actually, the, you know, soul or even predominant way to do,

Jessamyn 1:15:35 I do feel like at some point, I'm going to say a thing in one of these threads where somebody silently checks my name off a list as they're never gonna visit me because I just revealed that I only wash the sheets, like once a month or whatever, whatever the thing is, and they're afraid to go to my house, because they're afraid they're gonna get scrofula are something.

Cortex 1:15:57 Yep, but what do you do? You know?

Jessamyn 1:15:59 Well, you don't do the laundry more often. That's what so but it is weird, because I listen to people talk about like, you know, your, how gross you your person is, if you touch the thing that makes it gross, and everything's gross all the time. And I'm like, Hey, you're lucky, I cleaned up the mouse shit. And so I just feel, you know, at odds with the world of people. But a lot of those people agree with each other. So it's good for me to understand them.

Cortex 1:16:24 Yep. That's a whole there's a whole spectrum of, of human behavior and preferences and environmental habits and so on. So, right. Other thing to talk I'll mention this was, it was like a Christmas miracle. We had an SSL problem brief. Christmas night.

Jessamyn 1:16:42 I had a me fight at my house was like, a Jessamyn. Site Certificate. I was like, Well, I don't need Josh's phone number. Like we can call them, ya know, I was like, What's he gonna do?

Cortex 1:16:55 We got contacted.

Jessamyn 1:16:56 I literally don't know how to get ahold of Trimble in an emergency fashion. Didn't seem like an emergency

Cortex 1:17:03 when they would have been while they were asleep in Austria. So, you know, I could in theory have tried to ring them up. But that would have been,

Jessamyn 1:17:11 I still think fumble lives in Australia, because I read one meta talk wrong a long time ago, and I appear to be unable to rewire my brain.

Cortex 1:17:21 Just keep in mind that that they can you know, take a little bit drive north to Bavaria. I don't think there's how does that help? Because because then it can't possibly be Australia? Because because the various nowhere near Australia? I don't know. I just always think fondly of Oktoberfest. So it's it's easy for that to be a fixture in my mind.

Jessamyn 1:17:41 Oh, I see. But yes. So that yeah, there was a very funny thing. And so what happened was not on metal filter that day.

Cortex 1:17:49 I think it was just a we all had very busy holidays fumble included, and there was a everything got worked out. Like I was so proud of myself. I saw something on the calendar checked with Matt about it, because it's something that he'd totally taken care of. And I was like, Hey, I see this thing. Come on with a calendar, we probably don't want that expire. And I did this a week ahead of time. He's like, Oh, yeah. MATT? No, not really.

Jessamyn 1:18:12 I mean, really, right. No, no, no, I

Cortex 1:18:15 don't think so. Okay, I don't know it really, it's one of the things where we did everything except for like check a box, essentially. That one check that didn't happen didn't happen, because it's like, it's Christmas, and everybody's super busy. And then we only realized once it failed, and, and the good bad news is like, you know, this, we got a bunch of contact for me, we all and we'd like figured out how to get it fixed over the course of next few hours, they'll fumble woke up and basically took care of it. But, but it only affects people who are actually logged in members of meta filter who had in turn, actively chosen to enable SSL now is a bad thing. Because what we probably shouldn't be doing a search was serving essence all the time. And that's one thing we're gonna try and get done this year is just like actually flip that switch. But on the bright side, it means the entire internet didn't think our certificate expired because nobody except for that group of logged in users won't even see the message in the first place. So we annoyed a bunch of people who knew the site well enough not to assume that everything was destroyed. So probably no no reputational damage done everything came up fine. We got it fixed quickly. But it was it was an event it was it was a little thing I thought it'd be worth commemorating it's like one more thing for 2016. And now we've got a renewed for three years. So I set myself a calendar reminder for early

Jessamyn 1:19:38 now. Is it gonna renew on Christmas? Or can you change that?

Cortex 1:19:42 I think we can renew it probably anytime, you know, oh, life is good for like three years.

Jessamyn 1:19:48 So probably don't leave it till the last minute.

Cortex 1:19:51 Yeah. Which we didn't except for we did accidentally. So I see what you're saying. 2019 we're going to do it on like December 15. give ourselves a couple of weeks of lead time, just get that sorted out, and it'll be fine.

Jessamyn 1:20:05 Well, and I do have a confession to make at this juncture, which is that my car isn't inspected, like me, the rule following rule follower person who you all know and love, like, my car inspection expires at the end of December. And like, who's I'm always out like, I'm gone for the last I get back on the 30th. Yeah. And, and I didn't think about it, I, you know, got home and I'm like, oh, I should probably make an appointment. And then Jim, and I got in the car to go have dinner today. And I was like, Oh, I made illegal driver, like, Oh, my God, and I was completely fully expecting to get pulled over by the police. Which of course, like, doesn't really happen. Much. Like nobody pulls you over. Because your car's not inspected, at least not for a while, at least not two days into the new year. Yeah. And you just say like, Oh, I'm gonna take it to chips next week, but still very stressful for me, you know, who likes to I was like, I'm the kind of person who does this kind of thing. What is happening?

Cortex 1:21:07 It happens, you know, accepting the possibility of having those odd little slip ups is, you know, part of having a stable and emotionally healthy view of the world.

Jessamyn 1:21:15 Yeah, exactly. So I'm working on it. And well, like, remember, there was that like, AskMe edit filter thread A while ago, which was all about like, how do I get myself out of my comfort zone by doing stuff that is against the rules, even though it's just barely against the rules kind of thing? Yeah, yeah. Well, this is me doing like, Oh, my car's not inspected for 48 hours of 2017. Jesus. So that's my next. That's my plan for this week. Nice.

Cortex 1:21:41 That's a it's a it's a good plan. Well, I think we should I think we should wrap it up. We've we've gone. Okay, we've gotten short, we've gone long for short, but short for long. So this probably averaged out to something like normal running length. Once I ended it all together.

Jessamyn 1:21:54 Again, and headed it. Are you going to put like stuff in between other stuff? Yeah, I

Cortex 1:21:58 think I think I'll do them in chunks, sort of where there would normally be musical breaks. Instead, there'll be longer chunks of voicemails. So it'd be you know, us talking and voicemail probably in equal proportions sort of chunked up.

Jessamyn 1:22:11 Right. Well, I'm looking forward to everybody getting to hear everyone else because I really had a great time doing it. So I think other people will as well, as well.

Cortex 1:22:18 Yeah, me too. I'm, I'm super excited about it. And thanks again so much for everybody called because really, it was a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun. We'll do it again sometime. soonish All right. Well, Happy New Year to you.

Jessamyn 1:22:30 Happy to hear you. Great talking to you. As always. I'm glad we could make time for this so early in the year. Yeah. All right.

Cortex 1:22:39 We were really bad at this. But it's a two way street.

Jessamyn 1:22:45 Conversation give and take now I say something now you say something.

Cortex 1:22:50 Something is on fire. I have to go now I

Jessamyn 1:22:57 forgot to ask you in this evening podcast if you had been

Cortex 1:22:59 drinking. No, I haven't actually I've just I'm punchy and punchy with the new year and punchy with with the Janus baby thing with the old man and the little baby and the diaper and the the sashes. And we should stop now.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:14 Hi, this is Margaret, also known as Volker Draco. I'm calling to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I have just left Barnes and Noble where I have purchased my annual decorative wall calendar at 50% off. And I am full of goodwill toward my fellow mefite, whom I appreciate very much this year has seen me through a breakup but also some wonderful things. And as always, metal filter has been there for me. I love you all.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:51 From Kurt honored, we pretend to be swinging must be careful about what we pretend to be a poem by James brought in. This is it. I admit you're so is that he is it. And she is it. It isn't. And that is a quote from Wallace, Shawn. Well, maybe for certain people, maybe for certain people who lived at the beginning of the 20th century, what was hidden and unconscious was the inner life. Maybe the only thing that those people could see as the outward circumstance where they were, what they did, and they had no idea at all what was inside, that something's been hidden from me to something a part of myself has been hidden from me. And I think it's the part that's there on the surface that anyone in the world could see about me the song out the window of a passing train. Also not as the most useful profile. Okay, all right.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:54 Hi, Metafilter it's Weeping Angel and this is a great idea. I just wanted to To say that I love Metafilter so much and you guys have enriched my life so much and you also single handedly got me through that last election so hopefully it'll this next year will be better and if not there's always going to filter happy new year it's very tactile and vulgar after this and a little crack and was six months old and we're hoping we're gonna get we're gonna make some noise and not just keep trying to grab the phone that's that's not not

Unknown Speaker 1:25:31 to baby verification six month old

Unknown Speaker 1:25:35 girl Okay, I'm gonna see if I can get her to get ready

Unknown Speaker 1:25:47 no

Unknown Speaker 1:25:49 are you looking at daddy limits your vehicle was a cop culture like it? Anyway She's very cute to Haley wants to get the phone

Unknown Speaker 1:26:06 snuffling the terrifying don't want to indulge the people who don't want to indulge your adoring public with a lot longer than it was supposed to. So like turn it off wherever you think is best. Like the part where the baby doesn't need to go. Oh, wait, that's all of it. To see what you did. Oh, well. There's nothing for someone for funny. Anyway, I'm sorry, because you have to go through this whole thing and it got longer than I was supposed to. Be I don't know. How to return your course or No, I apologize. Very Best wishes to everyone for Happy New Year. Oh, yes, so hi, this is Monkey Chazz happy 2017 And I have somebody here who would like to also wish you Happy New Year

Unknown Speaker 1:27:16 thanks a lot. Have a good day. Bye. Hi, this is Mikey telling you that sound that you heard. Was it Miss Piggy the 600 pounds fell. And she wants you to have a good new year. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:34 Hey, Metafilter This is Nick mark. I gotta say it feels a little weird to be calling Los Alamos on a 663 number. Back in my day, it was all 662. Of course, in my Grandparents Day, you had to dial a post office box to call it Alamos. And maybe I'm not really adult, old school is all that. Anyway, happy New Year to everyone. Thanks for everything you do that makes Metafilter the place that it is. I've been around for more than 15 years now. And I can't imagine going on the internet without metal filter. I've learned a ton from the folks here and I'm really glad to know you all. Even the ones that met in person. Medical Center is a really special place. I'm grateful to be a part of it. Best wishes for the new year to everyone out there. Thanks for doing this cortex.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:20 Hello,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:21 this isn't Texas aureus. I was just reading Mrs. teridax. Comment about how she tried to get her baby to giggle for this voicemail and I thought I will play a video of my baby giggling because she's sleeping right now. And I don't think it's a good idea to wake her up. So this is my baby. Giggling very recently, but not live.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:57 She's giggling because I was saying hi to her because she has a baby. Happy New Year everybody. I hope you have a good 2017 so there it's Michelly wishing that everyone's 2017 is better than you have opened better and also better than you fear. Let this be a year of health and steady income and dashing good looks and at least one of your jokes favorited by Jessamyn. Ideally not doing it as a derail afterwards. But I'm not there. Thanks for getting me through this past year and just here's hoping that the next one will be better. And how if not this nobody I'd rather be huddled fallout shelter with a new

Unknown Speaker 1:29:38 topic. Hi, this is Empress politica wishing Happy New Year to one at all. And maybe moved by someone with an especially great bucks this year. By

Unknown Speaker 1:29:54 Hi Metafilter This is knuckle tattoos. I would just like to take a moment to remember that The wonderful pets of Venice filter those that are still with us and those we lost this year. The Halloween thread with the cat costumes was so great. And the kitty performance reviews. Thread that happened recently was also a great Minnesota moment. And I hope we have many more joyful animal moments like that in the year to come. Okay, hi.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:29 This is restless Gomez nomadic restlessly we're just leaving Chicago on are moving across the country post election, and the cats are wedged into the back. You might hear daddy complaining. The dog is being sullen in the far back. And we have two more days on the road. Thank you everybody for not blowing up the internet while I'm on the road. Happy New Year.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:08 That ticker. That was restless nomads cat Dottie singing for the car.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:18 She's our musical accompaniment Thomas roadtrips. I hope you enjoyed her costume.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:25 Hey, how's it going? My name is Paul. I'm tracert on the site is a ridiculous username. I don't post a lot, but I read as much as I can, you know, I look more for I'm going to ramble for like a half second here. So we're going to my profile page. And I realized my join date is February 2007. So in February 2017, that'll have been 10 years. I'm 30 now, and 10 years ago, when I was 20. I was lost. I dropped out school of like a depressed kid living in my mom's house and no plan. And the only reason that I have a career and like the only reason that I'm okay now is because of some really good advice I got. It did, I did an anonymous AskMe Metafilter. And there's been like multiple times in my life where I've been in like a legitimate crisis. And I've been able to read something on metal filter and know how to handle it. You do a lot of grown up in your 20s I think in metal filter is the place that taught me how to be thoughtful, taught me how to be sensitive, tolerant, taught me how to be kind. You know, like a, like a lot of qualities that I think are important. You know, they, they're learned behaviors I got from netfilter. So I think it's not an exaggeration to say like, the only reason that I'm angling today is because of the wisdom and the kindness and the compassion of the medical community. I guess I just wanted to call and say thanks. Thank you. This, this watch has meant a lot to me. Thank you. Okay, that's it. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:34 Hi, medical care. It's often a stalking in the real world. I just want to say Happy New Year. The best thing that happened in 2016 was getting engaged to the lovely of bender. One terrible thing is rabid rabid moving far, far away from me. Anyway, don't move away people stay near your friends love you bye. This is it's

Unknown Speaker 1:34:24 raining Florence Henderson calling in to wish everyone a merciful 2017. Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for asking the monkey's paw to be sure that Hillary receives millions of more votes than Donald. In retrospect, I probably should have been more specific. Not to worry though. I still have two more wishes. I'm sure we'll get it right next time.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:50 Dearly beloved mi fi this is for letter calling from Australia and sending hugs for everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00 All poop poop, poop, poop, poop. Proud filter. Hi, this

Unknown Speaker 1:35:18 is apartment dweller. And I wanted to say hello to everyone. And I just wanted to thank you all for being there and wish you all a happy 2017 Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:30 Hey cortex and metal filter. This is empty McNamara calling on Tuesday much later than expected, but still wanted to see if I could try to get in. And thank everybody for being there during 2016 and for the 10 years before and I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:54 Hi Jessamyn Hi cortex. This is Song Rob. longtime listener first time caller. I've spent New Years recovering from pneumonia, which is activity mostly performed on the couch and I have been reading a lot metadata. I just wanted to say thanks to the community for always being there for one another and helping each other grow to be better people. And I especially want to thank the mods for their grace and patience and hard work. Y'all rock Happy New Year. This is language that showing everyone much better 2017 It's so easy to love so easy to hate. It takes strength to be gentle and unkind. Over and over over and over. It's so easy. It's so easy to hate. It takes guts to be gentle

Unknown Speaker 1:36:47 silver