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Podcast 109 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 109: Rhymes With Picard, feat. Greg Nog (2015-10-08).

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Cortex 0:00 It's been much more of a I want to say like frog and a boil in a slow heating Papa's really slowly cooling pot. I'm sharing in the pot so long though I didn't notice it's fucking cold now

Greg Nog 0:10 like it's a Friday he's enjoying himself. Yeah,

Cortex 0:13 it's a good thing. It's a good thing that's happening so a bad thing. It's not being cooked. It's being lowered to A. I don't know. I don't hyperthermic. Yeah, yeah, but not not hypothermic. Quite just

Jessamyn 0:24 too hot or too cold or both bad extremes.

Greg Nog 0:26 I got a frog is in a spa.

Cortex 0:28 Yeah, I think I think what it is, is the frog convinced itself that it had to get into the too hot hot tub as like no, this is good. This good is probably really good for me. And it was so psyched about the idea that it had to put up with that, that as the temperature slowly came down. It just assumed it was getting acclimated but no actually the temperature is now much more reasonable you know sort of just chilling in the in the tub temperature this

Jessamyn 0:49 was supposed to be easy metaphor for what

Greg Nog 0:51 I don't know I love the frog metaphor is like it feels very much like the frog is like asking an AskMe Metafilter question

Cortex 1:00 for a pedophile joke man when God was a muddy mess, with Best of the web. Hello, and welcome to episode 109 of Best of the web, the Metafilter monthly podcast. I am Josh Malartic a Cortex.

Jessamyn 1:31 I'm Jessamyn.

Cortex 1:32 And with us is our special guest for the month. Greg nawg.

Greg Nog 1:37 Hi, I'll be here all

Cortex 1:37 month, also known as Greg Erskine or Erskine, you know, this is this is one of the things that you would ask people I just

Jessamyn 1:44 found out I had an Erskine at at the school that I teach at Do you are you related to anybody who teaches in Central Vermont?

Greg Nog 1:51 Quite possibly there are not that many your skin's out there. And probably all of the New England ones aren't related in some way. Yes,

Cortex 1:58 I like to different guests that were like I'm just covering the groundwork.

Greg Nog 2:04 The way that you can think of it easily is that in junior high, people would make fun of my name by ramming it with foreskin, which is a reasonably close right?

Jessamyn 2:12 Yeah. When I asked you for the wedding, you said first skin like you know for them, that's how I remembered it. In fact, again, you told me how to pronounce it. I pronounced it in your wedding and I still cannot remember like, what is it? But I do know Josh speaking of that, it means his first name is Greg not Graig.

Cortex 2:33 See, okay, so this is the thing. Is that Greg?

Jessamyn 2:36 Hey, like,

Cortex 2:37 we were talking about this before we hit record even but I say dragon I say bag. I say Reagan I got shot dragon with a Reagan. I know. But here's the thing. I also say Greg, and I'm willing to totally acknowledge that dragon is weird. And it's the thing that I say that most people don't. But Greg, I can't be wrong about Greg. I'm just saying a common name. So clearly Greg is correct,

Jessamyn 3:04 that you have an accent and you're denying that you have an accent,

Greg Nog 3:08 why? You're outnumbered by New Englanders.

Cortex 3:11 I don't think you can have an accent about about something. So basic is a common name though. I think I think it was this in about denial until the day I die on this one. I think this is just it's totally impossible. And I refuse to acknowledge the larger outside world because, you know, I just stop and think every time I'm gonna say Greg, about anything.

Jessamyn 3:32 You just have to admit you have an accent? Oh, sure.

Cortex 3:34 Yeah. Well, then we're done. Okay. Goodbye. That's been the wonderful part but stick the landing on the fakeout rope. How you doing, Greg?

Greg Nog 3:46 I'm doing well.

Jessamyn 3:48 Talk to us a little bit about you know, you've had a lot of stuff going on in the last six months or so. Right? Well, I see a lot of people know you is like puppet show. Greg but you now our lives in Kentucky. Greg.

Greg Nog 4:00 I am lives in Kentucky. Greg. That's my new Christian name. I moved to Kentucky with my lovely wife, Heather. Erskine. Worcester. Yes. About a month ago, about a month ago. Yeah. Yeah. So we are new here and we're navigating the Kentucky accent thing. So the other day someone mentioned that there was a lot of spiders in a grotto that we had been at, and they said spatters and it took like a while for Heather to realize that you've met spiders. What's better?

Jessamyn 4:33 Yeah, well, it's important to know which one of those you have?

Greg Nog 4:36 Indeed. Yes, so we moved to Kentucky and I've been doing puppet stuff here.

Jessamyn 4:44 Nice. Dude, what is your job? I'm never quite sure.

Cortex 4:48 What's so what do you do? By air quotes?

Jessamyn 4:53 A lot of times you just say hey, what do you do for fun, but I think I know the answer to that question. It's true, but I don't I Don't know what you what you spend the rest of your day besides being a Twitter celeb and whatever else.

Greg Nog 5:06 It's one I'm trying to make puppets the whole thing. So currently, I'm working on like a freelance project making puppets for a commercial. That is my thing that I'm doing for like this week and all live next week.

Jessamyn 5:19 Wow, that sounds fun. It is fun.

Greg Nog 5:21 It is.

Cortex 5:22 Can you talk about what what what you're doing? Are they secret puppets?

Greg Nog 5:25 I signed an NDA. But it's like really unclear why I'm wondering.

Jessamyn 5:30 There's no transcription of this. Well, no, there isn't transcription. Forget it. Yeah,

Cortex 5:34 but it was just for a couple of months. So you know, which is the transcription people you're wonderful. It's understandable to random volunteer effort takes a while to get through an entire two hours of us rambling.

Jessamyn 5:46 You know, I paid someone to do a transcription on Metafilter jobs this week. And she did like 8000 words in like two days.

Cortex 5:53 Oh, well, I think if you're getting paid for it, you know, sit down and just, you know, get it. Yeah.

Jessamyn 5:58 But I mean, whatever. It was just still

Greg Nog 6:01 set a dragon noise that you made. Yes.

Cortex 6:03 That's what it sounds like.

Jessamyn 6:04 What a dragon sounds like,

Cortex 6:06 you know, I've been I've been catching up on the last and last half of the most recent season of Hannibal. And it occurs to me that every time I hear Francis Dollarhide go on about the great red dragon. I think he's talking funny. And he is talking funny, but he's also saying dragon the way most people probably expect him to go. Yeah, that's weird. Francis. Dollarhide accent going on. Dragon right. He's so mentally ill.

Jessamyn 6:34 I have never watched that show. Oh, it's

Cortex 6:36 great. Great. It's dependable. Yeah,

Jessamyn 6:40 I heard what's is good. And I believe we've talked about what's his name on previous podcasts, but I don't know. Yeah, I like to make a plan.

Cortex 6:48 Yeah. After we talked about that, and you were like, Oh, my gosh, that's the guy and House of Cards. I hadn't gotten caught up on house of cards at that point. So I finally caught up and saw his Putin pastiche. I was like, oh, so

Jessamyn 7:00 good, right. Yeah. Really good. April is I have to give the shout out to for the transcription gig. She did a wonderful job. Thank you.

Cortex 7:10 But yeah, so you moved to Kentucky, you moved to Kentucky from St. Louis, where you had also moved to Knott's super long time ago, if I remember right.

Greg Nog 7:18 Two years ago. Yes. Yeah, we were in New York, which is where Heather and I met and then she got a job in St. Louis. So we moved to St. Louis and then she got a job in Kentucky. So now we moved to Kentucky. Well, she got a job off a bridge which moved. That's not how we worked. We talked about bridges that we liked and bridges that we didn't like, and we established that there were some bridges that we thought we could probably live at the bottom of sure are under Yeah, yeah. We we sit there and wait for notes to come by.

Jessamyn 7:49 Ask him riddles. Yeah, that'll and you got a new cat.

Greg Nog 7:53 We did little olive is actually sitting right near me right now.

Cortex 7:58 Is little all the talker at all or?

Greg Nog 8:01 She is but she's not talking right now. She's

Greg Nog 8:02 just snap. Maker squeak. Well, maybe I can actually

Cortex 8:05 shake the cat. Star

Greg Nog 8:12 can you how can you math for the microphone? Oh, nope. She's not me. I'm

Cortex 8:17 not Not gonna happen. Well, maybe later. She might have to get her courage.

Greg Nog 8:22 First case

Cortex 8:25 that explains a lot. Yeah, that's not my cats. We're just weird. Yeah,

Greg Nog 8:29 single mom Friskies.

Jessamyn 8:31 Oh, that's right. You guys are both cat owners.

Cortex 8:34 Excellent. Well, my cats need to totally gluten free diet. So wait, really? You are lie? She's diabetic.

Jessamyn 8:41 She you are continuing to lie.

Cortex 8:43 No, no, no, we have a diabetic cat. And it's halal. This fucking thing because she asked to eat this duck food. Like it's the only thing we found. It's like, doesn't fuck with her, like blood sugar that she also will eat. And it's great, but it's expensive and they stopped making it so we're in the weird sort of like a penumbra stage of this product where it keeps getting slightly more expensive every time I order it and the availability keeps getting Dodger and I just went back to reorder yesterday or the day before and they're out of the large can so I had to order a couple of cases of the small cans instead and those at some point we're going to hit the fucking like zero limit with having to like actually go through the process of finding something this cat will eat that doesn't freak out. It's blood sugar again, I just don't want to think about it until we absolutely

Jessamyn 9:29 just chase the cat around the house a little bit more so it gets a little bit more exercise or is this sort of like type one diabetes or whatever? Like I don't know how it is with cats.

Cortex 9:38 I'm not cat diabetes a slightly different than human diabetes in general, I guess so I don't know how well it it maps to type one versus type two. It can sort of go into remission and RS actually did for a little while and then it came back

Greg Nog 9:52 to give her insulin shots. Yeah, yeah, which is

Cortex 9:57 it becomes a very normal workup over Tina, I would not have ever imagined that I would be giving insulin shots to a cat. Yeah. But you know, you do it for a while and then it becomes very normal.

Jessamyn 10:06 What aren't your cat siblings? Isn't that kind of weird that like one of them is like high maintenance Sick Cat. The other one is not.

Greg Nog 10:12 It sounds like you're shaming this time.

Jessamyn 10:15 I don't believe in shame, Greg.

Cortex 10:20 I don't know if it's weird that like siblings, one is diabetic and one isn't i I get the impression the whole thing's kind of weird. It's not as terrible for cats to have diabetes, at least.

Jessamyn 10:28 No. I mean, we've had diabetic cats in the family before. I'm just curious. Yeah. Yeah, I

Cortex 10:33 haven't learned a whole bunch about the whole systemic side of it. Because I'm not really planning to get into the having diabetic cats business. I'll probably just do the one.

Jessamyn 10:40 Although Hey, you know, you can become like one of those cat people who can like give cat shots. And that puts you in a very niche a niche market, though. Maybe not in Portland through

Cortex 10:49 Well, you know, it's Yeah, and I don't Yeah, I don't know if I would want to. I don't really like handling cats in general that much. I like our cats. We've gotten on good terms, you know, but they're kind of fuzzy. And I'm never like, you know what, I need to do more this poor cat Italy. Yeah, yeah, it's not super my thing. So we're actually

Greg Nog 11:06 absolutely number one my, like, main priority at all times.

Jessamyn 11:10 Greg, you and Heather had two and now have three for like, what? Why?

Greg Nog 11:15 Because the two were lovely. But Heather had been sort of pushing for a third cat for a really long time and was like, oh, you know, if we get a third cat, it's kind of like our cat because the two came with me when she started eating me. So then we went to you. And the other one. Thunder. Perfect. Catch your perfect cat. Okay. Yes. And then we went to a cat show in Louisville. And there were a couple that yeah, it was $3 all the cats you can pet. I would have enjoyed that. All right, great. So we went there. And there are a couple of shelters that had a whole bunch of like kittens and such for adoption. And one of them was a tiny black and white kitten named Alanis Morissette, and we adopted her and renamed her. And that is why we have this kitten.

Cortex 11:54 Why would you rename a cat Name and Last Morissette. Make every time you introduce your cat. It's true. You know, you know hey,

Greg Nog 12:05 yeah, it's that's if I ever come

Cortex 12:09 to Kentucky, I'm going to pretend you didn't rename the cat. Okay. The the long of the short of it here. Okay.

Jessamyn 12:13 I think you should go to Kentucky. I should have never been right. Don't think

Cortex 12:17 I have I don't think I don't think you know, maybe we drove through Kentucky at some point.

Jessamyn 12:22 But on the way to Alabama you didn't?

Cortex 12:24 Yeah, no, I'm thinking of previous stuff. But yeah, I think probably not. I probably haven't.

Jessamyn 12:30 I have a cousin who lives in Kentucky. So I have been it is it is neat.

Greg Nog 12:36 It is it seems good so far.

Jessamyn 12:39 Yes. So we should probably back up and talk about the number 100 of nine. Briefly, can you tell? Me It's

Greg Nog 12:51 I guessed it.

Jessamyn 12:52 It's a twin prime with 107. And the thing that I liked the most about it is that it's Roman numeral is CI x, which is the same as the the airport code for an airport in the middle of nowhere. Peru is not li M which is in Lima. But FA P, which must stand for something other than fap. Let's hope for maybe not

Cortex 13:19 celiacs kind of sounds like a name of a computer that someone well, it's also

Jessamyn 13:23 the name of like some other commercial Internet Exchange, which was like, Wikipedia calls it a four runner of the internet like something else that allowed TCP IP, TCP IP traffic to zipper out. But I don't know. So if you've heard of it, it might be from that. So that was that was I don't have a lot to say about one on

Cortex 13:47 109. You know, it's we're glad it's here. We're glad to could spend some time with us. That's

Jessamyn 13:54 sure. I go back back to you know,

Cortex 13:57 back to Cat talk. Back to catch.

Greg Nog 13:59 Can I say there was a an AskMe Metafilter about it must have been like three or four years ago, where someone was asking whether they should switch their cats from dry food to wet food. And someone who was there. I think they might have been like a vet tech or something. But they gave us a very long explanation that started with how all cats should be on wet food. And if they had their way all cats would be on the cat kins diet. And now I think of that every time I am buying wet food for my cats was that. I don't know someone it was a name that I had not recognized before. But they were very knowledgeable about giving cats wet food.

Cortex 14:35 They're in a vet tech bed. They have a weird cat thing. Gentlemen, are

Greg Nog 14:39 you searching for the phrase Calkins diet right now?

Jessamyn 14:41 No, I'm trying to figure out when the next when the last podcast was so I can figure out what's fair game for talking about these podcasts.

Cortex 14:48 I believe the eighth of September

Greg Nog 14:50 the eighth we just barely get the Victorian couple in this month of podcast.

Jessamyn 14:57 Talking about that meta filter I was too busy avoiding them every Also,

Cortex 15:00 I've managed to avoid that threat almost entirely through a combination of like Lucky timing and on shifts and such, how to explain something

Jessamyn 15:07 about why my Facebook was so awful briefly. Oh, my God, we can I don't know how we start any of this. So

Cortex 15:17 I'll go ahead and impose our normal order on it for now. And we'll get to there. That's

Jessamyn 15:21 saying there's a normal order. And I never even remember that there is one. So it's

Cortex 15:25 okay, we're bringing different things to the table of work. So it's a complimentary organization. So usually, we talk about jobs. First, if we talk about job search, which I don't think we even did last month, because there was just nothing that jumped out at us. But this month, we definitely have to mention one of the jobs that got posted. This was like a week and a half ago, I feel it coming. This is the one from Pope chunk saying, Please throw an item into an active volcano for me. Yeah, that's, you know,

Jessamyn 15:53 boom. Allow to do that.

Cortex 15:56 I think that's the that, that I think is the problem that got discussed a little bit when I was watching people talk about it is like, I think a lot of places that have accessible volcanoes and sort of like a semi tourist capacity. Don't really want you throwing stuff in there. And also small and not harmful. Yeah, not because it's going to ruin the volcano, but because, hey, you know, what the liability involved, and the park management involved in letting people throw shit into a volcano is not something that we're willing to say, Sure, go for it, you know, and for that matter, you kind of need to live near this volcano for it to make sense, in which case, you know, the only people Oh, yeah, I live on Hawaii. And don't give a fuck about what the park rangers say. You know, that person zero to $40 is maybe a reasonable pay scale.

Jessamyn 16:41 The park ranger, your neighbor, I liked it. The man of twists and turns lives near there, though. He's always struck me as someone who's up for adventure. Yeah.

Cortex 16:48 Although if he lives near there, that may not help because like, if that person was near active volcano, then they wouldn't need to put up a job listing.

Jessamyn 16:57 Yeah, no, wait, here's a question. If I have closed the job, if I posted a job, but then close the job, it doesn't show up. But I could link to it. Is that right? I believe that is the case. Yes. So like if I well, I mean, here you go. Can you click on that link and see it?

Cortex 17:11 Yeah. Yeah. It's like it's sort of like a deleted post.

Jessamyn 17:15 Oh, perfect. So yeah, I also use jobs this month to get somebody to transcribe a 40 minute interview, because I did an interview about libraries and blahdy, blahdy blahdy blah. And it was just, you know how sometimes you're on a podcast and you're just like, Man, I said, everything I wanted to say, like in the right way for a change. You know, and it's a long podcast. So it's a little hard to be like, listen to me talk for 40 minutes, but if you transcribe it, you can send different parts to different people and that kind of stuff. So I had this nice lady, transcribe it for me. And she did it in two days, and I sent her some money over Pay Pal, and I haven't put it up yet, but I should have it up. This week, if I ever get any free time, if I ever get off the phone, or it's midterms week, so I had to like write and administer a one hour HTML CSS midterm. Yeah, good luck

Cortex 18:11 with that. Oh, it's

Jessamyn 18:11 done. But now I haven't great.

Cortex 18:13 The other job I want to mention is video game. A thing. Czar Conan on the site, also a mefite. Club regular has been working on an indie game called airships conquer the skies for while they're looking for some character art. So if you draw airships, I think to draw character portraits, and maybe so it says as well as larger scenes of airship battles. So if you're in the market for drying up, probably portraits and also epic airship battles. You know, that maybe that sounds cool. So yeah, so check that out.

Jessamyn 18:48 I like that airship. Oh, sorry, Greg.

Greg Nog 18:51 I was just looking at the legal details of the job posting and I liked that he explicitly says that he'll hire people of any ethnicity. There's one of his caveats is I am not racist.

Cortex 19:03 And he's hiring from Zurich. Again. I mean, obviously the United States it's important that we be like a yes you know, Ada and non discrimination whatnot but it's possible that you know, what is expected as far as explicit disclosure varies from nation to nation so maybe that's just like a straight up hey, you know, yeah, or maybe it's just him saying hey, you know, like yeah, there's a lot of dicks out there and I'm not one of them. Okay, either way gonna get let's

Greg Nog 19:30 pray for not being racist. FBI Oh, can I talk about the my favorite project of the month?

Cortex 20:06 Exactly what you are loving young fan.

Greg Nog 20:09 Oh can I would like to then bring up the doom and metal album that was posted by the band Doom with three O's.

Jessamyn 20:17 Oh, wait, I think that's my friend. Can you put in a little box?

Greg Nog 20:21 I probably can let me look.

Cortex 20:24 Is this death is the mother of beauty but that's the one. Yeah.

Greg Nog 20:28 Yes by Quint Gwynns.

Jessamyn 20:32 I'm looking at the project's page. And I'm wondering why I am not seeing this.

Greg Nog 20:36 I don't know. Death is the mother of beauty if you Ctrl F for death.

Cortex 20:40 Don't search for whom with three O's on the front page that only shows up on the inside.

Jessamyn 20:44 Oh, David. Yes, I do know him. This is the guy who gave me the book of my farewell metal filters read. Oh, right.

Cortex 20:51 Right, right.

Jessamyn 20:52 This guy is a genius.

Greg Nog 20:54 Well, his metal album certainly would support your assertion because,

Jessamyn 21:00 you know, I love his stuff, because it's like serious and yet fun, if that makes sense.

Greg Nog 21:06 Yeah, there's a copy bar on their T shirt that they're selling. And the coffee bar is the most metal coffee bar I've ever seen. It's holding an axe and there's fire coming out of its eyes.

Jessamyn 21:16 A battle axe? And it has, it has claws. And ya know, that is actually a very good, very good thing. Let me see if I voted on the projects this time around. I tried to

Cortex 21:31 I don't know if there was like a thing going on this month, where a lot of people were like, we're explicitly doing a I'm going to do something creative this month. Or if it was just a weird coincidence. But if you look at September 30 of this month, yeah, there's like eight fucking projects that came through like a bunch of good stuff just all landed, bam, bam, bam, you know, all all the same, like morning and afternoon, basically. And I feel like maybe it just cascaded where people saw Oh, there's projects. Oh, I was making a thing. I got the thing done. But usually, if you see, like, seven projects like this, that means I've been on vacation and didn't check into approve over a couple days. Right. Right. Right. But this was just like it just like email after emails like, Oh, hey, I think and it's a bunch of Yeah, so yeah, it's it's been a good month, but it was like September 30. It was just like, that was projects for the month right there. And one day it was it was a crazy amount of stuff coming through. Nice. It's been pretty exciting. some neat things. From there, one that I want to give a shout out to as people trying to do. Interesting. Now, I was gonna mention this myself, you go ahead and pronounce it first. Okay.

Jessamyn 22:34 I think he says you diamond years.

Cortex 22:37 See, I want to say you Daymond airs, but I don't know, diamond years?

Jessamyn 22:39 No, why don't you read the comment where it says how to pronounce it.

Cortex 22:42 I looked, I read I read things he actually I looked at, we should explain what this is maybe instead of me just met by mailing with him. But so this is sabrosa wonder chicken he's trying to put together a I should say he is putting together an ad network for basically indie gaming publishers. And

Jessamyn 23:00 one of the things that sort of came up on the internet last month was what like ad blocking. iOS nine came out for mobile and included the ability to have ad blocking apps, which started suddenly a conversation about, you know, people who block ads and people who don't block ads and whether you're trying to kill or not kill who or what, by blocking or not blocking advertising. And so this is a very timely entry on his part.

Cortex 23:27 Yeah. And I think I think that may as much as anything be coincidence, because it's something he's been thinking about for a long time. But yeah, the timing definitely feels like good in a conspicuous sort of way. But yeah, basically, he's trying to do some things sort of in the same spirit as the deck, which we run ads and have for a very long time, a meta filter of you know, doing small, curated, simple, understated reliably non shitty ads is

Jessamyn 23:52 great for indie gaming, because those guys have a lot of content and awareness stuff they'd like to spread among themselves and each other. Yeah, right. So like, hey, my new game or hey, I need character, illustrator. It's like there's a lot of different ways that you would want to reach just those people that Facebook isn't going to cut it.

Cortex 24:12 Yeah, and there's a lot of really terrible advertising on gaming sites as far as access to advertising even aside from like, even aside from like, the outright problematic stuff, just like just like bad as an intrusive ugly page eating. You know, shitty basically, the kind of things we know Matt would occasionally joke about turning down like that Chevy add thing. You know, that's

Greg Nog 24:34 a Chevy add,

Cortex 24:36 oh, those years ago, that dad Matt got a map got a pitch for Chevy add spread idea for Metafilter. Probably not from Chevy, probably just some from some random ad guy trying to make some juice happen. But it's like a lime green page with a bunch of Chevy's on Iran. That is Yeah, incredibly bad. But you know, like sites I really like like Rock Paper Shotgun is a daily require by

Jessamyn 25:04 googling you guys. Click in there nicely see what it looks like yeah,

Cortex 25:09 it was it was it was amazingly bad like oh wow somehow this got sense. Like I don't know if they looked at their own thing or what maybe they were just applying an automatic variety things but yeah, like that seriously that it's great. But yeah so so so yeah like like Rock Paper Shotgun is a daily read for me and I really liked them but they do the great big wrap around ads that just the site runs like shit you know and it's just a you know overblown WordPress blog essentially that they put a bottle off into, but they've also got these, like ads that make it hard to enjoy reading the site. And it's like, so yeah, stop,

Jessamyn 25:46 or the ads wind up, like taking forever to load whether using ad blocker or not. And so if you're somebody with not a lot of broadband, yeah, it's a nightmare.

Cortex 25:55 Yes, it loads slow, it runs slow in the browser and the layouts all buggy and shit. So, so this is like, you know, this is like, how about non shitty ads is I think basically, the core thesis of where Star Wars is coming with. And this looks really neat. And I'm hoping it takes off, and 10% of their revenues will go to charity. So there's also like a direct,

Jessamyn 26:14 and they've got a great track record of having done that for a really long time. So they mean it. They're not just blowing smoke. Yes. Sorry. Did I

Cortex 26:24 know I just didn't know where you're going. I didn't want to by job.

Greg Nog 26:28 Thanks. I've been I've been like totally going down like a little rabbit hole over here about the pronunciation of either you dime. speak Greek, right? Well, this is the thing I in modern Greek. I'm pretty sure it would be of the day, millennia of day money. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Yeah, that's I haven't taken Greek since I was like, 12.

Jessamyn 26:52 I think it might need a simpler name. Well, you know,

Cortex 26:55 and he's talked about that. And it's definitely he loves the name. I'm like, Okay, well, love a nickname, too.

Jessamyn 27:01 Yeah, you can have an awesome name for your company, and then like a nickname for your thing, like Dec. Ed, which, you know, you can put in a tweet a little bit easier. But ya know, I think it's an awesome idea. I hope

Cortex 27:12 it will be cool. I'm hoping to get some guts under it.

Jessamyn 27:15 Yes, everyone should use it and patronize it often.

Cortex 27:19 Great. I think people should be less patronizing. Really.

Jessamyn 27:23 I think you should you owe me You saw him do that every time. I did.

Cortex 27:30 You probably saw me do that in person a couple times. So we were driving to Huntsville over the summer. I think I talked about this, you know, on previous podcasts, but we stopped at Greg and like it toasters house, and I thought about that had lunch in the rain under picnic table. Well, we're on top. We weren't on top. We were sitting at a picnic table, and we should

Greg Nog 27:50 have been underneath the picnic tables, and we wouldn't have gotten rained

Cortex 27:53 on. But it was a lovely time. Actually, a big, big nice point of that trip out so Oh, good. So so if we're ever in St. Louis again, clearly we'll just stop. Where the fuck did they know they live here?

Jessamyn 28:06 I swear to God, I know the blueish orange lives there so you can go see her? Yeah,

Cortex 28:10 she's great. Yes. And I should apologize to her for not seeing her while we were there too. Because it's

Jessamyn 28:15 like, Neil and Elena when they drove through in their RV went to see herself look.

Cortex 28:19 That's awesome.

Jessamyn 28:20 Oh, this St. Louis is a place you stop. Like I've stopped in St. Louis a couple times driving cross country not recently. But yeah, and I saw bread or then I saw Brad's bench. The late great bread at that point. Yeah. Brad. What? Brad, who was Brad lands on metal filter before your time son

Cortex 28:38 back in the day, but he's

Greg Nog 28:41 like old school acronyms run by me, my dad.

Jessamyn 28:43 And yes, at a very early metal filter area and who passed away a couple years ago. And we collected a whole bunch of money. We mostly Judith but I helped and had a bench put up in his honor in St. Louis. Which I'm trying to think if I can find a picture of it.

Greg Nog 29:03 Do you know where in St. Louis it was? Yeah,

Jessamyn 29:05 it's right outside the wrap. Whatever. The theater places downtown ish. Okay. Because he lived he lived in St. Louis his whole life. And God dammit why can I find this? Oh, well, I'll find it later. But bread bench you can find it on Facebook. But it outbred Graham's bench Oh, look, there's my picture. Haha. But here's what it looks like. In memory of Brad Graham from prints near and far and it's at whatever the rep is.

Greg Nog 29:41 Oh, that's very nice. Uterus.

Jessamyn 29:43 Yeah. So anybody who anybody who goes through St. Louis can visit blueish orange no longer visit Greg now again, like a toaster. And as well sit on this bench.

Greg Nog 29:58 That's all you need to do. St. Louis,

Cortex 30:00 you're pretty much set up. That's a solid itinerary. Yeah. This is predictable for me. But another project I like is actually

Jessamyn 30:10 for moms stick knots wife, the two of them are forced to be reckoned with.

Cortex 30:16 They are Metroid baby. And yeah, it's it's fantastic three bots at fake mom advice at fake Prego advice and at trending names. And they do exactly what they sound like. And they do it very well. And it's, it's tremendous. I just continue to sort of be in love with the march of of bots on projects. So if you need to pander to me, you know where to go. Hi, chat

Jessamyn 30:39 bots, bots.

Greg Nog 30:42 I can. Oh, sorry. I was looking at the trendy names about right now. And I really liked the name Chris Hogan, which is a great name. It's a lovely name. It's trendy.

Jessamyn 30:54 You know, all my kids are in the class I teach are all like, basically 19. And like, I have three kids named Jacob and two named Josh. Like, there's just everybody has the same name, basically. Olivia. Yeah, I mean, there are good days. It's kind of overused. Josh, Jacob, James. Everybody's name starts with J.

Greg Nog 31:18 Jingleheimer.

Cortex 31:18 SCHMIDT I would actually I'd be totally okay with Josh like fallen by the wayside. I don't think it's a little bit too much of like a core biblical name to really likely do that. But I would be great if it turned into like, an ester in 40 years like you know, asters a good name that's just a great name. You know, it is

Jessamyn 31:36 but it was in the Bible.

Cortex 31:38 Yeah, he fucking the walls of Canaan or some shit. Laws of Joshua walls of what Jericho? Was

Greg Nog 31:45 it Josh's house, the legend of Josh's house

Cortex 31:50 you know, yeah, I got I got I got the Catholic and the Jewish growing up and there's a there's a concept in physics and audio engineering in particular, called a destructive interference where two sounds of like, similar amplitude can line up just right to create actually less sound total coming out. You get them right out of phase. I'm kind of like that with my knowledge of of biblical details. Like, we think the Old Testament twice would like you know, mean, really known it but no, I just it.

Greg Nog 32:24 So you don't know anything about St. Josh is what you're saying?

Cortex 32:26 I don't I don't I don't

Greg Nog 32:29 use the patron saint of lacrosse, I think right Greg is

Cortex 32:32 making that up. The conquest of Canaan There we go.

Greg Nog 32:36 Dad, that's your that's a Conan.

Cortex 32:39 Conan O'Brien it's time to star in a book.

Greg Nog 32:44 Joshua,

Jessamyn 32:45 shut up. Oh. Ah. Oh, there was no such thing as canonization in the old days but since he served Moses Moses through the instruction of God we can be fairly certain that he's in heaven and therefore a saint. What

Cortex 33:03 seems like a cop maybe

Jessamyn 33:04 this is bullshit. But like you buy a medal of him

Cortex 33:08 he he brought down like the wall of Canaan or something and the

Jessamyn 33:12 Muslims like him

Cortex 33:14 also, Joshua is actually coming I guess from the same basic route as Jesus

Greg Nog 33:20 yeah yeah, my

Cortex 33:23 basically Jesus Christ.

Greg Nog 33:26 Yeah, no, my friend like got into like a weird like Christian cult type like a Jews for Jesus types that like a weird offshoot, and started like referring to Jesus as I think Yeshua exclusively. Oh, god, that's

Jessamyn 33:40 so twee.

Greg Nog 33:41 It was it was a wild time it was San Diego. I

Cortex 33:44 think maybe that's what maybe Yeshua will take off like that feels like it.

Jessamyn 33:49 That's like a Jessamyn off. Shoot. Yeah. Oh, Jessamyn from the Yeshua. Yeah.

Cortex 33:55 Well, what I'm thinking is a bunch of people who right now are like, you know, middle schoolers named Kaden will grow up and name their kids Yeshua came his name. Caden, Jaden Aiden, basically, your your, your your Aiden's your your Aiden, here's the problem. There's a bunch of names that rhyme with Aiden and I want to call them like the Aiden set because they all rhyme with Aiden but then Aiden is one of the names it's like, it's like when you're doing Pig Latin with a word that starts with a vowel. Yeah, you know, it's the worst

Greg Nog 34:23 it ends up sounding like you're just saying the word Amway over and over again exactly.

Jessamyn 34:31 What if your what

Cortex 34:34 what projects that you would like like you like like guys,

Jessamyn 34:38 well, the way to pander to me is to have a typewriter or some other old and or dead technology and and so this is our Arca bald Edmund bins. Let's remember to you know give everybody's name Archibald admin bins a does this busking with a typewriter and we'll do 10 cent stories while you wait, but now has a Twitter account and a hashtag for are the photographs of the people and himself typing

Greg Nog 35:06 this slide is this not the same. Is this the same guy that like had photos of him taken a couple of years back?

Cortex 35:13 I think it's a different guy. Okay, so the thing there was a thing a couple years ago a big fucking kerfuffle over some guy typing in the park.

Greg Nog 35:21 Yeah, cuz he was like doing the same thing. It was like, no, no, I don't think this is that guy. Well, someone, like took a photo of this guy. And they were like,

Jessamyn 35:30 people are like, that guy. I hate him so much.

Greg Nog 35:33 But it was like the whole point was like, it was performative. And the guy like wrote an essay about like, Wow, that really hates me now,

Cortex 35:39 there was a TLDR episode, I think about that, too, sort of recapping it.

Greg Nog 35:44 Yeah, there was a Nephi thread about it, I

Cortex 35:46 think. Yeah, I may or may not have been a particularly good one. I don't remember like, either we comport ourselves well, or we didn't. And I don't want to go back and find out. What's it could have been either, like, you know, we could have been the same as like, actually, you know, it's kind of interesting. Or we could be like, Oh, that's motherfucking hipster. I think, depending on where specifically, you know, hipster fever was at the time when that went down.

Greg Nog 36:06 Yeah. That's a good. Yeah, that's,

Cortex 36:09 that's great. I love a typewriter too. And so like, I'm right there with you. I think, you know, people getting out there with typewriters is rad.

Jessamyn 36:15 But to have a typewriter.

Cortex 36:17 You know, I don't but not because I'm against the idea. Like, because they're

Jessamyn 36:21 incredibly expensive to obtain in Portland, Oregon. Well, it's, say

Cortex 36:24 we want to find one that's like in good shape. And I don't really know how to maintain a typewriter. So I don't want to buy an antique that's barely functional or anything like that. So yeah, I don't know.

Jessamyn 36:32 We've looked at basically free in Vermont, which is,

Cortex 36:35 I don't think it'd be super expensive in Portland. So you would you would just you would have to buy one you wouldn't like find someone just chucking one to eat. Yeah, in

Greg Nog 36:43 Vermont, they grow them.

Cortex 36:44 Yeah, that's like you're

Jessamyn 36:48 right or breeding program in a barn

Cortex 36:50 happened after a while you check back and there's a typewriter in their works. And then you pretty much down to get

Jessamyn 36:56 two of them in the barn. And then you come back. And you got 16. Yeah,

Greg Nog 37:01 what did they do? How they more come? How did more come out from the two?

Jessamyn 37:06 I wish I knew. Yeah, there's probably some fun great fun word answer that. What parthenogenesis How do you make a typewriter pun about the word parthenogenesis

Greg Nog 37:19 person very carefully?

Cortex 37:22 Like Royals? I don't know. Yeah, I don't know.

Jessamyn 37:25 We could be wrong.

Greg Nog 37:27 This is the process something about royal

Cortex 37:29 inbreeding and ending up with typewriters have like four cues on them or

Jessamyn 37:32 for cues for cues in and of itself could be a good pun.

Cortex 37:37 Something about Underwood would having sex. This is this is this is the part of the show known as the inside of my brain literally at all times. This is what's constantly happening. And people just see, select hibbett sneak out an actual conversation on Twitter. So it

Jessamyn 37:53 has to get all the way to your fingers. You've considered it at least that

Cortex 37:56 like you know. Yeah, exactly. Another another one that I liked. And this is just seems kind of RAD is Joey H posted old A real time reposting of Usenet 30 years behind. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah, I know. Right? It's, yeah. So so that's how I see

Jessamyn 38:21 it. Fellows. Yeah, yeah. Wait, when is this? 1985 Yeah. Okay, this was like the year before I found out about it.

Cortex 38:31 So you could maybe were you posting on Usenet back in 85 or 86. So you know, next year, just keep an eye on because

Jessamyn 38:38 next year, there'll be U DUB dot general and then there'll be a fight on it about whether it's University of Washington, or University of Wisconsin? No, seriously, like that seriously happened. Like right here. You see, there's wi students and wi faculty, but then they got U DUB. And then

Cortex 38:57 we just had we were just having a discussion in meta talk about a news filter sub site No is the answer by the way. But that led to the spoiler alert that led to the inevitable jokes about Usenet and different Usenet hierarchy names for sub sites of meta filter clashing. So like you know, I'll dot meta filter dot cats or rec dot cat stuff, meta filter, and

Jessamyn 39:24 it's making me wish I'd stayed together set up with tilde club.

Cortex 39:27 Yeah, no, I think of it like once a week I like Oh, shit, and then like, oh, but other stuff. And oh, and there's just no

Jessamyn 39:34 there's there. I think if I teach this HTML, CSS class again, I'm gonna give all the kids shell accounts. Yeah, I do it that way instead of being on the fucking IIS server at school, but

Cortex 39:49 the idea of having an in an NTP interface to to Metafilter has come up a couple times, and I think it's an adorable idea and probably also a bad one, but I still like the idea that what if we did the same thing where we pulled up a little

Jessamyn 40:02 classic style. And you can read that in links is not awesome. But it means you don't have an NNT and an intp interface because it's looking HTML like you have you use links. Like if you want text and you want a webpage, you don't go to an ad. That doesn't make any sense.

Cortex 40:17 So yeah, if we want to just have our own, like, you know, mod standard reason that we have, you know, chat,

Jessamyn 40:23 rec guns.

Cortex 40:26 All right, we delete that. Delete that Delete. Yeah, you

Greg Nog 40:32 guys, these are a lot of letters. I don't I don't know what they stand for. Are

Cortex 40:35 you familiar at all with us net? Or are you Greg? Seven years old.

Greg Nog 40:43 I came onto the internet. When I was in high school I with the AOL eternal September ish time.

Jessamyn 40:49 And was this you were in New Hampshire that or you were okay.

Greg Nog 40:53 That was back when I was a teen in New Hampshire. And so it was mostly just, you know, going on there and looking for like, chat rooms about local punk music and such. Nice.

Jessamyn 41:03 What's their local punk music?

Greg Nog 41:05 Oh, no, I'm sure. Habits to Betsy. Yes.

Jessamyn 41:08 Maybe the habits to Betsy. Yes. There wasn't a lot where I was in suburban Massachusetts. And I was looking at far from you.

Greg Nog 41:13 It's like 45 minutes away from Boston. So like, there's you can go down to Boston or there'll be a fair amount of spillover in Southern New Hampshire. So there's a lot of punk bands up there.

Jessamyn 41:23 Interesting. Yeah.

Jessamyn 41:33 Right, this is in dog. Century time marches on living memory. To beauty we enjoy.

Cortex 41:58 Let's talk about metal filter proper, the blue, the place where people post the things,

Jessamyn 42:05 I think this may have been a month that I didn't post anything, because I haven't basically used the mouse at all since the first of September.

Cortex 42:14 And I post, what did you post? What do you think,

Greg Nog 42:17 Oh, should I post anything good.

Jessamyn 42:18 I made some suggestions for other people to post some other things. Like one of my favorites, since you guys are clicking was the registration of no fucks given as a standard unit of measurement. It was just kind of a simple throwaway thing that like I found from somebody else on Facebook, and then I published it on Twitter. And then people laughed. But it's basically a guy who is making a trademark application for the phrase no fucks given, which was denied. And it was denied in like a funny way. And so was I put that on metal filter, and I'm like, I don't care. Sure. So he did. And it's funny, and the thread was short and amusing.

Cortex 43:01 That is pretty great. I missed that entirely.

Jessamyn 43:03 I mean, why would you? You know, yeah.

Greg Nog 43:08 I see it now. Yes.

Cortex 43:11 I'll mention you know, we mentioned something else that we should get back to as well as something we wanted to dig in and what but I also wanted to mention more terrible is the People app that I almost feel like I'm I'm falling into a trap by mentioning it yet again. Because you know, the whole thing stinks of being either an incredibly bad idea that is getting too much press because it's so bad. Or an idea that was designed to get terrible press. I

Jessamyn 43:36 like to feel like it's an epic troll. It would be a more satisfying, it's an epic troll.

Cortex 43:43 At this point, people are talking about busy angle, a new social video app that you need to

Jessamyn 43:48 know they aren't. Yes.

Cortex 43:51 So the people people are hiring in theory and to to to apply for it. This is what they said in their, like their hiring statement, what we want from LinkedIn. So to start starting this start from LinkedIn, because everybody likes being on LinkedIn, send me and our senior recruiter a link to a Dropbox file that has you on video using only the new Canadian founded video app but single sign up to beta test it to make your video application at busy explaining Yeah, so is this all just is it's all just a long setup to try and get eyeballs on Zingle or is this like happenstance coordination between two terrible Canadian entrepreneurs saying hey, you got a bad idea I've got a bad idea my bad idea got some press let's make both our bad ideas synergize let's you know or whatever.

Jessamyn 44:45 No, exactly that's exactly it. Yeah, the whole thing is

Cortex 44:49 a crate but you know that for anybody who somehow minute managed to Missus, people that's P E PL E is this kind of pitch for an app because it's not clear that the app even exists at all.

Jessamyn 45:01 Humans build what they say. Yeah, so basically, people like terrible, like as if they're terrible or good people.

Cortex 45:07 Yeah. And the ideas that would only be positive. But that's an idea that came along only after the fact where it was like, This is the worst fucking idea. Do you have a shred of?

Jessamyn 45:16 This is a new abuse machine? Yeah, yeah.

Cortex 45:19 And they did not take well to the feedback on their feedback app as it basically the whole narrative, but but it seems amazing.

Greg Nog 45:29 I've kind of felt like the whole people thing is, it's as much as I want to, like stare and gawk at it. It's been a little unsatisfying, because like, everyone across the board is against it. Like there's not like a single person who's like, well, but this has some merit, like every place I've seen it mentioned is always like, here's the worst idea you've ever heard. Yeah, there's so I feel like it's been fairly easy to kind of champions.

Cortex 45:53 Yeah, there's no, there's no good fight here. There's no scrap to even be found. Yeah.

Jessamyn 45:58 There's no on the other hand, right. Right. Right.

Cortex 46:02 But it was certainly it was certainly a hell of a thing

Jessamyn 46:05 about your comments, which I think links up to whatever the other thing was, you

Cortex 46:10 wanted to talk about Torian people? Oh, yeah.

Jessamyn 46:13 I have opinions about the Victorian people. But I didn't know there was a thread on Metafilter. So somebody, I'll have to point me to it.

Cortex 46:18 I'll track it down here. It's not in my recent activity, because I just like fucking 10 foot pole, the whole thing I was like,

Greg Nog 46:25 I think it was posted, like right on the eighth, which like makes it or maybe it was the ninth but it was like it just like barely made the cut off for discussion of this month.

Cortex 46:34 And just under 700 comments, if you don't count the deleted ones, I'm sure. Yes. That's the moment there's so the admin interface on Metafilter. We've got an admin view that shows a bunch of inline stuff like Greg breaks. Yeah, yeah.

Greg Nog 46:49 I thought at the 10th anniversary meet up at the wedding. Oh, no, I wasn't there. I was off getting married or something.

Jessamyn 46:58 Talk Don't give me that. Did Oh, yeah,

Greg Nog 47:01 that's right. I prepared. Someone was like, What are you doing on your phone? And I was like posting them at a talk. And they were like, do you just got married? And I was like, I know it's important.

Cortex 47:11 No, no time has ever been more important. So I see that comment count on threads when I look at them includes deleted comments, whereas Comcast elsewhere doesn't. So I know that there's been by comparing the two there were seven comments deleted from this. Not that many. Yeah, that's actually that's surprisingly restrained. All in all. It was a Yeah, I guess it wasn't too bumpy. Like, I don't know if people were being perfectly excellently empathetic or anything in the sweater thing. But it sounds like they weren't at least getting in a giant fight with each other.

Greg Nog 47:40 Yeah, I think the fight of the fire was pretty civilized, I think because it was like a lot of people being like, wow, these people are awful. And then other people being like, they're not hurting anyone. They're fine. They're just eccentric. And then other people being like, did you look at this part of their book where they're calling everyone in Walmart, super fat, and then everyone defending them was kind of like, oh, okay, they're not

Jessamyn 48:02 like, it's the thought police aspect to it right? Like you want to go be tweet in your own home, who gives a shit, right? The problem becomes when you hop on the internet, and you start duking it out over topics, and expecting people to either accept your narrative or kind of argue with your narrative, because it's clearly an extreme narrative, that people aren't just going to be like, Oh, he got you a corset you didn't want it like so you don't fucking wear it. I learned that from AskMe Metafilter. You know, and, and so there's a lot of cognitive dissonance that never resolves. And it winds up resolving in the comment threads of other websites because they don't engage.

Cortex 48:41 Now, can I ask you guys a question? This just yeah, this just sort of came to me out of the blue but did they ever on the show king of the hill, arrange a situation where, where where somebody died? On top of or landing on top of like Hank hill or one of the other members of the family, and then use as the setup for a joke about a hill to die on?

Jessamyn 49:04 Well, the answer Greg needs to learn. Okay.

Cortex 49:10 It keeps his podcast shorter if you don't answer what we're talking about, like you know, picking a hill to die on like defending the people and then finding out that

Greg Nog 49:18 no one said it but the word that he was thinking,

Cortex 49:22 again, this is this is the show where we're gonna talk about the inside of my brain in process a little bit apparently.

Jessamyn 49:28 Your own burried leads. Yep, yep. My own lead and a joke about a topic I haven't brought up yet.

Cortex 49:34 Yep. Well, I'm working my way back. Anyway. Any non terrible threads or non terrible things post about I have? I have like

Jessamyn 49:45 15 Yay, just linking to Jim's threads this month, because there were a whole bunch of like little fun ones. But as Carson B said, Madam dude, you Jive is a goddamn planetary treasure and Kwanzaa has a fish in his pants. These

Cortex 49:58 are both true facts.

Jessamyn 50:00 So from a metal filter perspective, this is a nice, fun short thread that people should like

Cortex 50:06 for anybody who's like what the hell is bored. I could see just passing this by like, oh, well I'm not really into Swedish food. So Swedish food? No, but I'm saying something on the front page and they're like, You know what? I don't know what this is. But for anybody who thought this was either like Swedish food or or a doom metal post everlasting blurt is indeed it travels in line with Metafilter goes back to the earliest of days as quants are and managed to do Jive posting just weird stuff in you know, the old school ink blog format. Right sort of like a somewhat more scandalous meme pool maybe. So yeah, it's like old long classic, you know, two internets ago sort of feeling and was just that was that was a regular visit for me. A long time. For a lot of us. Yeah. So yeah, blurred, blurred, some serious some serious history right there, not just something that turned 15. But something that it's important that it just turned 15.

Greg Nog 51:09 And your son is also named blurt. Yes.

Jessamyn 51:14 I love that Josh doesn't have any cats at all. He has two children. Yeah, I

Cortex 51:19 should clarify. Like, I just call them cats because like, you know, we're hip. And I feed them duck, I feed them ground up duck. And that's all. Now the board thing. So Super Mario Maker, there was just a meta talk post actually, the other day saying, Hey, we've got a little blog where mefites are posting Super Mario Maker levels are making. And it's a fun game, if you don't know about it, it's something Nintendo put out where you can actually make your own Super Mario Brothers levels, you know, more or less. And it's it's really neat people making lots of terrible levels and some good ones. But one of the things you can do is you can leave notes in a course, which is kind of nice, because if someone makes some, like shift fuckery course where I have to do some ridiculous invisible block thing, a player can find that and be like, This is shit fuckery. And then they can leave a note right on the level. They're saying there's an additional block here. And so you can sort of note things up. So my wife was playing some level, and I didn't know what, but she was like, Hey, you should check this out. And so I play through, it's like, oh, this is interesting, but also hard. She's like, you should leave a note. And so I leave a note like right at the beginning of the course, which is probably bad etiquette, like it obscures the start of the course. But I just left to notice, like, I don't know what to write. There are a bunch of little Goombas little mushroom monster dudes. And a little so I drew a picture of a goomba and I wrote the word board in like 10 foot tall letters. And then it turns out that was actually J Harris's level accidentally left a giant note saying board for no reason whatsoever on his level, and I was very entertained and embarrassed at the same time. By that situation. So bored. There you go. All comes back around. port, port. Port.

Jessamyn 52:57 Oh, Josh, I didn't mean to talk to you actually. Because I went to Comic Con. That's one of the things that I did this week month in Vermont. So it's kind of small Comic Con. But one of the things they had is they had this like online community for collectors, which is called Oh god, I really should remember the name. But one of the things they had was like a game console that was playing some like apparently like rare game. That was a combination of some kind of Mario, some kind of Tetris, and some kind of smells weird, and I thought it would maybe ring a bell with you. It's like a triple cartridge, and it has three games in it. And apparently it's super valuable according to these guys. It wasn't

Cortex 53:42 it wasn't like literally all three of those combined in a single didn't have gameplay. It was like a cart it was

Jessamyn 53:47 but they're sequential on the gameplay. Oh, interesting. Where you get through Mario then you play driving game then you play Tetris.

Greg Nog 53:57 Like Chess Boxing?

Jessamyn 53:58 Yeah, but it was like

Cortex 54:00 a chip cartridge or something. Yeah. And they

Jessamyn 54:03 had people play it. And the guy who was telling me about it was like, oh, yeah, most of these people have never even seen this before. It's super rare. And I was like, great. What the fuck is it? And I of course forgot, but I was like, I'll tell Josh will totally know what this is.

Cortex 54:17 It certainly sounds like a thing that I may have heard of, but I can't I can't nail it down. There's some there's some weird sort of carte ephemera out there.

Jessamyn 54:26 The rarest and most valuable NES games. All right, I'll go yes. Super Mario, Rad Racer, and Tetris. Yeah, hold on. Sir. The 1990 Nintendo World Championship

Cortex 54:43 Edition. Yes. Yeah, yeah, that's a thing.

Jessamyn 54:48 Yeah, well, everybody got to play it at this thing, which made everybody really happy and apparently it's fun.

Cortex 54:54 That's awesome. It's funny because it's like it's also like, you know, these are none of those games are games that are hard to find.

Jessamyn 55:02 You're letting everybody play Super Mario who gives a shit? Why is everybody what is what is going on here? And the guy was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. And I was like, but apparently all these people were very excited. And there was and there was somebody game. And then oh, here's the website. It's called Gemma. But it's basically an online community for nerdy collectors. And it is actually kind of a cool like, they're running. They're burning through VC right now, but it's actually kind of a fun website.

Cortex 55:33 It's, it's good to be burning through VC always, always be burning.

Jessamyn 55:36 I wish I was, you know, here's somebody with a restrict Rubik's Cube. You just wanted to know, like, what kind of different Rubik's Cubes are there? This is probably the website that you would want to start at. Yeah, or a seven by seven Rubik's cube. And so they just had a booth and there's it was across from the Vermont Library Association booth. So I talked to them a lot. Who sounds

Cortex 55:57 like a post? That sounds like a post. That should happen. Maybe

Jessamyn 56:01 I mean, I feel like I know the guys, so maybe not by me, but it was interesting to meet them. And it was kind of cool because we geeked out on online communities for a while.

Cortex 56:09 That's pretty sweet. That is pretty rad. What did you like this month on Metafilter? Greg?

Greg Nog 56:17 I really do it. What did I just had one open? Oh, the the yuan Harboe. Simpsons opening was, I think one of my favorite threads, which was

Jessamyn 56:35 in the chat.

Greg Nog 56:36 Yeah, let me do this. Copy Paste,

Cortex 56:39 podcast, multi tasking thing. It's, it's it's deceptively difficult. Well, I

Greg Nog 56:43 forgot. I'm like looking at my screen. And I forget that other people can't see what I see.

Jessamyn 56:48 Mike Carson V. We also try and like, you know, give love to

Greg Nog 56:51 Carson V posted it. But I had also seen it like, I think earlier that day, actually, it was posted on Twitter by Casey Green, who is a great cartoonist who I follow. Yeah, and so I was thinking about it. Yeah. So I was thinking about posting it myself. And then I was like, oh, maybe we'll think about it. And then Carson posted it, and it's fantastic. And I loved the fact that in the thread. There were other people who have the exact same response that I did, which is like it feels like I'm like 13 again in watching like stumbling across liquid television on MTV. And like watching this like strange thing that like makes you feel very weird.

Cortex 57:29 Again, with sound but yeah, this is sort of amazing is the sound is did they keep the standard soundtrack or is that different?

Greg Nog 57:36 It's like a variant on The Simpsons soundtrack basically.

Cortex 57:40 Yeah, no, this is really great. That is That is some neat shit. It is. Yeah, I'm it's weird. I'm, I usually have like, my recent activity is usually a mix of stuff. I really liked threads that I've had to moderate. Like, it's all stuff I like I've read and enjoyed stuff on metal filter this month. I know. But, but apparently nothing that I took time to come into.

Jessamyn 58:06 That's what I use favourites for.

Cortex 58:08 And I've been trying to do that a little bit more. I've been trying to embrace that. I didn't even look at my favorite. So that's probably what I should do now.

Jessamyn 58:14 Oh, see, that's what I do before I talk to you on. I just pop them all open and tabs and all your bullshitting about how to pronounce words. Yeah,

Cortex 58:23 I usually do it I usually turn up like one thing because I just don't you know, favorite that much stuff. But

Greg Nog 58:28 yeah, I'm having better luck actually, like going through comments that I favorited and then being like, oh, right, that was in the thread about like the Enterprise D construction project, which is another very cool thread this month's send it along. Oh, yeah, that's right. This this?

Cortex 58:41 Well, I'll tuck one in while you're working that out cold chef mentioned in a thread that I did want to mention that he's currently playing this over the sound system is his funeral home, which is culture thing to do. But what this is specifically is a digitized version of an in store cassette tape that was played within a Kmart store. Between 89 and 99. The person who worked there Oh, it's from Justin. Yes, yes. And this is post by Griffiths and and

Jessamyn 59:10 I Justin snow on Twitter at Justin snow. And it's from the archive server error overloaded son of a bitch. Dammit.

Cortex 59:20 But yeah, you know, your Kmart bangers as it were. And I just love the idea of of culture of running this in the funeral home and the fact that no one noticed apparently, is a good setup.

Jessamyn 59:34 That is pretty great. Now, speaking of music, oh, wait, Greg, did you want to talk about your construction project, whatever it

Greg Nog 59:42 was the the other thread that I really liked was the of course the Star Trek one.

Jessamyn 59:50 Mr. User,

Greg Nog 59:52 oh, yes, I got it. I get it, Mr. Cookie because it's the enterprise deconstruction project. or basically someone tried to recreate all of the Enterprise D from Star Trek The Next Generation using the Unreal Engine. So they have like a little trailer where you can watch someone walking through. It's like a VR version of the enterprise from Okay,

Jessamyn 1:00:15 so just means it's for one specific TV shows from

Cortex 1:00:19 the next generation enterprise.

Greg Nog 1:00:22 Which is then followed by the Enterprise E in the movies about the next generation cast. Can

Cortex 1:00:27 I say I just had a huge revelation the other day when someone asked how I pronounce my name because they were wanting to play something that I'd written on some podcasts or something. And so they tweeted and said, Hey, can I do this as a chair? That's fine. Okay, and how do you pronounce your name? I was like, All right. Well, let's Meloche right click

Jessamyn 1:00:43 on any of these and get a bigger issue. Bigger version.

Cortex 1:00:47 Oh, is it not behaving? That's my wish. What do you click on?

Jessamyn 1:00:53 That? I'm looking at the blueprints and they don't get bigger?

Cortex 1:00:57 Yeah, maybe it broke. Maybe it was killing their server or something? Well, they were like, how you pronounce your name. So I can use the Star Trek thing? You mean? It's like Oh, okay. It's well, it's it's Beloved. It's, it's pronounced like what is it pronounced? Like how? Because you try and write it out phonetically, but everybody has their own leaf and attics and it never comes out? Right. Like I should come up with some of the rhymes with it rhymes with Picard heard

Jessamyn 1:01:20 it right. None of us ever notice.

Cortex 1:01:23 years have gone by and it's never occurred to me so I guess that's my new go to now, but I feel like that's gonna make paint me like even more of a Star Trek nerd than I am. So it's tricky.

Greg Nog 1:01:32 John Luke Maillard. Yeah,

Cortex 1:01:33 yeah. So anyway, that was a thing. Should we move on to ask Metafilter No, no. Okay. Should we stay?

Jessamyn 1:01:41 We have to talk about happy birthday and how it's now in the public domain which nice, joyful thread by atomic media. Oh, yeah. I don't know if I had anything else I was dying to point out except for I mean, there was just so many good I liked the incredible run of Key and Peele, which Rami Rami posted. Rami. Rami. He keeps telling me how to pronounce it. And I keep not pronouncing it right. And I just have to in the pandering category. Give a shout out to word choice post about the last catalog card being printed this month. Pour one out for my homies.

Cortex 1:02:28 The future? Just keep marching on.

Jessamyn 1:02:31 Yeah, which whatever I mean, it makes sense in so many different ways. But there is kind of the nostalgia poke, like ah, ah

Greg Nog 1:02:44 it that? Way.

Cortex 1:03:21 Alright, let's talk about ASP. Metafilter. There was this, this is probably sort of like an easy swinging for the fences one. I think we ended up sideburn lists and everything. But there's a question from an anonymous poster saying, it was September 15 1985. Yeah, so I was born and when? What was happening on this day when I was born 30 years ago, and, and I had a bunch of great answers. And it's interesting, because it's like a, it's a mix of answers from people like, oh, well, I was a lucid adult. And let me tell you what was going on that day. And then people who were like, well, I don't know if it was the 15th. Exactly. But right around then this was going on. And then people like, Oh, I was six. And I remember hearing from you. I was like, oh, okay, well,

Greg Nog 1:04:04 that was me that ladder one.

Cortex 1:04:06 I stayed out of it there. I was, like, you know, I was like, I was probably playing Nintendo.

Greg Nog 1:04:10 I think I literally said I was watching him and

Cortex 1:04:14 you guys, but I didn't. So you

Jessamyn 1:04:18 get photographs of that week. Like that was my first week of my senior year of high school. You were you you answered you were like 17 Yeah, so I turned 1710 days ago.

Cortex 1:04:28 So that seems that seems like into legitimate actual, like, you know, having proper memories of things that are culturally relevant sort of

Greg Nog 1:04:35 territory. You're saying that he man was not culturally relevant. I'm

Cortex 1:04:38 not saying that it wasn't relevant. I'm just saying our memories of having watched him in probably don't contribute to the tapestry of the portrait and a moment in time.

Greg Nog 1:04:46 Oh, disagree. But yeah.

Cortex 1:04:50 But ya know, it's, it's a great, it's a big need. And I'm actually going to I'm going to briefly hijack AskMe Metafilter into the music side of things over Get to say something this time because I want to mention specifically one common in there from user who if you don't read carefully, you might think his name Jan Murray, but I'm pretty sure it's actually Yan Murray, because there is a Swedish fellow who talks about some specific memories of that day and also mentions that some music from right around that time is on metal filter music. And it's true, he's posted a bunch, like he's posted some recent recordings too. He's still making stuff. But he also posted several recordings from back in like, you know, the mid 80s, including an amazing, he found a tape from a sing along in like 1984, or something, an old acoustic band who was in called The early Puritans in Sweden. And they sat down one day, and they recorded like an hour through, they recorded like 14 songs, just on to cassette tape, as a group around, it sounds like just a couple mics or something. And it's a bunch of really great stuff, including a bunch of covers of older songs. And, and it it's really, it's really fantastic. There's a great cover of why must I be a teenager in love with like, a bunch of folk musicians sitting around and, and a bunch of other stuff, some old, some older stuff, there's some Robert Burns. It's fantastic. I'll link to the whole thing. And I'll use some of the songs in the podcast as interstitials. But it's so great. It's such a nice sort of tying things together with the site from older user with some serious history to drop into relevant question, and also this fantastic musical background for it. So it's just it's a really neat, whole thing coming together and fucking a yawn. So yeah, that that ends our interstitial Metafilter Music Minute back to ask metal filter.

Greg Nog 1:06:45 My favorite asked metal filter question of the month only had seven answers. But I hope and asker didn't come back into the thread to say how

Jessamyn 1:06:55 I know you do that.

Greg Nog 1:06:57 But the question but above the fold was my friend lost a bet and I get to talk to her for an entire morning sounding like Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers. How can I best sound like

Jessamyn 1:07:08 Linda, how does Linda sound? I'm sorry, I'm not a Bob's Burgers person. But it's not. I don't know.

Greg Nog 1:07:13 All right. That's, that's, that's the thing. I need this question to tell me how to sound like Linda. So I was happy that someone asked it. And there's a whole bunch of people who have like links to recordings and like parts of like, where is John Roberts? Who plays Lynda? Like where's he from? So where was he like thinking of when he was making her voice? So

Cortex 1:07:38 there's a nice little thing somewhere, I don't remember if it was on meta filter, or just going around, but sort of talking about the playfulness of Bob's Burgers, because it's got this weird sort of like, artistically, there's a lot of sort of San Francisco look to the buildings in the show. But then everybody's sort of like sort of east coast, some town in New Jersey sort of feel from the way everybody talks, you know, yeah, so it just doesn't it's sort of like a contemporary Springfield dilemma of not really making any specific geographical sense. But But yeah, that definitely ties into the whole widest Linda sound the way she does live sort of thing. Speaking of links, you totally post a link to that here. So Oh, yes,

Greg Nog 1:08:14 here we go. Right.

Cortex 1:08:16 That's great. Actually, I you know, I've never seriously looked into sort of impression stuff. And I do a couple shitty impressions because they entertain me, but I've never like sat down and tried to be studious about it. I've never really tried to like, learn how to consciously approach it. And it's, it's one of the things I wonder about everyone's Well, what if this was a thing you made an effort for? So I'm glad to see someone specifically making an effort? Indeed, yes. Awesome. I want to I want to review this.

Greg Nog 1:08:43 There was a I forget the name of the movie, it was called I know that voice but there's a documentary about voice actors that came out maybe like a year or two ago. I know that voice or something. Yeah. And I think it was I want to say maybe Hank Azaria from The Simpsons was talking about

Jessamyn 1:09:00 Yeah, he called I know that voice. Ha

Greg Nog 1:09:03 Yes. So he at some point says that like most of his voices are him trying to do an impression of someone else and failing miserably but he was like, you know, a bad impression is still a good voice. So like I think it's like lewd the cop from The Simpsons was like his Stallone, which like, says that you can like totally hear like a chi foo which we do here like, which is also a terrible Stallone that I just did. Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:09:33 Is it on Netflix? How was how do you figure out if something's on Netflix? What's the I

Greg Nog 1:09:37 saw it on Netflix?

Cortex 1:09:39 Can I stream it? And instant watcher or both? Okay, for that sort of thing, because

Jessamyn 1:09:45 I have Netflix now which I never had before revelations.

Cortex 1:09:47 Exciting. It's because you are excited about it. I won't give you a hard time about the answer to how do I find out if it's not Netflix Bing go on Netflix and look Oh, no, that's awesome. My Parade. Yeah, I like how I said I wasn't gonna do it and then did it that was that was like Yeah, yeah, I like

Greg Nog 1:10:14 this documentary is

Cortex 1:10:16 what brought you to Netflix out of curiosity like what made this the now the thing that is like the internet just get more reliable Are you like fuck it, I'm gonna watch some TV. Ah,

Jessamyn 1:10:26 I think I found out that Comedy Central was on Hulu and so far on Roku and so for the first time, it became a completely possible option to drop cable at my father's house, which is where we watch a lot of TV. And my sister and I were sitting around and we wanted to watch something. I have friends who have Netflix, and we've been watching stuff with them. And we were like, man, for the amount that we pay to steal stuff off of Usenet, we could have Netflix, maybe that's something I didn't realize how inexpensive it was and how you could get two screens for it. So like share it among like four households. And it's very inexpensive when looked at that way. And it turns out, I'm using it a lot. So hooray. Also, I've got this cold shoulder muscle and I'm trying to do a lot more passive viewing. Yeah, we consider reasonable. And so that has helped.

Greg Nog 1:11:15 Nice. Well, yeah, this documentary is certainly worth watching if only because the voice actors in it are like weirdly self aggrandizing like all of them seem to think that like voice acting is like the highest calling, which is really fun to watch like all of these people who are like, am I a hero? I don't know if I'd say hero.

Jessamyn 1:11:36 But part of the issue is right that it's a totally baller job because just get to like, talk not do anything super challenging. And for the people who really make it you get paid bank, like bank. It's like the best way to get paid bank like I was some movie what Fury Road, those people did their own stunts. So like you get paid a lot of money. Do your own stunts on Fury Road and like that's crazy. Whereas you get paid a lot of money to do a bad Stallone impersonation on that eating cop. That's baller. I think. So I don't know, maybe probably difficult to

Greg Nog 1:12:11 get into.

Cortex 1:12:12 I think I think it's one of those things where it Hey, so wait, I can just, I I've got a good voice. I can. Yeah, like a million people want to do that. And so a few people make bank and a lot of people. Yeah, get by. And a lot more people don't get that far. Like it's probably it's probably not unlike trying to get into a lot of aspects of music production where it's like, yeah, well, you know, if it's a job where you like what you're doing, and you think it's sort of kind of just what you do, and it's easy. Chances are it's also a job where a lot of other people are having the same line of thought competition to get the subsistence gigs, let alone the baller ones is going to be

Jessamyn 1:12:50 did I tell you guys that my uncle won an Emmy for voiceover stuff? Oh, yeah, for narrating the Roosevelts.

Cortex 1:12:58 That's awesome.

Jessamyn 1:13:00 Congrats. It was cool. My mom's out visiting right now. Hi. Oh,

Cortex 1:13:05 there's a there's an AskMe edit filter question that I'm gonna mention just for being sort of weird and quirky. And I approve of that. This is from bond cliff. Hello, Bond cliff. Oh, he's great, too. He is. And he asks, What should I put in my bottles? Oh, yeah, just we've got a collection of small bottles. They're surely shape. Some have stopper some don't. What should we put in them? Let's, you know, do a thing. And so it's yeah, it's it's exactly what sounds like this is not a question that led to a bunch of deeply heartfelt answers exposing the

Jessamyn 1:13:36 bathroom. In his in bond cliffs bathroom. Yeah. It's cool. He's got a really neat house. If you follow a lot of his questions on AskMe. Pedophilia, it talks about kind of the buying of and building or the renovating that they did to that house. So it's neat, but Yeah, him and Jim have the same birthday. Oh, that's right. And they're both named Jim. Well, they

Cortex 1:14:00 came out of the same fat.

Jessamyn 1:14:01 So we Yeah, right. So we get together of their birthdays. Only

Cortex 1:14:06 one of them's diabetic, though.

Greg Nog 1:14:09 callback. Ah, recently, maybe not recently got all the last 10 years have melted together and medical. But he like posted a picture of his workbench that he like does little projects that and apparently he had like, posted it on some like woodworkers forum and they were like, oh, let's do the fucking amateur. Like he thinks his workbench is all that but it's awful. And he like posted this whole story about it worst. Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:14:39 And he's a wonderful person, but he's like, I hate my followers. And I'm like, I know. I know.

Cortex 1:14:46 We're like word get a job. I don't know free. It's a baller job.

Greg Nog 1:14:51 professional

Jessamyn 1:14:53 job but the three people I missed that whole part but I can totally see that happen to you. Do

Greg Nog 1:14:58 you just sit around all day playing with wood, I'd like a job like that.

Cortex 1:15:01 You know, the real baller job is let's stop scooping melons. It's the baller joke about how is that a baller job because well because it's just really glamorous. Okay, can you break it down further? Yeah, no, it's just like it's a great job to have. Melon ballers balling melon Lawler a melon. Certain shirt

Jessamyn 1:15:26 joke that I heard this lady make was about how if you come home and your guy's got a melon baller and a cantaloupe. He's not making you dessert. He's preparing to violate that cantaloupe carnally.

Cortex 1:15:37 Who? For dessert? Of course, he's not making dessert. No. Oh, sweet cantaloupe.

Jessamyn 1:15:43 That cantaloupe for dessert.

Cortex 1:15:46 It's fine. It's just I thought dessert at that point. Don't call it dessert. Say also let's have some cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is not a dessert. It does not rise a little dessert.

Jessamyn 1:15:55 Yes, it does.

Greg Nog 1:15:57 It's sweet. Like

Cortex 1:15:59 if you want a dessert melon like Connie dews maybe a little bit more candles know what a cantaloupe is to cantaloupe is the one that they put as much of out as they put out honey do because they couldn't just put out twice as much honey do because they're terrible people I use color change. Yeah, good honey do is so Oh, it's great. It's like it's like oh, yeah, Kayla was always just like best bought bad cantaloupe like a good candle was a cannibal like hey, I don't regret eating that but a good honey do is like yeah, this is

Jessamyn 1:16:27 a good kill off you're like can I have another cantaloupe please?

Greg Nog 1:16:31 I feel like both of them are just sort of fall into the category of things that are put out by like parents or friends parents of friends and then you eat them politely

Jessamyn 1:16:40 like what what melon Do you like

Greg Nog 1:16:45 melon when nice apple

Cortex 1:16:47 well but what about watermelon like a good watermelon? That is that's that's what I'm talking like like I could eat an entire watermelon and I'm sure regretted compared to that like neither of those others even like register but highly dubious claims.

Greg Nog 1:17:00 I really like the whitish pink part where the red justice turning into the light. That's the only thing Yeah,

Cortex 1:17:08 I don't think I've done a podcast in the last year where I didn't some point use the word liminal. I'm just I guess I'm experiencing some luminance permanence. Hey, there was this other AskMe Metafilter called this is from anticipation of a new lovers arrival calm, which I will never stop liking as a username. Because indexing jokes. But make me a better camper by telling me your favorite backpacking hacks and

Jessamyn 1:17:40 the essence which is also great. And

Cortex 1:17:44 backpack hack hack hack hack hack you want to know by now allowed us Morissette is the name of your cat. Bam, callback.

Greg Nog 1:17:52 Those two different songs you know,

Cortex 1:17:54 I'm bringing it all together. I'm I had a really

Jessamyn 1:17:58 great cat coffee. Jasmine had coffee. Josh, what did you

Cortex 1:18:01 have a lot of coffee.

Jessamyn 1:18:04 Drink coffee, or tea man.

Cortex 1:18:06 I drink tea. Like every morning. I like a couple cups of tea. And it's really easy on the system. And it's a reliable caffeine delivery. But then sometimes I have some coffee too. And then, and then we have a podcast. Yeah. I feel like someone could like study just like the rate of speech across every podcast, I've done an estimate whether I've had coffee using linear regression.

Jessamyn 1:18:28 Oh, speaking of which I'm reading a book called How Not To Be wrong by Escobar che Yes, that's a book. And it's a great book. I don't think he posted about it anywhere. I met a filter. But I'm finally getting around to reading it.

Cortex 1:18:39 He posted an IRL for it back when he was in town doing a little reading at Pauwels books here. And a bunch of us went to that. And that was actually really great. He gave a good reading and we went to a meet up afterwards that tugboat which is one of my favorite. Yeah. So

Jessamyn 1:18:53 the picture I think so. Yeah, no, he's

Cortex 1:18:55 he's super nice. The book is great. I sent him helpful. I am the fourth person to send you this typo report about the first edition of your book thing while I sat and read his book in Montana shortly thereafter, when I was on vacation, and

Jessamyn 1:19:10 I didn't even find the title. Well,

Cortex 1:19:13 maybe you got the second edition. Oh, maybe. Or maybe maybe just let's be and it was, it was some little thing too is like, it's like I immediately know what was supposed to be there. So it's not really a problem. But hey, you know, invested because like, you know, I'm an early adopter, right or something, right? Oh, yeah. He's fantastic. And that book is great. And everybody should read it. Everybody should buy that and read it.

Jessamyn 1:19:35 Yep. So you were talking about something else? I'm sorry. Oh, we're just talking about you and your coffee consumption,

Cortex 1:19:40 coffee, coffee and backpacking hacks. If you're a backpack hack hack hack, hack hack, you should definitely check out

Jessamyn 1:19:47 Oh, that's right. I was trying to divert you from that pomegranate juice all right,

Greg Nog 1:19:56 we're gonna choose this is an ask about a filter that I D asked metaphor. It's very straightforward it's le Michelle M. Celli. Yes, I bought some pomegranate juice and forgot about it for about seven hours and asked, Can I drink this? And of course the answer is yes, you can drink it. No chicken in it, right, that we know of. But the joy of this came from I think one of the answers which was someone who is talking about drinking from the same unrefrigerated carton of grapefruit juice for six months. And then at some point he and his tickled found this is this person and their friend noticed that there were chunks of bolts floating in it and just been sort of obliviously drinking like chunks of molds in grapefruit juice and that they were fine as I did

Jessamyn 1:20:41 that was maple syrup once. Yeah, like I had been pouring it into my oatmeal until one day I poured it and it was refrigerated but maybe not refrigerated enough or maybe not consistently refrigerated and one day I poured it into my oatmeal and it poured in a little blurb of

Greg Nog 1:20:57 you made yourself accom Bucha. Apparently,

Cortex 1:21:01 I had to pick a trend in Portland that I am not interested in Bucha has managed to it's tricky because on the one hand like Kombucha is sort of in a sense outdoing IPAs for me, but on the other hand, like I'm never drinking kombucha, so I don't really care how many different kinds of kombucha people make, whereas well pas I wish people would make fewer of them instead of I got

Jessamyn 1:21:20 paid in my last wedding and IPA. Yeah.

Greg Nog 1:21:23 That's what kind of IPA was happy to have you topper?

Jessamyn 1:21:26 No, no, in fact, they had heavy topper in the cooler, and I thought they were giving it to me, but instead they gave me this stuff called timber Rattler, which is actually from the Nano brewery. That's right up the hill from me. So it was in fact better than heavy topper. I say better than I haven't tried it yet. Because it was just a Saturday, and it comes in one of those little mini growlers which somebody told me it's called a howler, but I think they're having beyond.

Cortex 1:21:51 I've never heard that term. I haven't seen a consistent name for those. But when we were in, I want to say Chattanooga, maybe. Or somewhere we were somewhere not Huntsville, or the summer at a meetup. And we stopped in Oh, no, this was visiting a couple folks in in in North Carolina and we got a 32 ounce crowler which was like a half Growler. That was a sealed aluminum can. It was 30. Yeah, so I think probably it's just it's just fucking crazy town on variations on growlers is what it is like there's no consistency. There's no reality. Nothing is forbidden. Everything is permitted.

Jessamyn 1:22:31 All right. Good. Yeah. So it's basically the place was like up the hill from the wedding. And so they gave me like a mini growler of timber rattler IPA, because I'm not tired of IPAs yet, because I live in Vermont. So I lucked out assaulted by them all the time, and they're still pretty good.

Greg Nog 1:22:49 We have one that is ready to bottle right now. So

Cortex 1:22:53 I drink some Greg Beer. Beer beers,

Greg Nog 1:22:59 Greg. Some of them I haven't really like made a lot of names or labels lately, but I guess I should. But I remember offering Cortex A choice between either a sour which was pretty good. Or a wheat beer, which unfortunately had a really undertone had a really strong undertone of playdough because like it had gotten way too yeasty in the bottle somehow. Still not bad. But it was like it definitely you tasted like you're at a Fun Factory when you drank it. How bad could that be? Not that bad. We all ate playdough as a child.

Jessamyn 1:23:34 I smelled it a lot.

Cortex 1:23:35 I really liked Greg, your your tweet the other day about the Kentucky microbrew scene. I'll link it in here but like just the list of like, every single every single name is either like you know shit joke or Hey, beers or chicks, right joke.

Jessamyn 1:23:54 melons, hipster repellent IPA.

Cortex 1:24:00 That one that was actually meant to stand out by just sort of being like vaguely cultural orientation of older women. Am I right? Yeah, no, it was interesting actually drink some IPAs and other variations on that in Huntsville, while we were there. And that was kind of a nice part of the mix at that point. Because like, it was like one thing on a menu of eight things rather than five of the things on the menu. I'm trying to work on my appreciation there and get a little bit

Jessamyn 1:24:26 more on board with them. Or your gratitude work on your gratitude. Yeah,

Cortex 1:24:30 my IPA gratitude. I'm trying to improve my IP attitude.

Jessamyn 1:24:35 Oh, no. Sorry, over the edge. Everything was so unreal. Nice.

Greg Nog 1:24:40 Okay, you know what? AskMe edit filter I really like? Yeah, there is one posted by piatto which I will type for you guys post for you guys. But it was about people experiencing puberty or sort of the nascent stages of their sexuality, where it's would have like dovetails with body horror and like the terror of it.

Jessamyn 1:25:05 Like the carry thing I think is what everybody thinks about when they think.

Greg Nog 1:25:09 Yes, but I just loved that there's like a whole thread about body horror and like people growing and body horror being a natural part of life that I found the thread really fascinating. There's so many answers to it's like 36 answers which is great.

Jessamyn 1:25:25 Naked Lunch Colvin Oh god, yeah.

Cortex 1:25:31 Wait COVID coven. Yay. This is what is American movie American horror. No COVID was Yeah, American movie. Yeah, they're making the film COVID

Jessamyn 1:25:41 is joke's on where you imply I don't know how to pronounce that word, you better

Cortex 1:25:47 think what a big win that would be for me pronounce the podcast was not

Jessamyn 1:25:53 to say is I got an accent. But instead you just double down

Cortex 1:25:57 on the thing. Like, I do have an accent. But it's also it's it's like, like, I think half it's just like weird fucking idiolect. I can't even just say oh, well, I've got a blah, blah accent. I've got some weird fucking hodgepodge that doesn't even fall neatly into some common Pacific Northwest thing. And so it's like, I'm a little bit more like stuck on an island trying to beat off zombies with a bat. I don't even know where this image is coming from exactly. But

Greg Nog 1:26:24 if I told you guys about

Jessamyn 1:26:25 how awesome now I am done.

Cortex 1:26:31 But yeah, that body horse stuff. That's cool. It's see how it brought that back around, just wouldn't even know that. That fell over for a couple minutes. I liked the or actually, in this case, I will say my wife specifically liked this thread from let's see flowered fish saying, Hey, I've been going through a career change decision. I'm going back to school in my 30s Please tell me that this worked out, please, you know, reassure me that this is a thing that it's not I'm just that weird, older person deluding themselves or whatever. And I got it. Yeah, got a bunch of great answers from people who basically been through that experience of being students down the line instead of like, you know, in the specific, you know, straight out of high school into college demo.

Jessamyn 1:27:19 I have a ton of people I have a guy like this in my in my HTML class right now, who's closer to my age than the student's age by a lot. But you know, when did the army and had a job and now he's got a family and he's training to learn tech stuff. Now. I've got a friend who became a social worker as her second career after being like a communications person in Silicon Valley. She's like, you know, fuck that. I'm going to do drug and alcohol counseling and in the, you know, in the boondocks?

Cortex 1:27:46 Yeah, that's the thing, a ton of people do it. But I think it's so easy to sort of feel going into it, like isolated about the idea of like, oh my god, I'm so old. I won't. I won't. I'm gonna it's gonna be me. A bunch of kids are gonna think I'm the weird old person am I just bullshitting myself? So it's nice. A bunch of like, details are like, Oh, this was my experience and a bunch of positive and supportive stuff saying, Oh, hey, yeah, no, I did this. It was maybe a little bit weird. But then I just did it. And it turns out, it was fine. And yeah. And, and one of the recurring themes is like, if you're going to school as an adult, you have certain advantages of being familiar with a wide variety of bureaucratic nonsense, and job experience. And just general bullshit that exists in the world. That is actually a good thing, because it means you're not staring wide eyed as an idiotic, 18 year old who has no life experience, right? And actually, sort of parse your educational experience and you know, deal with things in a somewhat more, you know, adult and thoughtful and experienced way, which is a nice thing to have gone for you. So, yeah. Anyway, it's a it's a nice thread.

Jessamyn 1:28:53 I liked this little random thread about the weather. I want to understand how the weather words people are talking about Hurricane Joaquin, and how it's different than the normal northeaster Bayou plan. And, you know, how do I do that? How do I get started learning about it? It's a short thread. It's got nine answers and 10 favorites. But you know, people talk about sort of one on one level weather stuff, and there's a blog called the capital weather gang. That is The Washington Post's talking about the DC weather and larger weather trends. And that's really interesting. And you can learn some stuff. Very cool. Awesome. Yeah. As someone who hazard like a really I have a really hard time getting my head around, whether for whatever reason, I think part of it is because some of it has to do with like ordinal directions and I'm very bad at those. You know, so I'm like North is where again, like, I think some people can look at the sky and be like, they know what time it is. They know, you know, what the weather is what the weather's gonna be based on just watching stuff, move around, and I have a harder time with that. But I'd like to learn more about So it's good to, but I'm one of those nerdy people who I really like to learn in a very specific way. And so you know, you want to find the blog that's right for you, not just, you know, read this book about the weather, but I can't. So I can

Cortex 1:30:14 tell you what swatch time it is. Just look at this guy, and I screwed that joke up. It's just like this

Greg Nog 1:30:20 all day, Greg. It's every time

Cortex 1:30:25 I've stayed married, as long as I know, your wife is a saint. She's wonderful. She's amazing. And she's one of the few people on the planet, I think, who probably gets me to the theory that she's like, yes, being married is a good idea.

Jessamyn 1:30:39 That's exactly how it should be.

Greg Nog 1:30:42 I just posted a link to you and asked me to filter a question that I asked that I would like to bring up just because I got some really great answers. And I'm very excited about it. Which is I was looking for podcasts about ancient history. And unfortunately, there's only like nine answers, which still, like thank you to those people that posted those nine answers, especially Georgia Jura, who came in right away. But like 60 people marked it as favorite because I did it's like a really exciting field. I think it's all ancient history, basically. So I think my cutoff point was 500 BCE. So I was like anything before that, like from, you know, Homo erectus through like, you know, the Assyrians and all that. So a lot of people that are there nine answers with some great podcast suggestions, which there's

Cortex 1:31:29 something wonderful about just sort of a state of podcasting as a medium at this point, you know, whatever may be happening with it, whatever may go on in the long term, the fact that, yes, here's several suggestions as an answer this question can get versus like, if you'd asked this 20 years ago, like, Hey, I'm listen, I'm looking for some good radio programs about ancient history, anything pre 500 BC, you know, it's like, oh, well, there was this one segment on NPR. Now.

Jessamyn 1:31:55 Right, exactly. Very difficult.

Cortex 1:31:57 That's awesome. I'm glad that worked out for you. It did.

Jessamyn 1:32:00 I enjoyed this nerdy. Here's a picture of me as a child in 1985, or 1988. Standing in front of a computer. What the hell is this computer? Looks like? Yeah, the kids were like a Smurf outfit. And he's a baby. But the computer is really specific, because it has like these light blue keys. And so it should be super easy. But and that's the only picture and so people are like, yeah, it is. And then girl hacker is like, you know, I think that's a terminal. I think that's not girl hacker who's been at Metafilter since December 2000. Like forever. It's like, I think that's a library terminal. I think it's this thing. And it made and he's like, oh, yeah, my Dad fixed computers. So let's. So yeah, it was like a little mystery. Solved. Awesome. Yeah.

Cortex 1:33:04 Any other big favorites from ask for either you guys. Otherwise, we probably wrap this up to try and keep it from literally going over two hours?

Jessamyn 1:33:11 No. Yes. No. Founding Fathers Did they have a sent mail folder? How come when people talk about letters they sent to people, they know what the hell they sent to people. Just like I keep track of my correspondence, because every single thing I've written to anybody over email is in my inbox. Oh, speaking of which, Josh, I sent something in the mail. Oh, excellent. So it should be there soon. All right. I

Cortex 1:33:36 will keep an eye on. Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:33:39 But like, you know, I have no record of the fact that I sent that except for the fact that I remember, you know, because I sent it in the postal mail. But like founding fathers, and you hear people like writing to other people, like in my letter of six months ago, and how the fuck that they know. And so people are talking about like, oh, there's a thing called a polygraph. This is Brent. Brent Jones this question or Brent a Jones? Brent. Brent Brent. Brent Jones. And so people are talking about polygraphs, people are talking about letter duplication machines and a whole bunch of stuff. So this is another I mean, just check out this amazing website on anti copying machines.

Cortex 1:34:19 Yeah, this is that. That is a rabbit hole right there.

Jessamyn 1:34:23 Yes. So I love this thread, not just because the thread was good. It's another sort of not a ton of people commenting but as well because it links to pages that are awesome.

Cortex 1:34:36 Is this the thing I don't understand about these complicated copy which is why didn't they just like take a picture with their iPhone? That'd be so yeah, Esther just said to me well, you know, I mean, that's that's how they got. That's how they got together became the founding fathers. They had to step up on everybody because someone from the future had sent them back iPhones so that they could like really organize all like country and revolution. I mean, realistically speaking You know who cuz they were disrupting the models of governance. Like, you know, it's like Uber but for founding nations. All right,

Jessamyn 1:35:07 I brought it back.

Cortex 1:35:08 That's a that's that. That's probably we should pretty much wrap it up. And I will say real quickly. I don't know. We talked about the fact that you're doing the puppet stuff, Greg. But yeah, specifically the series, little friendlies you've been doing that's like, what, 1415 episodes now? Yeah, I think it's 15, which has been fantastic. And you've also been doing those little basil recaps, basically to run with a puppet thing. And I love those people have oh, well, have you watched

Greg Nog 1:35:41 Hannibal? No, we established this. Right, right, right, right.

Jessamyn 1:35:45 Right. Someone's saying,

Cortex 1:35:46 whatever. I've been taking notes just okay. You could probably watch them and it'd be sort of spoilery. But you could probably watch them anyway. They're pretty funny. They probably be amusing. Zero context, too.

Greg Nog 1:35:58 I will say also for a while. So as Season Three was coming out, I was making one for each episode that was like about something that happened in the episode. But now that the show is actually over. The few that I've been doing have been just sort of their own standalone thing. Oh, excellent. I'm

Cortex 1:36:14 not that caught up on them. So I've got something to look forward to. But also, hey, fanfare is still a thing that is growing, and we're still working on stuff in front of this. I've never seen the water cooler. Water Cooler. We added this a while ago as a way to sort of see what people are talking about. And Hannibal a show that it hasn't aired a new episode in a month and a half, still getting discussed so much.

Jessamyn 1:36:39 And there, Steven Universe, there was a whole bunch of people at ComiCon all dressed up like that guy who I'd never heard of before. And now everything makes sense. All of a sudden.

Cortex 1:36:50 Yep. Here's the thing. Great. People are talking about Great British Bake Off was just finished up the sixth season. And we started watching that. And so I'm kind of curious to go back and see what the fanfare discussion of that show has been. Because like it's a baking show. It's a baking reality show by English reality show. So it's less shit,

Jessamyn 1:37:07 Kate and I saw it when I was in London. And I actually got my idea for what I was going to have for my birthday cake this year from that show. Because they made like some frickin crazy cake thing. And I was like, I want that my sister's like, oh, we can make that we could totally make that.

Greg Nog 1:37:26 Steven Universe Oh, sorry.

Jessamyn 1:37:29 No, yeah. Which How cool is that? What about Steven Universe,

Greg Nog 1:37:31 the Steven Universe is actually made by just to bring this back to other mi fi things made by Rebecca Sugar, who I guess it used to work on Adventure Time and did a bunch of good Adventure Time episodes when I first found out about her from meta filter when her student animations were posted as a

Cortex 1:37:49 FTP. Oh, nice.

Greg Nog 1:37:51 Trying to find that out right now. Let's see.

Cortex 1:37:54 It's okay. He just tossed it in later. I'll toss it into the write up. Very good. There was probably stuff from meta talk to talk about this. But But boy, I feel like I feel overwhelmed with the level of goodness and happy chat again, terrible jokes have made you sit through already. So

Greg Nog 1:38:09 well. The meta talk that I mean, I think the one that's like the most noteworthy is the one where visit J pickers was just like,

Jessamyn 1:38:16 yeah. That's what Josh does all the time. He's like, fine.

Greg Nog 1:38:23 That was pretty good. Good subject.

Cortex 1:38:26 thing I did. That was sweet.

Greg Nog 1:38:28 No, Jay Vickers had the one that was like, say something nice about someone. Yeah. That Yeah. And it was like hundreds of comments of people being nice to each other.

Jessamyn 1:38:37 Well, and you know, one of the things it feels kind of really weird to say, but like watching that whole thing and being like, I caught up on it later, because I was away for the weekend and being like, oh, like I mentioned a couple people. And then like one person mentioned me, but like it didn't turn into like a big usual suspects. Like we all love the same five people. It was really a lot of people thinking about individual people who weren't, you know, kind of the same people everybody's familiar with. And that made doubly Excellent.

Cortex 1:39:04 Yeah, it's a really nice. It's nice to see people sit down and say, Oh, who should I Yeah. And I just say, Oh, well, that thing that is super visible. I not to refer to anybody is a thing, that person yet. Whatever. The point is, we also rolled out were testing saving post drafts on meta filter.

Jessamyn 1:39:20 Yeah. How did that work for you?

Cortex 1:39:21 It seems to be going okay. Oh, wow. You know, for somebody that people have asked about a bunch of times, it's been a real sore like, you know, there's been no giant explosion of fanfare anything. But yeah, not that there would need to be but but ya know, it seems to be working. So we'll probably roll it out. I

Jessamyn 1:39:36 think that like 40 people with like, a lot. And if you can do that without disrupting the other 10,000 users, why not?

Cortex 1:39:42 Exactly. So yeah. So that's what we're doing. And it seems like it's working. Okay. So I think we'll beef that up a little bit as we go. So.

Jessamyn 1:39:50 Anyway, anyway,

Cortex 1:39:53 it's been it's been great talking to you, Greg, thank you so much for coming on. Thank you. You have been a delight.

Greg Nog 1:39:58 Oh, well, that's nice. Because to say you guys have been delighted officer It's dark

Cortex 1:40:02 here you've so thoroughly delighted

Greg Nog 1:40:04 Excellent. That's

Cortex 1:40:07 well that qualifies is thinking Thank you for having to listen to me say these

Jessamyn 1:40:13 negging is what qualifies as it's been grant.

Cortex 1:40:18 But ya know, it's no fun. Thank you for coming on it's and thanks for your constant nice presence on the site. Oh, that's not frequently a nice presence on the site.

Jessamyn 1:40:32 Rarely a terrible dick.

Greg Nog 1:40:34 Oh, thank you that's a very nice thing to say about me.

Cortex 1:40:39 And yes, we'll we'll talk to everybody you know, in about a month maybe slightly less. Maybe it'll be closer to the first time but stuff just keeps happening.

Greg Nog 1:40:47 Let's Yes, everything happens so much. Yes.

Cortex 1:40:52 Yes. Of course he books forever now. All right. All right.

Greg Nog 1:40:57 All right. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:01 Sing some blues now. Though I'm hardly qualified. I never killed a man in Memphis and I'm from England but my sisters USA Madonna

Jessamyn 1:41:39 was interviewed

Unknown Speaker 1:41:49 Right