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Podcast 112 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 112: FUCK ALL THE REST OF THE LETTERS (2016-01-06).

Pronoiac passed the podcast to


Cortex 0:00 podcasts for a podcast podcast. Josh bar and gentlemen where God was a muddy mess where the best of the web Hello, and welcome to another episode of Best of the web, the Metafilter monthly podcast. This is Episode 112, the first episode of The New Year 2016. I am Josh Malartic a cortex

Jessamyn 0:36 and I'm Jessamyn.

not_on_display 0:38 And I'm Jim aka not on display.

churl 0:41 And I'm Jesse aka turtle.

Cortex 0:45 That's right for people we're doing for people, which is insane. We've never done it before. I don't think we do too. Probably yeah, but no, who's gonna check so we've never done it before.

Jessamyn 0:55 Never before in 2016 Yes.

Cortex 0:58 It's you know, there's four of us. It's January 4. It's episode 112. One plus one plus two is four. It's, it's Kismet is what it is.

Jessamyn 1:10 You're quick on your feet you are,

Cortex 1:12 you know, I've had a whole day to I guess give in base

Jessamyn 1:15 three. It's 11011.

not_on_display 1:17 Ah, my head's exploding,

Cortex 1:20 which is four ones. And it's a palindrome. So now it's episode 111. Again, so we've gone back in time, happy 2015. So yes, we we were talking about having people on and we decided to have two people on at once. So we've got not on display longtime Nephite and also Jessamine Sweetie Pie. Okay, if I say Sweetie Pie, see pies. Fine. Okay. And and then we have Jessie who is? Surely longtime Eflite and

Jessamyn 1:51 Josh's podcast, sweetie.

Jessamyn 1:53 Yes.

churl 1:53 Yeah, we don't kiss that much anymore, though.

Jessamyn 1:57 Like you got a work husband, you know, and you've got like a podcast, brother and kid brother wants to script this. And one of them's Jesse and I don't know, which is what? Yeah.

Cortex 2:06 Yes, no, Jesse and I podcast. On the show. We do call the crap shoot that we occasionally put out where we drink beer and podcast. So it works out. Well.

churl 2:14 Let me just show even less formal than this one.

Cortex 2:18 I'm afraid that like the tone of that is just going to creep into this as a result of your your presence here. So it's possible you're

Jessamyn 2:26 drinking beer or any of you drinking beer?

Cortex 2:28 I am I am dipping into a beer. I'm dipping into a dead guy ale right now.

Jessamyn 2:31 Oh, those are quite that's one of my favorite beers from the Newport brewery.

Cortex 2:36 Yeah, robe. Yeah,

churl 2:38 I normally would be I'm taking two weeks off to start off the new year. Drinking water.

Jessamyn 2:45 Hey, I got this habit app because I'm gonna floss this year, or at least I have for five days in a row. It's a good start. And I got this app that better filter recommended me called habit bowl, which is awesome. Except the splash screen every time like you've launched the app is got this like girl in these like tight leggings who's just climbed a mountain?

not_on_display 3:05 Why the hell is she flossing?

Jessamyn 3:08 She I don't think she is, is that is my thing. And so now I'm mad at her. Yeah. And so that fuels my I actually tweeted the company and was like, I'd like a splash screen that was a little more neutral and not dislike eight ads, showing her behind to me like a

churl 3:26 yoga clip art thing?

Jessamyn 3:28 She's probably somebody's girlfriend, right?

churl 3:32 It was it a photo? It's not an illustration. Yeah, it's

Jessamyn 3:34 a photo. I'm okay with illustrations. This is like a literal woman.

churl 3:39 I'm pretty fussy. I mean, I'll delete an app off my phone just because I don't like the color or the icon. Or looking at it. I mean, what's you know, there's a million things that are gonna be 99% the same. So why live with the wrong color icon?

Jessamyn 3:52 I guess I live with this lady's butt. Well, I can maybe I can browbeat those guys into changing it. Maybe give it a shot. I did. Oh, see. They're probably tweeting me back right now.

Cortex 4:03 Oh, that's. So that's the beating of the brow has begun. It's whether it's effective at this point.

Jessamyn 4:09 Yeah. All right. I mean, it's kind of weird, right? You see people like making an app and like, you've got 20 times as many followers as they have. And you feel like that should count for something on Twitter, but maybe it does. Maybe it doesn't. I don't

not_on_display 4:22 know. I have like 15 followers, I think.

Jessamyn 4:26 To be fair, you haven't tried to get

not_on_display 4:28 more than 15 I gotta work the crowd. Where's the crowd?

Jessamyn 4:33 Hey, well, your your username. You can tell people on the podcast. You can follow Jim on the podcast on Twitter, not on display. Not underscore on underscore display. Yes.

not_on_display 4:43 Right. That's correct. That is correct. That is correct. You've known me for almost eight years.

Jessamyn 4:51 Shut up. How long have you been on Twitter?

not_on_display 4:54 Probably eight years, but I think I've made eight Twitter's tweets. Tweet. Yep. See? See if you can.

Jessamyn 5:05 So 112 Yeah, can

Cortex 5:07 you tell us something about the number 112

Jessamyn 5:09 There's not really much to recommend 112 Although so it's six prime numbers added up together six consecutive primes. So between 11 and 29, you add up all those Prime's you get 112. But it's also the number of pounds in a British long 100 weight, which makes no sense at all because 100 weight should be 100 pounds long the 100 weight, which is eight stone is 112 pounds. So I guess that's interesting for some reason. But other than that, I was you know, the 112 entries is short.

Cortex 5:50 It feels like it feels like it's been kind of like a downturn on the number fax ever since we like cleared three digits, because exciting there for a couple of them because like, ooh, three digits but

Jessamyn 6:00 111 I kind of like that.

not_on_display 6:03 What happened in the year AD? 112. Oh, it looks for

Jessamyn 6:07 Oh, see, that's a good that's a smart idea. See x i It was elite beer that started on Thursday. At the time it was known as the year of the consulship of trainees and Cornelius.

not_on_display 6:20 Cornelius Cornelius,

Jessamyn 6:23 part of the Roman Empire Hadrian succeeded Gaius Julius sees such a structure as the target market and I don't even know why these younger maybe died.

not_on_display 6:34 I'm interested in the history of the parking parking.

Jessamyn 6:40 Yeah, I don't even know. See x i I'm gonna have to start looking for you. So it's a good idea. Moving on.

Cortex 6:48 That's a good angle. Yeah. All right. Well, should we should we talk about Metafilter stuff, I guess we usually talk about jobs and I'm usually jobs but we do have like one notable job post this month, which is metal filter, posted a job post and and we went and hired a person so that were

Jessamyn 7:07 posted and then take it down because you

Cortex 7:10 filled it well, you know, what happened is I hadn't I hadn't set it to filled. And as a result, we got a couple late applications and I felt terrible is like oh no people. I mean, by now you probably probably know but yeah, so your resume on file? Yeah,

Jessamyn 7:28 but last time, did we yeah, we did that

Cortex 7:33 I didn't delete my emails. We didn't. So I mean, anybody who sent us a resume specifically was probably overachieving at the time. But uh, but you know, I mean, it's I have everybody's applications from three three years ago and this year so but but ya know, if it's if it's not deleted them they still see it but since we haven't marked filed doesn't show up because we don't want to tease people with like a here's a job you can apply for except for you won't get it because we already hired someone so so it's a catch 22 There you can't go easily browsing for the old job post you have to do a little digging through meta talk.

Jessamyn 8:13 I'm surprised I guess they don't show him this kind of grayed out or something like that. But I guess it makes sense.

Cortex 8:18 Yeah, I mean, we could think about it but like at that point, like it's not it's not really something where oh, I need to know what jobs aren't available. So it's like yeah, what do you do? But anyway, we did that and we are bringing on eyebrows McGee.

Jessamyn 8:34 Exciting. And that was passed to like, it wasn't you know, I wasn't even I hadn't even started you know, giving you lots of helpful suggestions.

Cortex 8:45 Well, and it's funny because we were we had such specific requirements as time for timing to that like you know, suggestions are great but like you know, suggest someone who you know for a fact wants to work both days every weekend in perpetuity. And also

Jessamyn 9:00 I didn't consider it which

Cortex 9:03 which is understandable. I mean, that either is something that works for you or it doesn't and if it doesn't, God that would not work.

Jessamyn 9:09 It really doesn't I can imagine like I can imagine

not_on_display 9:13 Yeah, I can imagine like a lot of negative like like whatever you do, don't hire that one.

Jessamyn 9:22 A lot of time back channel I do that all the time. Like I email and I'm like Don't you dare Don't you dare hire that person? And Josh is like oh my god we totally won't but it feels bad to even talk at that level about it because well and

Cortex 9:37 you know, I mean the thing is we all we had to do is hire one person we didn't have to like proactively not hire at several other people or anything.

not_on_display 9:46 Everything how many how many people die bro so many people

Cortex 9:50 like applied? I always a couple dozen 30 Somewhere in there. Okay. Yeah. For for Hey, come work on weekends, part time in particular that was really nice. So yeah, we had, we had a bunch of good folks to choose from and narrowed it down. And eyebrows, McGee just ended up being a really great fit on basically all fronts. So she's actually going to start shadowing us later this week and learning the ropes and great. And she got that older gentleman, you remember that new moderator document you wrote up? Like three years ago when we're hiring lodgement? And, and, and good news for the insane? Of course, well, we took that, and we've been given that a pass and we're gonna, it's been weird going through that and updating at TED, like, you know, oh, well, all of these roles no longer really apply in the same way. And two or three of these people are not there anymore. It took some rewriting, but it was nice to have that and it's got such a new tone to it. It was fun, just for everything. It was a guest This is extremely something Jessamyn wrote,

Jessamyn 10:51 so yay.

Cortex 10:53 So then the legacy coming forward from there.

churl 10:57 There's no There's no longer role where you have to go and update the Metafilter MySpace or anything like that.

Cortex 11:04 To the extent that there is that that's, yeah, yeah.

churl 11:07 Well, this is really funny because I, this is how I know my temporal chronology is all mixed up right now. I didn't even know that this was gonna be the month that we talked about the hearing the new mud, congratulations to eyebrows McGee. Laura, right. Yeah. Yeah. Because Two episodes ago, she was the guest, and I just got so jumbled up. I assumed that Welcome on board.

Jessamyn 11:28 Oh, God, I forgot about that.

Cortex 11:30 Yeah, no, bad. It's okay. I'm sure there's anybody who has conspiracy theory being that you know, the trick is to be on the podcast, and then you get hired shortly thereafter. That only worked for me and for eyebrows McGee, so it's clearly not an actual rule.

Jessamyn 11:45 And Jessie,

churl 11:48 eyebrows, monkey didn't even like write a theme song for the episode though. So yeah,

Cortex 11:51 no, seriously.

not_on_display 11:52 I mean, really, why am I you? Can't be the way and I really liked

churl 11:55 going back and listen to that episode. Because before recording this episode, I was like, You know what, I should probably jump back and just remember, like how guests work on the metaphor, podcast. So we went back and in the first 10 seconds, Laura's like, so I decided to listen back to some older episodes, I could remember what guests were supposed to. It's just turtles all the way down.

Cortex 12:15 Yes. Chain back to the very, very dawn of time. I don't know if anybody else was excited about any other jobs or anything that they had listed. There's some development stuff, there's some SQL stuff. But you know, there you go.

Jessamyn 12:28 Now you're looking for Java, blah, blah, computers, not that. That's not cool. But yeah, you know, in

Cortex 12:33 fact, I don't think there's any open job listings on the page that weren't there. Last time we recorded everything else. That was, I

Jessamyn 12:39 guess, December 1, right? Yeah, everything else was unfilled. So

Cortex 12:41 let's just stop talking about jobs. But there we go. I have a sort of a sort of a segue is a segue in the sense that it wasn't a Segway but now I'm saying segway repeatedly. projects you're talking about projects

not_on_display 12:53 projects, I I actually looked at projects specifically because I don't normally go there and I found so much good stuff. There's there's a bunch. What do you like, what did you see here? I'm going down my list here. Well, I wanted to give a shout out to my trivia homie backseat pilot, because he he posted on airports and more of New England and beyond. And it's just basically Yeah, but it's just, it's just showing it just shows like, you know, I mean, he's always the best person with airplane stories and stuff like that. And Boeing Yeah. And, and it's I always I always want to ask him about a about like, Tell me another scary airplane story. And he's always willing to accommodate me and he's he's been really generous to us he said oh, yeah, you know if you ever want to fly like when the when the fun time meetup happened a few years ago up in New Hampshire he said I'm flying there yeah fun spot fun spot yeah up and up at the Lakes Region in New Hampshire where they have all the video game records and it's a huge arcade everything that he was like I'm gonna fly up there and I still kick myself for not not taking them up on that but but yeah, yeah, I thought that was a really good one. I've also I also liked the if you are reading this the contingency messages twitter bot that that acting dot and Metroid baby and incident mentioned meetup

Jessamyn 14:16 yeah have like the ethnic knocked twitter bot corner like every month

Cortex 14:27 they're always more or less got a monthly

Jessamyn 14:28 is this got the end factors is something else. Hi, sorry. Oh,

Cortex 14:32 yeah, this this month he posted the goddamn facts. Fact box. I think Jim was talking about the very top we talked about it in the last episode actually the if you're reading this alert bot with the meetup. Oh god yeah,

Jessamyn 14:53 that was so funny.

Cortex 14:54 Yeah, this this month, or last end of last month. I don't know what months are anymore. Are I had a busy one I died I've lost track of everything yes the goddamn backs I think I can safely at this point I've been so on board with really enjoying those stuff that picnic knock does that I feel like I can safely get away without seeming harsh stay in this one air for me I just I think I like I like really well constructed curses and this is more like you know someone who just dropped a hammer just sort of

Jessamyn 15:27 the goddamn village has a goddamn population of 785 I don't know

Cortex 15:34 I'm stuff bad see this I already feel bad for like you know like

not_on_display 15:41 yeah you know some some summer summer hits summer misses I think this is like you know an easy the goddamn facts one was pretty easy. I looked at that for a second I was like now the I like the other one better. Yeah. If you're reading this then that's something weird

churl 16:00 how come one of the tweets from god damn fact bot is just the word MacRumors

Jessamyn 16:08 that's a very good question.

not_on_display 16:10 That's maybe that's just rumors that that is just a you know swear in and of itself.

Cortex 16:18 Well, maybe if it has like a probabilistic chance at every point in the software generated to like generate a swear and failed every single time. So like, grabbed Mac rumors and then tried to stick a plastic board and or a shin. Sometimes you just gotta stick a fuck. It's, uh, speaking of bots, I liked I liked the the ology bot from de Tibet, which I'm failing to paste here.

Jessamyn 16:47 A little chat window, right?

Cortex 16:50 Yeah. Just as a study, study analogy of analogy, and randomly, you know, stick things together with the various ologies and stick to it.

not_on_display 17:05 I saw that one too. Yeah.

Jessamyn 17:06 That was the neurophysiology of parasitology.

not_on_display 17:09 There were a few choice. Yeah, the lymphology of isotope analysis,

Jessamyn 17:14 and no history of number theory.

Cortex 17:18 The Helio seismology of dendrology, the

Jessamyn 17:21 Kremlinology of Psychopharmacology, the Satan

not_on_display 17:23 ology of geophysics, I like that. I'll take that. That's a winner of course, yes.

Cortex 17:29 No history of number theory. Oh, God. I was I was busy.

Jessamyn 17:34 Anyone who says what the mythology is saying to me at all? No.

not_on_display 17:39 Quantum Field Theory. I think that's that's a that's another one of those 200 level courses.

Cortex 17:45 I suspect as the number of people on the podcast goes up the chance that anybody hears anything anybody else has goes down. I've listened. Well, I know you're listening. But you're just you really,

churl 17:54 we all know what it's like. I

Cortex 17:55 know. I was just trying to generalize my way out of that one. It's worth a shot.

churl 17:59 I didn't really like that moment. When you guys were all taking turns reading them. It sounded like some kind of like, besides, They Might Be Giants song.

Cortex 18:11 I like this. I like this just for the callback. hubris of it fainteth but posted a project called that stupid hybrid high love 2016.

not_on_display 18:21 Yeah. I thought that was just that thing came up years ago. And he's like, Yeah, that's what is 2016 Here it is. And sure enough,

Jessamyn 18:31 right. Can somebody explain Okay, so So looking at this for the first time,

Cortex 18:35 yes, if you go if you go into the projects post and look at the click on good news for the insane it'll take to a comment. The good news for the insane made nine years ago where he makes a joke about how like, he's talking about how like, you know, memes sort of roll over and you know,

Jessamyn 18:54 Oh, I get it, I get it.

Cortex 18:56 Okay, cat will be replaced with the stupid Hybrid Hybrid meme of 2016. And so in 2007, this was seen by fainteth. But who then favorited it, and then nine years passed, and apparently he made a note to himself. Then he started a blog that just features you know, that stupid Hybrid Hybrid meme of 20

not_on_display 19:13 These are awesome, though. I mean, the rooster rhinoceros all of them are incredible.

churl 19:19 Yeah. Wow. Just scrolling through the page. The word hybrid has stopped having any meaning.

not_on_display 19:25 It's just a tag. It's just a brand name now, I think

Cortex 19:29 it's spelled wrong to begin with. So it's even more dizzying and it's

Jessamyn 19:33 far as a segue we go from think of but to dot lol. My two girls v 42. posted just today. Charles is drawing a butt every day. For 2016

not_on_display 19:47 we see these butts. Oh yeah. And they are all looking

Jessamyn 19:52 amazing. It's on

Cortex 19:53 buttstock LOL, which is fantastic.

Jessamyn 19:56 I didn't even know di lol was a top level domain.

churl 20:00 Not much did you sell it to Charles V?

Cortex 20:04 It never even occurred to me to go and try and register it. I'm glad it's gone.

Jessamyn 20:07 But can we send him a picture and he'll do us about portrait? Oh,

Cortex 20:11 you'll have to ask him. I don't want to we're gonna sit in trouble.

Jessamyn 20:16 A picture of your blood. I only have pictures here

Cortex 20:18 but my phone. I think you should definitely inquire. I think I think that's worth a shot.

not_on_display 20:23 Speaking of all of one thing, I also have favorited the final consternation for one let me let me copy that link for you guys. But it's basically a supercut of screams from horror movies, and I don't usually watch our movies. So it took me a while to like figure out which one we're coming from. Where's it all one movie? No, it's not all one movie. But it was just screen after screen after screen after screen. And it was. Yes, it was pretty awesome.

Jessamyn 20:48 I Azerbaijani

Cortex 20:49 Yes. I think I might have mentioned this last podcast. It's it's, it's fantastic. It's I mean, it's exactly what it sounds like. So it's, it's, it's a very long and 11 minutes in that sense. But it's also kind of great just to have that total satiation of this specific thing.

not_on_display 21:04 All the different types of screams anything that qualifies as a scream and all the different ways in which people were made to scream. And it was just fascinating. Like, yeah, just just fascinated me. Especially because I don't usually watch our movies.

Cortex 21:20 Like this. I like I like I like how you say horror.

not_on_display 21:24 It's like I always say draw our accent

Cortex 21:27 also. What's it what's what's a mythical scaly creature that shows up in high fantasy? Griffin? fire breathing, fire breathing. Dragon. Yeah.

not_on_display 21:42 Do you say drag on

Cortex 21:43 I? I do now. I say Dragon. Dragon gotten a lot of feedback.

Jessamyn 21:51 But Jim, what's the thing that you pull out of a desk and keep your pencil draw? See?

Cortex 21:56 Yeah, I think that's what's the thing that you wear underneath your pants. Don't even shoes. Under bypass, there isn't. Anybody else got any other projects.

Jessamyn 22:18 I just want to mention, Greg NOGs. What I learned from one month of not eating fried chicken only because he's so funny. And anytime, like he's funny on Twitter, but like Twitter's whatever, like it's short. It's kind of a little easy. This is like one whole essay on medium about not eating raw chicken for a month. And it's basically a send up of all those dorks who talk about, you know, right, I quit drinking for four days, and I learned all sorts of shit.

Cortex 22:51 Every day for a month. This this article may or may not qualify in part as just some fairly direct like, sort of long form sub tweeting at a post on meta filter from a couple days ago that there was one of those like, here's, you know, I stopped drinking and here's my experience with that. And then a couple like, there was a sort of related post about navigating being the person who doesn't drink among a circle of friends who are drinking a few days before that. So I I feel like there was some Zeitgeist there and that may have driven this into existence. So it's not just hidden commenting on those articles, but also sort of like, as a filter in the last few days. Yeah. Which, of course, it then came back up. And at least one of those threads is like, what then? Yeah, it's complicated. It's internet stuff. But yes,

Jessamyn 23:38 I have well, I lol.

not_on_display 23:40 I have one other one that I just wanted to mention is the thank you notes. One, which I thought I thought it was just a good exercise that this person wanted to thank it's just a person listing what they're grateful for every day. And you know, as as listed probably doesn't pertain much to me, but I think it's a you know, just an example of a good exercise that he wanted to share what she wanted to share. And I enjoyed reading little bits and pieces of it. It was nice hearing somebody say thank you rather than going something's wrong

Cortex 24:10 Yep, no, it was nice. I saw that one one came through and I was like, no that's a good idea. Yeah, it's a good project. Hey, it's a good project. It's the name of the sub site Jesse you hear what I'm saying here? It's I

Jessamyn 24:29 don't even I will not take that thing from your hand is your mind.

Cortex 24:34 I pronounced that my projects its creativity out of the world. That's yeah. She will move on to Metafilter

churl 24:45 Yeah, do I want to tack on I did do a bad job on the projects thing in preparation, but I do love projects. Everybody. Please keep putting your projects on projects. I found myself not visiting there as regularly as ask me and the blue and I just decided to add projects to my RSS reader. So now every time someone posts a project and pops up, you use an RSS

Jessamyn 25:07 reader in 2016 That's when you use

churl 25:11 that news where oh my god, really? Yeah.

Jessamyn 25:16 I just finally deleted that for my hard drive like two months ago. I mean, but it's the best one I mean, I just don't read the RSS feed so much anymore but oh my god, but you also use

churl 25:29 it's right it's the field is pretty slim pickins after the Google Reader tobacco, but

not_on_display 25:33 yeah, you also chide me for still using FileMaker though, so.

Jessamyn 25:38 I tried to charge you for using FileMaker at Harvard.

Cortex 25:40 Jim, how good are you at FileMaker would you say you're a FileMaker? Pro? I'd say I'm

not_on_display 25:47 intermediate. I'm not FileMaker Pro. I'm I took you seriously.

Cortex 25:55 I appreciate you taking that straight

churl 26:00 I was half serious when I said on Twitter that I'm just going to make a supercut of every time yak of Jessamyn or I just have to say when you're

Jessamyn 26:13 with Jim I do this with Josh a lot like I have practice with

not_on_display 26:19 with me. With me though. The thing is, it's like you don't hear anything you just see the stolen face

churl 26:26 you know there's like this YouTube video that's 10 hours of the Starship Enterprise engine noisy and just put on as background noise for your workday or whatever. Yes, like that. That's just silence and size and just

not_on_display 26:40 and the chances are at least you know 10 times during the day it would match line up nicely. Let's carry on

Cortex 27:15 No no, no, no, no. I mean, I'm enjoying the flow. Well, let's let's talk about metadata. Let's talk about stuff we like to filter. It seems like the thing I liked I liked the

not_on_display 27:23 the lemme obit threads. I'll let me Yeah, because it moto moto had really resonated with me through you know, when I was a kid and and then it was weird because there was a there was a post celebrating his 70th Birthday like four days before he died. He was diagnosed like two days before he died. So it was weird seeing that thread happened the the 70th birthday, happy birthday, let me threaten then all of a sudden, I didn't mean for him. I didn't mean to say like, I'm surprised this guy's still alive. And so yeah, a lot of people were sharing a nice stories during that during both threads but a few bits, right. I always I always feel bad when I favorite no bit thread, but that was when I favorited

Cortex 28:10 Yeah. I didn't realize there was the birthday thread beforehand. So I was like, wow, that's a bit. I thought it was a lot longer. Oh, no, he wasn't dead yet. Right. Right. Right. Right. I follow. I follow the flow of things now.

Jessamyn 28:22 Well, and they didn't add Motorhead to the recent thread because there's no UMO out in tags. Oh, so

Cortex 28:33 I'm just gonna add,

Jessamyn 28:34 I'm gonna sided.

Cortex 28:37 I feel like I'm, I feel like I should add it after the fact. But am I violating authorial intent here? Or is this a death to the author thing where I shouldn't care?

Jessamyn 28:45 I don't know to go to college. Yeah, just to the author then.

Cortex 28:49 Right? Yeah, but I've waited for computer science. So like, you know, it's more like open source. You know? Like, we're all the authors, you know, I don't know where I'm going with this.

Jessamyn 29:01 Oh, that's right. You went to RPI?

Cortex 29:03 No, no Wi Fi

not_on_display 29:04 or you went to Western Polytech. Yeah. Okay, now yeah, I applied there never. Never ended up going there. But uh, thanks, guys. Yeah,

Jessamyn 29:17 you guys could have been it could have been could have

not_on_display 29:19 been roomies if I was. If I was a weirdo. That was a 30 year old freshman.

Cortex 29:26 What do you do? Yeah, can

churl 29:30 I get a ruling on a point of order real quick? Sure. The the rock chicken thing on projects is January 4. Can we can we do posts all the way up to today? Yes, yes. Okay, if you

Jessamyn 29:45 think about it, Jesse, we can't do them after the podcast because we would have no way of knowing if we had mentioned them. So usually it's from the last podcast to the next podcast is only esoteric and sounds totally weird as I'm saying it To the people who haven't been doing this with me and Josh for 12 cents in my mind.

churl 30:08 Yeah. I was gonna try and figure out a way to shoehorn this one in because it was on January 4, but I do have to warn it in bigger Luke.

churl 30:21 Yeah, wiki.

Jessamyn 30:23 Speaking of right dog,

churl 30:26 yes, exactly right. There's another that's another segue that analyzes the theory that are kind of like a presumption like it's kind of the joke is that the the site kind of pre assumes that everyone agrees that there's a second Luke Skywalker and the Star Wars movie that's just 10 or 15% bigger than that looks? And they switch out on screen at random times, and exploring different theories as to why there's bigger Luke, or Luke prime regular Luke, and whether it's to mark Hamels or whether it's canonical that are 2d to has somehow made a clone of Luke that he's teleporting in and out it's it's a deep dive on

not_on_display 31:12 man hours spent on this one probably

Cortex 31:16 one of the thing is I feel like like like I feel like there's actually less to this wiki than I was hoping for that front like I can't tell you for sure that it's not a joke I'm pretty sure it's a joke but it's it there's not as much pages and pages and pages of crazy details as as my canonical ideal bigger Luke wiki would would have had

churl 31:41 but that's a better bigger look. Wiki begins with you I mean, that's why it's a way I guess I want

Cortex 31:47 a bigger bigger Luke wiki

not_on_display 31:48 as the as has there been some sort of green screen hypothesis floated on this thing? Like like, oh, he was he was just standing a little bit forward of his mark when they were doing a big green screen of something or other and that's why he Well,

Cortex 32:01 there were there was like, no green screen really in the original trilogy? I don't think I mean, they did Matt effects and stuff for the space stuff. Right. I don't think they did any. Practical. Okay, except for maybe out the window of the Emperor's Deathstar. Whatever but yeah, so no, no, there's there's very little positive we get into we get into some good theory in the thread. I enjoyed participating in this today. I had I had some thoughts on the subject.

churl 32:26 But it's just steal Greg's joke from the thread. I mean, how would a green screen effects explain the existence of two different sides? Luke, speaker, Luke and regular Luke?

Cortex 32:34 Yeah, you know, so

not_on_display 32:37 standing closer, closer or further away from the green screen, if you miss your mark, you would like say, you're standing in front of your mark closer to the camera, you'd appear bigger.

Cortex 32:45 That's just what the cinema

churl 32:46 would look a regular look just standing closer from the

not_on_display 32:49 Mark or Luke would be standing closer, closer to the camera than the mark would. But this is so what's the other wonder the other Luke is forecasting the weather on The Weather Channel?

Cortex 33:00 Got it? Yeah, someone Someone suggested that in some scenes, he might just be standing on an apple cart. But someone else pointed out that Apple was not manufacturing stuff in 1977. So

not_on_display 33:11 the Icart Yeah.

Cortex 33:14 I love this post. And this, there's, there's a, there are many kinds of posts I love on Metafilter and many things I love about Metafilter but one specific kind of post is this sort of everybody just jumps in and runs with the weird joke, and just riffs on it thing. And this I kind of think like, this is not a post or a kind of post that only happens when Greg posts one, but this is like two for two, like my, among my favorite posts on Metafilter and they're both from Greg Nagi the other one being a one from several years ago about the 50 greatest video game characters of all time, which was a similarly straight faced, sort of goof that turned into this massive thread of people more or less running with the joke about all these non existent video games that they remember from their childhood and it was like made up Yeah, it was a made up list it's like and it was super goofy made up to like just ridiculous stuff on this list along with stuff that maybe he didn't know video games would be like oh, I guess that sounds like it could be I'm just

not_on_display 34:16 I'm just like flying through this thread and all of a sudden I see our I hate jokes

Cortex 34:23 I don't I don't recognize any of these like me No no,

not_on_display 34:27 I was I thought for a second I was like the young rope writer oh yeah

Cortex 34:34 yes it's it's it's a bigger Luke was a very fun thread today this 50 greatest video games was a very fun one several years ago. I like this kind of it we just need one of these Greg nog ish threads everyone smile whether or not it's actually literally Greg posting it or not. I

not_on_display 34:51 just I like having those around the Greg nod cast.

Cortex 34:55 Yes. We had him on that was pleasant. Yeah. I enjoyed having him on. Yeah, yeah. If he did not apply in his shadow,

churl 35:03 that's episode unfortunately.

Cortex 35:05 Yeah. Let's talk about some other guests we like to when we have on this person you've heard who's not you who's on the podcast? Oh, somebody.

churl 35:14 Of course I'm in TJ fanclub number one forever.

Cortex 35:19 He was tweeting about having a story today from a funeral that he couldn't like tweet about publicly, I need to call him and find out what the story was like.

churl 35:26 Well, I

Jessamyn 35:27 think he said he was gonna wrap it up into a direct message. Yeah,

Cortex 35:29 that's right.

Jessamyn 35:33 I'm sorry, what were you gonna say?

not_on_display 35:36 Well, I'm just gonna say another another a couple of posts that that caught my, my attention for way too long, are ding dong, ding dong is the witch, which is somebody took all of the Wizard of Oz, and ran it through, you know, alphabetizing a machine and edited it so that all the lines of dialogue are in alphabetical order by one word each. Yes.

Jessamyn 36:00 How is the part that I totally missed? So this part is by obscure reference, the post is by obscure reference. So the people are actually speaking the lines, but they're just speaking like all the like words in a row?

not_on_display 36:12 No. It's like, you see, you hear all the like, it starts with letter a, you know, and everybody, everybody that says, And so that goes about a 15 seconds of people going. And then the next like, the next word, like, oh, it's actually it's actually cut, it's actually cut like, all the words appear in alphabetical order as their spoken one at a time. So like, when they when they hit the word because you get all the instances of the Munchkin singing because Because Because Because Because Because Because Because Because Because and then every time they run it wandering down the yellow brick road, every instance of them saying because because, and then it goes right on to the next word.

Jessamyn 36:54 I meant the h h h word part of it. Actually really long, and it's all people like, just going.

not_on_display 37:02 Yeah. It's pretty amazing. And that kind of related to the Barbie phonic post that I saw, which was by who by m, by fumble, fumble. And basically like, there was, it says it in the post. Somebody had some voice over actors had to recite the Names of 17,000 people like first names just to be inserted in this sort of personalized tape recording or something that went out with with Barbies in the 80s or 90s or something and somebody found the tape and just posted it's four and a half hours of names in alphabetical order set in a chipper voice by somebody who probably went completely insane afterwards.

Cortex 37:51 This is amazing. I totally missed this.

not_on_display 37:55 Yeah, I've got I've gotten up to the like halfway through the A's. I think that one Boo

Cortex 38:01 Boo Radley with a second comment, Paul stretch. Here I come. Paul stretch, you may recall is the tool that is used to create much longer stretched out versions of audio files. The whole it turns out that Justin Bieber stretched out as a sugar rose song from several years ago, which was I think, the canonical one so yeah. Oh, man. Yeah, no, um, yeah. So. Yeah. I feel like I am one of those few people who just annoyingly is like, oh, yeah, no, I will totally listen to that, like four and a half hours.

Jessamyn 38:30 Isn't employ me? I believe so.

not_on_display 38:34 Yeah, it was it was a

Cortex 38:37 link to the username even so yes. Okay. Okay.

Jessamyn 38:41 That's our that's our guy.

Cortex 38:42 I think it just didn't go through projects that doesn't have the typical via project sort of post but yes. Wow, that's awesome. I will. Great

Jessamyn 38:51 to see that at all.

Cortex 38:53 figured out something to do that. Yeah, those

not_on_display 38:54 types of those have taken up in an inordinate amount of my time in the past month, you know, kind of slowly go through those two. So anyway,

Cortex 39:01 I really enjoyed this really great looking video. The title of the post is tubular fields as we're supposed to buy along for the dragon. And it's box Prelude number one in C major. Through some sort of musical tubes, perhaps French musical, because it's our tubes. Music. Oh, oh, sure. I speak French. It's, it's hard to describe but you should just take the three or four minutes and listen to it because it says a man bun they're doing for like a weird

not_on_display 39:34 baton passing. Like juggling and music.

Cortex 39:38 Yeah, it's crazy. And they like they fuck up several times. And the paintings are wrong and even at that, it's like, like still it's totally understandable. It is because it's a fucking it's really fucking amazing. It's just and YouTube does let you watch stuff at like, you know, multiplied speeds, right? So you can then watch it again at two times. And it's like, holy shit. That's weird. Like if George Lucas decided to make a Christmas special that wasn't, you know, an actual Star Wars Christmas.

not_on_display 40:08 It's like sort of thing George Lucas means moonshots.

Jessamyn 40:12 Yeah. Right. Great.

Cortex 40:15 So that was amazing. I liked I decided Nice. Nice little bit of internet. Yeah. Nice. That is sweet.

Jessamyn 40:20 So we also had the best post contests this month. Yeah. And I gave away prizes in the first week and the last week. And I feel like I should at least mention the prizes, which were my, the knuckle tattoos old, which is just basically a website that talks about molds, which is hilarious and kind of great. And then the one let me figure out where the one

Cortex 40:55 knuckles knuckle tattoos while you're looking for that also a local mefite and an awesome guy. And oh, is that true? Yeah, no, he's he gets out to a meet up now. And then he's super nice. He does not have actual tattoos on his knuckles. I love that. I will go ahead so it's sort of transgressive. You know he's he's messing with your expectations.

Jessamyn 41:10 Oh, and then really long post called whitewash in of all mankind by wertha Cohn Halo, which was about this amazing William Walker Ural and people trying to save it and a whole bunch of interesting information about muralist Walker. And then it got whitewashed and it was just very, very sad. But it was a really great post I had backup ones too, but that was those are my favorite. I just

not_on_display 41:37 want to say backup the antique mode one that the way that I love when posts are like the the wording. Yeah. And says the real old mode gold is old boats. Come on. We're old molds are sold. Oh, I love

Jessamyn 41:48 them. Isn't it funny? So I sent I sent those guys a little collection of bookplates and old library, index cards and library stamps. And I guess I should mention the other runner up by Saul right, which was basically about you can improve your cognitive functioning at zero cost by interacting with nature. Real face right, like Wildside hug a tree and you'll improve oh my god, the meta filter people just just read the list. Like the comments are just exactly what you would think. So I specifically sent the guy me five mail being like, Hey, buddy, I'm sorry about your post. It was really beautiful. I mean, some people were super nice, but other people were like ooh, Lyme disease and et cetera et cetera so

not_on_display 42:43 Metafilter met with weary cynicism

Jessamyn 42:47 basically yes, yeah,

Cortex 42:49 this is you happy roach in all caps saying welcome to Metafilter lake like Yeah,

not_on_display 42:54 so I want to know for the best post I didn't read the best post lists but did the Woodward mad how he replaces guns with with sex toys in the photos of the Republican politicians did that winning awards should

Cortex 43:08 should have it didn't win like the the top any given week it didn't like get the most fantastic one

Jessamyn 43:15 the internet so just you know. Yeah. What was that December?

Cortex 43:19 Was that pop December 7? Well, we're supposed to do okay, well, let's check week one then let's see if it's in there.

Jessamyn 43:27 Yeah, by next barber by I think the former

not_on_display 43:34 Astros zombie, but yeah.

Cortex 43:36 I'm not sure I'm not sure it won any awards. It merely one huge accolades on the entire internet. Map, presumably crying himself to sleep.

Jessamyn 43:48 Fine. Yeah. Hey, you know, yeah,

churl 43:50 that definitely was this month. I have that in my section of like, links this month that were like internally referential to the meta filter stuff. But just I'm sorry, I interrupted you where we started say,

Jessamyn 44:02 Oh, well, you know how like Twitter has that like when you are away feature kind of like if you go away to Twitter, and you come back to your phone, and they're like, when you were away, and then it asks you Do you like this feature? And I'm like, every time I come back after I've been away, it shows me one of Matt's posts.

Cortex 44:18 So you've always got like a politician holding a dildo or just like,

Jessamyn 44:21 basically, I mean, or like some funny joke that said, and like there's nothing wrong with that. But like, every time it's like, host by Matt, like, Twitter is kind of like, I don't think you spend enough time with Matt.

churl 44:36 Matt just knows the right people at Twitter, I guess.

Jessamyn 44:38 Twitter, you know, I don't know. I don't know. But it's it's weird, like literally every time so I was hoping maybe that happened to everybody.

Cortex 44:48 I think I think I see his stuff sometimes.

Jessamyn 44:51 I see him normally on Twitter. Like I'm not against him. I haven't blocked him.

Cortex 44:56 Well, I just I use the actual Twitter client. So infrequently. I've stuck With TweetDeck, even after they acquired it, they haven't, you know, broken it. So I don't intend to see most of the things on your phone, right? Well, I just don't use Twitter much on my phone. I don't know.

churl 45:13 Weird, Twitter's like kind of, I mean, if I have the phone and the computer both in front of me, I will use the phone to check Twitter constraints.

Cortex 45:19 No, I much I much prefer the big crazy rectly five column tableau of, of TweetDeck. Like I want, I want my Twitter shit organized.

Jessamyn 45:28 You've only got five columns. Well, you've five permanent columns.

Cortex 45:31 And then you know, as needed for, you know, one off things. That thing with the phone is like, I use the phone. I use Twitter on the phone, specifically, when I'm like, You know what I need to do? I need to tweet right now before I forget this dumb joke, because it won't make it home. And so I can't see you use though. Just really, really just mine. Like I've got a few others do. I control the meta filter one now, and I've got a couple of the joke ones, but like, I'm so lazy about it that I'm like, fuck it. Twitter, Twitter, despite being super easy and microblogging is still too much of a pain in the ass for me. Yeah, it's a lot to ask a person. Ya know, the best post stuff was, it was great. It's always great. And it's always and the thing is, like, I can't almost want to say, hey, you know what, it's also great the other 11 months of the year, it's just that we put a bunch of collective community effort into saying, Oh, hey, let's look at it and celebrate this stuff. So you know, people are making good posts all year long. And it's, it's,

Jessamyn 46:26 you guys did a great thing, this time around where you gave credit to the Mi fi store, which just basically gave him a better filter to better filter people who were selling things. Yeah. So I hope people use it. And I hope you know, I just thought it was cool.

Cortex 46:40 Yeah, it was nice to be able to do that. And yeah, we've gotten I'm getting emails from people saying, Oh, well, I looked at the store. I looked at them. If I'm all and I found this thing on this person store. I'd like that. It's like, okay, great. Great. Can we just make it happen?

Jessamyn 46:51 I was going to ask you like how that actually,

Cortex 46:53 were very manually. They just say, hey, I want this. I'm like, okay, great. And I go in, just ordered with the company, company card, and boom. Yeah. So it's not it's not it's not fancy, but it works. Cool. So yeah, good job, everybody. With the with the MEPhI choice, we had a bunch of great stuff. And, yeah, thanks

Jessamyn 47:10 for people for offering prizes. And thanks, lobstermen for doing the bulk thing, because everything ended on Tuesday, during

Cortex 47:18 you know, beyond that, it's like this this last month, like, you know, as much of it is just like random personal stuff. So I won't get into it. But it was just like, it turned out to be a very busy month on top of like, the whole hiring process. And so when we're starting out, we're like, Okay, well, how are we going to do this? And I was like, Okay, we'll rotate. And every week, you know, we'll, we'll have a different person do it. And then she just ended up doing it. And she has been fantastic. So thank you again, let's commit and you were awesome about this. Cool.

churl 47:43 Yeah, let's really appreciate that these exists, too. It's something like, especially December for me was really bad for staying up on Uber and internet stuff and stuff and like stuff. And this surface is a different, you know, different posts than like, most favorited or, you know, whatever top posts would so I really appreciate having this as like my long read list, basically, to just get to when I'm when I'm trying to do my ketchup for December. Also, I'm realizing I could have just totally cribbed off of this podcast, and I feel very dumb,

not_on_display 48:18 actually avoided purpose. I avoided a completely on purpose, because I figured Oh, I you know, I'd be like stuck on all the best posts. What I did was say, when Justin said you want to be on the podcast, I was like, Sure. And today, I blocked off and I opened the archive page for December. And I just scrolled through it at random and whatever struck my eye, I clicked on it. And that's, you know, that's why I came up with the stuff that probably, you know, went under the radar. The one thing I really liked was the invention of basketball and James Naismith own words, which is a radio, recording off the radio from 1938, I think, an interview with James Naismith. And he's, and he describes, you know, the invention of basketball. But one thing that surprised people was that, oh, you know, traveling was allowed in the first game, and it caused a big brawl. And that was an interesting story, but I also like hearing radio from way back then, and how people's speaking cadences or, you know, the way the way people spoke, you know, into a microphone was kind of different than it is today.

Jessamyn 49:25 Right? I Etrigan. Yeah. Gotta mention again.

Cortex 49:29 And what was there maybe a little bit of that. What does it call the Mid Atlantic Atlantic accent? Yeah, yeah. Hey, yeah. Like even when they weren't doing that, it may be sort of influenced things. Yeah.

Jessamyn 49:43 Let's find like the only known recording of people or whatever, that's so cool. Yeah,

Cortex 49:48 that's pretty rad. I've got like, there's never been a more pandering to me post in the history of pandering to me posts for getting mentioned the podcast Then one made a few weeks ago, nine a month ago now actually Pope post about

Jessamyn 50:07 the fact it's gonna happen. Yeah.

Cortex 50:08 Well, I didn't know at this point I was I was I wasn't sure this was ever going to happen. What happened is net hack 3.6 right out. And the thing is net hacks previous official version 3.4 point three as noted the post came out 12 years ago, it's been a while it's been like, it's been a whole huge

Jessamyn 50:29 game for three to three, six, I

Cortex 50:32 don't understand. I think that the even numbers are the release versions. And the odd numbers are sort of like the test versions, not that they were really publicly properly releasing test versions, there was a leak in the ensuing 12 years of a sort of test code that wasn't supposed to get out. I don't think but other than that.

Jessamyn 50:54 Is it the same developers I don't know anything about like it's

Cortex 50:57 mostly a new team, I think I think that what part of what happened is they ended up actually having a little bit of changing the guard of like newer, presumably somewhat younger developers

Jessamyn 51:05 wanting to actually release stuff. Yeah,

Cortex 51:09 and who were willing to do a ton of work under the hood. So this is like, it's a big deal of his out. But it's not like a big pile of changes, necessarily. There's new things and there's change stuff. But in part, they just rewrote a shitload of the code underneath to say, hey, we're no longer really targeting underpowered Unix machines in 1980, maybe we can modernize the code a little bit, maybe we can rewrite some of this shit. So we can ever release new versions in the future.

not_on_display 51:35 And I still felt lost when I played it.

Cortex 51:39 I launched it and got myself killed on the first level and closed it. And I actually haven't sat down and really play the game of net hack properly beyond that, since since this came out, but But ya know, it's a great thread, it's gonna be super fucking confusing once you get like 100 comments, and for anybody who doesn't have any comments, yeah, it's turned into several people are basically live blogging, or not even live blog and just sort of like talking periodically about the various games they're playing through, several people have beaten the game. In that hack, you ascend to godhood. If you beat the game, the hardcore way. You could merely go down in the dungeon, then come back out alive, and you'd win. But that's not really winning. deified I mean, come on Jessamyn and I were just watching

not_on_display 52:27 an episode of the librarians where the characters got caught in a video game that one of them had to play over and over and over again, and the other characters had no idea that they were in a video game,

Jessamyn 52:37 and he keeps watching them die over and over and, like the librarians is really schlocky in a lot of ways. But this episode was so redeeming, because it had that time loop kind of thing in it. That was just super fun.

not_on_display 52:50 Yeah, nice. Yeah.

churl 52:53 Josh, when you said that this is the post that really pushed your buttons perfectly, I really assumed it was going to be the space filled sandworm Oh, that wasn't was great, too low thing.

Jessamyn 53:04 That was the way you guys just were watching a totally different metal filter that

Cortex 53:10 there's there's too darn much of it is what there

churl 53:11 is. It just was it because it's like, venue for Josh's like hyper specific dune reference. Fun jokes.

Jessamyn 53:20 Oh, by Greg Lynn. by Greg. Sorry. Yeah, like hearing their names, I guess. Yes, people.

churl 53:27 I wasn't this wasn't even a shout out. Josh was

not_on_display 53:35 I think you could take it over. And like I think Josh's Venn diagram and mine have very little connection. I got three pages into dune. And I was like, No, fuck this.

Jessamyn 53:46 Yeah, me too. That's why we are a team that was on my dad's nightstand for probably eight years. And I kept trying because I thought maybe it was like dirty or,

not_on_display 53:56 like, what am I missing everybody? Like a lot of people I know whose opinions I respect, really liked this book. And I was like, it is so like, it's better than you know, Ambien for me. It's you Yeah, no,

Cortex 54:14 you're right, Jessie. I very strongly enjoyed this post, but

Jessamyn 54:19 and this whole blog is great. Yeah, like kitchen overlord. And like, I'm looking at these Deadpool cookies and I'm just in love. I'm gonna have my sister cook all this stuff. And great segue from here because they also have printable and adult coloring pages. Which leads me to the post that I liked by Bella Donna about adult coloring. Oh, yeah, basically, it's the adult coloring book. Is that a thing? And Bella Donna made a really nice post about adult coloring. Oh,

not_on_display 54:57 yeah. No, I have an awesome coloring book that They occasionally penciled in, but it's odd netters anatomy and I guess they handed out to med school students to help them, you know, cram anatomy, you know, because the act of coloring in ligaments and spleen and all sorts of goofy parts of people makes you remember the meat easier. And it's, as for me, I understand like, maybe 1% of it, but it's really interesting trying to, you know, draw some color in your color. This person has reproductive system. Okay. Yeah, sure.

Jessamyn 55:36 Well, and we had adult coloring books at our Vermont Comic Con booth for the Library Association. super popular, people loved them. We had a whole bunch of like superheroes of color, like first kids, and and a bunch of sort of adult coloring books. And there were so many adults who were just like, exhausted running around from Comic Con with their little dressed up eight year old who were thrilled to just get to Lake City.

not_on_display 56:02 You know, it's just it's better than a ball Pele

Jessamyn 56:05 collar collar. Yeah, exactly. So but I liked this post developed on him. And I thought it was really well done and a lot of these discussions, links to other good stuff. If you're in New Adult coloring,

not_on_display 56:17 that's the place promises, you know how you complain just went about how many tabs I have up at once? I do complain, this is going to double them.

Jessamyn 56:27 That's, that's just between you and your your,

Cortex 56:30 your many tabber Oh, yeah.

Jessamyn 56:32 Oh my god.

Cortex 56:33 No, I'm with Jess on this. I like I like to have a very under control number of tabs, like more than eight is like really what the fuck is going on? And it really agitated? Yeah. several, several extra tabs open on my primary window, I pop up in a new window, just for the podcast every time so that I know. I won't like go fucking crazy about what's going on, on my main one. But even if

Jessamyn 56:58 you don't look at your email or whatever, yeah, but because part of the problem is it means you don't know what's gonna happen when you open your browser. So like, we'll be chatting, and I'll send him a link and he's like, Oh, hold on Firefox, you know, tab is making noise. And I'm like, Ah, there's gotta be another way. We'll see.

Cortex 57:15 And one of the things I like about having not too many tabs open is like, you know, it works well with never ever closing my browser too. So,

Jessamyn 57:23 yeah, no, I never close my browser.

Cortex 57:26 There's a lot of ways to

not_on_display 57:27 use the internet better and better filters it like it plays to that bad habit of mine, though. Like, for instance, like, going through all the AskMe to filter stuff. I found one, I'll mention it. Like, I guess when we go over AskMe and filter, I found one it led to another and it led to another like so by the time I was finished just checking out this one AskMe edit filter post, I had like 15 tabs open.

Jessamyn 57:53 And but then he used like a Firefox plugin, like dump your tabs to a file, and then you just add that file and then you're done. Yeah, but then that time is you never close him because you always gonna get back to him.

not_on_display 58:06 Yeah, that's true. That's true. And

churl 58:10 I the ways I stay sane, because I'm the same way is that if if one link takes me to five other directions, and I don't want to kind of lose that because I want to, I want to deep dive on one link. But I want to stick a pin in some of the other ones and come back to them later. So I would leave them open in tabs. But then first, when I went to it opened a whole new set of tabs and things I would face I basically just for my own sanity got into the habit of okay, I'm either going to read this right now, or I'm going to kick it over to like a, you know, some system by which I can save it for later. And

Jessamyn 58:41 like what system, what system do you use,

churl 58:44 I use a program called pocket but it's similar to paper or other kind of like reading later services that it can just kind of collect that stuff for you. And then you can tag it and just later when you're like, you know I'm in bed, I can pull out the iPad, I can open a pocket and just say here's all the things I was going to get to today or in the last week that I wanted to read. And I find it pretty useful because yeah, I mean, I hate tab clutter but I also hate like closing something and just saying goodbye because I will never find it again. Sure. It seems like that was my compromise for whatever that's worth.

not_on_display 59:20 I'm fine with that clutter. Discipline

churl 1:00:03 I have my favorite link of the month and if you guys bring in one for me this was I just said 20 minute 25 minute video put together by Vice about I would die by posted by Brundlefly the amazing Brundlefly I do have names next to these links on my notes. I promise I just blew it on that one place put together this little short documentary on Phil Tippett, who is a stop motion animator and special effects guy who is responsible for way more than you ever thought one guy would have been but Taunton, and eth II and Star Wars, many, many Star Wars things to his credit, he worked on the series, the Ed 209, robot and Robocop and various other things. The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park came from tech and he did so.

not_on_display 1:00:55 Now this looks good. Yeah,

churl 1:01:00 it looks great. And he's a great personality. He got to Kickstarter six or eight months ago for a new project that he's just doing completely on his own called Mad God, that was great. He's putting together these stop motion animated short films in the old style when you had to do everything the slow hard way, which I really love. But he himself is a great interview subject he reminds me of there was that short documentary piece on? Rich Sendak called tell them anything you want. Oh, yeah, he's Piltover runs me a little bit of that not quite as like, you know, wonderfully cranky, Cranky sort of Rex. But similarly, it's kind of like no bullshit kind of guy and I and so that made this a really fun watch to even above and beyond just the kind of geeky techie. How did they do it? Oh, my God, that's so much work. Oh, my God, those little models are so amazing to look at aspects.

not_on_display 1:01:54 Oh, yeah. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Like, oh, about 15 years ago, they had an exhibit all about Wallace and grommet. And it was just fascinating. Like seeing how, like how detailed and how painstaking the whole process was. And just, you know, like, and when and you don't even think about it when you're watching something that's stop motion animated so well. And I like seeing when it's like picked apart and like, just the magic.

Jessamyn 1:02:23 I like watching stop motion. Stop. Stop Motion animator, like

not_on_display 1:02:31 like time lapse time. lapse. Yeah, time lapse anything for me though. I just got an iphone four. So I'm way behind the curve. But I found that I had had a time lapse function. And it just took me took my attention away from everything else for a long time.

Jessamyn 1:02:49 That would be Matt how he's old iPhone four.

Cortex 1:02:53 Oh, the chain of hand me down. Which I which I

Jessamyn 1:02:55 asked for on Twitter. And he's like, Oh, I must have wanted a drawer somewhere. And of course I have his old iPhone five.

not_on_display 1:03:02 Like Madhavi grandpa Matt.

Cortex 1:03:06 stocking stuffers. Oh, you know, a quick call back since we were talking about both coloring books and dune. I also liked this post about from ricochet biscuit made a post about the dunes coloring book, which I did not realize this I had seen a couple images from this thing. Like, I don't know in the last guy, so but I had assumed that someone was like, you know, it'd be funny. What if there was like a totally agent appropriate dune coloring book. And so I had drawn up some images of stills from the movie, like as if it was in a coloring book. And I was like, that's a pretty good joke. No, this thing apparently actually fucking existed

Jessamyn 1:03:42 before this is this online kitchen overlord.

Cortex 1:03:46 That is awesome. So yes, I just I'm fucking amazed and it's it's remarkable that this existed and that's

not_on_display 1:03:55 maybe this maybe this is my gateway into doing?

Cortex 1:03:58 Maybe, maybe?

Jessamyn 1:04:02 Well, there's doing postcards with a giant sand worm.

churl 1:04:07 That's Josh's watch. Meta filter just slowly turns into an overlord doing indexing site. Worst things could happen. Right? Yeah.

Cortex 1:04:16 My subtle influence wheels within wheels

not_on_display 1:04:19 within wheels.

Jessamyn 1:04:20 So I wanted to give a shout out to one post that was a well put together post with turned into a very short thread, but I thought was great, was flexes post on the notion of holding space. I know that on metal filter. We've been talking a lot for the last couple months about the concept of emotional labor who does the sort of heavy lifting emotionally in your various human relationships. But this is kind of another concept about sort of helping people out with their emotions in sort of a different way where you give a person the sort of room they need to deal with whatever they're dealing with emotionally and it's kind of a almost like a doula or a midwife for people's emotions when they're grappling with stuff that's complicated, and I'd never really heard of this concept before, and flex kind of spelled it out. And then there was kind of a short, a short, useful thread about it that I thought was really good.

Cortex 1:05:15 It was nice to go back and read this. I literally had the same reaction as somebody who had a deleted comment in the thread that Oh, I totally saw this in passing and misunderstood as being this is going to be a 400 comment argument about whether or not so I'm glad that I was wrong. But yeah, not to go back and read this. That looks nice.

Jessamyn 1:05:36 Yeah, I just thought it was a really well done post and everyone should know about it.

Cortex 1:05:40 In a similarly meaningful and human worth enabling fashion. I really liked this post about photoshopping John Travolta in Pulp Fiction into various animated GIFs

Jessamyn 1:05:51 Oh, this was a fun name from last month.

Cortex 1:05:54 Yes, this is definitely something for me. I thought Yeah, yeah.

not_on_display 1:05:59 Oh, yeah. This is cool. I like it already.

Jessamyn 1:06:04 I saw this popping up like hitting milkshake and stuff. I

not_on_display 1:06:06 know now they're funny. I haven't seen these but I'm already a big fan. I'm just looking

Cortex 1:06:11 at Yeah, it's for anybody who hasn't seen these in talking about yet John Travolta at one point in Pulp Fiction is in a room and sort of looking around confusedly and someone took that like shopped it out of you know all the background out and then just put this on an image and then various other images and it just sort of cascades we've just got Vincent Vega looking confused in a wide variety of it's just and it's just fantastic it's

not_on_display 1:06:38 incidental to the to the actual like stuff going on in the scene. It's just like oh, there's this guy looks a little confusing he's turning outside

Cortex 1:06:45 it's a Christ What an asshole of you know photoshopping in something to a picture because like it worked out everywhere because it's just like it requires no content it's

not_on_display 1:06:55 shining one is great. Yes. They're all just oh my god this lovely.

Cortex 1:07:02 That's great. Oh, very much what the internet as for a totally

Jessamyn 1:07:07 tropic Americana. Also

Cortex 1:07:12 intros threads that I just didn't pick, I assumed. And Trump No, no, no, no. Dragon, I think it's dragon. I did not particularly enjoy this read, but I had to moderate it. And I thought it was cool of finding the way to enjoy it. Star Wars came out, which means that we should definitely have an incredibly tedious argument about Star Trek instead on kind of curious about a, I don't know, there's interesting stuff being said. It's also just like kind of internet nerds being internet nerds and to some extent Star Trek nerds being Star Trek nerds but I guess if you're specifically in the mood to maybe be a little bit annoyed at people collectively discussing

Jessamyn 1:07:55 Star Trek, so I don't have to read any there's

Cortex 1:07:59 the lead pretty much gets its you know, there's a fan. I'm not sure. I mean, you're kind of underdog rooting for the fans making a fan project. But if you read into it, they raised like a million bucks and then spent some of it on like salaries for the people producing the thing. And that's kind of weird for like a chess fan for love. So it's a weird thing. Were

Jessamyn 1:08:21 they supposed to get paid if they're making a thing? Well, yeah, but

Cortex 1:08:25 not if you're making it with Star Trek IP is the theory. So basically, they got Oh Eagle, heavies from Paramount and CBS are like, Hey, you can't fucking do that. But they're doing it like right at the tail end of this long run a process. So that's kind of fuckery you know, yeah, we spent all this time Yeah, so that's like, like nobody comes out of this looking like particularly great. And then was

Jessamyn 1:08:49 saying, Yeah, but at the same

Cortex 1:08:50 time, it's kind of out of though it's sort of an interesting slice of internet humanity. I guess so.

not_on_display 1:08:57 So who won? This one? The moderators?

Jessamyn 1:09:00 I guess who lost the moderators? Yeah.

Cortex 1:09:04 But anyway, it was sort of sort of interesting. I have a better one I have one I actually liked much better. Let me just wash the taste out of my mouth of having sort of bad mouth posts for some reason. Mariah Carey plus MIDI plus mp3 equals Christmas insanity is the title tip

Jessamyn 1:09:21 for you Jim. You can actually listen to all these things while Josh has kind of gone about it and we won't hear that thank you. Okay, good.

Cortex 1:09:29 So this is a post by overeducated alligator about something that someone did and then I saw this because waxy any, any day hold up. You can take a you can take a song and stick it into a MIDI converter and we'll try and convert it just a MIDI notes.

not_on_display 1:09:47 I've done I did this like many many years ago, it was one of the first things I downloaded onto PC when I finally got one that could handle like a mp3 Submitty and I did so I you know I took Captain Beefheart and transfer transcribe it into MIDI, I took a, I took like, whatever whatever I could scrape off the internet that that, you know, a 56k modem would allow me the time to and turn it into MIDI It was fascinating the way it does because it combines the notes just in such like rapid succession that your ear kind of hears, like, you know, like, hears it all as as a unit rather than each individual note.

Cortex 1:10:27 Okay, you get these crazy clumps of notes and like Super Rapid, like glissandos and arpeggios that create this or like overlapping harmonics. It's sort of reproduce the harmonics have the actual more complicated waveform file and and so kind of works as really interesting. You know, there's some good examples linked in the post and waxy links some good stuff, but it's it ends up being something where if you know the words to a song and you listen to this thing this thing is simultaneously totally weird piano cacophony and you can fucking sing along with the word Cassidy cacophony cacophony cacophony cacophony that one I don't even have a strong sense Jessie

churl 1:11:07 cacophony I think Coco Fanny.

Cortex 1:11:09 Yeah, Coco hottie

churl 1:11:13 my entire reputation on it but cacophony I feel pretty. Pretty sure.

Cortex 1:11:18 Keiko demon Keiko demon never knew

not_on_display 1:11:23 drag off and Drake off me. Yeah, yeah. Dragon funny. So yeah, no, this is Dragon cool. Now it makes me want to go find like, yeah, mp3 to MIDI converter and just fuck around all night with that.

Cortex 1:11:36 Yeah, there's there's a couple links in there to tools you can do with it. And I spent I lost like three or four hours just plugging stuff in. And I was

not_on_display 1:11:44 like, what was

Cortex 1:11:49 it? I did not think to try. I did not think to try. That's the first thing. Anyway. Yeah, I know. I know what happened to this whole responsibility as being in charge of a business thing that's fucked up. I don't know. I don't know. I don't even recognize myself. I look in the mirror. I see responsible adult. It's terrified with a haircut. Yeah, no, I now got a haircut. Yeah, well, it wasn't like a meaningful haircut. I just I had left it getting longer as like, I should get a chart again. And then yeah,

not_on_display 1:12:17 I remember the first time you cut your hair. I was like, Oh, hey, yeah, well, I

Cortex 1:12:21 think I shaved it off. So I couldn't go to work stream if I were singing not going to make that show.

Jessamyn 1:12:30 Where are you going with that?

Cortex 1:12:33 I think it was extreme that that streams to do it. Yes. I love you. Which is kind of like it's kind of date rate

not_on_display 1:12:38 be more than this are

Cortex 1:12:39 more than more than words are the words. But then I was like, do I really want to just like slide into a date rape joke here, but now we're talking about it and I don't know.

Jessamyn 1:12:48 The answer to that is always no,

Cortex 1:12:50 that's what I'm saying. I was trying to but now. Yeah. Anyway, that song is is very pretty and also terrible. Is

Jessamyn 1:12:58 Tim you who's the metal band that does balls to the wall? That's except

not_on_display 1:13:01 except the one with Udo Dirk Schneider as their leads and extremists from multiple streams from Alden. Yeah, they're all They're all like Portuguese immigrants silica Betancourt's and stuff like that. Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:13:15 Fascinating. Okay, except thank you. Yes, except his

Cortex 1:13:19 balls to the wall mare. We shouldn't discuss this tangent in excess though.

not_on_display 1:13:29 In excess. It's just sort of like oh, I took

churl 1:13:34 in excess. Did you know oh

Cortex 1:13:36 my god, that's amazing. That's that fits so well. Should we talk about winter maybe or did anybody else have

churl 1:13:44 a few more if we have time for him do it. And then we got all the fun

Cortex 1:13:54 Jesse Jackson Jim did you know this is a four J podcast I should say by the way we've got we've got Jesse, Jim and Josh fuck all the

not_on_display 1:14:03 other letters right

Jessamyn 1:14:07 that's got to be the name of the podcast.

Cortex 1:14:09 I'll make a note right now.

Jessamyn 1:14:11 Good Lord Jesse. What is this is like

churl 1:14:14 it's I liked it so much. It's it's a semi straight face take on a restaurant review of senior frogs which is some kind of nightmarish Spring Break the restaurant in Times Square, as you know, reviewed by a professional New York Times restaurant.

not_on_display 1:14:34 I was having orgasms of the night.

churl 1:14:37 I love it. And it's it reminded me it's I mean, it's a little David Foster Wallace going on a cruise type of writing, which I you know, really have a lot of fun with. Sure. But it also reminded me of my favorite piece of writing and all of 2014 which was Katie Weaver on gawker doing reviewing the TGI Fridays endless appetite. Oh, look,

Jessamyn 1:14:57 you know, that was really good.

churl 1:14:59 I don't think If there was a better piece of writing the whole year, so this kind of harkens back to that for me, and it was just a really delightful read.

not_on_display 1:15:07 This makes me want to go back to the thread were the New York mefites had had a meet up. They went to the Aries restaurant. I want to read that labor down.

Cortex 1:15:15 Yes. Yeah, it's

churl 1:15:16 a lot like that. Yeah. That was a good thread. We don't do a section on IRL though, do we?

Cortex 1:15:25 Not really?

Jessamyn 1:15:26 We do not.

Cortex 1:15:27 I mean, you mentioned they can but yeah. People

Jessamyn 1:15:34 in Boston, shout out to my online trivia people.

Cortex 1:15:38 We had a meet up the other day at nice. Mexican and other Latin food food cart pod building structure called Portland Mercado. Because Biblio girl and Benny AK were in town from Chicago. Oh, and and also squirrel was in town. From DC area I believe. S kW IRL. Yeah, that's a nice crowd. Yeah. And then some some local folks and also a couple of non mefites, who I'd actually met already before at a barbecue at misters are quants house because he knew them. And then they also were from Chicago. So they knew Biblio girl and banyak. And so yeah, it was it was it was

Jessamyn 1:16:17 so close to having Mr. Sharp Quan and cold chef up for Christmas.

not_on_display 1:16:22 Oh, that would have been great. That would have been cool. You never told me about that. Oh,

Jessamyn 1:16:27 wow. Because GJ was like alone for Christmas. And Kate and I were like, You need to come up here. And he's like, Oh, maybe almost like, I'll drive you up from Connecticut because he's there visiting his family. But it didn't it didn't come together. So I didn't want to get your hopes up.

not_on_display 1:16:43 Oh, he said he sent your sister memorable. What is his Snapchat or tweet that he sent her? A text text? Okay. Yes. That that made my Christmas. I didn't need him to come up after all, but

Jessamyn 1:16:56 I never saw it.

not_on_display 1:16:57 I didn't either.

Cortex 1:16:59 Yeah, it was certainly memorable. Yes, it was

Jessamyn 1:17:01 very memorable. I don't even think we're gonna talk about

not_on_display 1:17:03 we're not we're not I'm sorry. I even mentioned that. Sorry. You're not gonna they'll know what you're talking about.

Jessamyn 1:17:13 knows what he did.

Cortex 1:17:15 Jesse, did you have a couple others Jessie that you wanted to mention before we move on? Yeah,

churl 1:17:18 I do. That last the senior frogs review was by Val Kane. By the way, thank you credit to the user Falcons who posted it? This I don't know if this one is a clickable link. Clickable asks, What does it mean to be a man click hold just for some reason just hits the nail on the head every time they do a send up with one of these BuzzFeed style clickbait videos or listicles or whatever. They're just always so dead on. And this one I thought was a good example of it. This is a post by Srimad. And it's just a video of men with dramatic music talking about how difficult it is to be a man. And I cannot summon any specific jokes from it right now.

Cortex 1:18:03 People watch watch, they would laugh because it was funny. That's what you're saying?

churl 1:18:06 Yes. That's what I'm getting at

Cortex 1:18:09 here. I feel like a little bit of you and me. Like I feel like I'm being slightly more of a slightly sarcastic dick than I would normally be on the podcast to you because we podcast elsewhere. And I just want to acknowledge that and sort of apologize, but not really. I haven't Sure. Okay, it may be it's mostly in my head. So yeah, that's it. That's

churl 1:18:28 just usually a text.

Cortex 1:18:31 You are maybe the truth of it's the truth of the world and the scales are falling from my eyes.

Jessamyn 1:18:37 I was told you're

not_on_display 1:18:38 talking I was told not to gang up on that one beer

Cortex 1:18:40 is really turned to me.

Jessamyn 1:18:41 You're not allowed to talk about now ganging up on me either. You just have to not do it Be quiet.

not_on_display 1:18:48 Everything I said out of this podcast.

churl 1:18:52 I just see you all as allies against Josh. So with click Well, I mean, I can imagine click will getting to the point where we kind of got so many years ago with onion labs where it's just like, just you just don't have to link everyone Sure. They're all great. But we all know what the onion is. So if unless one is for a different reason, we can kind of put it to bed but I'm glad we're not quite there with Clickhole yet because Clickhole is just does it for me really

Jessamyn 1:19:17 well. And I think Clickhole still gets people every now and again. Whereas I don't think the onion does as much anymore. Like I think people will occasionally like read a click whole thing and be like, Oh God that's real for you know,

Cortex 1:19:28 it's a little bit more straight face as part of it, which is interesting. And like this is I don't spend a ton of time on Facebook. But one of the things I do do on Facebook is Jesus, I'm sorry, everybody was one of the things I do. Sorry. Well I'm sorry, race. There's a couple of neighborhood Facebook groups that I check in on for by my local neighborhood. And it's kind of useful to remind myself that the internet is very different. In a lot of places than metal filter, because metal filter is so much a part of my life and so much like my default base. And so I'll see the same stuff that makes for difficult or occasionally blessedly not so difficult. Discussions on metal filter make for really difficult discussions among random people in my neighborhood. Yes. Which is, which is always and it's like, oh, I don't work here. I don't have to care how badly this conversation is going. Because I'm not getting paid to moderate it. No one would care if I tried. You know, just confined to everyone's while hollering at someone who really needs to hollering at and that'll just be a personal level of hollering.

not_on_display 1:20:36 I feel I feel kind of sheltered when I because like, I use Metafilter as my portal into the rest of the web. And when I see conversations elsewhere, I'm just like, oh, yeah, yeah. Okay, I'm going back to Metafilter.

Cortex 1:20:50 But the thing is, every once awhile Clickhole will show up there. And like, it's it. It's like an even mix of people who get what's going on there. And people who are outraged at this unbelievable thing that of course, it's unbelievable. It's fucking made. But it's like, it's weird. Realizing Oh, no, no people, people who are not like, spending way too much fucking time overthinking the nature of

Jessamyn 1:21:13 God foregone conclusion. Yeah. Having its catchy level conversations about gender and race in the first place. Yeah, so

Cortex 1:21:20 if it's catching you like blind, then yeah, of course it can fucking gold people. And that's half the reason for it. So

churl 1:21:27 I can totally have the opposite problem with Clicquot. It's, it's because I, on my Facebook page, I followed Clickhole just because to get a little bit of like, influx of a little lightness and my dour miserable Facebook page, that's all the shitty, horrible mass shootings and whatever. And you know, whatever name fun stuff, people like to post on their Facebook and whatever. And because Facebook so aggressively tries to curate what it thinks you want to see, based on what you scroll past versus what you click, I within one month, my whole Facebook wall, I log into Facebook, and it's just Clickhole Clickhole, Clickhole Clickhole. And then one news article, and I'll just as I go through it, I'll just assume it's yet another like, satirical take on what how shitty the internet news is, or you know, these BuzzFeed style things and then I'll have to catch myself. Oh, wait, that's a real one. That's not satire. It's just really that bad. Yeah, it's a problem. It's a problem.

Cortex 1:22:30 I had that problem. Actually, I have a sort of similar problem with like, sponsored tweets. When, when I do actually use the Twitter app itself. You know, we've got sponsored tweets littered through there. And the thing is, every time I come across one, it takes me like a couple of seconds to realize this isn't just someone who's really shitty at jokes. Like I'm like, but that's God. Exactly. That's not Oh, that's your fucking corporate entity. That was supposed to be an

Jessamyn 1:22:56 actual one through seven committees before it even made it here in the first place. Yeah.

not_on_display 1:23:00 And then just really trying to

Cortex 1:23:01 deconstruct it to I get this. Yeah. Which I think speaks to how much my Twitter feed consists of people whose sense of humor I like that then it turns out that Pepsi is not one of those people.

Jessamyn 1:23:13 You're like, what are they doing there?

Cortex 1:23:16 Well, should we move on to ask Metafilter now

not_on_display 1:23:19 I have a good segue from from this to AskMe and

Jessamyn 1:23:22 I'm excited all right. All right.

not_on_display 1:23:23 So all right. Here's

Cortex 1:23:30 we didn't have more couples on the show.

not_on_display 1:23:31 Okay.

Jessamyn 1:23:35 Let's get secretary.

Cortex 1:23:37 Yeah, I can ask her she she may have she may have the good sense to not get

churl 1:23:46 to get her on you guys

not_on_display 1:24:01 got it you got flowers so smoky but safe props. It was basically a I need to find a way to mimic or crafted round cartoon bomb how I clicked on this, you know, expecting, like people saying, Oh, you don't want it. You know, you don't want to do this or that. And it does get into that. But it led me to this person who is let's see, it's triple A Anastasia. Anastasia, well, it's just spelled AAA, Anastasia, and she recreates every Swedish Chef sketch from the puppet show live. And she's trying to and so then I clicked from there to a comments a little bit further down where it points to her Projects page and the Nephi post about that project. And let me get you guys to that like location. And I got it. Yeah. So it was just it was just fascinating. I'm so glad that she is doing this. It's exactly what the internet is made for. When I

Jessamyn 1:25:16 watch Bark, bark bark dot i Oh man.

not_on_display 1:25:20 When I went to when I went to broadcasting school in big quotes. I didn't, I didn't really think that the, you know, the democratization of creativity would happen, as it did. But I'm so glad the way it's turning out. And this is like an surely joyful way in which you know, in which it's manifested itself is somebody recreating live all of the Swedish Chef sketches.

Jessamyn 1:25:48 So I had exactly the same level of delight when I click through and read this, like, oh, make a cartoon bomb, whatever. And then I was like, what exactly? Yes, your delight. So

not_on_display 1:26:02 I I'll tell everybody click through to the actual projects in the Nephi. Post, because it is, it is a work of art. Great. And

Jessamyn 1:26:13 I use AskMe Metafilter this month, to help me understand why the pair of reading glasses that I've started to use there around my house have numbers on the inside that don't seem to match reading glasses strength, and I wanted to buy some greeting glasses from sending optical thanks to Jim who got me a gift certificate so I could get more than one pair. But I couldn't figure it out. AskMe Metafilter figured it out for me in roughly 10 minutes.

not_on_display 1:26:41 Justin has been wanting glasses. It's almost like you're wishing for like, like bad eyesight. And I'm like, No, you don't want that. I

Jessamyn 1:26:49 said everyone in my family has always had glasses, and you're the

not_on_display 1:26:52 only one out and I had perfect vision and last and you think glasses are cool, which you know.

Jessamyn 1:27:00 But my profession?

not_on_display 1:27:02 Yeah, totally. They they totally amp your library and nerd coolness. Like, like, just up there. In Ambit. You're on 11. And you're not up to 11. But I

Jessamyn 1:27:18 couldn't figure it out because I have these old like Bausch and Lomb kind of heavy black frames. But the only numbers they had on them were these numbers that didn't make any sense. And so it turns out that like old glasses came with the measurements written right on the frame. So they're four and a half inches wide, not 450.

not_on_display 1:27:37 I'm so glad that you asked this too, because we had like this sort of like a conversation before. I'm like, that just doesn't sound right. Yeah. Remember you you tested yourself at something completely different. And you were thinking, well, I, this this, this works for me. I was like, Okay,

Jessamyn 1:27:52 well, I was like, I want to buy the glasses right now, I'd love to

not_on_display 1:27:56 dig into this little bit more. I don't really have you know, I didn't have a scientific explanation as to why I just felt like, that just doesn't sound right in my you know, glasses buying experience that you would test one way and then what makes you see better is something

Jessamyn 1:28:13 I've never like, bought glasses before. So I didn't really understand any of this stuff. And I was like, maybe there's like a thing. Who knows? Yeah,

not_on_display 1:28:19 and I didn't have the language to really explain why I was skeptical. So yeah, it was like one of those things like, yeah, why don't you do AskMe filter on this one.

Jessamyn 1:28:29 And they straighten my shirt right out. Thanks. AskMe Metafilter

Cortex 1:28:32 that's what it's for. Good one. I liked this question from February 10 2011. That apparently I recently

Unknown Speaker 1:28:40 favorited last month I

Cortex 1:28:42 know but I'm going for a deep cut here because it's in my favorites and I never have like good asked me stuff. So like you. I'm excited that I had this in there. I don't remember why. I mean, I can sort of sense it. But yeah, someone asked me whoever well and that's the thing that question is what is that ad sack song that goes doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo you know. And so it's like, it's just someone do we doing their way through and then people like, immediately know the answer. And yeah, it's just charming.

Jessamyn 1:29:13 Oh, that song. Bah Bah

not_on_display 1:29:16 doo, doo doo doo I'm gonna take over this podcast with my

Cortex 1:29:29 desk for a half hour. Don't do anything else.

churl 1:29:32 And then we can run it through a MIDI filter is this does harken back I mean, one of the first very first asked me posts when I was first kind of discovering Metafilter was like this. It was like someone said, Hey, what's the what's the song where the guitar goes? Dun dun dun dun dun dun. Oh my god it in five seconds. Yeah. It's like how I mean, I didn't think the internet actually would be this like amazing hive mind superpower, right? Well, I had given up hope that that's what it would turn into. But lighting lights shine through.

not_on_display 1:30:10 Yeah, it's brilliant. When that happens, those are the those are the threads I liked the most are named this obscure thing, which I think I saw during childhood and it has a guy who has a purple shirt. And he's talking to what he thinks is a bear. Or it could be a cat or a lion. You know, three, three, at most, and

Jessamyn 1:30:30 then you get someone showing up like, Oh, I was the executive producer. Let me send you the, you know, oh, man. Mixed.

not_on_display 1:30:38 I love when that happens. Like, a few of my FPPS like, you know, like somebody will post in the thread. Oh, yeah. Like, when I did a thread, I did an FTP on our Stevie Moore who's this, you know, underground home recording. You know, Lo Fi genius. He's, he's made probably about 200 albums that he distributes himself. And I saw this, this teaser for a documentary. And somebody sent me he sent me an email saying, Yeah, I was the producer of that documentary I gave up because it was too depressing. You want to? If you know anybody who wants to take this project over, you know, I'll send you all the tapes as well. Do I have a ton of time to sink into this? No. Oh, smart. Have you? Um, that also happened on like, the, the, the FPP where it was a really contentious thread, but like, I found some somebody who figured out how to qua quantify who the funniest comedian is by how much laughter as a ratio. How much

Jessamyn 1:31:41 laughter But I remember that that was when we were like first dating. Right, right. And the adventure.

not_on_display 1:31:45 It was a little bit after I think, but Well, no, maybe it was anyways. But yeah, so these

Cortex 1:31:52 guys should work this out in detail right now.

churl 1:31:56 No, I think an anonymous asked me is the only way

Jessamyn 1:31:58 now we have a list application that we keep track of bets.

not_on_display 1:32:02 Oh yeah. Cuz I'm always

Jessamyn 1:32:04 so as a result, we'll just like make a bet and shut up about it. Yeah,

Cortex 1:32:08 that's a good policy.

Jessamyn 1:32:09 It's a really good policy

not_on_display 1:32:11 25 cents 25 cents. You know, I'll bet you that. You know, somebody did something that

Jessamyn 1:32:16 we did a year of when we started dating yesterday

not_on_display 1:32:19 probably probably I'd say it was around 2010 ish. So you know I think it was in the early in the early years

churl 1:32:36 Jim if we're going down memory lane Am I remembering correctly that years ago you had a great syphilis Dali post? Oh god yeah, that's yeah, so that's just like something I've been saving for years to have a chance to thank you for that. And also you know, cursed you for beating me to it but I had all the time in the world. You did a great job with that. Thank you. Yeah, I don't have a link though.

not_on_display 1:32:57 I you someone can find I love making posts like that. Like, you know, just curating all these links and then sorting through them figuring out which you know, which you know, which went together. And once I did the comedian's getting heckled post. I was like okay, that's that's it I put that kind of like you know, mega post away and I don't think I've done one since but yeah, thank you. I mean, I love I love curating stuff and and showing it to people that's why you know metal filter is my blog and and yeah, yeah. So I'm glad you appreciate it that did hear again

Jessamyn 1:33:37 you're still talking so nice.

Cortex 1:33:38 Yeah, just the moment I found the post in question. Oh, weird thing is I search

Jessamyn 1:33:43 what is it Oh, that's not the posting question that posting questions about the laugh machine. Oh, yeah. Like

churl 1:33:52 the post is great. The one that's still being litigated as

Cortex 1:33:57 the other one I'm not Yeah. Yes, anyway.

not_on_display 1:34:04 I could try. Oh, we'll find it we'll make a bet and we'll take care of

Jessamyn 1:34:10 the thing called Do you remember the one where

not_on_display 1:34:13 with the quantification of like who the best comedians it was called, what it's called but you know, I'll look I'll look for it in the background here.

Cortex 1:34:25 I a little green

churl 1:34:26 one is probably probably not many people missed this if they spent a lot of time on the green because it was a real high traffic one but this is what is your favorite 90s alt rock music

Jessamyn 1:34:40 Oh,

churl 1:34:41 sent me down a hole. I love this thread so much. And it's one of those dips like you kind of let it goes as metal filters seems like it's not really for hate. Let's all just come up with the endless list of this one with banning it because

not_on_display 1:34:56 Oh, yeah, yeah, no, this is I

churl 1:34:59 mean something like this. So it's like, I mean, how great to have this huge nostalgia trip all collected in one place for you. This this is probably the exact same age as me.

not_on_display 1:35:10 And this filled in a lot of my video like because during these particular years, which everybody's citing in this thread, I didn't really have a TV I didn't really, and I was very disinterested in like, what was going on in the mainstream. But I liked a lot of the songs, it was good to see the videos, which I didn't even know existed it really, uh, it filled in a lot of a lot of blank spaces in my

Jessamyn 1:35:33 right, because you and I were talking I was like, Oh, what about this one? What about that one? He's like, I was being a dad. Yeah,

not_on_display 1:35:40 exactly. Like, my kid was an infant. I couldn't watch TV.

Jessamyn 1:35:45 Right. All I watched was party.

churl 1:35:49 Yeah, yeah. Likewise, I didn't have TV for a lot of my upbringing. So coming back around and finding these in the dawn of the internet in my house was a cherished memory of mine. Similarly to and before, you know, YouTube was the one place to get all this stuff. I would, like fetishistic li like go through and like find all the artists were original websites and see if there's some little real player, you know, music video embedded on the official homepage for Radiohead, or, you know, whatever tool and trying to pull it down that way. Go on hotline and try and see low, you know, peruse people's music video collections that they had, you know, ripped off of their VHS that had been pulled off of MTV and stuff. So right, right, right. I'll be in one place. It's amazing.

Jessamyn 1:36:36 What is when these things happen, these like, find me these videos threads is for there to be some like automatic script that will make everything into like a YouTube playlist. So I can just watch them all in a row. You know,

not_on_display 1:36:49 there used to be a script like that, or didn't automatically scrape it like, you know, videos mentioned I met a filter and they don't anymore.

Cortex 1:36:59 There's, you know, there's at least one Greasemonkey script that did something like that. I don't know what its current state is we actually have an experimental tool that like just pulls YouTube video links from right.

not_on_display 1:37:10 Oh, my God, I was looking at that time lapse and I saw that particular page. I was like, Oh, this is not good for me.

Jessamyn 1:37:19 by which he means very good.

not_on_display 1:37:20 Very good for me, but not good for any productivity in my day.

Cortex 1:37:24 I didn't have I we had TV as a kid, but we didn't have cable so I didn't have MTV at home. I had a friend who had MTV so I would see some of these. Mostly what we had what there was a cable access, like UHF station that did like music videos, but it was always whatever they could afford. Cheap. Apparently, so kinda sounds like v 66. Yeah, like 1am Every night, I could watch the video for Tori Amos's. You know, boys for Pele again,

not_on_display 1:37:50 there was a there was some show that was in syndication. It was like an indie produced, like video. Like, you know, here's the videos of the week and it was called rage. And every once in a while I'll run into a video from that was, you know, taped off of the air that that that show aired that particular video and it's usually something obscure, but like, like a, you know, Timbuk threes. The future's so bright. I gotta wear shades. Yeah, stuff like that.

churl 1:38:20 Yeah, definitely. I remember the rage. Whatever you call it. imprints on the corner of one of those videos, I was downloading and you the olden days. This was that post was by Glaucon Glaucon.

Cortex 1:38:33 This post, like strikes at the heart of the dilemma of chat filter, or chat filter is something we've always sort of like tried to discourage not get people go nuts.

Jessamyn 1:38:40 This is the heart of the dilemma, chat filter. This is because this is perfect. It's got a narrow band thing.

Cortex 1:38:48 Well, that's what I'm saying. It's like this is not chat filter. It's edging up against a little bit just enough that a couple of people did end up flagging it, right? Because there's like, wow, this does seem a little chatty, but it's fine. But it's like it gets into that territory. We're like, oh, but what are your favorite rather than helped me find some definitive

Jessamyn 1:39:06 list generating? You know, what I think is great examples of this helped me

not_on_display 1:39:11 find books that were, you know, published independently from the 90s

Cortex 1:39:16 by Chinese authors. Well, sure, but like helped me locate this niche thing versus Hey, tell me what you like from this initiative. It's like the framing gets like it. Like, I like this thread. And I'm not I'm not trying to shit. I liked this thread. And I like things like this. It just like gets into that territory. It's a little bit tricky, but the reason that it's striking me in this case is this flake this this post was, in fact, Flake like by two different people's breaks the guideline, both of those people answered, and I thought that that's like, that's the fucking core of that's, that's like the spinning nucleus of the atomic nature of the pros and cons of chatter. That's what

churl 1:39:55 seemed like the sort of thing that someone you know, posted out in our chat filter. thread and then it'll get taken down. And we'll say, Well, how come there's the music video and got to run exactly the same thing? Yeah,

not_on_display 1:40:06 I kind of see that I had a deleted post once and before it was deleted. Horace redpoll commented, this may be the first post that I flagged and favorited at the same time.

Cortex 1:40:19 Just it just isn't right. I wanted to mention this, this post, in case nobody else happens to the post from a corn cup saying Tell me real words. That sound like nonsense words.

not_on_display 1:40:31 Oh, gosh. We just

Jessamyn 1:40:33 oh, this because it was so tantalizing. And 8 million people commented, I enjoyed it. But I just had to stop reading it.

not_on_display 1:40:40 I'm so glad that we didn't show this to you. We spent New Year's with a couple of friends who had just discovered the joys of the of the trackball was bouffant. Have you guys heard that one? Yes, macadamia?

Cortex 1:40:53 Yes. Yes.

Jessamyn 1:40:55 Like it's the funniest thing they've ever heard

not_on_display 1:40:57 every like, you know, 15 minutes, any conversation you had would devolve into, into that the raw macadamia? And at first I was just like, Yes, I share your enthusiasm. And by the end, I was just like, oh, gosh, please.

Jessamyn 1:41:16 With the bouffant. Exactly.

not_on_display 1:41:19 If you're listening, I love you guys. But yeah, not listening. Oh, right. Good. Yeah. Yes,

churl 1:41:29 that was making me feel like I'm going crazy as I scroll through it. Like I forgot how to put letters together into words in my brain.

not_on_display 1:41:36 Yeah, right. You're smart, smart, smart, smart. Yeah, exactly.

Jessamyn 1:41:42 Know that. It's a fun thread. I enjoyed this post by woman who I don't recall having seen. She's only posted. I think she posted just a couple of AskMe Metafilter posts and the whole time they've been here. But it was, you know, you see these movies where the protagonist gets a bag of cash, but like, what do you do with a bag of cash? Like I want to see a movie where somebody actually has to grapple with the fact that a bag of cash is actually kind of a complicated thing to have to deal with.

not_on_display 1:42:13 Yeah, I always used to think laundering money was a was was literal. I thought people that got bags of cash from a bank robbery actually had to wash it somehow because

Jessamyn 1:42:23 when I was a little kid I thought that too that they had to make the notes look not new

not_on_display 1:42:28 right or like the ink no somehow if you watch the the ink die the tracing die off, you know?

Jessamyn 1:42:34 Yeah, and so the thread turns into sort of combination of movie recommendations and arguments about whether or not you can like put a down payment on a house with with cash. Interesting, but I enjoyed it and I learned some stuff so I liked it.

churl 1:42:49 Briefcase user name is woman not just this is opposed to by a woman

Jessamyn 1:42:56 by woman who's maybe

not_on_display 1:42:58 also a woman by woman in general, like you know, I'll womankind by

Jessamyn 1:43:02 womankind How does money work?

Cortex 1:43:05 Oh, Jesus. Later this year, we'll do a meta talk event about you know, it'll be post by woman month and just keep posting. Okay.

churl 1:43:18 So in the last the real words of sound like nonsense words, did we give a corn cup was the poster? Yeah. Okay,

not_on_display 1:43:25 good. Okay, calling back to the concept of like the hive mind coming up with the answer really quickly. Last I checked, nobody could figure out who made the joke about freebasing a cat. I swear I've heard that too. And I want to see Bobcat Goldthwait but I couldn't find the source. But I can totally like because I watched a lot of

Jessamyn 1:43:48 Bobcat Goldthwait do that in concert. I thought we saw him do it. I

not_on_display 1:43:53 actually saw him live. Wow. freebasing it sounds like something he would say.

Jessamyn 1:43:58 I think we saw him when we saw it live. And I didn't get I didn't put two and two together until I heard you say his name. Hmm. Well, I think we saw him do that.

not_on_display 1:44:07 Maybe we're onto something. And hopefully, somebody listening to this podcast will help orange valore who posted it. It figured out who made the joke about free.

Jessamyn 1:44:18 That funny joke, but it kind of went in with his whole shtick, right? Because he was talking about how much he hated Nickelback. Like he had a whole bunch of stuff that he did in his show. What

not_on_display 1:44:29 do you have to do to get kicked out? He doesn't talk like that anymore. Yeah, he doesn't.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:37 That's an interesting thing.

Jessamyn 1:44:39 He was he was great. I mean, I don't mean to like put him down by a joke wasn't funny. He was wonderful and in concert, but he just he wasn't, you know?

not_on_display 1:44:47 Yeah. What was it that you he was asking some question that you didn't know the answer. And of course, you like shut it off the answer. He's like, thank you very much.

Jessamyn 1:44:55 I can't remember like, what's up and that sucks. And I'm like oh, Ah, he's like, Yeah, let's go back. And then he tells this whole story about Nickelback. It was really weird, actually. I mean, it was just we saw him in a really small venue. Yeah. In private. I think you're right to him. I think that's where it's from.

not_on_display 1:45:13 I suspect it but then again, it seems like too easy of a joke for him. At the same time, I mean, but I don't know. I don't know.

churl 1:45:23 Anyway, here's a question. Did we ever figure out what sitcom had the opening clip where no paint roller goes over someone's face that was sticking out of a window? We never figured that one out who

not_on_display 1:45:35 the opening credits has the payroll. Oh, Jesus.

Jessamyn 1:45:41 Oh, no one can remember what it's from. Oh,

churl 1:45:44 my God. You know that someone painting a house with the roller? And it goes over? Yeah, yeah.

not_on_display 1:45:48 And the person whose face gets rolled over gives this kind of like, really, really handy. Kind of like, oh, like,

churl 1:45:55 yeah, everyone in the world remembers it. No one, find a clip of it or figure out exactly what show it was.

Cortex 1:46:00 Do you guys do you guys all remember the Have you ever dreamed this man thing with the weird guy with the big eyebrows and the weird face. And here, but But it's like

not_on_display 1:46:16 I am going to now.

Cortex 1:46:18 And I think it eventually turned out to be some sort of like, you know, viral arg hoax type thing or whatever. But anyway, I feel like I feel like maybe the paint roller on the face. That kind of thing is the actual weird union terrifying substrate that we all experience as a group loose nation thing. And that guy there with the big eyebrows was just sort of like someone tapping in at some surface level of that. But in truth, like something very early in the dark. You know, bubbling cauldron of humanity involves rolling a paint roller on someone's face, sort of the townhouse, like back back in the

Jessamyn 1:46:57 family guys spoof of it, and they can't figure out what the show is.

not_on_display 1:47:02 That'll take an email to McFarland, I guess, to figure out the house talking

churl 1:47:07 to her 158 answers to the to the original question. None of them are currently currently linked. None of them apparently. And

not_on_display 1:47:15 I can see it in my head, too. I mean, it's just Yes.

Cortex 1:47:18 I feel like it's a thread we could like get going around the web again, every year if we just left the comments open. And it would just like pull in another 100 Oh, God, I swear to God, I think I know what this is commentary. Right.

Jessamyn 1:47:29 A great reason to continue to not leave

not_on_display 1:47:35 Jessamyn I found one that that that was pertinent to my interests. This bathroom smells disgusting. Is is the ask, asked me is posted by Who is this?

Jessamyn 1:47:48 Why questions?

not_on_display 1:47:49 Yeah, so but what I got out of it is that there seems to be a because my I moved into this apartment about seven months ago. And there's this slight smell of like something oily. And the thing is, it just clumps onto whatever fabric it hits. And so some of my stuff doesn't smell at all. So my stuff I'll come over to Justin was like, oh my god that smells like

Jessamyn 1:48:13 whatever it is, like you smell like that thing. Whatever.

not_on_display 1:48:16 This refinery or something. And good smell. Yeah, no, it's not a good smell. Because and the problem is, I can't smell it when I'm in the apartment. Like, but when I leave the apartment, I can smell it. I'm like, Oh, okay. And it's maybe it's me. But no, I'm gonna. I'm gonna see about this stuff. You know, I'm following the links on the thread. Well, and

Jessamyn 1:48:41 the threads super interesting because she asks for joycie and machine I think he J machine asks for, you know, a scent diffuser or a scent. neutralizer but of course everybody in the threads like, hey, you know what's wrong with that person or whatever. Like basically like figuring out how to make people stop taking sticky shits in the bathroom, basically.

not_on_display 1:49:07 So I think I just told the internet too much about my stuff.

Jessamyn 1:49:11 I don't even know why you went there, but I only

Cortex 1:49:18 sit, sit or stand. Oh, where do you where do you stand? You're sitting it's where you stand.

not_on_display 1:49:26 What? contradiction here? You mean, I pee standing jasha so happy and wipe sitting.

Cortex 1:49:34 And thank you for not being tired of me.

not_on_display 1:49:37 And here's here's my quirk is i

Jessamyn 1:49:41 Oh, come on. Don't

not_on_display 1:49:43 a lot of people do. It's actually been advertised as a product on TV.

Cortex 1:49:49 So excited. It's wipes

not_on_display 1:49:51 wipes are the answer to humanity's problems, like baby wipes.

Cortex 1:49:57 I've heard that. I've heard that. Yep. That A lot of people swear by the wipes.

churl 1:50:01 I've never had an are they? Aren't they not? flushable?

not_on_display 1:50:04 No, there's certainly no there are flushable ones.

Cortex 1:50:06 I think it may it may depend on the wiping it may depend on your plum. Yeah, yeah, there's

not_on_display 1:50:10 certainly absolutely no

Jessamyn 1:50:11 why my sisters toilet backed up.

not_on_display 1:50:14 But it probably wasn't me flushing a ton of

churl 1:50:19 Thanks for Thanks for asking me to be on this episode.

Cortex 1:50:23 Jesse tell us about your You got any any any pooping stories to tell Joe? Owen.

Jessamyn 1:50:31 You got magazines? You got reading material in your bathroom?

churl 1:50:35 I did it. I did before the iPhone came along. And now it's just iPhone. Interesting. I've been reading. I don't know. I did. I did used to keep like a copy of Adbusters or something.

Jessamyn 1:50:49 I have a copy of Adbusters in my bathroom. Nice. Funny.

not_on_display 1:50:56 Yeah, just one has really good reading material and very good

Jessamyn 1:50:59 reading material in every bathroom. I'm responsible for us. Even though I'm not a bathroom to

churl 1:51:03 the point at which I can catch up on Twitter now really?

Cortex 1:51:10 I have a supplement. That is just all the ads that aren't in Adbusters. Yeah, that was not baked. Felt like a good bit until I said

churl 1:51:21 any other AskMe you probably shouldn't be used to that. And I know I

not_on_display 1:51:24 have a customer asked me to filters too. But I liked the driving in Morocco one just because it's like, like some people will like, Oh yeah, you can use this. This couple. Let's see. King of six, King of Tonga. 86 Yeah. They're saying, you know, we're playing honeymoon in Morocco. We'd like to rent a car. What do we need to know? And some people like don't drive higher? You know, you want to relax on your honeymoon, don't you? Don't you didn't hire a driver? Because and then you know, like the the whole litany of like, you know, here's where I got scared. So shitless I actually prayed to a deity, you know? And then other people are just like, No, that's fine. I liked that one. I just

Cortex 1:52:11 nice.

Jessamyn 1:52:12 I didn't even I didn't even see that one. I liked this thread about Weird Gross gifts for my seven year old niece helped me continue to be the favorite art by helping me get this kid some weird fun stuff. And so it's a whole thread of like, chicken poop lip balm. Zilla bug vacuum chicken bowel poop.

Cortex 1:52:37 I like those copper light right out the gate. That's

churl 1:52:43 a lot of answers in here.

not_on_display 1:52:44 Wow. Oh, pellets? Hearts. I will poop. Are they? I think it's all puke. Oh, yes, they

churl 1:52:51 are. Ellis mouth.

not_on_display 1:52:54 Yes. That was confusing.

Jessamyn 1:52:56 The Owls.

Cortex 1:52:59 I'm not I'm not sure it's that different than if it were to go out the but it just happens to be that they sort of turn around and vomit that stuff back out.

not_on_display 1:53:07 Right? It's probably it probably hurt a little bit more for one out there. cloaca

Cortex 1:53:11 ah, it's a great word cloaca.

Cortex 1:53:17 It's not close. Maybe it's cloaca.

Jessamyn 1:53:20 Not

Cortex 1:53:22 either of the CO AQa

Jessamyn 1:53:26 the hard bike.

Cortex 1:53:30 Dragons have cloaca has.

not_on_display 1:53:32 So let's see a check this off my list. I talked about wipes. I talked about how sticky my places I mentioned the workflow laka. When I have a weird

churl 1:53:47 one, this is this isn't the necessarily the best. I mean, sorry, Matt toxic? It's a perfectly good question. I just I didn't I didn't pick this one. Because the question or the answers were the best of the month necessarily. But more than that, it just was really fortuitous timing for me as I was skimming as metal filter on whatever day this was December 14. And the subject is Star Wars torture critic. And you I suspect that you either immediately know what that person is looking for. No, there's a series of really long form kind of video essays about the Star Wars prequels. episodes, one two and three the really terrible ones. Yeah, go into insane, amazing, awesome depth on what went so horribly wrong in them. But they're delivered through the persona of this character who's just kind of like a like a fat schlubby like listen to disgusting house grumbling voiced weirdo who's like fixated on pizza rolls and things and doesn't know how computers work, which is funny, except that the running joke that is also goes along with it is that he keeps women in his basement to torture.

Jessamyn 1:54:59 Oh, That's right it's super not funny

churl 1:55:04 and it's really jarring and upsetting every time it happens but the redeemable parts of it are so redeemable and my partner and I had been on such a Star Wars cake for the last couple of years that I really wanted to share them with her but I didn't want to go through the shitty parts again so it just so happened that like within a week of this question going up I had just gone and spent I don't know six eight hours just clipping all those parts out yet so the copy was closed and then so we she and I could watch it together without the just bummer I'm funny you know jokes so I was able to kind of after the question obviously was already answered I kind of just rolled in and said hey if the torture stuff as many people are saying the torture stuff is not good at it if you want I can just upload these things I just happened to make oh nice he's like oh, so like that's the kind of

not_on_display 1:55:58 upload that you've done a good service that's good.

churl 1:56:03 I just thought the timing there was kind of ideal. Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:56:06 Nice. Awesome awesome.

not_on_display 1:56:09 Yeah, I There are a few more asset filters but I don't need to go through them necessarily.

Jessamyn 1:56:14 But pick one you like

not_on_display 1:56:16 one I like there was a okay the snowflake one here. I'll send you guys the link

Jessamyn 1:56:26 URL URL.

not_on_display 1:56:30 Yeah, this one which discusses like, is there snow can snowflakes be made out of other materials? Like you know, like, like when snow falls on the moon Titan? When are methane snow crystals the same? It's just it kind of like explores that topic a little bit. But there's also the two best answers have some really great links in them and one has like a chart of you know, like different snowflakes and how they form and what they look like. And it's just something that was up my alley.

churl 1:57:09 This is great. Yeah, it's I love questions that really tap into the kind of combined scientific knowledge of the community. We haven't really thought that many of them

Jessamyn 1:57:20 learning that stupid milkshake post thing doesn't work. Like you were saying earlier today. Josh,

Cortex 1:57:24 which which milkshake thing.

Jessamyn 1:57:26 You can't use the right click Add to milkshake thing and the new version of Firefox because it's broken.

Cortex 1:57:33 Oh, I don't think that was me mentioning that. Because someone else someone, one of the other 7 billion people in the world? Yeah, no, I just I just post the old fashioned way to hit new posts and boom.

not_on_display 1:57:49 So that was posted by Gregorio

Jessamyn 1:57:52 Gregorio

churl 1:57:55 Gregorio and get answers. Yes,

Cortex 1:57:57 people, people, people metal filter.

not_on_display 1:58:03 People of metal filter. I think the

Jessamyn 1:58:07 you guys you get punchy,

Cortex 1:58:08 we should do robot for about 10 minutes here.

churl 1:58:11 Can I topic jump for a quick topic? Because robot robots reminded me of this. Jessamyn can you? Oops, that's the same like Sorry about that. Hello. Hello.

Jessamyn 1:58:24 This is Star Wars torture critic again. Yeah, no, sorry.

churl 1:58:27 I pasted the thing you just posted it. Did I really?

Jessamyn 1:58:31 Yes. Posted Star Wars torture critic three times and said my name. What is

churl 1:58:35 really fixate? It's like It's like this does that showing up? Oh, yay.

Cortex 1:58:41 That's not the I don't know.

churl 1:58:42 I don't know. Can you can you tell me? I mean, this is sorry. This is jumping back to the blue. But I just want to know what how how did your AMA on Reddit turn into a subreddit simulator a subreddit that generates posts using robot power. That's great.

Jessamyn 1:59:03 How did it make it there?

churl 1:59:05 Yeah, well, how did I mean did your so you did the AMA on Reddit and then how between that and subreddit simulator,

Jessamyn 1:59:15 I have no idea only bots can post in there. And I don't know. Let's post let's follow the sticky post. And see what is actually happening

churl 1:59:29 is I mean, according to the posts on the blue by Casey DS, the your AMA and the post was subsequently chosen as a starting point by the subreddit simulator

Jessamyn 1:59:41 probably because it was just it was on the front page of ama for a day or two Okay, and so it's not it's not that bad. Am

churl 1:59:48 I created the entire separate of simulator somehow don't but

Cortex 1:59:54 there's a long running thing. Yeah, pre existed. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

not_on_display 1:59:59 Cool. work. Yeah, it

Cortex 2:00:00 was confusing. The post was

Jessamyn 2:00:02 a little confusing, because the actual link is this very like, like the word this, right? But but then that's actually fascinating. And I didn't even see that until I think a couple days ago. But basically, there's a subreddit which like pretends like it's the AMA, but just mark carves up a bunch of crazy shit. As if it were a thread and has like 20 posts and it's hilarious.

Cortex 2:00:30 Something I've thought about doing with metal filter for like many years I've never gotten around to it goes multiple moving parts and it can be a real pain in the ass but one of these days that'll be a great like April Fool's front

Cortex 2:00:41 page, the whole thing is just,

Jessamyn 2:00:44 that's not a bad idea. That's a really good idea.

Cortex 2:00:47 I think I've thought about it again a couple of times right before April Fool's each year, and then it's always like thought but that's gonna be more than three days work. I'm not going to wow,

Jessamyn 2:00:56 but it's January now. Make a note No.

Cortex 2:01:00 middle of February reminders, get the fucking work on the market filter.

not_on_display 2:01:05 The best i Oh, man. I want you guys to like have that. You know, click a button so that you can have the background change slowly? I don't think so. There maybe it is.

Cortex 2:01:19 The more recent one is still I think it's accessible. The old one I think eventually got hauled off just because it was triggering accidentally for people and okay, no good.

not_on_display 2:01:29 But it was that was just like the one of the most confusing times I've ever had on the web. I was like, Wait, is it changing? So I just stare at I'm like, no, wait a second. I'm I'm just doing this our Thai

Cortex 2:01:43 slow change.

churl 2:01:47 That one got me more than any other. Yeah. Likewise more than any other

Cortex 2:01:50 it was a surprisingly effective one. Well, I feel like we should probably wrap up here I want to do a quick Metafilter Music Minute just mentioned a few nice things from the last month or so. That will have had been in the breaks throughout the episodes up to now anyway.

not_on_display 2:02:06 Oh, yeah. Well, let me interrupt you just for a second I want to I want to yield to greenish to do another podcast because it's great. You know, having you know somebody to compile like interesting stuff that's going on. So anyway, go ahead.

Cortex 2:02:23 Please go absolutely. That was great.

Jessamyn 2:02:26 Preparing for your wedding. Yeah.

Cortex 2:02:29 Priorities. No, no, I certainly hope she does more because that was awesome. And I'd love to get her more seasonally appropriate thing from I guess office or I guess

Jessamyn 2:02:41 we played Jingle Bell Rock days

Cortex 2:02:50 my MC my camera sang it at karaoke

Jessamyn 2:02:55 I watched the whole video it was great. It was great beautiful.

Cortex 2:03:00 I snuck endless jingling on at a couple parties parties ended but anyway I guess I guess I screw up I failed to figure out how to pronounce name every single time I met you just follow us yeah I guess maybe anyway Auld Lang sign i Nice weird cynthy saturated take on it that I really enjoyed I'm going to double header I'm actually this this podcast and also mentioned his recent like just yesterday weird remix of I Got You Babe with like a tropical karaoke vibe to it and it's just it's ridiculous great stuff no

not_on_display 2:03:45 I love going through our he or she a just polish as a tracklisting because like that keep fitting have fun track there's listen to that over and over that was Yeah, yeah.

Cortex 2:04:00 Then there's a very nice little bit of super chill sort of Christmas carol string arrangement from Appleseed this just Coventry Carol it's called and it's it's very pretty nice. And then a little bit more upbeat, but also cynthy I guess everything's about since this month uni track from Ludwig bands band resistor and it's just a nice sort of upbeat Cindy thing. And yeah, so yeah. Good music always, as always good music over on music.

not_on_display 2:04:35 Yeah, we, um, I'm wanting to start seeding the whole, you know, archive of music again.

Jessamyn 2:04:44 Oh, that's right. That would be good to get that going. It's getting a tarball with the last you know,

not_on_display 2:04:49 right. Right. Right. I have a I think 2014 may have been the last year that it was

Jessamyn 2:04:54 talked about. Yeah, doing that again, because that would be really worthwhile. People could download the Higher tarball of the last couple years has been a filter music. Yeah, I

not_on_display 2:05:03 would. I would, I would, uh, I would see that in an instance. And I had a lot of people got I think that was downloaded about, you know, 40 times as it was and it was many gigabytes of music. Yeah. And, and every once in a while something will pop up on my random iTunes and I'll be like, What is this? And I'm looking at my metal filter so yeah, Pronoiac Please get in touch with me about trying this again if you have any time. Cool.

Cortex 2:05:37 All right. Well, I think I think that's just about it. Unless really has anything that you need to show at the last minute here. No, people

Jessamyn 2:05:43 should just check out the best post contest posts in meta talk because they're all really good.

Cortex 2:05:50 Yep. Whole pile goodness there. And for

Jessamyn 2:05:52 Jesse and Jim, thank you very much for coming to talk to you guys. This Monday night. Super fun.

churl 2:05:58 Yeah. Thank you really flattering to be asked. Yeah.

Cortex 2:06:02 This is this has been a surprisingly successful four ply podcast.

not_on_display 2:06:07 I was so nervous. I was like, I'm gonna do

Jessamyn 2:06:11 ah, I was like, come on guy. It's like you and I talk every night only Josh. That'll make it make it weirder. That would make it

churl 2:06:21 a little worried. I was pretty zonked out. Actually. I slept really badly last night because it's a little under the weather. And so when I was skimming through the front page posts from December 8 found stoner sloth. That's me. That's me on this podcast. Jessie. ultra slow motion. You're still asleep, Jesse.

Cortex 2:06:39 It's time to wake up. Go to work

churl 2:06:45 the nightmares are real and there's a weird guys in front of it, and there's blue paint being rolled across it with a paint roller.

Cortex 2:06:56 Good night, everybody. Good night having a nice time. Just a terrible dream.