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Podcast 117 Transcript (automated)

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A transcript for Episode 117: "Voting For Anarchy" (2016-06-03).

Pronoiac set up a trial app for the IBM Watson Speech to Text Service, and this transcript came from there.


(this is the first 22 min or so?)

Hello attend hello dnmt thought yeah nnj. And. And the other of course is the that the big news. Which was news last month too and he obviously had PBR to talk about it but but now it's a month later and PT is officially no longer working at metafilter and we have Trimble working counselors for heat they are often I don't know that much about them but like. All signs are pointing to awesome proper sense of humor ability to interact with the community makes lots of posts very interactive I mean I couldn't love PBP more choice according ordinary did so. Okay sorry I didn't want anybody to hear about me whining about my Nausicaa won't know your answer there. But like I couldn't love PD more irate as a person but he wasn't like the most all in metafilter user which is fine like there's nothing wrong with that but there's something trying to cool about having metafilter users. Being kind all in as staff that really appeals to me there you know well Sir harkens back to the the whole dynamic you know early on with the site you know I mean that was just. By definition the way it was so yeah yeah yeah so I'm excited about that from bill seems like a good person unlike up for stuff and generally pleasant and are correct me from out Austria or Australia Austria okay as a point of confusion at one point in the welcome for Mulder Ivon and I was kind of zip around doing a bunch of shit and then I was like yeah Australia in the house like I got that wrong and and you know for out all about it because my hectic life and it's not I've just figured I'd ask you know Austria jobs I can't click a link eyes terrorist you know that different times on implications. Very different times on the vacations speaking of let me talk about time zones for us again. I teach at the university of Hawaii now for like I have online distance ed course at the grad school let's read their fight yet is threat there five hours earlier than me. Which you would think Justman that's wonderful for a dormouse such as yourself because then you don't really need to start work until noon and you appear to be ahead of the game right. That. They'll get off work because you know their distance students a lot of them have day jobs at like five or six but whatever like I'm awake. But it does kinda mean that I'm like answering questions and feel the email and like participating in chats at like ten or eleven o'clock at night. Which isn't terrible but it's really weird to get used to because what it means is I should relax earlier in the day. Blake and not and not work yeah but the tendency is just get up and work because that's what I usually do but then I wind up getting up and working and working all day via which probably has something to do with the buzzing noise in my head. It it it. But it's great they're all a bunch of relaxed. Hobbies like. They all say aloha professor west. That's nice. It is with or facade greeting. It is adorable I mean because people think I don't know a lot hotter but like now that's how people in a way to talk and it's normal it. Meanwhile I can't get my head around. Cloud is cool but that is neither a neat thing to be doing. Yes I'm enjoying it. A. But yeah I am. Yeah I don't know it just sort of go back switchers and with the symbol sort of been around hands on I think it'll be really nice and and a guy I have the same basic feeling issue there I think. And it's interesting because one of the things I talked about the big meta topic post about sort of. What comes next in setting expectations I have incredibly well handled thank you. I'm. I I sort of wanted to like. Get people think about how that was not necessarily to be the case. Especially we've ended up hiring someone who was not like on metafilter member. Kerry would have like zero research into it like you know have a grasp on meritocracy her but I think I think in in retrospect that might turn out not to be as much of a change as it was. Expected to be so it's cool. Yeah I mean assuming that they can kind of figure out what all of. You know people code did I suspect people code is probably well commented and documented yeah yeah. It it it it's in really good shape people in from the work together all last week to. Sorta transfer knowledge and get things documented make sure from blood accused everything and so on and great kinda yet it was very very heartless on those things where like you know you you can look at someone's resume and you can talk to them you can interview him and you know do a reasonable job of getting a feel of what you think the situation is but you know you never quite know until you get someone to sit down and start doing some work whether. You know you have successfully assessed the whole thing and so it was a it was a big relief to a have PPE and and verbal sit down and start working on stuff and oceans like Otis's. And they just totally get ok this is totally working well right or different or structure perspective I mean you know PD was basically I forget was he on before you or he he he had been doing little bits and pieces I think before I got hired and then he came on full time. Yeah because the work structure was always like that people who work for Matt. And then as Matt was kind of more in or more out. He PBZ attachment to the site was a little. More and are more out or whatever and and I feel like just the last you know year so were PBS networking kind of for you I mean it's weird to say it but yeah working for you like that's been that nice also just because I think it's really affected the way things have been rolled out in the way deb changes and stuff like that have been made and so having trouble coming in and being kind of. Native into that org structure I think is also going to be just that net benefit for the site I I think you know I'm I'm really looking forward to it and I'm and I'm still I'm still it's still hard to sort of think about PBT not working for the team but at this point yeah I've gotten I'm excited about him from blonde board and I feeling good about. Moving forward with everything so you know I'm I'm actually pretty excited about the one that satisfies opportunity to you know sort of revisit stuff and say okay well what if we did this this way you know what is the thing that was like how we've done it for ten or fifteen years. What if we've just been doing that because he just came with a certain set of feelings about the site in the way he'd like to do things I'm hot none of which I thought were problematic but some of which were particular like surprise a metafilter user particular about something bah it's very unusual for our user base dnmt which may have led to some development decisions that I maybe could get recess I mean I'm seriously not thinking of anything at this point but you know just as well there's also the little things there's there's stuff you get you know you you do a work flow and you get comfortable with it and then changing it becomes more of an effort than doing it early in the first place right about how preferences should or shouldn't worker how you know. Whether a thing is working despite some users thinking it shouldn't or how many users thinking I think us at any rate yeah it's it's it's a whole complicated stew it'll be it'll be really interesting to sort of. Embark on this new chapter of of technical management of. Yeah and it just seems like it's been real positive so I'm super happy for everybody I'm super thrilled the whole the whole thing has gone up by about as well possibly could've so. And he is going to a huge champ the whole way helping Sora you know document and organize stuff so clear. So that's that's that's her there we talked about jobs by the way if you're listening to best of the web mental Timothy podcast episode one hundred seventeen I am. Josh Malartic cave cortex and I'd just a Midwest and otherwise known as testament that yeah sorry recovering what year you see of this is that this is the fatal mistake I made back in two thousand one and I signed up with some cheap. Instead of my name which means nothing wrong with a cheeky username I love a cheeky username but you know if I is known well it's not. Adam I guess is not even she can't just trying to dress it up. A random username username but I like people call you Kotex sometimes and it's that's that's a that's a perennial if you if you will dnmt. Yeah. A yeah I know it's like Matt had Matt how in his name you know was his username and you had Jessamine in your adjustments like I've always been like the the person who has to clarify kit is. Yeah it's like you know I didn't they myself. I I don't know I've I've gone back and forth on this like like should I have chosen just like Josh Millar's my username considered luxuries I can't write Jens will use for like prematurely non metafilter thing. That's a cortex is for like a weird artifacts you you're just a large like unlike whatever milkshake a Twitter and stuff like that yeah yeah you know someone else's cortex and everyone just like underdogs your face I don't listen to him networks. Yeah people at cortex on on Twitter mental. After you know. Sort things out system ran along with my sister because she doesn't use her real name for anything and so she's either bandit which is heard Gina had a which is pretty great handle or she's casa highland which is the name of her old house when she lived in Somerville ogre but if she didn't have banded it's usually because someone else had it but I can never remember like on flickr is it been deter Castleisland is on milkshake is a band that our castle island like on Twitter I'm sure of it no Twitter's castle island emails bandit but then yeah there's another Twitter user bandit who occasionally received by messages. That's that's annoying. Well like I told you I occasionally text the other guy who used to own your very old phone number alright right still in my phone and I've got some old chats from you know when you and I chatted a who never knows how long ago anda I'm like okay not Josh Eddington McFarlane is not Joshua just a case. That's beautiful so yeah maybe not Tosh needs to be here there next your next thank you have a that's that's that's too easy like that's the one step away from death ever someone at some horrific I'm never look at Josh freeze. Somebody's not. Is dead and so I decide he's not just herself at that thought never get not Isaac Josh. You know just have a chain it out. Anyway Unni so I talk to Jesse about being on the crap shoot at some point and excel as the descent of tickets all time I'll talk to you guys wants us stuff dies down a little bit here great. Yeah yeah god it's been I feel like I'm saying this ever I think maybe this is a theme ever since I like you know started running the site but I feel like every month yeah this is real busy month it's been a it's been a busy one itself I figure standing joke with my sister rate because I am like a super like I can handle all the stress you dress for dinner and just handle things I don't love it but like I can do it which is hence the meditation yoga and stuff but like every time I try and interact with her like her who has better boundaries I'm always like well we're going to do this crazy shit and you know that out here from a for three days and I get this email as well works been crazy and finally I had to be like you know you say work is crazy every week which I think actually means your work isn't. Crazy at all plate. But you know I get to say I'm sorry I didn't email you back for five days works being crazy like you clearly need to re calibrate either craziness or email me at a certain point it's either. Work was normal this week which is what you should expect it what work is occupying a great in my time consistently shot you know how it is but yeah that's what I mean so if you're hardly exactly and and I mean that. But god does become sort of a thing. But yes I guess I year will do a quick. So what outreach and I'm under NT I. Usually if we're not doing like an evening podcast because of random scheduling if we're doing this normal like morning early afternoon for you which is basically morning for you broadcast usually have I I have a nice tall glass of water. And at a cuppa tea legibility right before we go in and the two those usually get me through without going coarser getting part. Thanks yeah I try to make some coffee but I then invented what do you do you know that's fine. Okay right yet is Bluetooth headset and what we need is talk about the website not my year jealousy that you know they had on jobs that does look like they've got a better team tell I didn't write shit tell me about number one seventeen I don't know she's kinda cool because it factors into three squared times thirteen like it's nine times thirteen so it's like two numbers that seem like weird want you numbers and then it turns into. I. You know at a number that looks like it's a prime number but isn't but there's not much interesting about one seventeen it's a pentagonal number which means you know you can build little a Pentagon out of Iran fly catchers yeah yeah there's a animated gifs and talks about it but the thing that I found was there's also a see also list that goes to all the people because of course all those people are the oldest living person is almost a hundred and seventeen. I just moment and if you look at the wikipedia page about oldest people it's broken down into two categories oldest people. And oldest man. Hi. Do I get do I guess why that is juries why that please tell me one reason of them patriarchy. I actually but but not but not why you think it's because. I'm. Elderly nest what's the word gerontology like older men have been more intensively studied until we have data specifically on older man where is than we are otherwise just update on humankind you know we don't have data on. Sort of. People based on other research here but also because of. The ten oldest living people are all women and I think that all this will be met your feet is hurt they're like I say but I want to be on wikipedia so they'll spend almost all Japanese although the oldest one is Israeli and the oldest of the oldest living man. Twelve. Oldest. That they took the oldest living woman is a hundred and fourteen the oldest living woman is a hundred and sixteen Italian born in eighteen ninety nine and I you know I think they literally broke it out so that men could happy on the list I think you might be right I think so because patriarchy yeah but I don't kinda just. I had the way scientists patriarchal not. PDF this alot about wikipedia sexism. I don't think maybe it is I think it's you it's incredibly difficult like unpack that completely thoroughly I feel like a. This is. It is there is no obvious smoking gun here unless we won like maybe dig into addict record discussions like maybe there's some actual weirdness in arguments about it but the idea there. Not right now you can't do a lot of the podcast although she had put it up on her right but apai cast started we spent like fifteen minutes on Twitter on on on wikipedia last broadcast so. So all those people that their sections relating to just men. How it actually is a little bit of a discussion about it we could be this may be one those be the change said thanks your. I've had it with being the change Josh I just wanna like have the change sometimes. Just what you just want to get in your change is were cdn. Could you I just pay whatever they got a card so it doesn't Sheila people on top of the dollar that they have just placed in your hand I you know I I I understand it is a move but I I don't know explained it to me because I really don't even understand NC I I think they just want to have a way to consistently give you everything. And and after that it's like your **** problem like their their job is not to arrange your money for you their money is their job is to give you the money and to get a hold out a hand and they put the bills down at the coins down they've done their part of the job just what I've heard is like just putting the money on the counter is considered rude by some people. So okay you hand them the change but then like I don't know to me it's basically like a dnmt kind of a set up where I get dollars and then I get change on top of dollars and there's nothing I can do with my hands well here's the here's the thing I think juncture except make a fist and stick it in my pocket and run I completely I completely get you and it is in that weird is like what do you do that it it appears that especially if you don't have another free had like a but ad I didn't but so soba put yourself on the other side the counter what is the single foolproof thing you do that will solve this problem that doesn't require more if your time. Dnmt like that everybody's going to be happy with. Like it's not just like is there something else that would work if we all agreed that that was the thing do it like this is a thing that someone is going to understand and that maybe put the coins in first inning of the bills I can't. Handle the coin somehow they get confused because the coins are hiding behind the the bills download go I don't know I don't have object permanence I don't know I don't know what's going on but I think with cats. I feel like I feel like this is a question brass metal I think I think this is the thing we should do is we should come up with like the ask metafilter of the podcast. And after the podcast gets posted rafter gets recorded before it's posted we post the the the actual question and and let people go at it because I think that's a really good idea I love that idea let's see if I can remember it by the end of the you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna I'm gonna chat a note about this to myself. And. And there we go. Ask me. About why are you chatting why don't you just leave you suffer a mind on your phone about it'll take longer was like this is just. Mr president made ask me about claims on bill's fortune. There we go that sound like a something a fundraising chocolate coins on bills for change. Because adults in those are not suitable metafilter I don't I don't we could just because go completely Alpharetta GA I don't tell you about it I know I affiliate it we said if we do that crap student will will get in deep on whatever's going on but I guess what will make an effort here to talk about the nominal subject the podcast. I. We. Yeah so jobs you guys tired from that is ok we hardware different also that's that's done it's a weird thing about jobs you know every successful job post just disappears because you know you because of that is not on the front page anymore so Mays got two jobs that there were probably five other guys don't have like admin version of this that shows the deleted jobs are the hidden job so that would be a not a bad idea actually of vannatter. Well tell promoting it on that arm. PBS now. I foolishly made a change yesterday very PBS style item we were talking about an issue with fanfare episode navigation and something we talked about before and hadn't really sort of decided what to do with but it's a thing where like there book only or or or show only in books included episodes of some shows by which we mostly just mean game of thrones. But also Outlander. But you know it's it's part of the system and of the problem is all of those episodes belong to the same show and a previous episode next episode looks for the previous next you know episode posts that exist for that show a which means if someone posts the books included post for a given episode again I love that show only previous epistle to go to the books on the books included for that same thing so we were like wells and from looking on to go take a look. And they they got in there and and they said you know I think it's two lines a sequel. That I'm gonna change. A and it works on out here in a book included thread on game of thrones and you navigate to the previous episode or the previous books included thread amn peace but I think you're showing it does put a little bit more pressure on people to consistently correctly tag stuff. On shows like. If you're going to tell you what action steps important we are if you're if you're doing a la and game of thrones gets a lot of eyeballs of theirs ever take your we find out like immediately. Alright but but more casual stuff you know there's if someone's doing like a rewatch of a series and they take most oppose rewatch but miss it for one delegate skipped in the episode navigation this way which is sort of a downside but also ease enough to fix so maybe that will get people. Keeping other slightly closer eye on their tags for the things where they are adding some sort of thing. What sound the color changes that you guys made was that last month there was at the month before two months before okay I don't know if we mention it cattle is nice yeah I guess how many users the classic theme I love going to fanfare just seen little purple stripe across the top I'm glad I'm glad I a I I I was happy to gets more. But I you know I I'm not making any promises and or threats here but one last days I do kinda want to revisit the idea of what if dark mode was the default look of a. The site. You know what I started out is like new new color shit right yet dark mode is basically the modern themes. Color for all I care about is why don't come back to me it wouldn't affect you at all who this would only affect people if I don't know exactly look like can I can I see that for my preferences page about yeah I mean it yeah if if you go to preferences and just. Select the dark mode theme or just look at the the thumbnail it looks it looks a lot like classic. Metafilter only if it is the little one yet so it's got it's got the full page colors. And the light text on dark satellites orbiting filter like I said you know what's it's what I use I mean I I think I think the the the dare I don't you touch a ma yeah yeah. That's not much I could tell but. State is alright elegant all Louis before. Was that Luke fourteen remember having one of the reasons I think ambassador was there and that was loosely care so why. I love how you can just type garbage