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Podcast 113 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 113: It's Been A Deluge, with griphus (2016-02-03).

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Cortex 0:00 podcasts for a podcast podcast. Josh bar and Jeff man when God was embody the best of the best of the web Hello strong Intro Hello and welcome to episode 113 of Best of the web the Metafilter monthly podcast. I am cortex aka Josh Mullard. I'm Jessamyn And with us is our special guest of the month. GRIFFIS

griphus 0:43 Hey, I'm Griffis Jaco.

Cortex 0:46 Hey, hey folks. Which I totally threw you by not letting you just take over there because as just noted before we started recording this is like a continuation of the people I podcast with elsewhere series apparently. Yeah, guys

Jessamyn 1:00 can only ask people the podcast that he's already asked to podcast with before we're working on it. For now. It's gonna be everybody judges. Guest with this podcast.

Cortex 1:10 It's just so easy because like, I already know how to push their buttons. I know they know how to use the mic. It's, you know, there's no setup time. It's it's brilliant.

griphus 1:17 Don't you have to do something notable to be on that one that I wasn't done? The out of the blue?

Cortex 1:23 Yeah, you gotta you gotta get some notability going, I gotta get those out too.

Jessamyn 1:28 But more than one of those.

Cortex 1:30 There's there's two that were released and I've got interview with

Jessamyn 1:34 how this sentence ends.

Cortex 1:38 Yes, there should be more to there. There are two and then there's one in the can. With I am Kim. I am. Oh, number three, but it's been diluted. So that keeps getting sort of backburner. What is that word? delusion that it's been a delusion, I think is what I said. Right? A delusion is a deluge What are you even saying? It's been it's yes, there's been a flood of you don't say it's been a flood. It's been a you know, it's been a mess. It's been busy. It's been happening. It's been it's been a deluge. It's been a deluge heard

Jessamyn 2:16 anyone use that word like that? Every time I make a pact that I'm not going to talk about how you talk and then every time you will amaze me with some crazy thing you say?

griphus 2:26 If it helps, I've never heard anyone pronounce it the way just Josh just pronounced it

Cortex 2:31 it's the readers the readers dilemma. Anyway,

Jessamyn 2:36 out another person at drop in time today he was from Massachusetts, because I could tell by the way they pronounce some random word. Oh, yeah. And I was like, You're from Massachusetts, which is not I mean, it's it's a state that touches this state. But she's like, how would you know? And I'm like, Oh, come on. Really?

Cortex 2:51 Well, you parked your car.

Jessamyn 2:52 I was like, it was one of those. It was one of those no are things

Cortex 2:57 I guess I guess we should say so. So So Griffis Yak? Have you been on meta filter a long time and your person on meta filter? I am? Yes. You are. This is kind of

Jessamyn 3:08 weird, because he's from Russia. And he does Yes. Much of an accent as you.

Cortex 3:11 I know. Right? Well, that's one of the things that I enjoy that like just comes out every once awhile when we're doing our horror movie podcast that has nothing to do with our lives. So we have almost zero personal conversations about horror movies. And then every once awhile, you actually will be like, Oh, yeah. And also, you know, this thing from when I was, you know, born in Russia, and have, you know, Russian family and a whole bevy of life experiences to which almost all Americans are wholly ignorant. But also, I really liked that.

griphus 3:39 Suffering. It's one of the other

Jessamyn 3:40 Yeah, at what predator

griphus 3:43 bred are suffering.

Cortex 3:44 Yeah. Like, oh, how

Jessamyn 3:46 much he likes or misses bread.

griphus 3:48 I do love bread.

Jessamyn 3:50 What's not to love a

griphus 3:52 bright, I mean, the carbs

Jessamyn 3:56 you weighed like 108 pounds. I

Cortex 4:00 30 pounds because

griphus 4:06 actually, I one time I actually got I ended up weighing very little, because I did not pay attention to the way I eat. So now I try to pay attention to the way I eat less my body sort of disappear into the ether.

Jessamyn 4:19 That's a problem. So aren't carbs. Good,

griphus 4:24 then? Um, yeah, but they're also bad for certain things. Like mood. And when I eat them, much less I have much, much less like mood instability, which is fantastic. It is a way of stable mood.

Jessamyn 4:39 I'm like that with sugar a lot of times. Like, you know, I like sugar, and I like eating sugar. But then like two hours later, I don't understand why I'm like staring out the window going like, what is it all about? What are humans for? And then I'm like, Ah, that candy bar was good two hours ago, but now it's not so good. There is

Cortex 5:00 there's always a come up as well that's why you always eat candy right before bed so that can sleep through oh my god just fall right asleep blissfully

Jessamyn 5:07 nightmares nightmares are the worst nightmares

griphus 5:11 I wish there was like a food that could reliably give me nightmares that would be the coolest thing to like have access to

Jessamyn 5:18 dark chocolate Have you tried eating a lot of dark chocolate right before bed? I eat a lot of yours I mean usually is the thing what was that to me? Which is which is I think that's it what is dark chocolate

griphus 5:33 and now is it like one of the chemicals in there the naturally occurring whatnots

Jessamyn 5:39 it occurs in plants that's it

Cortex 5:44 oh four hydroxy phenethylamine okay, like I'm just glad I got that out. That sounds good.

Jessamyn 5:53 But like I don't remember there's some people get like headaches when they eat cheese because like cheese has some of this in it. There's a bunch of things that have it in it but I find if I eat tiramisu things right before bed, it gives me weird vivid nightmares.

Cortex 6:08 tyramine is a schedule one controlled substance in Florida. categorized. Really? Apparently, status,

Jessamyn 6:18 according to what are you reading? Gosh, what? What are you reading

Cortex 6:22 Wikipedia? Ah, yeah, but there's no citation needed. So clearly, it's correct. You know,

Jessamyn 6:27 there is a citation needed you you didn't even read it the end of the sentence. Where, where we're looking at the lessons.

Cortex 6:34 Oh, well, no, I've read the first sentence. There's no citation needed there. So she just quit. Yeah, no, I figure it. Well, there we go.

Jessamyn 6:44 It cites the Florida Statute of Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Oh, this should be some drug paraphernalia defined. See you later, gentlemen.

Cortex 6:55 Anyway, you're listening to the medical. I kind of want to ask about the number 113. But I'm also a little bit hesitant to because like, it's really it's felt like it's been so downhill, the last few numbers.

Jessamyn 7:08 All right. I mean, the problem is, you know, once you call a number, a highly quotation number, the next or three times, you come to highly quotation numbers, no one gives a shit, you know what I mean? So like, 113 has a whole bunch of stuff. It's like five different kinds of primes. It's got no imaginary part, I don't even know. But what's interesting about 113 is, well, a couple things. That it's there's a band, a French hip hop group, that are called 113, that I was going to be looking up, except you called instead. But I liked the idea that there's like a friendship group that has the song name. And if you look up M 113, which is one of the things in the resources that could either be armored personnel carrier, Mercedes Benz engine, or am 113, a Michigan highway, or a fictional planet where there's an M 113. creature, which shows up on the mantrap episode of Star Trek The Original Series,

Cortex 8:12 aha.

Jessamyn 8:14 So and 113 planet with the eponymous creature, and that might be my favorite part about 113. Yeah, the math got less interesting, although I do have an interesting number trivia fact. That is not about 113. But about the Super Bowl. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, here's the thing right. Super Bowl. 50. Right. So follow your Super Bowl. Yeah, super well, except they're not doing Super Bowl. l it's just super bowl 50

Cortex 8:40 Bullshit. Is that because l I

Jessamyn 8:42 guess it's hard to draw?

Cortex 8:44 Hard. Is it? Yeah. I think I know. I think they were just looking for an excuse. I think I've been wanting to get out of these Roman numerals for a while now.

Jessamyn 8:53 They say they're going back next year, but I think that's because li looks like goalposts

Cortex 8:59 could see that, but but won't some people like be like annoyed at that coming and say it's super bowl you use not even a Roman numeral.

Jessamyn 9:05 It's that would be awesome. I would enjoy that. I don't think there's a lot of overlap between kerning nuts and football nuts.

Cortex 9:14 Yeah, I don't know. I I bet you they I bet you though. I bet they'll run with 5152 I bet they'll run with it at least until they get a V or an ex back. So probably like maybe maybe Superbowl 54 and Colin Alright, here's, here's my prediction. We'll chuck this in a few years. My prediction is it'll be super bowl 5051 5253 And then Super Bowl. li v because at that point, it's starting to look like a real deliverable. Yeah, cuz nobody, nobody sees an L and thinks, you know, Rome and whatnot. Nobody but like, you know, people who have a very casual football related view of Roman numerals probably aren't gonna look at L

Jessamyn 9:54 and there's no way to make an l look really Roman as opposed to like a V, which you can really make It looks like kind of a Roman numeral viewed serif? Yeah. I don't know. Yeah. Can't really.

Cortex 10:07 That's my call 54. Corner.

Jessamyn 10:10 I think they're bringing it back next year. But I've been reading ahead.

Cortex 10:12 I hope they do. But I'm just I'm willing to bet that they don't. Because I could see them, you know, deciding you know what you don't we like we like,

Jessamyn 10:21 I don't even know who I'm talking about. Yeah. We don't know who I don't know, who does.

Cortex 10:24 There's got to be some sort of organization board

griphus 10:26 matrix. But that's not it at all.

Cortex 10:30 I think that's right. Yes. So, yeah, jobs. I guess we talked about jobs. Sometimes. There were a few jobs. There's one that's already close for applications. But Adrian Han was hiring someone. So that could Oh,

Jessamyn 10:46 I saw that. That was cool. Pick up Packer. Yeah. But there's

Cortex 10:49 a there's a job in China. If you if you want to try and get a faculty position in China, you know, that's teaching what? Oh, well, engineering economics.

Jessamyn 11:02 6000 miles away from me. How big is the world around

Cortex 11:05 25,000?

Jessamyn 11:07 I guess that's about as far away as it could be. It's listing it

Cortex 11:11 as 12,000 miles away from me. So I got even, I got even better,

Jessamyn 11:14 but you are probably closer to the other direction.

Cortex 11:18 Yeah, probably. So it might be just the other side.

Jessamyn 11:21 Maybe this is a bug. A bug?

Cortex 11:23 Well, yeah, I've always kind of wondered, like, how good is the distance estimation for like large global distances where you've got weird, like, you know, great circle stuff going on? Like it's by what metric? Is it 12,000 miles away from me? Because that's close to literally the other side of the world. Right, which should actually be some bit of water off the coast of Australia, if I remember. Right.

Jessamyn 11:45 Right. I built a website back in the day that did this. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You you. Like some guy wrote some code for me. And it was basically like, if you dig a hole straight to the Earth from here, where do you show up?

Cortex 11:55 Yeah, exactly. So yeah, I don't know. I'm curious about that. But anyway, if you're in China or want to go to China, boom, there you go. And there's a help desk job for a nonprofit that rooms 317 works for. And model Blanco is looking for a little bit of web design work to make their church site responsive. So you know, check it out. There's jobs to

Jessamyn 12:21 the church job looks like it's kind of fun, actually. Because you look at the website. It's not terrible, but it's definitely made by people who don't really know how to do websites. And if you're somebody who enjoys taking something that looks not super pro and making it look even decently Okay, that's a cool gig. And Bob lako has been a you know, a member for 12 years. 13 years. Longtime, longtime user, first time job. Yes,

Cortex 12:47 we should. People should write that in their in their job posts, if it's true, just because of the

Jessamyn 12:54 speed at which can you talk about how eyebrows monkey is working out?

Cortex 12:57 She's working out great. She mean,

Jessamyn 12:59 not like you'd say if she wasn't? It's been horrible. Oh, my God. Yes. No, no, she's sure she's great.

Cortex 13:07 She, she has, you know, we did a bunch of training, or first week, basically, of the year, had her shadow us on various people's shifts for 40 hours or so just sort of get a pile of information overload repeated and sort of see how we deal with it most common stuff that comes up and then we sort of training wielder on a weekend shift or two after that. And after that, she has been working shifts on her own. And it's been going well, she's getting in the rhythm of things, making good calls, asking the right questions, and it's, it's fantastic. I was actually confused about my calendar the other day, because I was looking at the and I couldn't figure out how I ended up with an eight hour shift on a weekend. I was like, oh, because I don't do for 16 hour shifts anymore. It's Yay. So it's really exciting. And yeah, she's she's been great. And I am really pleased with the whole situation. And I mentioned we'll get her back on the podcast at some point as well for other side of the picture section too, because I'd be curious to sort of pick

Jessamyn 14:12 did you tell Griffis this works from like January 5 to today, just because I remember char was slightly confused.

Cortex 14:21 Yeah, I did. Let's let's totally do that. Yeah, yeah, no, I did that. Totally. Okay. But yeah,

griphus 14:29 we were at my house doing homework.

Cortex 14:55 So projects is talking about projects because there was a bunch of projects because they're always changing Uh

Jessamyn 15:02 oh, I'm sorry. Jessamyn Go ahead. No, no, no, go ahead. Everybody's tired of me talking.

griphus 15:06 I was gonna say I liked I made a guitar a lot bond clips.

Cortex 15:09 Yeah,

Jessamyn 15:11 I was gonna say I don't know him right.

griphus 15:16 Bond clip? No, I've never met him. I mean, maybe I did that I would feel really bad. No, but sorry if I said that I didn't

Jessamyn 15:25 listen to her in Massachusetts. And he's like a good friend of Jim's in mind. So I've been following this project since the beginning. On Facebook, and oh my god. So go on, please.

griphus 15:35 Oh, yeah, actually, I didn't catch it in projects. I actually caught it on the front page. Oh, Greg, Doc reposted it.

Jessamyn 15:42 We know each other.

Cortex 15:46 I've struggled with the question of how you deal with the thing, right? You know, it's like the self link rule is something that exists for some fairly specific reasons, then we generalized it over the course of the site, figuring out what it was. And then, you know, it got to the point where people have hung out and been friends online for like 10 years and end up going to meetups and stuff. At this point. Like, I kind of have this like, if you know the person, but the only reason you know the person is because you both been on metal filter for years, it's probably not really, like, it's gonna be weird if the same person keeps posting the same other person's not very good projects on a regular basis. Like that sort of thing would be a problem. But like, at this point, long time that's happened. You know, I can't remember a non spammy time that that really happened. There's been a couple times when I thought like, you know, one or another user was maybe over enthusiastically posting stuff from projects. But it didn't seem like a scammy thing. It just seemed like they're like, Hey, I like supporting people. Here's the thing on projects, putting projects in front pages fun. I have not very good filter, maybe but everything was Yeah, so like, it was never anything that ended poorly. I don't think I've ever actually had to have the Hey, you obviously mean? Well, but also your fucking up conversation. In that sense. We've occasionally had to talk to someone about fucking up in a totally not having good intentions way. Like, Hey, my friend signed up for this website and made this cool project that I think should be on the front page. And then the Whois information all matches up that sort of bullshit, but doesn't happen often. So generally speaking, people do a great job with projects and posted neat stuff on the front page. So

Jessamyn 17:25 yeah. And how amazing this guitar.

griphus 17:30 Yeah, that's so cool. I'm just I, I, I never done like a lot of shop work. But, you know, I had a bunch of shop classes in high school, which was an, you know, I can fix kind of stuff. But like, I've never been, like, you know, productive in that, in that sense of like making physical objects and it's just was so great to just watch him go from like planks of wood into, you know, like, beautiful finished guitar that is, you know, a real guitar.

Jessamyn 17:59 Right, right. Yeah, I just thought it was great. I was happy he documented the whole thing. I mean, you follow him on Twitter, right? Or? No, I'm good. He's good on Twitter. You should follow him on Twitter if you don't

Cortex 18:12 have been cliff and just riffing is often one of the easy things for me to jump in with a joke on on Twitter. And it just feels like yes, I'm following the right people. I'm at the correct cocktail party or whatever the fuck. I don't know if you've ever been to a cocktail party. I don't know what a cocktail party would really be. Like, I think I have sort of a

Jessamyn 18:31 cocktail party. Your buddies sit around and drink and no one has any beer. Well,

Cortex 18:35 no, that's, I mean, I've been to parties where there were cocktails, but I don't feel like any of them. Were ever like, cocktail party. I don't know. Maybe. Maybe I'm overloading a cocktail

griphus 18:42 party, but it was a tiki drink cocktail party and not like an elegant cocktail party. You know, does it still count? Or is sure? Yeah.

Jessamyn 18:58 Oh, sorry. Backseat pilot had a cocktail party. He's a cocktail kind of guy. And as well he butchered a pig. Yes.

Cortex 19:06 Hey, speaking like this is like it's almost the same thing as building a guitar, you know?

Jessamyn 19:13 A bunch of pictures of the thing I did. I don't know why. Oh my god. I should be following him on Instagram. I clearly do not. Wow,

griphus 19:24 this is like, Oh, these pictures are exactly what you would expect from I butchered a pig. But yeah, this is this is amazing. All of these I went to a party once where they they spit roast entire pig. And it was great. And this looks great.

Jessamyn 19:46 I've been to a pig pickin party and yeah, those are really great. Well, I've told you guys that might. I've told you Josh at least that my family used to have pig roast. One time my family decided to save money by butchering the pig themselves in the basement. And I have some gross pictures from that. Ah, all right. I'll I'll

griphus 20:07 the pig was slaughtered already. No. So they they slaughter it in the basement as well. Yes.

Jessamyn 20:15 Gross, bloody. I mean, my parents were in their 20s. Right. I mean, they must have been their late 20s, early 30s like I was a baby. But that, you know, that just seemed like a really good idea at the time, I have no idea. And I should have really added a tag to this on Flickr, so that I could find it in the future because it's the best picture. So I'll be I'll be looking for a while you can like

griphus 20:36 regular a regular Flickr user.

Jessamyn 20:40 Yeah. And my dad has, like, you know, 5000 pictures that he put up before he died a couple years ago. And so when I want to find pictures of my childhood, that's where they are.

griphus 20:52 Oh, that's, that's awesome. It's weird, but

Jessamyn 20:55 true. Why are you sounded like that was me just saying I still use an eight track recorder. Wait,

Cortex 21:06 hang on, where? Where are you going?

Jessamyn 21:08 Like, like here? Because that's cool. That's not cool. Because they're not seeing

griphus 21:13 the line. Oh, who I was following, like on Flickr in the, you know, social networking sense. Like a bunch of them stopped posting. And so I stopped posting on Flickr. And I'm essentially just like, at this point paying them $25 A year because they have my photos held hostage and

Jessamyn 21:33 you don't have to pay them anymore. As long as you don't care about statistics. Oh, really? They changed it. Okay, that's good. They changed it. Okay, cuz

griphus 21:42 Yeah, cuz I was paying it for a while because they were just like, alright, well, we'll disappear all of these photos, you probably don't have a backup,

Jessamyn 21:50 right? Because my father put up like 6000 photos or 5000 photos and then died. And then you know, we were just dealing with other stuff. And so we were like, wow, whatever I love. And so that, you know, they went away and you could only see 200 photos. But then Flickr changed their policies, and all of a sudden these 5000 pictures that had been missing. We're now back, which was kind of cool. Yeah, you could do this ways of doing mass exports of all your stuff, too. I sent you guys links to some pictures of my father sighing a pig and half also, the more things

Cortex 22:21 change broke. Oh, it's just got an extra eye on the end. Oh, the second one is amazing. Just because like the the axis on on the pig's head. They're like this is this is seriously like some some horror movie saying Damien Hirst shit right here.

griphus 22:38 Yeah, I'm, I'm going to start a metal band. And then can I use this as the cover art?

Jessamyn 22:43 That's fine with me. Although the guy who's on the side is actually Brian Richter, who was like, my father's kind of helper kid, you know, because like, we were girls, and so didn't I don't know. And he's actually grown up to be this kind of like grown up dude who's now like a contractor, man. So he's actually still around. And I'd have to ask him, but yeah, of course you can.

Cortex 23:06 Awesome. I want to I want to lend endless praise to this project by signal nine. It's a markup twitter bot called error with Sarah Palin. Oh, is that one of ours? That is one of our hours is in like, my zone. Oh, awesome. I love that. Little things that got posted on projects and then ended up making the rounds and then came around to metal filter posts like independently and people only. Oh, boy. Yeah, exactly. But, ya know,

Jessamyn 23:37 there's this header from where I can buy ecstasy on the internet. Oh, it's so crowd shot up. You're not the boss of me. There's a

Cortex 23:46 nice subtle, deep dreaming processing on the headshot of Sarah Palin to Yeah.

griphus 23:54 Era would recruit her right. I think LinkedIn the thread because Yeah, I saw the medical there. I didn't realize that it came from projects again. But yeah, yeah. Arrowood recruiter which was just like mashed up era with stories or, you know, Trip Reports. And recruiter emails from LinkedIn.

Cortex 24:17 Yeah, I guess for people who don't know is a hallucinogenic enthusiast communities.

Jessamyn 24:27 I think it's

griphus 24:30 in itself is a nonprofit foundation. And they have like then they their their thing comes from their website, which has this big community of people reporting on their mostly hallucinogenic drug use. Yeah.

Jessamyn 24:44 But like also like I took half a bottle of Benadryl and this is what how it was weird. Kind of like cause hallucinations. I used to read it a lot.

griphus 24:58 There was no Here's here's one from Arrowood recruiter Alex I came here across your profile on LinkedIn as I plummeted ripped and torn and darkness with splinters

Jessamyn 25:10 you know, sometimes I feel like one of the things we should do for a podcast is have one of those Colin recorder things where like, you just choose one, twitter bot that is like your, your, your recent favorite. And everybody just calls it and reads one of the like, hi, and this is you know, lonely string cheese planet and, and then they just read it. And I would just say

Cortex 25:34 that could be fun. To figure out the logistics of it. It feels like it'd be so much easier to get random little snippets of quote unquote Colin audio from people these days with, like, iPhones and shit than it used to be. Like, just, like record a voice memo and email it to like, you know,

Jessamyn 25:50 texted to you, right? I mean, you could text voicemail. And you could have it go to like a Google Voice number.

Cortex 25:55 Yeah, well, that's what I'm saying. Yeah, it could be a Google Voice number or it could literally be just like, email me your voice memo or something like that? Yeah, no, I bet I bet we could figure something out. We should. We should try and make something work. I bet we can do it. That'd be fun. Anyway, good work signal line. I really liked this bot.

Jessamyn 26:13 Good work. I very much liked this program by or this little thing by quarantine because I'm like a fan of like kind of old school websites, which is basically he made a little website about

Cortex 26:27 postmark collecting. Yeah, oh, yeah, this is nice.

Jessamyn 26:32 And it turned into a really nice little thread about postmarks because you know me, I love the post office.

Cortex 26:40 It's a good office to love as well.

griphus 26:43 I like the word Philately. Philately is pretty good to

Cortex 26:47 get your nowhere

Jessamyn 26:51 I'm sure. Several minutes until your first joke

Cortex 26:55 I know. And then it was like recycled and grown myself. It's something's wrong. I don't know. I don't know. I'm not feeling well.

Jessamyn 27:06 It was just you know, good African attitude I really liked. I really liked it. Help people enter the hobby of postmark collecting and a responsive gallery of postmarks from his own collection. Her own collection.

Cortex 27:19 Their own collection, their own collection.

Jessamyn 27:21 Oh, Josh, I already looked at his picture. His name is Josh I just forgot it because your name is also John, what's your just

Cortex 27:26 suddenly gonna upgrade me? Like, John?

Jessamyn 27:30 Like, get out of that, you know? That's a that's a bad pattern. The two of us are in I'm working on I feel

Cortex 27:37 like we've made good progress. coming along, I quick shout out to a nice little thing from Zam pist, who made a comment in a thread a while back. I mean, a while back, you know, a couple weeks ago there was a thread posted by our W about history of comics drawn by women and

griphus 28:03 the stuff that was happening in France and the awards,

Cortex 28:07 the Grand Prix, that the Yeah, where

griphus 28:11 they like did not have any women on the nomination role. And then, you know, like, sent a shitty communique about it.

Cortex 28:17 Something like that. Yeah. Yeah, it

griphus 28:19 was in response to that. This is this is great as a really good. Like long list.

Cortex 28:25 Yeah. ASIC. Yeah. So Zamp has made a comment sort of listing a ton of Women in Comics, and then turned that into this more detailed list about who those various webinars, which is pretty rad Roundup. So

Jessamyn 28:38 yeah, it's amazing. Because not only is it a great list, it's got lots of links to stuff, it is very, sort of worldwide, not just kind of Western or even American centric, and also very GLB tq. Friendly, it's awesome. It's really, really great.

griphus 28:56 I'm going to email this person and ask them to add my wife to the list. Ah,

Cortex 29:02 yay. That's how you get it done. The complicated, you know, overlap between advocacy and nepotism.

griphus 29:17 Nepotism, if it's your spouse, I assume that nepotism was always for like your generation that you you know, the generation below you

Cortex 29:29 was taken as basically sort of like a familial sort of relationship of some sort. Okay, now, if it's nepotism that it's only the sons of your siblings,

Jessamyn 29:39 do you hear that buzzing?

griphus 29:42 Are you talking about the train outside of my window because there's definitely a train outside of my window, the humor

Cortex 29:47 train, it's coming down. I lasted like this project by abysmal elements around the world. They put together a map of a bunch of points. have basically spots on the world on a Google map interface, where there's some sort of elemental activities. So like, there's so far where New Zealand Canada, this is just like related. A lot of it really is even like, you know places that are contaminated by a specific thing where there's like geothermal energy or maybe there's the world's largest iron statue in Alabama, which have been to that Vulcan statue when

Jessamyn 30:28 you can stare at the guy's butt. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, we both been there but

griphus 30:33 that's a lot of statues if you do it right.

Cortex 30:37 Up This is like a choice huge iron but like there's no but like it. It's great.

Jessamyn 30:44 Like he's a big naked guy wearing like a welder. apron and nothing else. Well, a helmet now makes no sense.

Cortex 30:53 As my understanding based on a visit there goes they changed at some point the orientation of the statue so that it's asked was no longer facing towards the rich part of town. Ah ha ha I'm I believe it's actually true. I it's kind of too good to check. So I haven't and yet, I'm not just making it up.

griphus 31:18 This definitely is things don't why check. Just accepted as fact.

Cortex 31:21 It's definitely a truthy bit of lore at the very least, it's at least halfway legitimate. Anyway, yeah, this is needed. So it's like yeah, like a bunch of different chemical element things at the time of posting the notes in the post. You know, it's just so for our snake and iron so far, but I think the idea is to keep adding in other chemical elements stuff, too.

griphus 31:44 Yeah, yeah, it's only got that it's got a couple of elements so far. Because I was immediately started looking for the radioactive ones. Just a reflex. Yeah, yeah, this is this. This is fun. I really liked the concept of it.

Jessamyn 31:58 And it's really well implemented. I'm gonna send it to my material science professor friend because I know she will enjoy

Cortex 32:04 it. Nice. Yes.

Jessamyn 32:07 I also enjoyed because it's particularly up my alley, the single serving recipes I eat alone by Peregrine pickle, which Yeah, as a person who kind of tries to you know, eat like a reasonable person and wants to have food that's really food and isn't just a constant stream of English muffins and peanut butter though I do like that. Having stuff that's actually food, but that's a recipe that's actually for a person. Totally awesome.

griphus 32:35 Oh, that's yeah. Oh, that croque madame looks good.

Jessamyn 32:41 She exactly Kirkman.

Cortex 32:47 phenom warmed up now. I gotta go on.

Jessamyn 32:50 Feeling. Are you drinking? Is anybody drinking? I have decaf.

Cortex 32:53 I have a tea.

griphus 32:56 I'm having a sweet action be here. I was I was I was action.

Jessamyn 33:02 What kind of sweet action like a gun or like, like a person? Um, does it have a picture on it?

griphus 33:09 No, no, the the label is very design II. They're there for me living in New York.

Jessamyn 33:17 I live in Brooklyn,

Cortex 33:18 I guess.

griphus 33:19 Yeah, it's from I think an upstate brewery. I think Josh and I had a conversation about this when I was on a crap shoot that like this is a company that like

Cortex 33:30 crapshoot, also. Yeah. It's been a it's been a great few months for overlapping everything.

Jessamyn 33:35 Gotta have me on your Horror Show podcast. Yes, absolutely. Yes.

Cortex 33:39 We will do that we'll discuss. Yeah. But yes, the brewery?

griphus 33:46 Oh, it's a six point. Yeah, no, I'm

Jessamyn 33:48 looking at the website. Okay. And yeah, it doesn't have a lady or a gun on it. Nice work, guys.

Cortex 33:54 Yeah, beers coming along. Yeah. One other project I wanted to mention. It's sort of absurd, but also wonderful. It's just like one of those ideas that doesn't make sense and so it does make sense but this is Hieronymus Bosch work memes this by Jessie J. Arthur. And it's just like, you know, dumb like work motivational, jokey slogans.

Jessamyn 34:16 I saw some of these I didn't know these were metal filter when I saw them.

griphus 34:20 Yeah, I have also seen a couple of these on Twitter and I no idea where they came from. This is the weirdest fucking thing, isn't it?

Cortex 34:27 It's and I just I love her on his boss, though, like anything. It's kind of gonna get on my good side. But this somehow is like the best well,

Jessamyn 34:36 well implemented.

Cortex 34:41 Any other projects? Anybody wanted to kick out there? Or should we Trump along

Jessamyn 34:46 seven memes, though?

Cortex 34:48 So far? It's brand new. Okay. No,

Jessamyn 34:51 I think those were mostly my I mean, there was a lot of others. I appreciate it. Those were the ones that I specifically pulled out.

Cortex 34:57 Yes, everybody, you're all our favorites. We love you all equally. Am I parenting right? Am I Is that how you like it? You know, you know parent has favorites, you know, that that joke fell over hard. That felt like it just cratered. That was a joke. It was, it was a joke it was a humorous twist of expectations to produce a you know, shock response that leads to mirth is what was supposed to be?

Cortex 36:02 Would you like a metal filter? Yakko.

griphus 36:04 Um, so, this isn't so the post for this was kind of interesting, but there was a thing inside of the post that I think, like was the best, exactly the kind of thing that I would be posting if I was, am I the first user to actually have a disabled account to be on this podcast? Oh,

Cortex 36:20 I forgot that. You're Yeah, it's an okay. Well, he's, no, he's he's just taken time off. He's not banned. I keep forgetting. He's not signed up until every once in a while, like, like, every few weeks, you're like, Oh, hey, can you go do this thing on the site that I can't do and I'm like, oh, fuck, that's right. You fucking you can explain it if you want to.

griphus 36:42 I'm on hiatus. I just I do this regularly because of metal filters. Well, I mean, there's there's there's a lot of just little Skinner box on the internet. Would you say?

Jessamyn 36:54 I said you have a couple of sock puppets that are still active.

Jessamyn 37:03 And this conversation right now,

Cortex 37:05 sir, you do not have clearance to be on this podcast.

griphus 37:10 No, I totally forgot which post that was to Oh, right. Right. The the audio one it was about? Like it was it was another one of those things. They're like, you know, we tested these, you know, expensive cables. And it turns out it's bullshit. You know, as that happens every time somebody tests super expensive cables for for sound stuff. And somebody posted inside of it like and I don't know about like the, you know, I read most of the thread I'm not sure about like the whether or not the test actually revealed it or what not. But somebody posted something I was looking been looking for online for a very long time, which is a site called what Hi, fi WATHI And it is excerpts of ad copy from audiophile gear magazines. And audio, like high super high end audio file gear, is it? It's magic? As in like, I don't know, maybe Josh, you could explain it better than I could. But it's theirs. They ran into things they could sell you to make the audio sound better. So they just started making shit up and selling it to people.

Cortex 38:20 Yeah, yeah. No, it's It's, it's a amazing sort of snake oil market.

Jessamyn 38:25 So by magic, you mean like magic bullshit. Not magic magic. Cool.

griphus 38:30 Yeah. Definitely like magic as in magic bullshit. And yeah, this is this is just an entire site of excerpts from those kind of magazines. And I mean, like, high end, like, I got like a legit, like high end audio equipment catalog at one point because I need to look something up. So you can get a foot for a record player, you know, like a little foot and I think it was something like several $100 apiece, just like the it was either individual feats or set of four.

Cortex 39:00 Well, because you need a you need to isolate that shit. You know,

Jessamyn 39:03 feats? Well, I remember I used to have those like, kind of upside down combs those metal upside down combs that you were supposed to, like, put your stereo on top of or something and it helped do something. Sure. Sound. I only had one of them. So I don't know, because I never had more than that. But I don't remember where I got them from some nerd who was like, Ooh, it's the best.

Cortex 39:26 It's one of those things we're like, and you know, it's not like there's no possible way to improve your audio signal or, I mean, there's, there's reasons if you really, really really care about like a high quality like vinyl playback thing to pay more for a record please.

Jessamyn 39:42 Thanks. Isolation combs.

griphus 39:47 Isolation,

Cortex 39:49 but like it's such a it's such diminishing returns and it's so unlikely that for most stuff, you are in a situation where buying that ridiculous expensive thing. Even if it is doing something thing is going to materially contribute to a better experience for you like you're gonna stop noticing things pretty quickly unless you live in like an underground bunker that's isolated from the entire fucking world. Right but you know, a lot of people have a lot of money and

griphus 40:17 I think there's a big overlap between people who have underground bunkers and people who have the money for high end audio equipment. I think

Cortex 40:24 maybe, in my experience TOS link softens the bass adds treble hardness and congeals the soundstage. What yep, that's off that what Hi Fi link. So yeah, hey, yeah, no, it's uh, congeal is a word that needs to show up in more audio hardware reviews. Basically, all I can think of is like what I think yours gravy that got left out and his setup like that's, that's, that's what I want in my listening experience.

Cortex 40:56 There was a Archie's website, just looking at, I don't know what it was,

Jessamyn 41:01 was a specific comment in that thread, because I kind of scan.

griphus 41:06 The comment was just linking the what Hi, Fi site, the thing, the thing that I liked was the what Hi, Fi site, you

Cortex 41:13 should paste the link to the comment with the link in the chat. And then boom, oh, I'll be able to fucking find it later, when I edit this whole thing I've got all of a sudden, I can find it later. I think this is again, there's the weird sort of other podcast crossover because I'm like really getting into like, complaining about a film DIAC off mode here somehow, which is not the headspace I like to be in specifically from edit filter most of the time on the podcast, because it's much more like, Oh, I like this stuff, rather than the cinematography here was terrible. I gotta, I gotta rein myself in. But other other metal filter stuff,

Jessamyn 41:48 there was a thing called that, oh, I can't even Yeah, this amazing post. That's basically about a guy who collected paper airplanes from, like, he that he found in the streets of New York City, from 1961 to 1987. And there's a book that was written about the collection, and there's a web page that has some of these on them. And like, how cool is that? Because you could basically learn about what people were reading and looking at, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it's by looking at these paper airplanes.

Cortex 42:23 It's really cool. That was really rad. Yeah,

Jessamyn 42:25 it did get a lot of comments, because there's kind of not that much to say about it. Like, whoa, that's cool. It is. But I liked this post by Moonmilk. Oh, he's

griphus 42:34 he's, he's fun. I you know what that sometimes makes me like, a little sad like that. You can post this like, super interesting thing that just doesn't inspire conversation. And I wonder if that you know, I wonder if if people are more reticent to post because they're like, Well, I posted this fun thing. And there was you know, there wasn't a lot of talk about it just because, you know, maybe it wasn't like, conducive thing.

Jessamyn 42:57 Happens. It's the guy's dog has been on meta filter.

griphus 43:04 Samsung, I met Samsung once. I did too. He is He was a very good dog.

Jessamyn 43:10 Very good dog.

Cortex 43:14 I liked this post from Jay Harris about some guys. Homemade 22 by 22 by 22 Rubik's cube, which is just like a five. I'm showing it off sort of explaining a little bit and successfully turning it like two times. It's a big it's a it's a terrible mess. It's it's, it works really poorly. It's prone to exploding as his other videos document. Folding. Yeah, that was, you know, the whole thing is just like, it's kind of a terrible idea. But at the same time, he totally did it. And that's awesome. And so I just enjoyed some of the chatter about puzzles and sort of weird projects. And there was inevitably some Hellraiser jokes in there because it was like a crazy weird ornate cube and hahaha the limit configuration and so that made me happy too, but

Jessamyn 44:00 yeah, totally enjoying even watching it move. Yeah,

Cortex 44:03 it's it's crazy. Like it does not it technically

Jessamyn 44:07 checkerboard pattern took three hours.

Cortex 44:12 Yeah, yeah. And the guy made the whole thing like with machine printed, or, you know, 3d printer printed pieces, too. So it's like, designed and constructed from scratch thing, which is pretty great to terrible Rubik's Cube, but it's a pretty awesome project. There was a Oh, obviously just looking at you know, there was this there was an ad I want to bring this up. It's not bad. She's not super interesting. I'm looking at a comment that I favorited but it's a comment that I liked in a post that I was kind of about it was just well you don't do it. Okay, so there was a post about Forbes and malware because Forbes has been Oh yeah. Blocking and trying to like stop people from reading if they're

Jessamyn 44:52 using. Yeah, what a bunch of dicks. I stopped reading them entirely. Yeah.

Cortex 44:55 And then people ended up getting malware because they stopped using AdBlock on Forbes Net forms ended up delivering some shitty ad content. And so there's a there's a big thread about that. But in there, there's a wonderful comment from Robocop is bleeding, which is a sentence, I'm sure we've said many times where he says, Look, if I turned on ad blocking five years ago, I never would have met my wife Evany Maiden, and I love a good Evany joke. I don't understand it. Evany was, well, if you've had ad blockers on for last, you know, however many years you may not have seen it much but Evany was like one of the kings of the shitty online game being marketed by showing off boobs. circuit. So there was always these there was always these like, you know, sort of high fantasy maidens with decolletage hanging out. And it would be like, you know, save me or come play master or you know, other Weird Gross like, hey, come spank if you're lonely nerd, sort of come ons. And then you know, if you went through everything with just some like shitty Facebook game, you know, it's just like some Facebook strategy game. But it was always like, these, these these books and women with come hither looks and like, ooh, come play with me. Is the grossest thing

Jessamyn 46:11 type selling.

Cortex 46:12 It's just just just go play

griphus 46:15 an MMO or was it just like a single player game?

Cortex 46:17 I never I read an article. I think someone wrote a review. They were like, fuck it. I'll play Evany and find out how shitty it is. And it's like, I think it was like, like, Farmville level thing. Like maybe somewhere like Farmville esque like strategy game, like maybe with castles and knights or something instead of vegetables or whatever the fuck you didn't Farm Bill. That farm bill is that even the right name for the shitty game

griphus 46:41 that I mean, there was a there was like an incredibly popular Facebook game called arm. I never played at night.

Jessamyn 46:49 Peanuts or whatever that other game? Yeah,

Cortex 46:51 yeah. So anyway, I think everything was just sort of in that class of games, but was not advertising it as such. And that will continue to be a thing forever. There has been a dozen other games that have been the high profile ones, and I'm sure 1000 lower profile ones. But anyway, so that's why I like that comment by leading in that thread that I'm not particularly recommending. So there you go. Strong podcasting. I feel like I'm really, I'm really nailing it today.

Jessamyn 47:16 Well, it's not your fault that I don't get the joke sometimes. So, you know, I'll own my share of

Cortex 47:23 fernet. particular one will middle on this.

Jessamyn 47:27 I was hoping in the in the pandering to Jessamyn category. There's two posts this month that I loved, especially but one of them I just noticed was there literally right now, because I was looking at the library tag. And this is from the color art collections project, which is actually going on right now on the internet. So you guys may or may not know that, you know, adult coloring is a thing now, adult coloring, coloring books for grownups. Right? Well, there's this awesome project that was started by the Biodiversity Heritage Library, this cool library in the Midwest, and Oxford, basically to find stuff that's in library collections and make coloring pages out of them so that people can see cool things in the collection. And, you know, get their coloring on for free. And so there's a you know, there's a hash tag. And there's, you know, a whole bunch of participating organizations that you've heard of, who have PDF coloring books that are online and a whole bunch of really cool stuff. And it's going on literally like Monday through Friday this week. And flex made a really good post about it.

griphus 48:35 Read that's significant to look into it. I got one of those for Christmas from my wife, and I enjoy it.

Jessamyn 48:42 Yeah, I mean, it's a it's a sort of, hey, you know, calm yourself down and do something that's relaxing and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Yeah, so

Cortex 48:51 it's a good Shilada I feel like we might even talked about this a little bit in the last one anyway. Yeah, no, it's happening last time. So maybe it was maybe somewhere else anyway. Yeah. No, it seems like a neat thing. And that's a really that's a really cool way to go with it. I mean, that's a nice, like getting the commons involved. Yeah.

Jessamyn 49:11 Yeah. You know, go have this stuff for free. I mean, if people want to buy coloring books, awesome, more power to you, but if you don't want to buy a coloring book, you just want to get some coloring done. And you've got a printer. Yeah. Yes, and if you look at some of the pictures of stuff, there's some amazing stuff up there Biodiversity Heritage Library themselves just put up a bunch of beautiful things. Historic Scranton has two images up on their Instagram. So

Cortex 49:40 I I feel like it's been a big, like, couple of months for very large threads. Like we've just been like, there's the giant star wars right on fanfare which is like 3000 comments now? Yeah, no, no. Wow. Yeah.

Jessamyn 49:54 I just I only go to fanfare to talk about sorry, I live for five minutes with six people.

Cortex 50:00 Hey, I, I've been meaning to get around to reading the Star Wars one, but I got like 100 comments and then got distracted. And now it's like, yeah. Can somebody sum it up a little bit? People really liked the new Star Wars. Good. I did some. Some, some people also did not. And there were also several people who enjoyed it, but had criticisms of specific elements. Plus, people have thought about what might proceed from here in future films.

Jessamyn 50:25 And they like to talk about that, yes.

Cortex 50:28 I haven't had to delete anything from it, which is impressive for 3000 common thread, but then I'm going to fanfare. And it's also possible that the stuff that has needed to leaving just hasn't happened while I was on shift.

Jessamyn 50:39 Wait, so you personally didn't delete anything? Or no deletion?

Cortex 50:42 I didn't. I didn't delete anything. And I haven't gone and checked to see if any others have. But

Jessamyn 50:46 maybe you should check that right now.

Cortex 50:48 I could, I could. I'll go take a look. But first of all, I'll bring up this other first. The Oregon under attack threads speaking of huge threads, this 3700 comments, which is a big thread for something also

griphus 51:06 that started back when they had just besieged the place and was active through the through the, you know, unsealing of it Yeah,

Cortex 51:18 lately. Yeah, it's been open for almost a month now. It's gonna close up sometime tomorrow, presumably? Well, this is about the militia people who descended on the Amalur Oh, wow, this

Jessamyn 51:31 is something that something happened.

Cortex 51:35 Something happened down in rural southeast Oregon. So yeah, it's just a giant thread that I knew about. Yeah. And it's one of the things we're like, anytime you have a thread this big, you know, how good the thread is going to be is open question. But there's a bunch of stuff in it. That's one of the things that just kept going. Day after day, things kept sort of quietly developing, or not so quietly, eventually around the end of last month, right. And it's so it's, it's it's one of the things like I've been in it long enough like I've been there the entire month. That it's it's it's a weird little like, temporary home within a home on meta filter. I have I have a weird fondness for it, considering it's just about a totally obnoxious thing that I don't like.

Jessamyn 52:15 Right? But yeah, well, because it's kind of meta filter at its best when it's good at that. Like I really enjoy that sort of collaborative news understanding thing that happens. Yeah, no phrase like that, like the Marathon Bombing, even though I can't say I enjoyed that thread at all.

Cortex 52:35 Yeah, and you know, it's one thing that can be real, it can be spotty in a way like like I would say, the the giant organ thread. You know, it has its periods where it's actually really good aggregation and collation of details and coverage. And then as time zones, people just sort of like being somewhat obnoxious at each other or or times when it's just goofiness, that I'm on board with the goofiness, but it's not really you're not going to learn anything from the goofiness, etc. But like yeah, month long thread, it's not going to be the same thing the whole way through probably so. But it was really interesting to sort of keep track of and kind of fun to sort of live blog, the weirdness as it came along. So

Jessamyn 53:11 and there was an awful lot of weirdness. Yeah, like it was exceptionally strange. Without until the sort of recent and kind of tragic part towards the end. That was mostly just what the fuckness not oh my god, I'm actually afraid for me or other people, or, you know, Fuck the police or whatever. It didn't have a lot of the normal kind of tropes, I guess. Yep.

Cortex 53:35 I'm correction. It's actually the Star Wars so there's only 2744

griphus 53:43 I'm disappointed

Cortex 53:44 but I think none of them deleted. Oh, no, you know, there was a double post that someone had to delete not as count now I feel like I'm gonna reporting Oh, and okay. And one snarky comment from someone that got deleted but still for 2700 That's not bad.

Jessamyn 54:04 No

Cortex 54:07 but yeah, anyway, there's also if you if you want in on the Late breaking, Oregon militia, blah blah blah action, since it's still technically going on. There is a new threat that's only 500 and something comments so far, it's very restrained. So you know, there's that too if you want to get up to speed on it there was

Jessamyn 54:52 also I was looking at it other thing. Keep talking.

Cortex 54:57 It was also a threat just the other day About the Guardian is another paper that's making move towards more actively limiting when they're gonna have comments on articles, basically, because people are constantly posting gross, racist shit.

Jessamyn 55:14 And Guardian also is one of those newspapers that really makes a freaking effort most of the time, like, you know, they're actually a place that's like we care. And they have people who talk about comments and moderation and blahdy blahdy

Cortex 55:28 blah. So it's that much more of a weird contrast when they've got that internet shitstorm happening in their comments. Like, I don't really think about it so much, when I'm looking at the comments on like a local news affiliate, because like, I don't expect these people to have a good website, I expect them to post their news. And they aren't here to foster a good conversation or anything like that. And so when there's a shit pile, there's like, oh, well, of course, there's the ship pile, which is a problem in its own right. And Neil wrote that nice piece about, you know, saying don't read the comments is not actually enough. Which makes a good point. Yeah, maybe we should actually instead say, don't read the comments, we should say, Hey, you who are hosting these comments that are terrible, you're fucking up, you know, and actually be a little bit more active about it. But

Jessamyn 56:11 this is a fascinating thread, it makes me want to go yell at everyone.

Cortex 56:15 Yeah, I left some thoughts and have mostly not scrapped in it. Like a few things. I'm like, Really, motherfucker that's taking the click, I don't want to. I don't want to get a shouting match about it at the moment. So I'm just sort of walking away. It's

Jessamyn 56:29 fascinating. I mean, it's a fascinating topic. And it's fascinating what the Guardian decided to do, but also like, let's look at our own navels and be like, Whoa, better filter. We learned that lesson 10 years ago. Hooray for our team. Yep. Well, here's another library thing.

Cortex 56:48 I am shocked.

Jessamyn 56:49 It's a very short one link post by Michelle in California about New York Public Library. And there a made 180,000 images available and the words that she missed in this are public domain. So basically, they now have 180,000 public domain images available now I'm trying to figure out where the friggin rack rack What's the link? Because, because my my landlady like was like, all the fucking video fuck you what that shit? Okay, it's domain, which which goes to this kind of longer URL. But the thing that's so hard about this, besides Hey, a bunch of free shit, is they have a bunch of data and tools. So the collections are available as machine readable data so that you can crawl the records and learn stuff about it. And they've got a visualizer, which, if it doesn't completely kill your computer, is just basically a way to scroll, all 187,000 images, is

griphus 58:00 to click on it. And then you said kill your computer.

Jessamyn 58:05 And I'll let you know when the page has finally loaded. But it's basically these minuscule thumbnails of every picture, sortable by date, and it shows you kind of the color and you can click on it. It's it's really like nothing you've ever seen. It's it's it's, it's so like, the people that work at New York Public Library are the happiest kind of library technologists around. Because they get to do this stuff and have people appreciate it and get paid for it and have it be their job. And like, it's just oh my god, it's so special. It's so wonderful. So I'm very excited about that. And anybody who's really into the public domain should also be very excited about

Cortex 58:47 this. Really. Yeah.

griphus 58:51 I enjoyed taking this in a completely different direction. The the the 4 million horsepower thing where it was another one of those videos of I don't think it was always TrackMania the game TrackMania it's it's a car racing game, and it's just this video is 20,000 cars in one, you know in one video, and they just sort of flow in and out of each other. And I've been following this series of like, you know, somebody links to it really early in the thread. About You know, like it started like, you know, it was 1002 1007 1500 cars and 2006 10,020 11 and it's just I think it's I find it to be like a very calming video, which I like, Oh,

Jessamyn 59:37 I love the old one of these. I've never seen this one.

Cortex 59:43 Oh, yeah. That's it now, together a bunch of different replays basically, of cars driving although in this case, I assume they more or less automatically generated the individual replays so you get the out of crazy weird liquidity coming out of something that in theory is just sort of like a driving you know, simulator driving game. And instead you get this the impossible for like oil spill, you know, tidal wave effect which is just beautiful

Jessamyn 1:00:19 Wow, I love the old one which I think was just a 1000 version when it's one of those things I can never find on YouTube again, you know? Yeah,

griphus 1:00:27 yeah

griphus 1:00:32 actually um oh man at one point I was I this this made me so happy is that I had seen this video I met a filter in like 2005 Maybe I remember was called Rolling bomber special if you guys seen that. What is it? Like? Rolling Bombur special

Jessamyn 1:00:51 Bombur bomb Yeah.

griphus 1:00:53 Bomb with Yeah, bomber, but like somebody who bombs?

Cortex 1:00:57 Yes. Okay. Yeah. So are you just enunciating to make it clear what it was

griphus 1:01:03 I Wait, hang on bomber. I said bomber. Okay. Yeah, and it was over 10 years ago, somebody posted it. Mr. Encyclopedia back in 2005. And so it's just a video of like, it's a super sentai which is like the thing that the Power Rangers in the US are based on. And it's done with like a Japanese pop star. And it's this like, you know, it's a short film, where these like, you know, Power Ranger type characters are just like constantly badgering this like young guy because they think he is like a villain of like, ultimate power. And it's a fun little video and in 2013 Somebody was just like, please help me find this video I haven't been able to find. And they describe it. I'm like, Yes, I will finally be able to

Jessamyn 1:01:56 you're the guy. I am the guy.

Cortex 1:01:59 The moment I've spent my life waiting for speaking of giant threads and people as we briefly mentioned earlier, there is the humongous Bowie Memorial thread, which is like 1300 comments now.

griphus 1:02:12 I had no idea he was this beloved by people. It's It's heartwarming, like, I'm not like it's really like, genuinely amazing to see like, and you know, I mean, it was all over the internet. But you know, on metal filter, it's kind of different because you get like these long, you know, really personal pieces that aren't, you know, meant as like, you know, a medium piece or whatever. Yeah, yeah, but yeah, so many so many people. I had no idea like he was this loved. I thought

Cortex 1:02:45 it was really interesting. Like, how common this because I've sort of assumed like yeah, David Bowie. Oh man when Sousa here's like, Oh, this is gonna be a thing because I guess it just I had that impression that yes, this is this guy is one of those worldwide universal figures. You know, I mean, I didn't even have a super, super personal feeling about him. I've I've always liked his music, but I'm not like a real close listener. I don't own a bunch of albums or anything like that. But ya know, I heard a bunch of people like it seems like it's interesting that it took so many people off guard that this caught so many people flat footed and just sort of was such a big outpouring, which was interesting in its own right. But yeah, the thread is huge. And yeah, it's full of like you say those little, like personal anecdotes, you know, something that's not a big essay about what David boy meant to me, but it's also not just someone saying, I liked his music, you know, it's that little bit of like, Oh, here's something that meant something

Jessamyn 1:03:37 meaningful, this is why so it's a

Cortex 1:03:41 great collection of that and also a bunch of links to tracks you know, lesser known stuff he's worked on collaborations weird takes on stuff videos. Writing about his work in his life, it's, it's a really, again, it's like, it's long form metal filter, being the best kind of thing the long form metal filter can be so it's a really good read if you want to just go get a big old dose of Bowie. And on the on the flip side, there was the post about waffle Poots, which is a, like 39 second video of a waffle maker farting.

Jessamyn 1:04:21 Among my favorite, good waffle maker,

Cortex 1:04:24 actually just it's it's, it's it is what it is. It's a short dumb video, and somehow it's amazing and I love it. I think that spawned

Jessamyn 1:04:34 Josh's face on it. Nobody, I

Cortex 1:04:36 don't think they were expecting it. Yeah, well, it's just it is what it is. It's that little that little poof just transforms it. Okay, so waffle lardons make funny No. Oh my god. I loved it. I loved it.

Jessamyn 1:04:52 I have to while we're talking about goofy shit I have to wrap for my homie with the Mad painter series from Sesame Straight on 1972

Cortex 1:05:02 I saw this go bar, but I didn't check it out.

Jessamyn 1:05:04 Well, I don't know. I mean, did you kind of grew up on Sesame Street? Or was that like kind of before your time?

Cortex 1:05:09 I did, but it would have been like, you know, early mid 80s.

Jessamyn 1:05:13 Well, there was like, you know, this, this guy. And what he would do is just paint numbers on things. And that was it. And if you were a kid, and you watch these, they were somehow captivating because they were very 70s ish. The guy who's on them turned out later to be in the Jeffersons, Stockard Channing is in one of them. And all he does is wander around in his goofy outfit and paint numbers on

Cortex 1:05:37 his does look familiar. I think I must have seen at least some of these.

griphus 1:05:40 I grew up on Sesame Street, and I just I can, like express the relief that I felt when I when I learned the words, this feels very seven days to describe like the aesthetic of a bunch of that. Right?

Cortex 1:05:55 Soccer chanin is like in four or five of these cheese. Yeah. That's, that's, that's rad. Yeah, no, yeah, I should I should sit down and actually, I'm just looking at the screenshots and I'm like, Oh, okay. Yes, this is vibing. I should,

Jessamyn 1:06:09 it's, it's fun. And it turned into kind of a fun thread with, you know, people who are all about RH talking about I love that guy.

Cortex 1:06:16 Yeah. There was a, okay, so this this is, as opposed to it's more of just like a hey, here's the thing. So it's not like, you know, top shelf metal filter, posting in terms of finding weird stuff on the web. Exactly.

Jessamyn 1:06:31 But not even clicking any of these. But it was amazing.

Cortex 1:06:35 This is h John Benjamin put out a jazz album recently basically

Jessamyn 1:06:40 hosted by Bunga dunka.

Cortex 1:06:42 Post made this post about John Benjamin, who you've heard in fucking everything in animation in the last few years.

griphus 1:06:50 He is He is Bob on Bob's Burgers and archer, Archer

Cortex 1:06:54 Archer, he was coaching Kirk on home movies. He was Ben Katz on Dr. Katz, for people watched that. And a bunch of other stuff. He's, he's fantastic. I love him. But anyway, he put out a jazz album. And he doesn't know how to play the piano. And he like he's clearly listened to some jazz because he actually does a pretty good job of the sense of the feel of jazz, but he's never hitting the right notes. Or not consistently enough, because he doesn't know how to, but he got together with like, a really, really fucking solid jazz trio. So there's this great sax player and a bassist and a drummer, and they just straight face the shit and they play and they really play. And he plays too. And he's terrible. And it's, I would not have guessed that comedy bad jazz could have worked as well as it does. Cuz it's just, it's super great. And it's also this is something that came up a little bit in the threads like oh, well, I get Okay, jazz is dumb, as like the notional joke, but the joke is definitely not the Jazz is dumb. It's the h John Benjamin can't play the piano. And I bought the fucking thing. I made a friend listen to it while I drove her somewhere for which she may never forgive me.

Jessamyn 1:08:07 Oh, he's the guy on Wet Hot American Summer.

Cortex 1:08:09 Yeah. Yeah, he's on that too. Yeah, it's it's fantastic. Anyway, it's a great album. But if you just track down like a snippet of one of the pieces, just give it a listen. Because it's Oh, it's fantastic. I loved it.

griphus 1:08:23 i He and Eugene Mirman who is

Jessamyn 1:08:27 sure College? He

griphus 1:08:29 did. And he's a Russian Jew. So yes, we can both claim him

Jessamyn 1:08:36 I'm also a Russian Jew.

griphus 1:08:39 That's way that's I mean,

Jessamyn 1:08:41 if you count Outer Mongolia some people don't.

griphus 1:08:45 The Empire did.

Cortex 1:08:48 My dad's and only for one. He's a Californian too but

Jessamyn 1:08:51 Portuguese do for the other quarter. Um, Scottish Blue Bloods on the other half.

griphus 1:09:00 Literally, because I think you might be part gray. part white, gray, the little aliens bigger. Big big is

Jessamyn 1:09:10 possible. You just saying that? Because I'm short.

griphus 1:09:13 Let's go with Yes. Am I taller than you? We met in person I don't remember because I'm I'm also short. And I remember if one of us is taller than the other I remember

Jessamyn 1:09:24 you. You are taller than me. I'm five two. Okay, I'm

griphus 1:09:26 taller than that. I'm five ish. I think at one point like you you prop maybe on the podcast had mentioned that I told you that I was the tallest member of my family.

Jessamyn 1:09:39 Right because your grandma was like an elf you said? Yep.

griphus 1:09:44 That's yeah. Oh, but anyway, so Eugene Mirman and H. John Benjamin. They have this online thing called Flotsam and fllo tsa M. flotsam General and they will mail You curated the sack of stuff, and I don't know what this stuff is. And the website is done almost like entirely straight face and there's like this hilarious photo of a John Benjamin and Eugene Mirman, like standing like, you know, both wearing like work aprons and hats and machine Berman's wearing though they're both got like big gloves and he's got like a welding hat. And it's just all done totally straight. And I really, really want to know what is in these sacks that they have been selling people.

Jessamyn 1:10:29 That's gotta be one of those things. The internet knows, right?

griphus 1:10:32 Yeah, I feel like I could have Googled it before mentioning it. But why was

Jessamyn 1:10:36 that in a mystery sack? Oh, there we go.

Cortex 1:10:39 We've got a 50 Shades of Grey quote. Oh man that's beautiful.

Jessamyn 1:10:42 But about about about

griphus 1:10:44 Eugene Berman's last album he released like he released just the album and then he released like nine more album like you know, record length like releases one of them is him like trying to teach you Russia and one of them is in weeping. And one of the format's

Jessamyn 1:11:03 weird crazy talent like I find it hilarious and John Benjamin insufferable. Really?

griphus 1:11:09 Really? Yeah,

Cortex 1:11:10 it's like completely and totally like, have you liked anything button? John Benjamin does? Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:11:14 I mean, I liked him in in wet, hot, Crazy Summer thing. And I probably like some other stuff by him, but a lot of the stuff I've seen, I'm just like, Oh, that guy, you know? GRIFFIS there's actually a post on the flotsam sack store on metal filter from 2000

griphus 1:11:30 Oh, how about that? This might be where I found out about it. Yeah. Because all these links are grayed out

Cortex 1:11:37 the vaccines definitely cause autism Hotpads is

griphus 1:11:42 that is definitely a thing. Yeah, that but yeah, so he released these albums that he had like special editions. One of them was a Bluetooth speaker built into a chair that they released one of and the other one was a bathrobe with like a built in Bluetooth speaker and you know the album on it something in there. But yeah, that's, I enjoy what they do. And I look forward to them doing more stuff. And this actually looks like a fun bag of stuff.

Cortex 1:12:12 I'm gonna while we're talking about Well, I mean, that's that's part of the appeal, right is paying too much for idiotic stuff.

Jessamyn 1:12:21 If I wanted that I'd live in New York. Oh, well, while we're talking about

Cortex 1:12:25 things h John Benjamin has done. And now it turns out trying to convince Jessamyn to like more John bedroom and stuff. I you and everyone else should watch the short TV series. John Benjamin has a van it's like six episodes, maybe four episodes? And it's it's got Nathan?

Jessamyn 1:12:45 What Wait, is there? Something I met a filter? You're just

Cortex 1:12:49 I'm just saying what's on metal filter? Probably was it probably was I'll see if I can find a post to legitimize

Jessamyn 1:12:55 watches it and I think there was some reason I hated it. But maybe that maybe, you know,

Cortex 1:13:00 well, it's I think it might be in a sense. It might be sort of like fishing with John ish.

Jessamyn 1:13:09 It's like 50% Awesome and 50% terrible.

Cortex 1:13:12 Well, and I think it's the same sort of thing where like, the payoff is much more that the whole thing exists than it is to say any given episode was like, Oh, well, this is clearly an excellent episode of television or anything, but I don't know. Maybe you'll hate it.

Jessamyn 1:13:26 Part of it and completely passed and he was not funny.

Cortex 1:13:29 I guess that's consistent with it then. All right. I'll let it go. I'll stop trying to

Jessamyn 1:13:35 get I mean, there's enough stuff in the world that I'm not hurting for stuff.

Cortex 1:13:38 Oh, sure. Sure. Yeah. I don't mean to be like overly evangelistic.

Jessamyn 1:13:42 No, I did wrap up Orphan Black and now I bereft

Cortex 1:13:45 we still have to finish that off. We got caught up at some point. Worth it. Well, the TV has a lot of TV out there. You guys have any other medical stuff specifically you want to mention? I think that was mostly it for me. I guess I can I can throw out real quick to finish off the mega threads set. There's a Iowa caucuses thread that started

Jessamyn 1:14:05 Oh, fine, wind up doing 5050 Does anybody know

Cortex 1:14:09 real close Hillary by like literally a couple of votes or something. It is really crazy close. Although it turns out someone noted late in the the current thread that the Washington Post updated their story that they passed along from the Des Moines Register about how Hillary won six of six coin tosses that oh, well, no, she won six of the six coin tosses that she won, but there were also some coin tosses that she lost that Bernie won. So like this dumb little like detail that was this big, like sort of viral thing was also completely not true. Like, I don't know.

Jessamyn 1:14:46 Thank you so asinine. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, if Sanders got 50% of Iowa,

Cortex 1:14:51 that's huge. It's I'm not even gonna take a position on like the primaries itself just as a political thing. It's that's yeah, that's That's

Jessamyn 1:15:02 cares if Hillary got 51 or 49 or 52. Like it the election isn't in Iowa

Cortex 1:15:08 horse racing voters care because you got to report the shit out of stuff. So I'm not looking forward to the rest. I'm

Jessamyn 1:15:16 looking forward to this,

Cortex 1:15:18 our town clerk, geez, I

Jessamyn 1:15:19 bet like we had voting today for like, just school money stuff. And she's probably going to retire in the next like five or six years. And she was like, oh my god, I hate elections. I hate election so much. I hate them. Like, she's just because she has to do all this special bullshit, you know. It's just super challenging running the polls. And she feels like she's like the person who has to do it. And she takes it really seriously, which I respect and I'm excited about but it just means it sucks for her.

Cortex 1:15:52 It just sucks in a small town context, you probably have less ability to sort of scale workloads stuff on like that, too. Because like in a major city, you know, there's gonna be

Jessamyn 1:16:01 paper ballots. Yeah. And the absentee ballots are the killer, right? Because we have like three pieces of paper, two sides, everybody's got to do the stuff. And then yeah. And then you got to grade anything that that has a right in and absentees you have to count them all? Yeah. Even though, like we have no effect pretty much under this President. Zero.

Cortex 1:16:29 We've got to take all the details of democracy very seriously, except for the ones that get subverted by moneyed interests.

Cortex 1:17:02 Should we talk about AskMe? Metafilter?

Jessamyn 1:17:05 Yes. Okay. Sorry, agreed. We should but what were the things I was going to talk about? All around more than usual,

Cortex 1:17:15 I'll stall for time a little bit and mentioned just more of a like, process thing. There's this question about changing Google auto suggestions that just someone had a question about, you know, how do I maybe try and fix the listings on on this? And the question is fine, and there's just a few answers so far, and some expense like well, it may not be so much you can do about changing those audits address things. But I remember that question. I'm following this I ended my activity just because like nothing screams, late breaking SEO spammer honeypot like a question like this, like, in two months, I expect to see, like four or five different accounts sign up and try and say, Well, you know, you could try this exciting. Oh, I never thought about that. every once awhile, I just see one. I'm like, that's some motherfuckers gonna try and sell their snake oil in here. So I'm just gonna get on top of there right now.

Jessamyn 1:18:04 Right? Just leave a note for later words.

Cortex 1:18:07 And that's the great thing about recent activity that could be I don't even have to remember until it happens and like, Oh, right. You waited four months to pull that off. I deleted it in three minutes.

Jessamyn 1:18:17 I don't want this to be sort of the the bond Cliff podcast entirely. But I really did enjoy that he had a song that he was so sure wasn't this song. And it he was right. It wasn't that song. But it was a song by the same band that he only saw because it was next on YouTube on a playlist with the other song that it wasn't yep, I

griphus 1:18:43 hate when that happens. There has been a thing that I have had nothing to track down by except like the general aesthetic of their like seven second promo for their album. I don't remember anything about what the like I've nothing and I was really cool sounding too. Yeah, so I'm, I'm mad at YouTube, I guess.

Cortex 1:19:08 We heard some song by some like, this is this is terrible story. There's a song that I can't remember what it is. And I'm not trying to figure out what it is. But it was in some shows. And it turns out it was on house and we heard it in the restaurant. And then we're like, where do you think that's from? Was that six feet under? Maybe his house? Turns out of his house. Thank you. This is a story I decided to tell everybody. Wow. So

griphus 1:19:27 um, okay, there this was this was on asked me and it's not so much the question. It's that there was a typo and I and I just I want to make it clear. I'm not like making fun of, you know, this person for typing, but it was about dictators and you know, they listed a few in the beginning, you know, just do it. And then like there was some question about like, the ideology of like violent dictators. But instead of Pol Pot, it says polpette and I just ended up going with it like and And you know we're having a whole mythology about Pol Pots, you know, shiftless layabout brother polpette. You know, brother has to pull them out of it.

Cortex 1:20:14 That's beautiful. I liked that story. I thought you're gonna go like, It's Pet direction with it.

griphus 1:20:20 That was, man, I do not know what they were trying to do with that movie. Yes. I never saw the movie sketches or the sketches.

Jessamyn 1:20:27 Right. And so they just Saturday Night Live is a machine for kind of making dumb. I mean, there's been a lot of dumb movies that have come out of SNL. That may have been the word

griphus 1:20:37 if there were more like, beloved movies than bad movies.

Jessamyn 1:20:41 I mean, did you see night at the Roxy? That was also, you know,

griphus 1:20:46 was that the one with with Roxy Roxbury? Roxbury, that's

Cortex 1:20:51 Roxbury?

Jessamyn 1:20:52 Is that what it's called? Alright.

griphus 1:20:53 Yeah. Yes. So much. No long.

Cortex 1:20:59 Woohoo. Let's do the whole song. Yeah, no, it's, it's like with, I can see how the LED light like it's Pat sketch, things started, like someone had an idea, the basic comedy idea, okay, we can't resolve an ambiguity, boom. But then the fact that they ran with it for so long, like they do with so many, like legacy sketches on their lives like, and then the fact that they decided, You know what, this is one of the ones we should make a movie. This is definitely this is definitely a movie one. Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:21:31 And I also feel like with sort of a better current awareness about transgender issues, it's even more unfunny than it was at the time. I was. Ready. Pretty unfunny.

Cortex 1:21:42 Yeah, I feel like if the movie had not been made, when it was, it wasn't gonna get made. 10 years later, probably because people would have liked just stopped and said, Yeah, no, this is really fun. It's

Jessamyn 1:21:51 totally offensive.

Cortex 1:21:52 Let's just not let's, let's admit that we came up with this.

griphus 1:21:56 I rewatched. The rest of the development for the you know, any time recently, and every single time I rewatch it, there's like a couple of like, you know, transphobic jokes in it. And every single time they just get like, louder and louder when I watch it, like just sort of ringing out.

Jessamyn 1:22:12 Which is funny, because Jeffrey Tambor was so great in transparent Yeah, yeah. So it's kind of weird that they would even Yeah,

Cortex 1:22:23 horrible blind spots, motherfucker. Just horrible. I mean, yeah. There was a silent beds of pause. There was a update to a post everyone's wall, someone writes in to say, Oh, hey, this post from two years ago, or five years ago, or 10 years ago, this question I asked, I finally have an answer. And so at some point in the last, I don't know, a year, so I think we added a formal function for being able to, like post a final update. Oh, that's cool. So we're gonna request everyone's ball from someone saying, Oh, hey, because it used to be I was like, Oh, well, they're closed. Sorry, I can't do anything. And now we say, Oh, sure. We'll post that for you. So this was a question from anaphoric. Helping, you know, honors student plan out a thesis about stories for spoiling basically, we're interested in the effect of spoilers on the enjoyment of stories is the is the pitch and so they updated basically to say, hey, there's a manuscript now for a full report on the research. So if you're interested in seeing what they did there, here's some research that came out of hey, asked meta filter, give me a hand with something. Wow. Nice, neat follow up.

griphus 1:23:40 Oh, um, this is somebody had posted a question. Saying Garrett uses a mixture of molasses, compost tea, apple cider vinegar, and liquid seaweed can be stored and it's apparently some sort of fertilizer that you use, but the first reply was, I you know, somebody saying I wouldn't drink it, and then it's for fertilizing plants, which I thought was a wonderful exchange. Because I mean, I thought the same thing I thought this was some sort of weird food. Compost and water. I thought it was just like, you know, tea that's been used or something on Bucha or something. Yeah, that's that's exactly what I thought of it. Like, you know, it was one of those things, but no, it turns out that it's, it's, it's plant food.

Cortex 1:24:29 It's got what plants crave. To be fair.

griphus 1:24:32 In actual usefulness, there was a thread on somebody and somebody asked, it was Phoenix Rising asked how low energy people what they did to become high energy people and I thought there was like, there, and I really liked that a lot of the advice was like regularly taking my prescribed psychiatric medication because that's, you know, that's super important.

Jessamyn 1:25:00 Is that is that one of the ones? Did you send a link across? Did I miss it?

Cortex 1:25:04 Oh, I'm sorry. Leave that buddy. Speaking. Speaking of sort of, like, just sort of brain maintenance. There's also this one from Toowoomba a few days ago, saying, Hey, I just need stuff that I can website that I can take a quick work break to look at.

Jessamyn 1:25:22 Because cute overload is gone, which is a huge problem.

griphus 1:25:25 What how did I mean I read some of the thing, and they're just like, Well, we, you know, we can't maintain this website, or I mean, like,

Cortex 1:25:32 it got overloaded or something. Got deaf? Yeah, no, it feels like something where someone is probably going to fill that gap. But, but at the same time, I guess when something's been an appliance, sort of on the web that long and it disappears. It's it's just weirder than, like some new blog sector popping up? I don't know. I don't know.

Jessamyn 1:26:02 So in the category of I need to know what the hell happened. Oops, sorry. I messed up the link. Hold on. I need to know what the hell happened. These people were trapped in their homes by a 10 foot wall of snow that the county left at the end of their driveway. And I'm a little worried about them.

griphus 1:26:25 Yeah, I was. I thought it was somebody that I knew on Twitter. But now that I look, it's not I think just a lot of people had this problem on that day.

Jessamyn 1:26:37 Hopefully, it's not just the normal Snowplow, but like that they lived somewhere where the way all the rest of the snow is plowed meant that there was this huge pile of snow at the end of their driveway. So much so that they literally could not get out of their house. And so, you know, this guy has said it's gonna cost us 400 ollars to get out of here. What the fuck, but I don't know what happened. And this was like a week ago, and I really want to know what happened.

Cortex 1:27:03 This is this is one of those boy it'd be nice if there was an update. Yeah, I mean, it's not one of those are they dead things necessarily, because like you don't really expect someone to die from you walk

Jessamyn 1:27:13 over the pile of snow. But I mean, really trapped in your house because of that. I mean, I read all the snow posts. I'm flying into DC just in time for a blizzard was another favorite. Because as you know, I left DC before that Blizzard. But I want to know if Chow flap had a good time, no update.

Cortex 1:27:35 You should just you should like do a little snow update project like Mefi mail a few people say hey, just checking in.

Jessamyn 1:27:42 I was the snow. Yeah, you can do it. How did it go? So

Cortex 1:27:46 the meta tag thing.

Jessamyn 1:27:47 And then there was the clearing one inch of snow question by Tallis. Which you know, seems hilarious. But if you've really never been in a place with snow before figuring out exactly what to do with various different kinds of levels of snow is useful. And it's got a ton of comments of like lots of people talking about no X.

griphus 1:28:07 Are you like if I had a car I would have literally no idea what to do with it. That is the

Jessamyn 1:28:13 real answer. Everyone kind of does it differently unless you have a driveway. Right? What do you do if you have a driveway? You park your car in the driveway and then you leave it near the end raise the windshield wipers off it and then just shovel the shit out of it. But on this on the street it's even harder because sometimes you have to move them for plowing

Cortex 1:28:35 we had our once every two years actual snow at all in Portland in the last month. And so there was like you know a good solid two inches of snow which is like that's pretty fucking crazy for Portland. And I had to remember how to get snow off of a car it's like oh, you knock it off with something Okay, good that worked. That's about that's about as bad as it gets here. So I would be one of those people who would be completely fucking lost over in snow country.

Cortex 1:29:04 But I liked this asked me about tea. Mostly just because it seems like a huge fight. PDF just mentioned. Yes. Like tbh Yes. So basically, you know, does the US gets shittier tea than UK for example. And it's interesting

Jessamyn 1:29:24 if you bought tea, the same brand tea in the two different places. Yes. Different.

Cortex 1:29:31 Yeah, and it's so it's interesting. So you get some tea facts in here and you also get a little bit of you know, tea opinion in there and it's I don't know teas. Tea Tea seems like one of the better subjects to argue about a little bit because like, you know, it's still tea at the end. Like you know, if you know reading I'm reading panicked questions about this recording. Yes, I am using Call Recorder yakka which I'm

Jessamyn 1:29:57 also using call recorder which is why it's good. Be okay you and your audacity alternative via you know, he

Cortex 1:30:03 opened he opened that website that ruins a computer that you mentioned earlier.

Jessamyn 1:30:07 Oh, I blame the library.

Cortex 1:30:08 Good. Anyway, anyway, yes, we will have a recording of this.

Jessamyn 1:30:15 No, I do want to ask you how you fared after Josh is done talking about whatever is making his gum slab

Cortex 1:30:20 teas fun and yeah, please continue.

griphus 1:30:24 Oh, how did I parents know how to Josh fare and stuff.

Jessamyn 1:30:26 I just had what I mean.

Cortex 1:30:30 There was no fairing to do. We were.

griphus 1:30:33 I mean, the the we just stayed inside all day like the dogs thankfully, like knew exactly how long you know, she'd we took her outside she peed, like immediately and then we just ran back in the house. A little dog. Yeah, thank God. I mean, she doesn't often do that. But I think she understood the sense of urgency and like impending apocalypse.

Jessamyn 1:30:54 We're gonna try out here if you don't make it snappy.

griphus 1:30:57 Yeah, like, I mean, I remember looking at the Winter being like, oh, you know, hey, the snow is going sideways and then just like sort of squinting being like it's going sideways in both directions. I don't know what's happening outside anymore. You know, and they're they were talking about thunder snow. I don't know if we got it. But if you've never seen thunder, snow, it's terrifying.

Jessamyn 1:31:16 When I was gone, and I heard it was very dramatic. I think I've only seen it one time. The hill

Cortex 1:31:21 is Thunder snow.

griphus 1:31:22 Exactly. It is. Snow with thunder and lightning.

Cortex 1:31:26 That's amazing.

griphus 1:31:28 I will. Yeah, it is the most, you know, Led Zeppelin of weather patterns. And yeah, there was speaking of dogs, somebody had asked a question about I was ragged Richard, he asked the question about adopting a, you know, a Puggle. And we have a Puggle. And, you know, I, I was considering just like, you know, adding something into the thread was just like, I have nothing to add. Other than that, you know, you're, you're adopting a wonderful, horrible dog.

Jessamyn 1:32:06 Love that dog.

griphus 1:32:07 I love that dog. Very, very much. But she is so bad. And like we were actually we she's actually slowing down a little bit now that she's, you know, getting older. She's actually seven now. But it turns out that my like, wife's cousin or something also has a Puggle. And that Puggle is 11. And she's like, No, he's exactly the same. Yeah, so, yeah, that is that is a hell of a kind of a dog to get and I am sure that they were going to fall absolutely in love with their dog.

Jessamyn 1:32:42 That is awesome. McCard you should have your wife draw them a card.

griphus 1:32:46 Yeah, I think you're awful side. I

Jessamyn 1:32:49 hope I fall in love with your awful dog.

griphus 1:32:52 Mama, somebody on Metafilter drew a picture of our dog ones. It was funny me. Jen. I think it was during like one of the the end of the year contests and I and she had you know, like auction or not, you know, contest that off like a picture of something or I think like a picture of your pet. Because it was I think a funny animal. Post. And yeah, so I've got this on my fridge. I've got this very lovely drawing of Apple dressed like a little queen.

Jessamyn 1:33:26 Ah,

Cortex 1:33:29 that's kind of great.

griphus 1:33:30 And it's, it's also got like dog memes stuff around it. So it's also a time capsule.

Jessamyn 1:33:40 I got I didn't have like a ton of asked me things. I mean, like I commented and a bunch of stuff, but nothing where I'm like, Oh my God, this totally opened my eyes to whatever.

Cortex 1:33:51 It's I think the I commented for once, like, I almost never like answer questions, because, as we've discussed many times before, just I think it's the case for a lot of people a lot of the time it's like, you know, other people just get there first. But there was a question. Let me find it. Actually, there was a question that I answered, and I got the best answer. I'm so excited. You know, I run Metafilter now, but I still get excited that oh, I've got a best answer on it. But it's just it's still it's like yeah, it's like yeah, I did it. Someone had a question about like, whether or not they still could get some value out of a prorated extended warranty on their car. And they and they asked a question, and there were a few comments. I got a car for a couple of years. Well it's the thing is like people were like, Why would you think you'd get any money out of it? And I sort of stopped and tried to think it through and and I guess I may have gotten there because like there was no specific follow up from the asker but they best answered it. So I guess maybe it was on the right track, but it's just like, you know, like, if if I'm under the mileage, but the contract expired. Am I owed any money? And the answer's no, because like it's either not, you know, whichever you can get money out of they're gonna give Boy money like that. But anyway, I answered a question. And I provided some detail and a rationale for it. And it felt good. And hopefully it was helpful for them. Positive asked minute filter experience where I wasn't having to yell at anybody or delete anything. And that's always reminds me

Jessamyn 1:35:15 of another another sort of goofy AskMe Metafilter when I'm looking at like, Oh, what did I get the best answer. And this is a person who goes to a bunch of what they consider to be kind of low, low quality sites when they're just bored on the internet, like people Entertainment Weekly and E Online helped me find more productive ways to waste my time. And so it's a it's a great website for like, you know, high quality stuff. Well see, here's nuzzle. I've never seen nuzzle. It aggregates links from your people. You follow on Twitter.

griphus 1:35:55 Pretty cool. still around? Main point came back at some very briefly like a meme pool.

Jessamyn 1:36:04 Oh, it was? Yeah. Back for a little bit. And then yeah,

griphus 1:36:08 the website doesn't even resolve anymore. Oh, god. Yeah, it's Wow.

Cortex 1:36:14 It's like one of the scenes where someone's like, been like, ill for a long time, and then they rally and have a really good day, and then they die. Maybe it's like that.

Jessamyn 1:36:22 No, I think Daniel boeken runs it, doesn't he? I mean, isn't he our friend on Metafilter?

Cortex 1:36:27 Yes. Wait for baby. Yeah. Okay, I found out about I don't, I don't remember for sure. Actually. We'll have to love to research that anyway. It's great. That is neat. I should check that out. There's uh oh, what's that waxy is involved or started or something? Some is sort of a similar idea. I like it's more of like a site than, than a service. So it's like it's aggregating links from like, XOXO people I think basically. But you know, they're good people. They're nice people. You should come back at some time.

griphus 1:37:08 Is that the the Portland? Local South by Southwest type thing.

Cortex 1:37:15 Yeah. Sort of like creative internet people conference. I was not It's not explicitly local. It just happens to be in Portland so it's local for me.

Jessamyn 1:37:25 Yeah, thank you. If it were local, I might be excited about going but because it's not local. I'm not even close to

Cortex 1:37:30 slipping cross country does sort of add some some stuff to it. Anyway, any other asked medical justification want to cover?

Jessamyn 1:37:38 I don't think so. I would like to mention, just because it's my thing. And it's in the Sesame Street vein. Jim did do a cover of I love trash the Oscar the Grouch for that yet. I mean, he did it. He's like trying to do a song a week and he's actually doing pretty close to that. And he did one about Donald Trump being a fascist asshole, which I thought was terrific and he was very surprised to not get more uptake. But I think if I was recommending something for other people to listen to the I love tracks

Cortex 1:38:08 that's awesome anything 30 or 30 or anything Raghu Rajan are rough draft I have. Well, heck I'll do let's say you can do a quick Metafilter music minute then because yeah, there's

Jessamyn 1:38:41 you don't even say segway anymore. You just say sake.

Cortex 1:38:43 I say I've used both forever. I think I usually say segway more when I'm wanting to make a Segway joke.

griphus 1:38:51 It's time to figure out why I never saw that word in print. Ah,

Cortex 1:38:57 I don't know if I ever tried to spell it like SEGUEGU E. Or why I can't even spell it wrong on purpose out loud. Anyway, so there's there's a bunch of good stuff on music. Yeah, Jim has been posting stuff, carried adventures posted a bunch of things recently. One of which is this nice tune called Lorraine that he's working on? I'm always impressed when people are like, oh, yeah, so I got this demo. It's really I'm trying to you know, and then it's like, boom. Really good. Because I do that too. But it's usually like boom, it's a demo. Yeah, it's a really a bunch of stuff just like was kicking for me. instrumentally when I sort of catching up on stuff like that, like basically all of these pretty much have you know, vocals and lyrics and stuff too, but it's just like I was down with like, the first you know, 30 seconds of instrumental even before that came along. Threatened Eve Ashtar. I think I think I'm getting that right. song called Writing out. That has Nice, nice nice collection of sounds in it.

Jessamyn 1:40:06 Nice. I love the the music wrap up because it's a lot of users. I mean Trini is a little bit on asked me but mostly in music and so it's just cool to learn about, you know, other other users that hang out in other places. Yeah,

Cortex 1:40:21 exactly. And, and yeah, there's a bunch of folks who posted stuff this month, who aren't people I've mentioned, like 30 times before. So it's kind of nice to be able to keep picking out folks. Really? Oh, yeah. The Red Army post a song called the new Satanism described as a hard rock prog anthem thing, which I think is accurate. And that's it's also pretty rad. And they they I don't think I've mentioned maybe that they posted one other thing previously, I think I may have mentioned, well, they were involved in the Okay, computer cover album we did as the other post they have. So that was a few years ago. Anyway, the new Satanism, you know, pretty rad. There's a post by REM Lab, which Paul M Palmer, I think I finally figured out previously but couldn't remember until I tried to think of it now. That's, that's not the link to that song. That's just the letter A. Let me try that again. Anyway, it was real nice song here. It's also just a really, really great intro. Instrumental stuff. I just liked the sound of it a whole lot. I'm going to end up using like the first, you know, 2030 seconds of using songs and they went and wrote songs with words that there aren't going to be words in the podcast, sorry. But that's just the way it goes sometimes. Finally, the Vice Admiral of the narrow Seas is the username. The song is a five cornered square, and it's an amazingly weird like Synthi guitar mess. That's really pretty rad. That the gym in fact, was the first person to comment on describing it as Frank Zappa conducting Buckethead improvising a Butthole Surfers song, which pretty much hit the nail on the head. It's it's pretty fantastic. So yeah, I don't know. It's just a bunch of good stuff. There's, there's there's lots of good stuff on music, and people should go listen to it. Because hey, music is great.

Jessamyn 1:42:15 Yes, it is great. And there's all sorts of all good stuff in there. And yeah, we should talk to Pronoiac. And or Jim about getting the tarball up again, download the huge chunk of

Cortex 1:42:27 stuff. Yeah, yeah, the big the big pile of everything, because that was that was rad when they did that previously, and getting it updated, and kicked it off, again, would be great. Yes. There are a couple of things on meta stock worth mentioning. There's a couple profile page options we added recently

Jessamyn 1:42:46 about this and the way that a lot, you want to explain it for people who may not just live and breathe.

Cortex 1:42:54 This is the outcome of of a couple weeks worth of stuff, at least on meta stock. But the outcome is we added a couple of options for profile pages. One is if you want to hide the contributions and social sections, your profile page, the index of everything you've posted, and then like the who you're nearby, and who your contacts with, you can make that so that's something that only members can see rather than everybody now it's an option.

Jessamyn 1:43:17 So you make it that no one can see it or its members, the limit the members limit,

Cortex 1:43:21 if you need to have nobody Be aware that you're on meta filter, you just need to not be on meta filter, basically. Okay. But but you know, you can have it as a minor speed bump, if you want a little slightly more private profile page, because you know, we don't Google index them, they won't show up in search results. But people can still go to your profile page. So if you if you want a little bit more of a speed bump there, that's available now too. And we also added something that I've been thinking of for a while, which is the ability to list geographic coordinates on the site, but not have them be visible to other members. So if you want to

Jessamyn 1:43:52 get nearby alerts for IRL, but you don't have to show people where you live on your profile. I think that's brilliant.

Cortex 1:43:58 Yeah. And that I think is a good change. Because I've heard several people have said specifically over the years, oh, yeah, I don't list those because I don't want to have to list my location on my site. I you know, I'd love to get meetup alerts. But I'd love more not to list where I live on my profile,

Jessamyn 1:44:15 or even close like just not No, thank you not because I mean, if you know my name and what town I live in, you could basically get directions to my home. And I don't mind but that doesn't mean other people might not care

griphus 1:44:25 exact. If I send a letter that just says Jessamyn and has your zip code on it. It'll gets here, right? Yeah, yeah.

Jessamyn 1:44:31 I'm the only Jessamyn on my zip code.

griphus 1:44:36 Convenient. Yeah,

Cortex 1:44:37 yeah. Yeah. You are probably not the target demo for this. For this, this change, but yeah, so but thank

Jessamyn 1:44:43 you to Melissa Soros because I think she wrote a really good meta talk thread that actually helped kind of kick this off to wanting people you know, to be helpful. So even people who necessarily this wouldn't necessarily be their thing. They could at least understand why other people would like it and be like, Oh, okay, and it does Don't take anything away from anyone else. Really?

Cortex 1:45:02 Exactly. It's a nice sort of gentle compromise thing. And it was not too hard to get put together and PB was super duper on it. So yeah, all came up pretty well. And if you really want the whole backstory on it, you can sort of page back from this meta talk to the previous one to the one before that, but it's such a big pile of thing and as much as anything was about people being concerned about privacy, that I probably shouldn't like, go into a big long winded thing about it on the podcast, or like defeating the purpose. But you know, interesting sort of intra community stuff if you want to catch up on a big thing you missed. There was also just a fun little thread if you're looking for a fun thing for meta talk. There was a nice thread about the Powerball mania. Were going to Maine just said, Hey, what are you going to do with that billion dollars you just won and it's full of a bunch of variously thoughtful and jokey comments about spending giant piles of money so it was kind of a fun community outlet for all that weird lottery stuff that was going on. And yeah,

griphus 1:46:01 that lottery there was like a simulator that almost worked like one of those like click aggregation games.

Cortex 1:46:08 It was like it was like Cookie Clicker except for just losing money on the lottery.

griphus 1:46:15 Friendship metaphor for some

Cortex 1:46:20 Yeah. Any any other site stuff and pop around in your brains? I mean,

griphus 1:46:26 I could. I've got that thing coming up. That Do you have the podcast? I'm working on a podcast with some medical people. Oh, yeah.

griphus 1:46:38 Yeah, it's me. Greg, Greg, Greg nog. Tim chips Shakespearian and Katherine who is internet fraud detective squad station number nine that I just got it. Yeah, and it's just, it's it's just the four of us hanging out talking. Cut down to like a really trim. Like, I think one of the we got one of the candidates about 23 minutes long. So it's, you know, it's a thing that will be on projects sooner or later.

Cortex 1:47:16 I'm excited. I'm excited to hear that when it comes along. Me too. Well, hey, thanks so much for coming on the on the podcast and your guys.

Jessamyn 1:47:26 GRIFFIS thanks for talking to us.

griphus 1:47:28 Yes, thank you. Thank you for having me.

Cortex 1:47:30 And one of these days we'll unbanned

Jessamyn 1:47:37 you I couldn't even

Cortex 1:47:38 if you want to if you want me to let you in. So you can comment in the podcast thread, you know, just let me know.

Jessamyn 1:47:45 Or use one of your socks

griphus 1:47:49 and that grip is fantastic. All right.