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Podcast 106 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 106: I Cleaned Out The Bathroom Closet (2015-11-30).

Pronoiac passed the podcast to


Jessamyn 0:00 Just call me bro.

Cortex 0:01 It's just it's the first thing that came off my fingers Welcome to the Metafilter podcast,

Unknown Speaker 0:16 and a squirrel

Cortex 0:17 lived the school.

Unknown Speaker 0:19 Why didn't you take a picture of a squirrel? Squirrel plaque like a squirrel when I was at base and came down and that

Cortex 0:26 was that was that was Mrs. Baker. By the way. This is episode 106 The Metafilter podcast Welcome. I'm Josh Malartic a Cortex.

Jessamyn 0:35 I'm Jessamyn completely confused by most of this conversation as you all are

Unknown Speaker 0:41 mad it just started recording so you can't use any of this.

Jessamyn 0:47 Morning, didn't you understand?

Unknown Speaker 0:50 I was awake versus pause and start for real? Well, we're just gonna say europarc Got it? Yeah,

Cortex 0:55 did it this group this Oh, so we've got continuity from squirrel.

Jessamyn 0:59 Because baby squirrels at my house now. And they're like crazy. They just like sit on your things and look at you and then pee right in front of you. And then like run off and the Chipmunks hate them. And so there's all these like mammal fights outside my window. Now. There's,

Cortex 1:17 there's a lot of wildlife in Huntsville, like, you know, domestic city, wildlife, lots of squirrels, lots of birds. And they're, I would say even more so than Portland. And I think a Portland is having pretty domesticated squirrels. It feels different. Here's even more sort of just like, maybe it's the heat. Maybe they're like, maybe they're not any more domesticated. They're just, they can't be bothered to be.

Jessamyn 1:39 Right, right. Right. But so how hot is it down there in Alabama? You know,

Cortex 1:42 right now it's great. We're great in this case is 78 and sort of pouring. So it's like, hey, it's like Portland in the in the good bits of the summer. Really. When we got here, it was like 9596 97 cranked up to 100. A couple days. And it was like that for a good solid week. It was funny because the locals were like it's not usually this hot right now. I mean, it'll get chilly. Yeah. Now so. So yeah, we sort of hit a nuclear blast when we first got here. But then it's actually it's been much nicer the last few days. And it might sort of stay that way, sort of rainy and stormy. And

Unknown Speaker 2:17 what would that be? It was 35 to 40. And then it got down to 25. Does that sound right? Jesse? I was in Canada, and I was like, Oh my god. 100 today and everyone that slack stared at me like, What does that mean? We have no idea what we

Jessamyn 2:36 do. Doesn't he speak Canadians? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:38 All the Canadians I was working with were like, What is 100 degrees? We don't know what that is, like full for 37. It's 37. Out 37. isn't that bad that everyone goes oh yeah, that's really bad.

Cortex 2:52 That's kind of heat really taken out of you.

Jessamyn 2:56 Oh, you roadtrip, Josh?

Cortex 2:57 It was great. You know, it was it was no God. No, none. And our cats are with the, with my mother in law. She's taking care of both of our cats. So it was just me and Angela driving across country in about four days, which was it was aggressive, but not crazy, aggressive. Nice, because we weren't sure if we were gonna even have that long. But you know, she finished up her last final for the the spring quarter like on the 11th which was a Thursday and like she had her last final that morning. And then we need to be in Huntsville. Basically by Monday. So we took off you after after that, which

Jessamyn 3:38 was the ample time for a flight. Oh, yeah.

Cortex 3:41 But the thing is, hospital is not a town you want to be without a car. So we'd have to quite as like fuck it. Let's go for a road trip. Instead, we can pull it off and we drove to you know, Twin Falls the first night and then to Cheyenne, Wyoming and then

Jessamyn 3:56 I have this lovely. Let's see,

Unknown Speaker 3:58 it seems high on the country. Well, I

Cortex 4:01 mean, Oregon's high Well, I

Unknown Speaker 4:02 guess Oregon's high Yeah, I was like, I was looking at your like in Nebraska. I was like, what would they be in Texas or something by now? faster ways

Cortex 4:09 to cut across? Yeah, you go. because

Jessamyn 4:11 Texas is like two and a half solid days of driving. Right. Plus a probably don't need to do

Cortex 4:17 Yeah. So yeah, it's just faster to cut across. Went through Missouri. Nashville, and then Huntsville and, and yeah, no, it was pretty good. There was shitty rain. Second half of like the fourth day like on the way to Nashville, there's a ton of rain and some of it was that it's coming down so hard. You literally can't see the car in front of you things. So everybody just sort of slows down and hopes everybody else is slowing down and you're white knuckle through it. So that was kind of shitty, but that was just a couple hours of that. And then it cleared up. And yeah, and yeah, it was it was actually pretty good. We listen to a bunch of podcasts finally listened to cereal, which I still haven't gotten into at all. And so we got all the way through that.

Jessamyn 4:56 So listen to me on the podcast. I was at sitting in on your podcast

Cortex 5:01 that was fantastic. Yeah, Justin guest hosted on the crap shoot in my absence. So she and she and Cheryl Yeah, Jesse Holden have a nice conversation and it was really weird listening to crap to it and not being on it. But it's also really enjoyable. It was a it was a

Jessamyn 5:18 we had such a good time talking about weddings and all sorts of stuff. I don't really know him that well. Like you know, we've only seen each other at meetups really for like five seconds. And then you know, internet stuff. So it was really fun to just talk for an hour and a half about whatever.

Unknown Speaker 5:31 Is the show's supposed to be about video game. No, no,

Cortex 5:33 it's just about it's about just below. Yeah, it's crap shots. Me and Jesse is sometimes I guess,

Jessamyn 5:39 just shooting the shit ranking in the basement. It's my understanding. Usually,

Cortex 5:42 usually we're drinking in a basement. Sometimes we drink at at his place, but the basement has better acoustics for drinking. So

Jessamyn 5:50 yeah, I was not drinking. I was just on my telephone couch, which

Cortex 5:53 is okay. Yeah, it's allowed. But yeah, that was great. Yeah, listen to a bunch of stuff and listen a bunch of music and, and a lot of road snacks. And, yeah, it's pretty good. And now

Jessamyn 6:03 stay with anybody on the way or to go stay in hotels, or just stay with hotels, we

Cortex 6:07 weren't sure exactly how the time was gonna work out. And we didn't know if we were biting off more than we could chew with.

Jessamyn 6:12 Totally The Way to ruin a road trip is be like, we're totally gonna stay with our friends. And then you show up at one in the morning. Sorry, and we have to leave at seven. Tonight. Yeah, we didn't.

Unknown Speaker 6:21 Oh, that's happened to me.

Cortex 6:23 You didn't do anything like that. We didn't plan any meetups either. We thought about that. And like doing it as long as but it's the same things like you don't want to call them either, but not show up. You know, it'd be terrible. We did have lunch with Greg nog and like a

Jessamyn 6:36 toaster though people do that. Wait, did you I didn't see any pictures or mentioned of that, which I have

Cortex 6:41 one bad picture on my phone that I should look at. It was very impromptu. Like, I realized the day before. We're going to literally drive through St. Louis. And that's where they live.

Jessamyn 6:49 Right. And and they're moving. So that's the last chance to see them there. Yeah. So

Cortex 6:53 I just met emailed him. And he's like, Yeah, and we went by and we had burgers and it rained on us in the backyard. But we put up an umbrella. And it was

Jessamyn 7:00 it was great. They are the best. I'm so glad you made that work.

Cortex 7:03 But yeah, it was so impromptu. And so like we're in the middle of this big, long drive that and I didn't even think about like documenting it well, so it's just a nice thing. Great and good. blueish orange on the way through town because we couldn't figure out how to do like multiple things or just like, Yes, you are also in St. Louis. Right. And I'm sure there were other mefites as well. That's that's who I knew offhand. But ya know, it's really nice. And now we're in Huntsville, and it's it's a thing it's it's weird. I feel like I shouldn't talk about this for like 20 minutes, though. It's it's, it's, it's nice. The food is good. The heat was bad, but it's better now. And you'll get

Jessamyn 7:39 on the crapshoot with Jesse.

Cortex 7:40 Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to do.

Jessamyn 7:42 Make it a nickel bookmark.

Cortex 7:43 Yeah. Well, we talked about a little bit. We actually recorded an episode since I got here. But we had I had just gotten here. So it's still kind of just shell shocked from the move.

Jessamyn 7:51 I'm nuts about Alabama. So I'd be interested to hear what you have to say at length, but it has nothing to do with Metafilter. We opened the show yet.

Cortex 7:58 I think. I think we did. I think we did. But let's let's let's reopen 16 minutes ago. Yes. Just in case it turns out that we really can't use the bed because I was just trying to transition earlier into the explanation of Baker, Mrs. Baker the monkey, because it's not a squirrel. It's a small monkey that they shut off space is what happened

Jessamyn 8:17 kind of a huge difference who said squirrel?

Unknown Speaker 8:21 Yeah, I always thought was chimps and so I must file that my brain is not a chimp something's much smaller. I did not know anything with

Jessamyn 8:29 the squirrel. Squirrel.

Cortex 8:31 That we

Unknown Speaker 8:32 did dogs. We did dogs and monkeys. Right.

Cortex 8:35 I think the Russians did.

Jessamyn 8:36 Grant center cat Russia sent they

Unknown Speaker 8:40 died. Because a dog. Oh right. Yeah, yeah. Yep. But yeah.

Cortex 8:45 Yes, apparently Abel and Baker, the small, small primates lived. Although Abel then died. Like a few days afterwards, in like, operation like a removing electrode and the monkey died. Yeah, so so so Mrs. Baker. Mrs. Baker, literally.

Unknown Speaker 9:10 You come back, and then you die. Yep.

Cortex 9:13 domestics demonstrate ship exploding

Jessamyn 9:14 on reentry. True.

Cortex 9:17 Yeah. So yeah, this is this remains episode 106. And tell us about number 106. Jasmine. Wow.

Jessamyn 9:26 106 is here's the thing I didn't know and everybody in Australia of course knows but it's the national text emergency number. What do they do? TTY text stuff. So for people who are using TTY machine so they're typing to each other, they're not speaking so hard of hearing or whatever else. Okay, so 106 is the emergency number for that in Australia, which I don't even know what that number is for that in America. Maybe somebody can let me know Oh, but what I liked about it is it's a synthetic centered pentagonal number and a centered heptagonal number. So if they could put a.on a piece of paper and then put five dots around it, and then put all the dots around that, you know, so that you're making like Pentagon's No, one of those has 106 dots in it. That makes sense. And the same for hexagons for something that has seven. Yeah, sides. I don't know why those sorts of Dippy numbers matter of people are nuts on him.

Cortex 10:33 Yeah. I don't know offhand. If there's anything specifically interesting about that.

Jessamyn 10:37 I feel like I need to like buttonhole math friends of mine and be like, why does this matter? Because like, I'm interested, but I don't, I don't know. We're

Cortex 10:46 gonna probably it ends up coming up in like some some weird little isomorphism. Or another word, it just happens that oh, this this apparently completely unrelated natural sequence just takes this form too. And so it turns out, we can make predictions about it based on what else falls into the set of centered pentagonal numbers or whatever, but

Jessamyn 11:05 Right, right, right. Well, and one of the things that's interesting, I mean, you know, it's one of those funny numbers like it ends in six, right? So you're like, oh, it's even it must have a whole bunch of factors. But it's only factors are like to wind 53 of all. Now, picture to somebody else's. Are you not even listening?

Unknown Speaker 11:26 Oh, no, I wanted to see I was thinking about how math is not math and how we have weird stuff. And the earth is not round. And I want to see Oh, Skype, but do a preview. And it's terrible. Because Skype.

Jessamyn 11:37 I managed to get my Skype previous completely off. You're just getting in the slack world so much. You think all other software's didn't suck now?

Unknown Speaker 11:46 Yep. No, it's just weird. It doesn't even show raw URLs. It tries to show

Jessamyn 11:51 and see all I'm seeing is a raw URL. I don't know what you're seeing. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 11:55 how do you turn that off? image behind yours?

Jessamyn 12:00 I don't know. But I'm very happy that I did. Here, maybe I have an old version of Skype.

Cortex 12:06 You're listening to the comparative Skype version Experience podcast.

Unknown Speaker 12:11 Senior citizens.

Cortex 12:15 I don't even know what we're doing.

Jessamyn 12:20 Get a drop shot of the Twitter link that he sent to Skype. For some reason. Yeah, I think I haven't updated Skype in a while. Did we work together once upon a time

Cortex 12:34 I recall something something

Jessamyn 12:39 What was the name of that website?

Unknown Speaker 12:40 Every podcast starts with limited amount limited and and then

Cortex 12:47 we should we should just have every Skype complaint intro from at least we from our Huntsville before the Skype discussion this time. John, any any any jobs jumped out at either of you guys? This last month? Jobs, jobs jobs? It's okay. If the answer's no, it's not always super exciting. There is sort of like,

Jessamyn 13:12 stopped looking although my friend Matthew, who is Jamie on Metafilter has a partner who works at the common school, which is kind of a really cool school for young kids to do interesting stuff. And they're looking for a curriculum coordinator. And I bet that would be a kick ass place to work. Although I didn't you know, I just glossed right over it because of course, it has nothing to do with any of my stuff. But it was interesting. It's my friend. I bet it's a cool place to work.

Cortex 13:42 Yeah, if you're if you're in education, and you're in

Jessamyn 13:45 mass, Amherst, Worcester mass,

Cortex 13:48 that is a thing to look at. Yeah, that's one that jumped out at me as well. It seemed like that's, that's a serious j ob job right.

Unknown Speaker 13:54 Well, there's also this like new. Here's a serious job Assistant Director of Alumni Advancement at in Portland, Maine, the other Portland. I was just there.

Jessamyn 14:05 What are you doing there? Portland. Um, I went up to Maine to give a talk and I drove all the way up to Bangor. So I came back down and sort of scooted through Portland. And you know, of course was on social media, like we were driving through Maine and people from Portland are like, Why aren't you visiting us? And I was like, because I'm going home. It's forever to drive in Maine. But uh, so it was mostly in Bangor which was I really liked it.

Cortex 14:33 Nice. I don't think I've been to banker yet.

Jessamyn 14:35 My brain is a high five. I mean, it's not much of a destination resort. Really. But at least Orinoco has like a great hot dog restaurant and yeah, the libraries are interesting. You know, whatever. Maine is amazing. So

Cortex 14:48 I grew up reading Stephen King so like, I know like of various towns in Maine. I just have like, almost no experience with any of them. They just exist. So like I know about Orono because that was I think where some medical Research was being done at some point in the stand before the big plague or whatever.

Jessamyn 15:05 Yes. Oh, I love the stance so much. So I don't think I've commented on a meta filter project since 2014. And I should probably rectify that.

Cortex 15:14 It's nice to say hi now and then I it's easy for me to comment. Like, I've

Jessamyn 15:18 been in there being like, yes, it's awesome because I talk about them, you know, on the podcasts, and I'm very excited or maybe that's just wrong. Is that possible?

Cortex 15:27 That you know that you haven't commented since 2014?

Jessamyn 15:32 I feel like I've commented recently the Nova

Cortex 15:36 maybe you just maybe you did stop commenting. I don't know this well,

Unknown Speaker 15:39 comments a pretty high bar. I don't know. You can vote you can favorite.

Cortex 15:44 We can we can take a look under the hoods if we want to see if there's anything up there. But I wouldn't be shocked. I mean, it's easy. It's really easy to not actually specifically take the time to make a comment on something where it's not like a conversation, you know, I mean, it's really easy to sort of drop a comment in when someone says something that pisses you off about something. But if you're sort of starting from scratch with that, I just want to let you know that I appreciate what you did here. It's it's, there's not that instinctive.

Jessamyn 16:07 I'm looking at the stuff that you know, I voted on and I thought voting was like, I don't know now I feel bad. Like I've been enjoying all this stuff and leaving no comments

Cortex 16:22 on to start feeling good. Just

Unknown Speaker 16:24 just more digital. It'll be a thing to do crumbs.

Cortex 16:27 Well speaking of projects, and somebody

Jessamyn 16:28 mentioned me specifically in their project posts and I can't be arsed to comment.

Cortex 16:33 Oh I really liked Robocop is bleeding just put this up the worst the quarry press he's been doing love crafty and and UFO themed wood cut print space basically sort of doing mashups from existing stuff and then adding you know, Lovecraftian or conspiracy things and it's, it's really fucking great. They're just beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 16:59 funny as shit. And you know, he's like, Photoshop,

Cortex 17:03 I guess I think he's, I think he's essentially wood cutting them based off existing wood, wood cuts. So he's actually you know, saying, Okay, here's the original, I will do my own version of it, but I'll also alter it but he's actually doing wood cuts and then doing pressing with those. So it's the full deal just like you know, sort of Great artists steal sort of thing.

Jessamyn 17:25 Those instruments T shirts are pretty, pretty amazing. Wow.

Cortex 17:30 Wow, really nice stuff. And he's talking I

Jessamyn 17:32 mean, it's one of the things we always knew he was a talent. But,

Cortex 17:39 but here's you go out there it is for real. So yeah, I thought that was really great. And he's talking about T shirts, which I think if he makes those he'll probably sell them easily. Oh, yeah, cuz those are pretty dope. I had no idea.

Jessamyn 17:53 there just weren't a ton of projects this month actually. Sorry, Matt.

Unknown Speaker 18:01 Yeah, I had I haven't looked at projects this is mine

Cortex 18:06 killed the momentum it looked at

Unknown Speaker 18:08 no idea you're not at home in a closet in the middle of the Sun river Bend Oregon.

Jessamyn 18:16 Where even is that?

Unknown Speaker 18:18 It's outside of Bend Oregon Central Oregon.

Jessamyn 18:20 Oh, you can go to lava tube caves.

Unknown Speaker 18:24 Oh my god. They're like, less than a mile away.

Jessamyn 18:27 Go to the lava tube caves. They're fun. For some values of fun

Unknown Speaker 18:37 yeah, I'm on vacation all week. The entire slack world is off because tomorrow is Canada Day. Which we all know about. To celebrate. And then Friday, no Saturdays July 4, so like Slack said or Stuart said hey, let's try that Italian thing where like the entire company is off so that not the people that are trying to be off are bothered by the people not being off so he basically forced everyone to take this week off. Sure. Great. Yeah, so I'm on vacation in a closet what is in a closet because seeing the quietest place

Cortex 19:17 it's got a good it feels it feels relatively tightened and dry in there so that's good

Unknown Speaker 19:25 if you put more blankets around my head so I had no idea nor we did the Uber but for like Twitter mash up I had been joined that That by itself like without even knowing who created that was like that was like a steady stream of like was it it was yeah, it was like

Cortex 19:48 that you know as she did up to to more recent I think project posting this last month sort of saying here's a bunch of stuff I can back up Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:56 Yeah, I hadn't heard of some of the other bots But Uber but bought For is something that's like, oh, it's different, like Uber but is hers, Uber bot? or is somebody else? Yes.

Cortex 20:10 It's all it's all very complicated. And I think I've seen a couple more pop up too. It's like it's, it's like it's the hello world of jokey generally Twitter bots. It seems like, it's like it's just such an accessible idea. You know, it's easy to sort of convey it's not too many moving parts, so you can put it together pretty easily. It seems like a,

Unknown Speaker 20:28 there shouldn't be a twitter bot hackathon, where we just have one projects posts of like 17 Twitter bots are made today.

Cortex 20:37 Just the monthly Twitter about Roundup. Well, I still I still like trying to encourage people to do that, like we talked about that before. And maybe we'll maybe we'll get something together at some point this year.

Jessamyn 20:46 I'd like to learn how to make a twitter bot. I've never made a twitter bot. Yeah, me either.

Cortex 20:49 I mean, I obviously I've made weird little things. But I've never done like, let's hook this into Twitter and have a tweet thing. So

Jessamyn 20:54 as opposed to grocery Gawker basically assembles all the people who are talking about other people's grocery shopping.

Unknown Speaker 21:06 This one just searches for the word grocery store.

Jessamyn 21:09 I don't know it just figures out what people are checking out. Why is the guy buying a bunch of bananas at self checkout with each banana on a separate transaction? Great question. Right?

Cortex 21:22 It is, it is a it is a peek into the mind. While

Jessamyn 21:27 on people love to judge other people's food choices. So I'm sure there's lots of really good idea when one

Cortex 21:35 of the things I think is like the person in front of me at the grocery store has 110 bricks of cream cheese in his cart and nothing else. And on the one hand, that's crazy. On the other hand, they probably you know work for some sort of restaurant or foods. Then they just they need some qualifiers.

Cortex 21:51 That's it, they say ran out and they just need to go get a whole shitload right now. Or they're making

Jessamyn 21:57 a cream cheese sculpture. Yeah, that's probably it. I don't know if that's a thing that people make. I'm not even gonna Google it because I have too much respect for this conversation. Now that I've said that I'll Google it. All right, good. All right.

Unknown Speaker 22:12 There are a lot of Twitter bots.

Cortex 22:14 Yeah, it's it's a thing. It's a it's a thing. That is a thing. Yeah, no, I feel like that's one of the things with a trip out to Huntsville is like I basically lost a week, you know, I went ahead and switched out a couple shifts with other people and just made up outside of that. And so that was like a week that just disappeared because like we're driving, I'm not worrying about medical or not even thinking about metal filter. And, and I feel like it even since we got here, it's still I'm sort of adjusting to things. So I'm like we're worrying more about stuff that needs to happen. Like, you know, moderation and some of the behind the scenes stuff.

Jessamyn 22:46 It has been a slightly busy week for you my friend. Yes,

Cortex 22:49 yes, that too. Yeah, it's been metal talks been a little bit bit hoppin and whatnot. So So yeah, I feel like it's almost a good thing that it's been a relatively quiet project Seaman because I feel like I agree, it feels like it has been, because I haven't been able to keep up with it anyway. Even though I'm seeing all this stuff, you know, I haven't been able to linger over each project post as I approve it the way I would normally like to do, because I usually try and bum around with it and sort of see what's there. But uh, but yeah, so yeah, I feel like I'm short on specific recommendations to just do it and spend as much time with stuff but I do want to point out a

Jessamyn 23:25 lot of things on projects, honestly, this month around. Yeah.

Cortex 23:29 There was just Saturday when a date with Channing Tatum, a twine game

Jessamyn 23:35 made by machines where you have to now explain what twine is.

Cortex 23:38 Oh, I find is great.

Jessamyn 23:41 I maybe wasn't paying enough attention. Try it again.

Cortex 23:44 Okay, stop me if you've heard this before. twine is a super super newbie friendly sort of interactive fiction programming environment that you choose your own adventure when I stopped you. So yeah, they made Channing Tatum twine game based on a Reddit AMA and it's just silly. It's kind of wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 24:06 So you know, take just one a day. That was everyone when the day is my nerd fish.

Cortex 24:10 I think I think if you try hard and believe in yourself, you're gonna want a date. Yeah.

Jessamyn 24:15 What do you mean you are? What do you do?

Unknown Speaker 24:19 It's like two it's two questions.

Cortex 24:21 It's a two year on its

Unknown Speaker 24:25 adventures.

Jessamyn 24:26 I died. Guy I got a broken image on the not the right answer page. Oh,

Cortex 24:32 man. That's how not right? Yes.

Jessamyn 24:37 Oh, but I loaded the page. And now I see it as Channing Tatum doing something amusing with his tongue.

Cortex 24:43 As he's wanting to do I guess I don't really I don't really know much about Channing Tatum. I know he exists

Jessamyn 24:50 live and seems to be a you know kind of capable young good looking dude with a body who was in Magic Mike. Right right.

Unknown Speaker 24:58 Like to coming out tomorrow.

Jessamyn 25:00 Hey series I'm gonna send me

Unknown Speaker 25:04 magic like to comes out tomorrow you're not in line already.

Jessamyn 25:08 You know, I've gone to the movies obligatorily once this year, I saw Jurassic Park over the weekend, or Jurassic World or whatever Jurassic recent Chris Pratt, Jurassic

Cortex 25:18 World, I think have you seen we might

Unknown Speaker 25:22 see only Blockbuster and terrible, right? See

Jessamyn 25:25 it with nerds. Because while you're in the end of the movie waiting for the stinger at the very end of the captions, you and the nerds can complain about it together. And it's a bonding experience. I saw it with me.

Cortex 25:37 Nice and whatever,

Jessamyn 25:39 like a dinosaur, but the movie so dumb, and there's these huge plot holes that you're like, really, you have to like manufacture this like that much like how come everybody else is safe. But the two heroes aren't safe. Are they dumber than everybody else? What's going on? You know, it's all it's got little kids in it. So

Cortex 26:01 does it help if you imagine that that Chris Perez character secretly is in fact Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec? And he's just like, yes,

Jessamyn 26:08 yes. That was one of the actual things I did and I thought the movie started Christina Hendricks and Keira Knightley and it just starts to women who are sort of look like them ish kinda look like them. And then I was embarrassed because I really thought that's what I was. I was like, Oh, the Christina Hendricks get like a boob job. What's going on? And now it's just a completely other woman called Bryce. something or other?

Cortex 26:30 Oh, is it Bryce? Dallas Howard?

Jessamyn 26:32 Yeah, yeah, Ron Howard stutter, right?

Cortex 26:35 I don't know if that's right. Or not, because I only know her name because of some bit in the Comedy Bang Bang episode about Miss identifying her somehow. So as kara I don't I don't even remember what the bid was. I just remember someone made a joke that involves mentioning her name, and being confused about whether or not she was Ron Howard's daughter. So there you go. That's my contribution.

Unknown Speaker 26:57 Oh, Jurassic World scary. Like the first one.

Jessamyn 27:00 Yeah, it's very scary because people are basically being chased by dinosaurs. All the time.

Cortex 27:07 The first one scary. Allowed. I don't know. We we watched that recently. We had a metal filter sort of viewing of it at my house. Late last year, early this year, I don't remember which. And it's, you know, it's, it's got a great score. And it's got you know, some very loud dinosaurs threatening to eat people, but I don't know it was really, that super scary. Really, it was kind of it was very Spielberg. Oh, it was very early as the Spielberg who decided to edit out the machine guns from et sort of, like level of actual scariness aside from just loud dinosaurs are going to eat you sort of shocked that.

Unknown Speaker 27:48 I was just comparing it. It got rereleased at theaters last summer, I think so I saw it and like 92 or three whenever it came out. And I was a 20 year old and I was like, man, and then you know, as far as fine, enjoyable. And then I watched it as a as you know, as a parent on the last year and I was not by myself, but I was like, Oh my God, this thing is like tense the whole time. I don't remember that

Jessamyn 28:11 movie too, for the whole second part of it. And, um, but a little dumb also, but and there's some nice throwbacks to the original kind of franchise. You know, they they find some stuff in the they find some original Jurassic Park stuff. You know, which is clearly a nod to like me, and you know, my age cohort, but yeah, yeah. Long story short, I had kind of thought we were going to Mad Max because I didn't listen very well. And so that I was like, what's going on? Oh, all right.

Cortex 28:45 But dressing, Lauren Lapkus in it, which I'm kind of excited about because I think she's super hilarious. She's, she's a comedy person who has also managed to do some Oh, she's the best she was. She was in

Jessamyn 28:59 a very early, she had a very small role. Unfortunately, she does get one of the good laugh lines in the movie, and there aren't many.

Cortex 29:07 Excellent. But yeah, she was great. So I wasn't expecting to she was like, Oh, wait, she was in that. That's great. That's awesome. Yeah. And

Jessamyn 29:14 she's got a real part. I mean, which I noticed because there's four speaking roles for women in the entire movie.

Unknown Speaker 29:20 Yeah, I heard it's a step back from the 9093 words, like 20 years later,

Jessamyn 29:29 that's I actually think that typifies this decade. You know, I think a lot a lot of like movie situations were more progressive on a male female line like I think you see a lot more representation of you know, different cultures different you know, sort of gender identities, that kind of thing, but like male strictly male, female, I really feel like shits regressive. You know, I told you, I saw that the Boxtrolls movie, and it was ridiculous, like, you know, how can you have a cartoon that doesn't pass the back they'll test and like, Jurassic Park only passes the Bechdel test if I mean, like, there's literally only one scene in the movie where two women talk to each other and half the conversation is about the young men they're charged with. And one part of it is about their mom. But there's literally like no women, there's 100 soldiers in the movie, and none of them are female, or there's a couple and they get killed early on, because I guess girls are bad at guns like I have no idea. Embarrassing.

Cortex 30:32 That's why they specifically say the only thing will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. That's

Jessamyn 30:38 it again, maybe it'll be funny.

Cortex 30:40 I'm trying to mock up here.

Jessamyn 30:43 Oh, is that that thing where you take on the voice of the people making fun of them, and we don't allow you to do it. I'm just gonna do it here.

Cortex 30:50 Exactly. It's hilarious. One other project I do want to mention, and it's it's sort of a twitter bot. I don't know if it's yes, it is totally automated. I haven't looked in the thread before. But anyway, Jonathan Harford made something called What do you want a medal. And it's a Twitter account that actually gives medals to people in response to tweets declaring that they deserve a medal for a specific thing and it's actually kind of wonderful.

Jessamyn 31:16 Come on That's adorable. Okay, you're right I'm sorry, I missed this the first time Oh, who's this by?

Cortex 31:23 Jonathan Hartford is the name of the user not not new just not superduper active you know someone's been around

Jessamyn 31:32 I'm gonna start trolling for metals because this is great because not only do they like say way to go but they make you a little

Cortex 31:37 Yeah. Which is awesome. So you could stick that on your whatever.

Jessamyn 31:43 Congrats for having the world's crunchiest bones. Congrats for being attracted to the most douchebags. Congrats

Cortex 31:50 for always, for not getting lost for not painting.

Jessamyn 31:55 This delicious smoothie, having the most annoying dogs. Oh, this is adorable. I love it

Jessamyn 32:30 I cleaned out the bathroom closet. Yay. Just it's great to crap in there

Cortex 32:36 in this interim, or is just like recently? Yeah, well done.

Jessamyn 32:40 20 minutes? Well, cuz, really, it's a 20 minute project. But if you have two hours ahead of you, and you look at the closet, and you kind of glare in the closets direction, you could imagine that it might take you two hours and then you never start

Cortex 32:52 Sure. Yeah, no, I definitely have that that problem. Sometimes I'll, I'll avoid doing one of several things because I think about how much work it's going to be to do all of them. Like, oh, I don't want to do all that I can't do this because this represents doing all of that even though I could just do this one thing. So yeah, go you go you for getting on it. i Yeah,

Jessamyn 33:14 and you know, it's one of those things that I've cleaned a little bit since I sort of me and my sister took over this house, but I've never really taken everything out and put everything back in again. Yeah. So like, you know, there's like dog too, in there and like, you know, stuff where you look at it and you're like, Oh, I really haven't taken care of this place at fucking all. So it was very time well spent out the table

Cortex 33:42 Oh, yeah, hit your hit your knee or elbow.

Jessamyn 33:45 Yeah, I do this thing where I'm like gonna like pop myself up and then cross my legs because I like sitting cross legged. Every now and again. I miss judge and the knee just go straight in.

Cortex 33:55 Yeah, that's that's pretty much my sorry. I just I just randomly whacked my elbow on stuff.

Unknown Speaker 34:03 or injury. Yes,

Cortex 34:05 I can. I can now say that I've whacked my elbow on a on a scale model or a full size model of the Saturn five so that's that's probably the coolest thing I've heard myself on in the way that I am constantly Did you get a good bruise though? No, I was just it was just a real glancing blow it like you know it hurt for a minute but then it was like

Jessamyn 34:24 Jesus for 60 seconds. Yeah, exactly. I sent you a thing in the mail Josh. One

Cortex 34:31 man I look forward to getting it you know PB sent me some coffee. Which was the nicest thing cuz I got here. Tea the sweetest is I was like I was tweeting about like, I dropped Angele off somewhere and I was like, Okay, well, I feel like it's some coffee and like drove around a loop of highways. That is sort of what the west side of Huntsville is. And like, you know, there were several gas stations. I definitely could have stopped that and probably gotten caveat, but like you have the yellow you know, I I yelped and there are places that are like there's there's a there's a cafe at one of the malls right near here and there's a few other places it'll sell coffee but like it's it is it is an alien environment compared to Portland in terms specifically of the preponderance or in this case, absolute dearth of like craft coffee stuff. Not enough for everything just coffee specifically it's

Jessamyn 35:21 I hear there's places like that cuz I'm always often like wandering around strange cities being like, I just want to sit and have a cup of coffee for like an hour. And not Yeah, not be in public. Not be walking not go to a restaurant. Yeah, I found a crazy coffee. Place in a in a like antique mall. That's where you go in. I guess it was orange. No, maybe it was Bangor? No, it was Bangor? Yeah. But like there just weren't coffee shops. Just

Cortex 35:52 didn't really have them. Yeah. It's weird that that can be a thing. I could

Jessamyn 35:55 get artisanal whiskey. But I wanted a cup of coffee and a place to sit and read a book for a while. Yeah, hard. Some places just don't do it.

Unknown Speaker 36:04 Yeah, there's Did you like tweet out your new address sorted PB dive into the database department? That would have been? No, no. How do you randomly ask?

Cortex 36:13 Tweeting on it, and then he's like, Hey, do you want me to send you some coffee? I was like, yeah, that'd be great. Actually.

Jessamyn 36:20 What did he send? Yes. Stumptown?

Cortex 36:21 Yeah, a couple of Stumptown varieties.

Jessamyn 36:24 I still got it.

Cortex 36:27 It's, it's the

Unknown Speaker 36:28 standard for Oregon.

Cortex 36:32 I mean, there's lots of other places you can get to but Stumptown is like sort of like the the what I think the reigning local craft coffee, you know, big indie, essentially, at this point, like

Jessamyn 36:43 Mr. Zark, one sent me some at one point, which was pretty terrific. In fact, he's the one that recommended that I send you these things that I am sending him to thank

Cortex 36:51 as well. Well, after pieces all together once I once I get these things,

Jessamyn 36:55 it's a stupid as gifted, that fun.

Cortex 36:58 Even better. Well, shall we talking about Metafilter?

Jessamyn 37:02 So, gentleman, yes, we talked about projects, I think we're done talking about projects. We talked about jobs, and yeah, you know, metal filter proper, I have this thing that I do now that I don't like that I'm not on metal filter for a job. You know, I read AskMe and a filter, I comment there, I'm on meta talk a lot. I don't spend a lot of time on metal filter proper. Except, sometimes I'll go over there to, like, post a thing. And every single time without fail, I go over to post a thing and everything on the front page, like 25% of it is amazing. You know what I mean? Like a lot of it's interesting, but like, some of it's just completely up my alley. And I can't believe I never saw it. And I'm sad that I don't spend more time paying attention to it. So I've like set a little reminder on my phone. That's like, why don't you check what's going on? I'm gonna filter you like that plays very much. Like, I don't think I'm gonna like it. Yeah. And it turns out, I really mostly like it, because all the stuff I don't like I can now completely ignored. Exactly, you

Cortex 38:01 know, and I sort of I remind myself of that now. And then like, I will actually tell myself, hey, you know what, I should just, I should just go read the front page, just for the hell of it for you know, 15 minutes. And and it's like, oh, yeah, there's all this stuff. I like that's not you know,

Jessamyn 38:15 happened. I mean, I don't know if this happens to you. But like, you know, I work at home and a lot of what I do is like writing and kind of cerebrally thinking about talks. And so when like the gay marriage thing happened, you know, Ramiz post, or whatever, like I was at home, like kind of hopping up and down, be like, Oh, my God, and like, there's only really so much you know, you want to kind of tweet at people about it. Like, I don't find it. Like, I'm interested in reading Twitter to see what's going on. But I don't I don't feel like there's a there there when I go there to actually talk to people about it. You know, because once you have two or three people in the conversation, like you filled up your character limit.

Cortex 38:52 Yeah. Yeah. All of a sudden, 140 characters is seeming like a really exciting luxurious amount of space. Great, right. Oh, I wish I had all 140 characters for these codes of thoughts.

Jessamyn 39:05 Yeah, so I headed over and got to have a very good time with every happy person and one unhappy person. And it was terrific.

Cortex 39:13 Yeah, it was a huge thread. I mean, the Equal Marriage blog post is right now at 1200 13 comments, I think I've read every single one of them, every single one of them. And yeah, it's just big. Tons of people, obviously, you know, it's been a long time coming. And a lot of people are really excited about it. And some complicated. Yeah, secondary issues. I mean, there's a bunch of discussion in there about how okay, this is great. But it's also not the only thing that needs doing. So yeah, there is more work to do. And

Jessamyn 39:43 well, and the good news is that the people who believe that I mean, I think most people believe it, but the people who believe it strongly and feel like it's the important thing to talk about, can also direct people to places where they can focus that attention and learn about those issues. Like one of the things that somebody mentioned that I would not have seen if I hadn't basically We've been reading this thread, was it? You know, John Oliver does like Last Week Tonight or whatever his show is. A lot of people don't know about it because it's on HBO, you know, if you don't have HBO, but like, his thing is generally amazing and really good commentary on American politics. And he did a whole thing, basically, like, Yay, gay marriage. Now let's talk about transgender rights for like 15 minutes, and did a really cogent and funny at times, but not like taking the piss funny, but like just funny about the issues that people are dealing with. And it was a really nice way of dealing with that particular issue. Because lots of people paid attention, and everyone's like, whoo, and he's like, while you're celebrating. Let's talk about this thing that's slightly more complicated in the context of wouldn't it be nice if, yeah, these people had the freedoms that are now afforded these other freedoms, like freedom to marry great. How about the freedom of using the bathroom, you want, for example, and talked a lot about that? And, you know, I wouldn't have even known about that if I hadn't been in this thread, you know, but the lampshade on my head be like Yep. That lampshade on my head.

Unknown Speaker 41:07 I mark this as a favorite to come back to to read later because Twitter was just like people trying to one up each other on short jokes. Mostly it's Scalia's expense, which was good.

Jessamyn 41:18 Veneers hippie, I actually got in touch with the guy who registered ask the nearest and was like, I'm offering my services if you need them. I'm like, I can read who is I know it's yours. But yeah, no, there was a lot of like, Lozi shortcakes stuff, which was fun, but yeah, not totally what I wanted to do after a while,

Cortex 41:42 mostly a little bit more discussion, too. I liked

Jessamyn 41:46 sorry, the meta talk thing that showed up as a result of that was oh, hey, by the way, who's a yes, who's an officiant and can go marry people. Because we have a lot of officiants Universal Life Church officiants but also, you know, various other kinds of officiant so that was cool.

Cortex 42:03 Yep. So if you are if you're looking for a wedding or looking Oh, way wedding, you know,

Unknown Speaker 42:11 you bury, you buried the lede? The first comment from restless nomad. Oh, yeah.

Cortex 42:17 gauged congratulations to that engaged to her lady.

Jessamyn 42:20 I know that is very exciting. And I'm very excited for that. I mean, restless Nomad kind of buried the lead, right. That was like, oh, yeah, that's good. Because

Unknown Speaker 42:30 yeah, by the way,

Cortex 42:31 yeah, by the way, I have to deal no bigs.

Jessamyn 42:35 Yeah, every every happiness. I mean, if we had I mean, Matt, you were married when you got here. Josh, you were married when you got here? Yep.

Cortex 42:44 Right. Yep.

Jessamyn 42:45 I was.

Unknown Speaker 42:46 I got married, I guess a year into it. Who? Technically I got married, like a year and a half into metal filter.

Jessamyn 42:54 Yeah. But before there was anybody else.

Cortex 42:58 Pre 911 World map that was

Jessamyn 43:02 put, like, isn't like I wasn't married and I'm still not married. Taz was married and remains married. I think everybody else has been in a static relationship state. I mean, has anybody even had me? I mean, Fiona was born. So Fiona, that was a big deal. Yep. But yeah,

Cortex 43:20 I just we're brains in jars, aren't we changing our brains? Although that

Jessamyn 43:25 didn't make a huge pulse a lot more sort of private about his family. Like not to just talk about it. But if you follow him on social media, yeah. Yeah, he does. He's not he's not all babies all the time or no babies all the time. He just doesn't really talk about it was a private

Unknown Speaker 43:39 family only blog for all friends and like cousins and uncles, so he doesn't have

Cortex 43:47 like the the

Unknown Speaker 43:49 you don't get to see it. Yeah. Which is fine.

Jessamyn 43:52 Kids on Instagram.

Cortex 43:54 Yeah. But yeah, yeah, no, it's it's it's interesting, I guess. I guess we're just, yep, I'm going with brains in jars. I think that's what it is. Okay, I think what else would mess up the status quo simulation? So we're keeping it pretty steady.

Jessamyn 44:10 I like this. simulation for me is what I would like to know.

Cortex 44:14 I don't know exactly. Is this supposed to be? Are we all it's not a dark, you know,

Jessamyn 44:21 a constant stream of things to clean up. It's like It's like the world's worst video game.

Cortex 44:26 It's a really mild record. Bass. Liske is what it is, you know, we were we were I'm sure I went on to length, like a year or two ago. I have a short memory. So Rocos Vassilis is the the idea oh yeah. If you assume that there will at some point be a singularity where a paternal AI consciousness is trying to make life as good as hilarity. Yeah. Then it finds out that you did not do everything you could to help it come into existence. Sooner it oh forever in 1000 simulated versions of you, because knowing that it'll do that will incentivize you now to do everything you can to bring about its existence

Jessamyn 45:10 talked about this in terms of like, I think when I was reading Robo Genesis or something like that yeah, so that you were like Roku pass list like it's a basket list I watched

Cortex 45:17 you watch every episode of Golden Girls Well, another post I liked was by how do you say this user's name? Jess? Jess a mine.

Jessamyn 45:30 That knee Jerk.

Cortex 45:33 Jerk. Cuz it's funny.

Jessamyn 45:36 Well, this was what led me back to the front page of meta filters Kate and I were looking for. So Kate has a license plate for her car and Zott zo t like like the BC cartoon. And it was also the name of my one of my dad's like little boats. I've got the license plate that is asked me. And then there's a car with the house here that just has some like 123 ABC license plate that we can never remember. And we were like, you know, we should just get it like a custom plate. And then we found out that mass and my sister's like, Massachusetts are horrible dicks about it. Yeah. So we started thinking about what we could get. That would be kind of neat about Dad, because my dad used to always call himself T O M, which was his name, Tom. But it also stood for the old man, like he was the old man my whole life, basically. So we were like, can we get that? No, no dots. Can we get Tom? No, you can't have zero in the middle of a word that isn't a word, or an O in the middle of Ward. And I was like, what? And then WCB V, which was Channel Five growing up. Had this hilarious kind of one off website license plates. Massachusetts won't let you have

Cortex 46:44 like a list of 110 or something. And the Massachusetts rules are so

Unknown Speaker 46:49 reasons. These, like the worst password reasons ever. Right? Right, right? You can't have two bells next to each other. Wait, what? Like

Jessamyn 46:57 why? You can't have queues? In the middle of words. Unless it's an actual word of English. English. I don't maybe it can be something else. And what I don't know to be fair, is if you go to the DMV and actually have a conversation with the grown up about it. If they'll be a little bit more reasonable. Yeah.

Cortex 47:16 Then the speculation in the thread was maybe this is just all about trying to maximize the functionality of automated, like plate rack cameras mounted high where it might not be able to see more than like the bottom two thirds of the letter.

Jessamyn 47:31 Doesn't make sense. So then I just thought the lead. Yeah. I just thought that

Unknown Speaker 47:37 I thought was for cops. I thought,

Cortex 47:39 well, maybe, maybe I Oh, I O QU is such a weird, specific exception list. There's the thing. Yeah. But

Jessamyn 47:46 like, I and you are both like, you could make a sentence with that. Like, I kill you. That was one of the ones that wasn't allowed. So I think it can be used in weird threat ways or weird brag. All day I dream about checks. Everyone knows that. Yeah, but

Cortex 48:04 they say they said it's not a year.

Jessamyn 48:09 It's just like ad it could have like ad 2015 said he couldn't

Cortex 48:17 assume that the ad has to be followed. Like you can clearly only be saying a year if you start

Jessamyn 48:23 that was how somebody described it later in the thread, but the thread turned out to be really fun. Both because fuck Massachusetts, and because, you know, people talked about whatever funny license plates they had seen. A good time.

Cortex 48:38 Yeah, it's an easy topic to have fun with. Yeah, and

Jessamyn 48:41 the little website was neat. And easy and not very, yeah. Didn't you didn't even almost have to read it and the thread would still be okay, so

Cortex 48:51 everybody's got a good license plate jokes. Sweet. So I

Jessamyn 48:54 think we're gonna go with band Jack's ba n j x, which means like, broken sort of in Scottish but it's got like good letters and would be great and Scrabble and I believe is available.

Unknown Speaker 49:08 Yeah, and J x. Yeah. They're gonna think it's like an anti somebody. Activism plate.

Jessamyn 49:16 Oh, you're totally right. Well, I'm gonna go to New Bedford that and convinced themselves you know, convince them that my first name is lol butts or something and see what we can do with that.

Unknown Speaker 49:31 Robots was the leap second last night. You know, like, did we sleep through the late second or is it

Cortex 49:39 night? I think the world ends tonight.

Jessamyn 49:41 Yeah, I love 59 tonight

Unknown Speaker 49:45 so there's a great post by filthy light thief about the leap second and how Earth kinda goes plus or minus a little bit every so often. And we put in these leap seconds and sometimes actually do crash things and tonight Who knows truggy? I don't know. We won't be

Jessamyn 50:06 well, and they have a great a great Linus Torvalds quote, you know, it's a classic case of code that basically is never run and then it's not tested by users under normal conditions.

Unknown Speaker 50:18 So we have no idea what could go wrong, but I think it'll be okay.

Cortex 50:23 It probably will be. So we have that.

Jessamyn 50:24 People are pretty clever. And I thought this post was really nice because I heard about the leap second then was like, what I want to talk about it with people on hey there my dudes.

Cortex 50:34 You know, and I had a dad with an atomic clock, the date on the post was like, wrong, atomic clock. And what? Oh, I don't know that what that date listed for when the event happened. It was religious said like, like July 29, in the post, and a couple people flagged it as display error, which is reasonable because hey, it's got you know, there's something wrong in a sort of superficial way with the the post. But they weren't flagging any comment or sending a note or anything saying, so they're just like flagging a displayer. And it's a big post full of a bunch of links

Unknown Speaker 51:07 to timezone coders. What do you guys took me?

Cortex 51:10 It took me hours to figure out when someone finally like flagged a comment that was clarifying the specific issue with a leader just

Jessamyn 51:16 email those people, it'd be like, What is your deal? Why?

Cortex 51:20 There's like one or two on something, and no one cares enough to say anything about it. I'm willing to say okay, no. Maybe it's maybe it's wrong for a small set of browsers. Maybe it's wrong in a way that's really not impairing it people's ability to read. Maybe it's wrong in a way that's not so much as wrong. It's just kind of annoying someone's sensibilities, you know, there's a lot of possibilities. But if it's like, literally that one or two flags, it's like, yeah, possibly, they think it's fantastic. And they miss flagged.

Unknown Speaker 51:50 The, the worst thing that can happen tonight is to comments could happen at the same timestamp, but be out of order. Because

Jessamyn 51:58 that's, like used to happen during during the time change. Right?

Unknown Speaker 52:03 Yeah, purposely do

Cortex 52:05 weird like that. I think I think that could still happen with a currency. I mean, you could have two comments at the exact same millisecond timestamp now. So I think, well, yeah,

Jessamyn 52:16 it's the only two minutes right.

Cortex 52:18 Well, the database.

Unknown Speaker 52:22 Yeah, but it would count it as the last second, probably. So yeah. If there's

Cortex 52:27 a sufficiently fast moving thread 59 server time tonight, that we can actually have continuity issues, because two second two comments a second apart, are in the wrong order. I will be I will be impressed. Yeah. Which is to say asleep,

Unknown Speaker 52:43 I think Amazon's entire hosting system might come down is more likely. But yeah,

Cortex 52:48 which can be fun. That can be that can be a good time. I enjoyed this. I think it's backup. Now it's sort of it's a Twitch stream. So it's been sort of on and off, but a post about a hallucinating AI. And this has been sort of a theme recently, because this is in the same territory, as there's been posts about Google's image recognition stuff, sort of running in reverse and hallucinating and weird, super surreal. Oh, I've seen those. Yeah, I think there was a thread about that, too. I just don't have it to hand right here. But this is the same sort of idea where a guy's got a Twitch stream running with a constant slow zoom in on an image. And it takes suggestions for image content from the Twitch chat stream. And then every 30 seconds or 60 seconds, it picks another word or two that were suggested and starts morphing those into the image and it's it's super on our hands like It's like total stoner Pink Floyd's there at the blacklight poster stuff. But at the same time, it can also be super freakin unsettling in a sort of body horror sort of way.

Jessamyn 53:57 That was the thing that I got because I saw this originally on the milkshake there was like one picture on milkshake of like foxes only they had eyes in weird places. And it was just I couldn't figure it out. And then I but then I was like, what is that because it's disgusting and compelling at exactly the same time.

Cortex 54:16 It's really kind of remarkable how well this thing that does not have any understanding of like art or body horror, managed to capsule capture that that super strange unsettling thing in this, you know, accidental art. I'll see if I can find there's probably metaphors or post about the the other one too. I'll see if I can find it while we're talking here. But yeah, this Twitch stream is kind of great because it's just a slow evolution from one thing to another. And some things work really well. Some things it's kind of hard to see how they're supposed to be manifesting in the whole thing, but yeah, it's it's it's pretty neat. It's worth watching and sort of gawking and occasionally shuttering it.

Jessamyn 54:56 Right here was the picture that originally sent me down the rabbit hole. that that was the first thing that I got to see. Yeah, I was like, why is I don't

Cortex 55:09 know nothing but I

Cortex 55:15 saw yes, there's a there's a link in that milkshake thread about the

Jessamyn 55:19 AI generated picture of no thank you. And then I read the Google research thing and was like, I'm totally blah blah gendering out on this. You know?

Unknown Speaker 55:32 There was an awesome post by Yeti on hacking Chutes and Ladders and having a kid at to play all these dumb dumb games that I can't stand. Get your candy land

Jessamyn 55:45 better games, but I mean, that field is out. Now. Right?

Unknown Speaker 55:48 Right. Yeah. But I was stuck in Candyland world for like candy, cannula and stuff at worst. And so Chutes and Ladders right up there was one of the worst because she would just not get the super ladder and just be like crabby birthday. Like, you know, you have that one chance to like gain 80 floors with a ridiculously lucky roll. And like she didn't get it because it meant you had to slog up 100 floors, you know, it was gonna take 15 minutes instead of two minutes. So

Cortex 56:16 you got good grades, it works much better when you're putting quarters in it when you're waiting for that, you know?

Jessamyn 56:23 And then it's Donkey Kong.

Unknown Speaker 56:27 Oh, yeah, maybe this is great. This if you look at the site, linked in that post about the chutes and ladders it's like he uses are a bunch of math to figure out probabilities and runs a bunch of game simulations and like tries to figure out there's one last ladder than there should be and where should it go? So there's all this probability stuff to figure out how long should the ladder be and where should it go? And it's super high. Like there's a sexual

Jessamyn 56:53 being this like dependent on the one big ladder. Last, daddy.

Unknown Speaker 57:02 I think kids really, I mean, my kids zones in on what the ginormous advantages in any game. So if you're playing Candyland, she'd be like, I need Princess frosting. I need Princess frosty come on for this. Like every time she draws a card, because that's the jump the farthest to almost the very end. I

Jessamyn 57:19 just don't remember any of these games, having those big jump aspects to it. Like I played Candyland when I was a little kid, but there wasn't a way that you could get that far. It was all colors.

Cortex 57:30 Well, there's the big jump. It still haven't

Jessamyn 57:35 changed it to make it. Meet kids where it might have made

Unknown Speaker 57:39 it easier. Yeah.

Jessamyn 57:41 Well, they get like to give little kids yeah, no, I'm looking at it now. And like I do remember to be there.

Unknown Speaker 57:51 No, I remember that. Like in the 70s. When I was a little kids, I always wanted that space. And I only hit it like twice in my entire childhood. Maybe. Yes,

Jessamyn 57:59 you're right. I stand corrected. I'm looking at pictures of the old board game got the internet. So

Unknown Speaker 58:06 there's a section here on his cheating actually good because this is the most beautiful game. I mean, I had friends constantly, like pushing their guy up one post, like, you know, with her elbow. Like there's a lot of there's a lot of cheating in Candyland, too, because it's so boring. I was just talking about miscounting is always happening. Sure. Three, seven, right. Yeah. Oh, I got the big ladder.

Cortex 58:32 I mean, there's nothing interesting about someone else's turn in a game like that either. Like, you know, at most, you could be interested in them hopefully not just happening to win right then. But otherwise, you don't give a shit about like them counting out their spaces on the board. Just like know that I'm waiting for my turn so I can do my thing. You know. And so it's

Jessamyn 58:50 it's really easy trying to get further down the exactly, you know, they're not playing at the same time.

Cortex 58:57 They're not really multiplayer games. They're just multiplayer boards, that you're all doing the same dumb little thing. I used to play war with my sister. The card game, you know, turnover, you know, 123123

Jessamyn 59:10 Yeah, or also terrible. Yeah, and

Cortex 59:12 yeah, no, there's no, there's no game. Oh, can you cheat it that? Oh, sure. Yeah, I mean, yeah, that like the only the only reasonable thing to do in war, really, if you were gonna, like, turn it into a competitive game was to like come up with a way to make cheating the actual game that both people are playing because it's all about you know, the highest card wins and every matchup and then if you have two cards come together, they both drop some extra cards to another matchup. And so the high cards are the value one. So if you can, if you can get good at pocketing your aces and your kings, and just bringing them out a little bit more often than they should boom, you're gonna win the game eventually. And I used to really I loved playing it like, you know, this is like, I'm probably like seven or eight. You know, and we would play this and this is the My oldest sister and we have a good time and we joke around and I like playing it partly because I just, it was exciting, and it's fun. point like, it clicked in my brain that this is not a game. This is this is a deterministic routine we're executing here and like it killed it for me. I was like, Well, that was what happened a mastermind

Jessamyn 1:00:10 for me. Yeah. Like after a while when you're like, Oh, I just do the math and then I figure out what the answer is an X number of turns

Cortex 1:00:18 see mastermind I think I kind of

Jessamyn 1:00:22 like it, it's hard. So but it's so if you play with somebody else, it's at least challenging in that way. But if you're playing with somebody else who doesn't treat it that way, and you treat it that way. It's like me playing like gin rummy with other people who are like counting, counting cards, you know?

Cortex 1:00:38 No, like I win.

Jessamyn 1:00:40 Right? Of course. Yeah. Man. So Chutes and Ladders, redirects to snakes and ladders and Wikipedia. And the original board is just a bunch of white kids. Our country is the worst.

Cortex 1:00:50 Yeah, it's not real shocking, I guess.

Jessamyn 1:00:52 The worst?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53 It was from the 50s. Probably worst.

Cortex 1:01:00 Did you guys feel the

Jessamyn 1:01:02 different ages? Sorry. Oh, and that was Ethan Markowitz his first blog post. So way to go Ethan Markowitz, who did the hacking Chutes and Ladders original post that got linked to

Cortex 1:01:11 Oh, nice. Yeah, I wanted to this code because the same ways from the Google AI stuff on the basis of my comment making a joke along those lines, but also

Jessamyn 1:01:22 you don't want to you can just

Cortex 1:01:24 like I know but I enjoy trying to draw these because you don't have to scaffold that I am very back into the left back into the left Josh's playing

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31 game and we're all

Jessamyn 1:01:33 Don't you feel that way that I feel that way all the time.

Cortex 1:01:38 It's my life it's it's how my brain operates. So talk to me about this just kings lead a new mascot for

Jessamyn 1:01:45 oh, God, I don't know I come on. Keep talking.

Cortex 1:01:49 Okay. It's a mascot for I think there's like what a Scottish Soccer Soccer team's new their new mascot they they commissioned a mascot and this artist who does wacky stuff did it and it's amazing. It looks like Lisa Simpson and loot Lisa Simpsons scary Nemesis got smashed together into some sort of sun god

Jessamyn 1:02:12 oh my god and it's a real thing.

Cortex 1:02:14 Yes, it's a real thing. Yep. And I found like before even saw the metal filter post I saw just

Jessamyn 1:02:20 spy out baits if you mentioned that oh yes post by Aldi.

Cortex 1:02:25 I saw I saw the posts I saw people joking about on Twitter and had no context whatsoever so but yeah, it's amazing. It's it's a hell of a thing. Like I can understand why a whole lot of people like it's terrible, but honestly, it's so great. Like there should be more mascots that make people go like what the fuck happened here? Because he

Jessamyn 1:02:44 should be Yeah, interesting. Yeah, that's what they're supposed to do is get the crowd being like, well, that thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53 Oh, well. There's a podcast about this. Visible maybe that did it about the Philly. The Phillies thing the green thing called the Philly fanatic. Yeah. Henson workshop person made some of the most popular sports mascots, and she did the Philly. And she had this entire like, set of rules about how it needs to be other worldly and how it's in this great podcast I think maybe it was a reply all I mean, whatever. What was it called before TLDR code

Cortex 1:03:34 the podcasts

Jessamyn 1:03:35 Yeah, we have like a sea monster for the for the lake monster so Champlain lake monsters which is the local little Oh yeah. Let's see if I can champ.

Cortex 1:03:48 Good all champ.

Jessamyn 1:03:50 This didn't work.

Cortex 1:03:52 Good old champ. Champion champion.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55 Invisible episode 151. I was I was right the first time. Well done. Good brain isn't that old?

Jessamyn 1:04:04 So it's a podcast episode that just talks about mascots who were knighted? Are they worth ice? Roman

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10 Mars and

Jessamyn 1:04:11 because I'm done with oh, oh, that's great. Because I'm done with marriage. He interviewed Obama there's nothing else. I don't want to

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21 Yeah, that's like was pretty good.

Jessamyn 1:04:24 Yeah, no, no, I listen to all that. But I need a new podcast that isn't that isn't him anymore.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30 visibles vaguely about design. So there's a there's a family story that starts it and then they just launch into full on character design and stuff in the lawsuits of the San Diego chicken. Like I remember that when I was a kid like the guy who was the San Diego chicken like on the weekdays would just show up to like car dealers and radio stations and be the San Diego chicken and then the San Diego Padres were like, wait, what? No, we own you. And he was like, No, I came up with this and they like they were in lawsuits for years. I only saw I think it's not even called the San Diego chicken like it's not the San Diego Padres chicken or something like yeah

Jessamyn 1:05:09 yeah that was that was going on when we were younger I seem to recall it was on TV

Unknown Speaker 1:05:16 could have feel like

Jessamyn 1:05:18 see now I'm reading the thing

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21 oh he wasn't even an official mascot. Oh Then why were they sue?

Cortex 1:05:26 Of course he wasn't anyways chicken fish is a completely has

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32 to do with Padres

Jessamyn 1:05:34 more slowly this time.

Cortex 1:05:36 See See if official is like that there's the word fish is in their official please a chicken so you couldn't be a fit see the pun because the two different kinds of animals. Kuma listening to human beings tell us humor joke robot

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55 AI?

Jessamyn 1:05:57 Well, now I can't talk about my favorite post about mild dementia.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02 This you can, you can do that if you're not segwaying.

Jessamyn 1:06:06 Yeah, I enjoyed this post by deluding myself, not only because it mentioned my name, but basically it was sort of talking about one of the weird issues about people living longer is that a lot of times people live long enough to kind of lose part of their sort of memory and processing ability. And so for people who are doing end of life planning for themselves, one of the things that's a really big deal is figuring out how you can protect your own money, kind of from yourself as you age, and part of it involves like talking to your family members and talking to your loved ones. But part of it is just like what kind of protections do you have to put on your own investments to keep yourself from

Cortex 1:06:51 making adult impulsive decisions? Yeah, and

Jessamyn 1:06:55 that was like a short thread one of those things. 26 comments, 85 favorites. But, you know, I learned some stuff about sort of finances and estate planning. And it's always this is kind of one of my favorite groups of B fights to talk to are like, you know, the odd the odd money nerds. Yeah. Because they're interesting. And then you know, there's some stories a little sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19 Oh, yeah, I was gonna say they don't seem to whenever I see this, come up in other forums, people try to lord over their financial knowledge, like no more than you about weird

Jessamyn 1:07:29 stuff. And right, everyone hates you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:33 Yeah. And that doesn't really happen. It's more like, yeah, people are like, this is so hard. But here's a few things I've learned.

Jessamyn 1:07:40 Personally, but not, not in that same way.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45 I'm living through this right now. My mother in law case, mom is like, slowly slipping away. But she has a lot of money in savings. And we, she would never, she would never be forward thinking enough to like five years ago, or 10 years ago to be like, hey, when I get to this point, put me in a home, when I get to this point, put me in hospice, when I get to this point, you know, whatever, take my name off everything because I shouldn't be able to control money. Like we're in, she can't walk that great. And she can't she has no short term memory now. And she's still at home. But she's with someone who has to, like, tend to her and he's older, actually. But like, when does he get exhausted enough to, like, throw in the towel? And I don't think it's even in her slightly slipping away brain, like a possibility that she would ever not be at home. Right. So it's like, it's, it's gonna be rough when? You know. Yeah, it's hard to like, she can't remember something she said an hour ago. Right. And that's dangerous. But it's talking about the stuff that's tough

Jessamyn 1:08:46 to do remote control. And I think for a lot of people. Yeah, having sort of complicated, what do you do decisions are challenging, especially if the person maybe isn't broke, and you have to make tactical decisions about, okay, they've got a certain amount of money, what do we do with it, as opposed to just they have no money, so we have no options. So we're going to do the thing we have to do. So sorry to be a giant bummer. But that was a really good

Cortex 1:09:16 it's hard stuff. But you know, it's nice to have a good conversation talking about it in your 40s

Jessamyn 1:09:22 It's very good to talk about it in your 40s not just with your parents, but with your friends. Just so everybody kind of

Cortex 1:09:29 have it be a framework of things to actually think about, you know, and that there and that it's a thing

Jessamyn 1:09:33 you can actually talk about. I mean, it's one of the things I feel like is changed in the world about like talking about mental illness, you know, that like, I have some friends that live with mental illness and we talk about it, we don't it's not just like, What the fuck is wrong with you? Or like, what's going on? Or how come you are like that or whatever. And I think it helps everybody get a handle on their own mental health well being whatever it may be. And you learn more that mental illness is more of a continuum, obviously, but I think people can talk about But it more nowadays than they could and like my parents generation. Yeah, were like some people were just quote unquote, crazy. But you didn't really know what was wrong with them, and they probably hadn't gotten treatment. And so they just lead difficult lives because they weren't getting the attention they needed. And I feel like for a lot of people's you know, elderly years, you can pay attention when you're younger, that winds up having good outcomes, better outcomes, when you're older, no matter what happens, you know, you lose your mind, you don't lose your mind, whatever. You can have better outcomes if you put some groundwork in place.

Cortex 1:10:35 Well, speaking of being a big downer, there's also a very long thread about the cost. Which is obviously not a fun threat or anything, but it's a pretty good thing.

Jessamyn 1:10:46 The kid said, I nope. Right out of it.

Cortex 1:10:49 It's it's, you know, it's been going for the whatever like, yeah, Lan? Yeah. A little a little bit of work to obviously people, you know, a lot of strong feelings. And occasionally, sort of, but still, you know, for all that it wasn't, you know, it's like a week and a half of sort of tracking of it and talking about it as stuff came along.

Jessamyn 1:11:12 Well, I feel like that's one of the things we should just mention on the podcast in general. Right, what's over 1000 comments? Well, this month over 1000 comments, is this the other thing? And that other thing? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:25 But But yeah, if you could sum up that thread, was someone defending guns or something? Oh, no, no, there

Cortex 1:11:30 was nothing. It I don't, at least at this point, a week and a half out from when it started. I don't have any specific memory of anything going particularly bad in there. It's just you know, it's a dark fucking topic. So I feel like it was actually a pretty good discussion. I was keeping up with it, because I had to, but also, just because it was

Jessamyn 1:11:47 at the beginning of that, or were you? I was part with some metal filter discussion that suffered slightly because you were away. I might have been one of them. I

Cortex 1:11:58 think the timing of that. Yeah, I think that was before that. There was there's a bunch of discussion that started up while I was driving cross country that I felt sort of bad. couldn't throw it on really, but I just couldn't. But yeah, no, this was after that. This This happened after after we got to Huntsville, I think. But yeah, I don't know, big enough to read worth worth mentioning as sort of like one of those great big discussions, but But yeah, on a much lighter note, there's also a thread that was fairly large at 374 comments at this point, asking about switching a solving a logic puzzle about three light switches from gorilla brain. Yes, girl Braden posted this and, and it's, it's, it's it's great. Partly because people were actually digging in I cuz, you know, we certainly have plenty of nerds on medical to we're gonna like,

Jessamyn 1:12:49 fucking life in this house. How do you do it? Why are the outside lights on it's two,

Cortex 1:12:56 we still have a couple lights, which is between the inside and the outside of the house that we aren't exactly sure how they chained like turning the lights on or off in our external garage involves at least three light switches. And we never really remember which ones they are. And we just bumped into them. You know, it's not that we're like, turning them on and off on purpose. It's just like ones in a stairway. And it's easy to flip it on the way up or down with your shoulder because it's a narrow stairway. And the other two are like hanging behind where we hang the extension cords in the garage. So it's easy to catch one of them and flip it up or flip it down. And so sometimes we're like, why is the garage light on again? It's for a week now. And not neither of us did it? But obviously we did it. And then sometimes we can't get it turned on at all. Yeah. So so this is basically that but pretending to be a logic puzzle, I guess. I don't know. It's I think it's solvable.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47 I

Cortex 1:13:48 it's solvable. And I think there's like some canonical solutions. And then there's a bunch of part of why I love it is there's a bunch of just fuck around solution. Other hacky ways to look at Yeah, yeah. Like, there's arguments like well, okay, here's wire them all in

Jessamyn 1:14:00 series. And then, yeah,

Cortex 1:14:03 flip it 100,000 times. And then, you know, if it's burnt out, then you know, it was that one, you know, someone came up with a, I think Zeno's paradox where you flip it and then flip it back in half the amount of time and then half about half again, to flip it again and half again a little bit again, and then you know, you can never actually finish it. So you know, the universe will implode, stuff like that. And there's something with

Unknown Speaker 1:14:29 a dragon when I moved into a new house we're in like, the upstairs has a hall light with several lights, and there's three switches like one outside of each major bedroom. And they all control the same set of lights. But I want to always satisfyingly click up to turn on a light instead of I have this problem and so they're they're always at a sink and I've been for a while I first moved in there I'd be like staying up at night going, Hey, can I can I get them all down? Lead off or I think one of them always has to be paddled up and the rest can be down and you can never get them all the same but

Jessamyn 1:15:07 one of them has to be up even if the light is off.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:10 Right and it's always Yeah, it feels wrong I have this instinctively

Jessamyn 1:15:15 I have a lead at the top of my stairs and at the bottom of my stairs at my house and so you have to like turn it on at the bottom of the stairs but then I get to the top of the stairs and then I have to turn it on again to turn it off like those lights with you sir out of sync. I feel like I may have just go in with a screwdriver because it drives me so crazy to make it do the right thing. This is a great third though I am glad you called it out because I did not see it. Um, I also love this post by Miko which I first saw like she put a picture of this, I think on Facebook maybe. But it's another Massachusetts everything is Massachusetts with me this week. It's a basically a five day festival of the Italian American fishing community in Gloucester, Massachusetts. And they have like a greased pole climb. Because yeah, it's all city wide party. And it's kind of like a religious thing, but it kind of isn't. And there's like seafood. Everybody eats seafood. And it's just this kind of fun thing. And mica does a really great job of kind of talking about what's interesting about it, and I mean, it's got what 10 favorites and six comments. So you know, I think it was overlooked by a lot of people but as someone who grew up in a town in small town, Massachusetts, where a grease pole climb was part of what people did it was really cool to read this because I was like oh maybe everyone didn't grow up that way.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:42 Yep. Oh wait, it's not climb you run across a greasy pole.

Jessamyn 1:16:47 Yeah, this one we had a grease pole climate Pfeiffer's day, but this was running out over the water to try to get to the flag at the end of it

Unknown Speaker 1:16:59 oh man, I think I'm renting a house right and I think someone's in the garage trying to fix something we call man that there's a stranger in the house.

Jessamyn 1:17:11 But the pictures of like the greasy pole things and the website for the I just I loved it. I loved it. Crazy Italian molluscan fishing festival bandits.

Cortex 1:17:27 I like that. That had to start at some point too. And this is probably what yeah, that's why I should go read the thread but like, how did we end up you know, like, at some point that in Italy at some point no one climbing across a 45 foot grease pole actually remembers when this started being a thing that they did you know

Jessamyn 1:17:50 I think it was back when there were fewer hobbies right?

Cortex 1:17:52 Probably yeah, maybe they stole a cable from a favorite toss and like you know, an HBr yo between them in the Scots

Jessamyn 1:18:02 so yeah, a nice maybe under appreciated post from Miko that I really liked

Cortex 1:18:06 some solid metal filter right there. Ours

Cortex 1:18:39 then we want to move on to ask metal filter.

Jessamyn 1:18:41 That was my last one. Let's do it. Sure.

Cortex 1:18:44 Sontaran over, say the CSS is always greener on the side unless you use the plain theme.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:53 So what? Why don't we talked about the big crate the big post? Right. Yeah, this whole thing made

Cortex 1:19:01 me because I read. Yeah, there was Reddit and

Jessamyn 1:19:06 what happened here?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:07 Yeah, so it's, it's someone saying like

Jessamyn 1:19:10 someone with a clear sock puppet account?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:13 Yeah. I'm a 23 year old woman 29 Oh, man, he posts a bunch of wedding engagement photos. And I'm like, Hey, what's up with that? And he goes, we're shooting photos for the school catalog, trying to show alumni stuff and I'm like,

Jessamyn 1:19:29 Well, I was on board. They've got a long distance relationship.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:35 Yeah, and I read it and I think it is a testament to how good aspetta filters everyone's like, well trust but you know, maybe it doesn't sound very like sounds pretty far fetched that that comeback of like we are taking photos, and it was all over Facebook. So that was this whole like a long thread of trying to convince the person then the person coming back with updates saying like, Oh, yeah, I talked to him. Eventually, he said So is up and yeah, but like I read it the first time I went like, that's plausible. Like, to me it was plausible at first.

Jessamyn 1:20:08 I felt the same way, like, really strange and who knows? It really well. She had the conversation with him afterwards where he was like, oh, yeah, it wasn't quite for that. It was, uh, you know, that he kind of walked it back and did that kind of cheese thing. Like, why don't you trust me, but I really learn you're like, Come on, dude. You're completely untrusted. But yeah, the whole thing was upsetting to watch it get picked up on again, just

Unknown Speaker 1:20:40 jazz the bill. Yeah, that was

Jessamyn 1:20:42 watching other people kind of exploit this one like, oh, god story for their own sort of page views. Yeah, who knows why they did it. I was bummed out.

Cortex 1:20:54 Structurally, it's not hard to understand why someone would be like, oh, man, this is a crazy story. I should do something with it. But, but it is interesting to see, you know, some people were like, Hey, this is a story about a really shitty gaslighting situation. And that sucks. And let's talk about it. Which you know, that

Jessamyn 1:21:11 people gave her really good advice. People talked about stuff that had happened to them, et cetera. Yeah, so

Cortex 1:21:16 it's really just the Joseph. But that's the easiest way for people to sort of spread it around as sort of DACA was like, oh my god, did you hear about this? It's like, it's not like, I can't understand that reaction. Because like, yeah, if you hear what seems like just a crazy story, like unlikely situation, then sure, but yeah, it is kind of shitty the way that sort of default tendency to be like, Hey, this is a terrible thing that happened, someone let's totally fucking you know, laugh about it. Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:21:45 And then you wind up getting the commenters on other websites. Yeah.

Cortex 1:21:49 And that's I think that's part of the problem like i i get someone sort of asked me filter somewhat someone someone privately snarking to a friend about it, whatever. Yeah, sure. I mean, it's weird, what you rebroadcast it to an audience who you know is going to buy into your displayed worst instincts about it and magnify that it's like, it's just shitty. I don't I don't know Star Wars controversial there's Yeah, so the internet that I don't like very much. Yeah. I think it's this internet thing has a lot going for it, but some of it, I think there's some problems.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:23 I think it's just like the Star Wars kid, like Andy bale finds this and goes, I'm gonna show it to my friends. Because didn't we all do this? Right? I identify with the kid because I have done that myself. Thank God, it wasn't filmed and spread around the internet. And then he shows the internet going like, Hey, can we all laugh at ourselves? Hey, throwback Tuesday, right? And then everyone's

Jessamyn 1:22:43 know that he respects and appreciates that level of nuance and is okay at being like, Yeah, this is me, guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:50 Yeah. And it and it just became the most popular meme of just like, Let's laugh at a fat kid being goofy. And like that is so yeah, I read this. I think it loses everything loses the AskMe and filters supportive context of like, we give everyone the benefit of the doubt. And they ask the question, and we're supportive or trying to give them answers, right, Isabel's like, Haha, look at his dumb girl.

Jessamyn 1:23:13 How could she not have to be? Yeah, horrible. Yeah, it

Unknown Speaker 1:23:17 sucks. Yeah, it turned into a look at the fat kid and you're like, Oh, that's not it at all.

Jessamyn 1:23:22 I like my club. Yes, not their club.

Cortex 1:23:29 Our club is good. I enjoy so

Jessamyn 1:23:31 often a completely different direction. Just kind of a fun. I didn't really think this thread was gonna go anywhere. Interesting. But like, in fact, I thought it was originally just like chat filter. In fact, I may have even flagged it. No, that wasn't me. Have you had to almost witty asks, Have you had to prep for the arrival of a major VIP like ahead of, you know, a head of head of state queen. You know, what did you have to do? And it was basically like linking to, you know, Maron had Obama on his podcast. And so that was one thing. But then they did a whole podcast him and his producer about what they had to do to prepare because he came to like the garage where they do the recordings. What you have to do to protect. And so that he's just sounded like you were maybe making a little robot sound. Can you say something? Oh, sorry. Did you hear it? Josh? Yes, yes.

Cortex 1:24:26 You're a bit. You're a bit. Where are we talking about the podcast or Matt being a robot? Yes, ma'am. You're very robotic. Can you hop off and it was happening to me a little bit at one point too.

Jessamyn 1:24:44 Because he scrolls too much.

Cortex 1:24:46 Could be it's probably it's probably a scroll overdose. What I had like they say an overdose of scrolling. A scroll overdose.

Jessamyn 1:24:54 How do you spell that?

Cortex 1:24:56 I think it's SCR o l l v er DLSE. scroll through it again. Scroll overdose. It's like the word overdose but the word scroll it's a portmanteau

Unknown Speaker 1:25:16 a USB power charger.

Jessamyn 1:25:17 Nope. Nope.

Cortex 1:25:19 It's fucking with you now. Yeah, I don't know. Maybe it'll maybe it'll stabilize. Stabilize? It did for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:27 It did one gets worse. And

Cortex 1:25:29 so I always want to hope that it's going to forever. Well,

Jessamyn 1:25:33 I'm gonna keep talking for a little bit. Yeah, go for it because this thread, you know, how do you prepare for a VIP arrival and I thought it was kind of chat filtery whatever. But it turns out, of course, there's metal filter people who have had, you know, fancy people come visit them. You know, here's what happened when Hillary Clinton came to our bookstore. Here's what happened when I met the Queen of Denmark. Here's what happened when the Israeli prime minister was in the office like, just super interesting. A couple little anecdotes, but like a fun small thread that was enjoyable.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:08 You know, it's sad about the Obama thing Do I sound okay? So the Obama thing like he talks about, they planned a year in advance, they really plan nine months in advance. And then they had to, like, close the streets, put snipers on roofs. Everyone was super military precise about everything. He has his own water. He Obama was in Portland. And so I saw just one day, you know, the tail end of this stuff. And it was like, the sidewalks were barricaded to a certain distance, so you can be near the street. And then the, the buildings in which Obama appeared, this is the most depressing thing of all the buildings he appeared in each street was blocked off with a very large dump truck. And we're not talking like a dump truck. We're talking like, the biggest dump truck you've ever seen. And I was just thinking, like, holy shit, somewhere they have written down must weigh at least 50,000 pounds to you know, serve as a block to certain battering rams and stuff like that the size of that truck was written on paper, right? Because I was just like, I have never seen a truck that size in Portland. These are from ginormous, you know, mining operations. And I was just like, that is so sad that that's what it takes you to pretend. No, I was just like, shocked. I was sort of driving I drove right past them with the largest trip don't trip I've ever seen then it's like tick to my brain. Like just like the previous AskMe. It was a question of like, why is Obama have a lid over his cup? And you're like, yeah, that's kind of weird. And then something Oh, poison. Oh, it's terrifying. Actually,

Jessamyn 1:27:39 I remember that from The Daily Show, because that was they talked about that when he was on. I don't remember if it was the Daily Show or Colbert. But yeah, same thing. In fact, that was an old filter question. Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 1:27:50 all this stuff is kind of invisible, and you just kind of think nobody Yeah, a friend. I don't know if I ever told you guys the Bill Gates story. Like it's crazy. This must have in early 2000s. Bill Gates is going to appear at a technical high school to speak about innovation and stuff. They started having meetings, I think three months in advance. And then it was like once a month, and then when it got to the month, it was every week and then the week it was every day. But here's the thing, this friend that worked there said at the first meeting three months out, like ah, there are six or eight security people and he realized he had seen them for the last nine months. busines school acting as if they were going to bring a child their school tours. And he was like, so for a year in advance. His security team was plot like they plotted out every exit every point of entry, they like they noted the ductwork, the doors, the size of the doors, the size of the hallways, they were doing this for nine months before they ever spoke to them. Like and I just went holy crap. Like that's what being a billionaire is like, like being a very popular person on the planet. Like that is dark. I had no idea that he has to live in that much fear. I mean, maybe he's paranoid, but like,

Jessamyn 1:29:08 think of Bill Gates as being an exceptionally paranoid person. Like I mean, I don't know because I don't know the guy but like you think of like, there are paranoid rich people and he doesn't he doesn't strike me as one of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:19 This was in the year 2000 or 2001. I was thinking John Vanderslice had that song. And like 99 of Bill Gates was he was named song and it's all about like Windows crashes a lot, which is you know, and it's like a funny geek humor song, but it was called Bill Gates was dying. That was the chorus which was sung very loudly at concerts. So maybe this was in the wake of that but like yeah,

Cortex 1:29:42 anybody heard Bill Gates Musk died at a concert and took it as a call to action though,

Jessamyn 1:29:47 but that's the thing you have to I mean, that's gotta check out everyone.

Cortex 1:29:54 Yeah, I suppose so. I'd be. I'd be more worried about like surprise cocked punches from like, I'm like like angry Linux nerds who are off their rocker or something I think had hoped

Unknown Speaker 1:30:09 for Internet Explorer bundling. Man there are a lot of very popular asked medical their posts are the same ones we always get, which is like, give me your best podcasts. And what's something you bought recently that was worth every penny or like good. Go twos for pass Metafilter

Jessamyn 1:30:30 well, and I, you know, interacted with AskMe to filter a lot this month. So I really liked nerd hobby that gets me out of the house. Which of course, which is, which is kind of one of the typical ones except I haven't really seen it in a while. But basically, you know, this guy's like a real bent three bent male female

Unknown Speaker 1:30:52 every nerd hobby is like Legos when you get down to it and you go inward. So this is a good question.

Jessamyn 1:30:58 Yeah, well, that was the thing I want to go outside. Can you can you learn about a thing? Talk to people about it, like one of the things I do like about you know, bird watching or whatever the hell like little hobbies I have is you can talk to it gives you a thing to talk to other people about that isn't the Red Sox. You know, and I think he's he was looking for that kind of same thing. You know, oh, you could do

Unknown Speaker 1:31:26 more social or you

Jessamyn 1:31:28 can go out on like walks with other people or it's just the thing that when you do run into other people, and they ask what you do, you're like, Oh, I saw this new bird bla bla bla bla bla.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:37 But you could be introverted bird nerd, but it would get you outside and exercising. Not necessarily talk to people about it.

Jessamyn 1:31:45 Collecting elongated pennies, ukulele clubs, kite what kite flying landscape painting. So it was just it was a nice little thread of fun little stuff. You could maybe do

Unknown Speaker 1:31:55 what is Volkssport sort of like orienteering

Jessamyn 1:31:59 but it involves like more map following if I recall correctly,

Cortex 1:32:04 you're basically trying to find rusted out Volkswagen stop

Jessamyn 1:32:15 you get to be like 75 years old, you can be making these jokes and fuel grandpa and you're like, No, why it was always like this. But

Cortex 1:32:21 yeah, by the time I'm 75 my game is gonna be so fun tomorrow. I'll be able to like destroy, you know, family meals like with one good pawn.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:32 This is really a giant gold belt from being king of dad jokes for like Come on, take me youngsters.

Jessamyn 1:32:42 There was this harkening back to the heyday? How much money did it cost to set up an aid mode and BDF BBs in 1987? Anecdotal evidence 5000

Unknown Speaker 1:32:55 bucks

Jessamyn 1:33:02 Well, if you look through this thread, you know people are like, whoa, by no net or we talk in major BPS like what's your software? What's your hook up? What's your I mean, a lot of people who

Unknown Speaker 1:33:16 should tell Goldman asking this is going to be a reply all episode.

Jessamyn 1:33:22 Oh, is Alex Goldman? A guy I should know? Yeah. He's

Cortex 1:33:27 the media producer who? Yeah, I don't need

Unknown Speaker 1:33:29 Yeah, the left. He's a gimlet now but Yeah, him and PJ run, reply all and I thought he said, next week, we're gonna do a show on the history of the internet. And this must be

Jessamyn 1:33:40 great. Are these your child or is he a grown up?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:45 He's 25. Ish. Okay. Yeah, he's a snake person. He's really good. He's, he famously had the wife who ran the blog, making fun of his music collection, which was on metal filter, but then people are kind of snarky about it. And the blog is something like my crazy husband's music collection or something. Yeah, that was it. Yeah. He has a very esoteric record collection. And he put on some weird early Velvet Underground to like, why does this garbage so like music nerds are notified or free like divorce or dope the mother?

Jessamyn 1:34:20 Well, I I didn't know who he was. But I guess he's a guy. And yes, the thread was cute. And maybe we should follow Alex Coleman around and see what he's asking Metafilter about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:33 Asked for our days first. His first question ever asked Metafilter was how do I get a job at NPR and then he ended up on the media like a year later, six months later? Yeah, I always have to stay NPR.

Cortex 1:34:47 You know what? Londen media is wn white. See? I think if I'm remembering

Unknown Speaker 1:34:53 GRI or PR, well, Suave n di so yeah,

Cortex 1:34:57 I think I think I think Ana media specifically out of Debbie NYC which is assumed New York public radio station, but they you know, it's got such a relationship at this point with NPR that it's Yeah, yeah.

Jessamyn 1:35:11 So let's assume they are the same. Yeah,

Cortex 1:35:12 I think set up me talking to Brooke on the media about the sky without having to read. I think he emailed me

Unknown Speaker 1:35:24 or email us and he shows up to almost every fanfare post about Reply All he'll actually go we go I just saw him and it was that second guest crabby and he'll be like, Oh, well, the second guest had to leave for a bus. Like,

Cortex 1:35:37 tweeting. So I was like, Hey, Alex, where where can I? Where are your forums is like, well, we don't have any official ones. But I like a couple places. Something and fanfare. So fanfare on Twitter. So it's, it's all coming together. media empire is totally going to blossom in a minute now. But yeah, no, he's great. Yeah, he's a good dude.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:01 Good podcast.

Cortex 1:36:03 Yeah, we listen to a bunch of old TLDR is actually was in the podcast mix during the big drive out to Huntsville. So it's a nice nice to break up the the downer serial stuff.

Jessamyn 1:36:14 And they talk about internet culture. Yeah. What I liked.

Cortex 1:36:18 I think so. Yeah. At all, what at the beginning, it was two dudes. They talked to women's

Unknown Speaker 1:36:26 Pio when, or know what was the TLDR went to two women. And then it had like four episodes, and they canceled it forever and got rid of it and fired the two hosts, which totally sucks.

Jessamyn 1:36:38 Who did it? That's crazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:41 WNYC there was lots of protests on Twitter going like fuck then to be WNYC etc. This is like few months ago. It was a weird. Yeah,

Cortex 1:36:50 I'm not caught up on that whole thing. So

Unknown Speaker 1:36:53 the art was like, Alex and PJ were like the interns with their wacky show about the cutting edge internet. Let's give the snake people their own podcast kind of thing. And so they would just talk about weird stuff on Tumblr. And then when they left to gimlet? Yeah, I think to other female interns took over. And then yeah, then they Oh, they did the Wadhwa episode, and then they got a bunch of legal heat and fired everybody. And it was bad. Why? There's this. There's this terrible

Cortex 1:37:24 thing. Yeah, yeah. No, there

Unknown Speaker 1:37:25 was yeah, it was on meta filter to this stuff. Because it was like a 20 minute conversation basically. That yeah, I didn't realize it's terrible man who speaks on behalf of women. He tries to talk about diversity, but like, he's a dude who runs his own like,

Jessamyn 1:37:39 no, I'm sorry. I do know the story. I just he's the little the little hooks in my mental Rolodex are not so great.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:48 But yeah, so they did a podcast on how horrible he is. And he like totally threatened lawsuits galore. So they ended up pulling the episode. Firing. Oh, that's totally. Well, they're nonprofit. They're terrified. I guess. He's a big rich Dazzle. Any other last minute filters?

Jessamyn 1:38:07 Yes. Are you kidding? Do high speed trains have a place in America? For example? This is kind of a whatever question by I mean, a reasonable question by Epstein. But um, you know, basically, like, I go and take the train and other countries what is going on in America. And so it could just be like the or Amtrak sucks. But there's actually a bunch of kind of smart people who know about trains, who talk about trains, and why the train system is how it is in America. And if you're somebody who's interested in that topic, as I am now. Fascinating, fascinating, fascinating.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:42 I think property rights probably because as I was bulleting

Jessamyn 1:38:47 we go through all these ask questions asked Metafilter question, and you just give your answer.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:52 No. Yes. No, I just remember going across Italy to ask Matt afield

Jessamyn 1:39:00 that would be hilarious. We just asked Matt all the AskMe Metafilter questions for a day. And like 1000 bucks like it'll be for Ask Metafilter because like asking your one friend, even if he's smart and nice is never the best way to get information.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:20 This mental game like I play this, I play this mental game every day since that's medical term debuted, which was like I just guess you know, let's read the question. Do I see someplace American? I'll go no, because it's one thing and then I read the thread and I go wow, that was way wrong. See, the nice thing is or the more you learn new

Cortex 1:39:40 stuff, you play that game in your head and then you read the thread versus you know, occasionally we have as people to play that game in the thread

Jessamyn 1:39:47 the thread I not as much as you know before, which is nice, but I enjoyed I enjoyed that. That thread and the last one One I would have to mention, because it's essentially a library question is we're having a milestone in the academic library. There's some major event, what could it include? And there were just some some neat people, including I think you saw this mat. Or you guys may have seen it the st. The Walker library in Middle Tennessee, made an art. An art installation, out of all the discarded copy paper that people left in the recycle bin by the photocopy machines. Wow, using 9.60. Their visitors used 9.6 million sheets of paper. And so they made this paper monster.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:47 kind of great. Yeah, it's the best thing ever,

Jessamyn 1:40:50 but I just liked the thread because it's librarians talking about cool things you would do to honor your libraries. The monster

Cortex 1:40:54 barfing a rainbow or being attacked by a rainbow squadron of paper airplanes hacked?

Jessamyn 1:41:00 Neither. What are you even talking about? Oh, I never even saw that part. It's gobbling. I don't I think they're paper airplanes. I think it's eating a paper airplane squadron or aspirationally. Maybe gonna

Unknown Speaker 1:41:21 see looks like a library inside of a giant mall.

Jessamyn 1:41:25 I think it's just an academic library inside a building. Oh, yeah. So like, you know, people can get into that part, but not the other part. So yes, that was it for us. Metafilter. For me, team.

Cortex 1:41:37 All right. Anything else from you, Matt? Nope. I will do a quick Metafilter music minute here. There's been stuff posted. People are still working on the City Challenge. So that's in theory wrapping up soon. But you know, we're relaxed about the challenges. Maybe Maybe next month, I've got a work in progress that I haven't gotten together. But is it about Alabama? Or what's it about? Yeah, it's about Huntsville, and sort of Wernher von Braun and the I don't know what's gonna end up being in the song, but kind of just the weird nature of this as a place it's very different than Portland is to me in the way it's laid out, and how weird it is being a pedestrian and, and the way there's this weird, looming shadow of World War Two and Hitler over the fact that von Braun and a lot of German scientists really gave us the ability to go to the moon, but also, you know, von Braun was we're not the party and was a member of the ISS. And, you know, and that's not something that they talk about a whole lot in, in the Davidson space exhibit. It's more like, hey, rocket history, it's really interesting and hears about the challenges and stuff. German scientists is about as far

Jessamyn 1:42:49 as you've heard of the Wernher von Braun Tom Lehrer song, right. You know, I

Cortex 1:42:53 don't know if I've heard it, I know of it. But I don't remember if I ever actually listened to it, which is funny. I've heard a bunch of

Jessamyn 1:42:58 air it is because oh my god. Yeah, no, I

Cortex 1:43:01 should that I should give it a listen. I feel like I should read like, a good biography of that, like von Braun or, or of the whole thing, because like, I know, the gestural stuff. You know, I read most of gravity rainbows. Gravity's rainbow twice. So that was, oh, really, you know,

Jessamyn 1:43:17 I met lady we hate the book.

Cortex 1:43:20 Okay, I didn't. I didn't know

Jessamyn 1:43:22 you didn't know that. Ladies hate it. I mean, you know, maybe people can write it and say, but I feel like it's a very guy targeted book.

Cortex 1:43:30 So it just struck me as lately, a weird book. But then I haven't read a whole lot of Pynchon. So it's really basically all I've read by him too. And I sort of got into it more when I was

Jessamyn 1:43:39 49. And then I was like, Oh, God, this guy's just talking about his dick for 1000 pages, 1000 pages. And I just couldn't I was

Cortex 1:43:48 interested in like, the mathy bits and the occult bits and sort of like Gill psychology and behaviorist bits of of the story as much as anything I liked. I liked that there was all that wrapped up in this world war two narrative that I'd otherwise didn't necessarily have a ton of interest in. So getting something different out of it than I would have in a different context. I read it sort of like when I was also trying to read stuff like Infinite Jest and other sort of more experimental or sort of challenging literary structures, post modernism and shit, I guess. But, yeah, I don't know. I don't have super strong feelings about the book. I just,

Jessamyn 1:44:24 it just, it's fine that you like it. I just don't like it.

Cortex 1:44:27 Well, music speaking. There's a very nice little bit of playing by Usonian who I'm sure I've mentioned in several previous Attallah Yeah, he's a great, great player. So this is a nice little bit of banjo stuff called Boston jig that he recorded. There's a very entertaining piece of music by Axel T. Called launching into Outer sparse, which I liked the title already Yes. Did it did it for a friend who's that's their, their handle. And it's, it's, it's both nice and also just sort of inherently goofy. And it gave me

Unknown Speaker 1:45:17 the chorus, that's great.

Cortex 1:45:19 And then Gosh of them gonna have to guess at the username pronunciate AR X e f arksey I don't know, someone who

Jessamyn 1:45:29 is our Chief is a completely Cromulent way to call that

Cortex 1:45:33 their first music post. They've been on the site for a little while, but very little activity. So this is sort of them showing up out of the blue. And it's just really, really great. I got a lock in there. It's really great. This this just nice rock song. And some good conversation and a thread about it too. And with no chorus with no chorus. With no courses. Yeah, song called accidents.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:59 How many songs do that as pretty good. It's it.

Jessamyn 1:46:02 Almost all jazz.

Cortex 1:46:04 Well, come around to the hook though. I guess it depends.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:08 But I mean, like in modern pop music

Cortex 1:46:11 or alternative pop and rock then everything is a hook. Yeah. Anyway, so those are some nice, there's some other stuff too. But again, I'm still sort of catching up on just every non essential aspect of metal filter as I settle in. But some nice stuff. Hopefully some more city songs coming along. We'll see what's coming up next. And yeah, that's about the music. It's not really a minute, like launched five minutes, really.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:39 He launched a new things in the last month, there's a bunch of fanfare work being done.

Jessamyn 1:46:44 Yeah, no, no. This month that was at the end of last month. Yeah. I

Cortex 1:46:48 don't think there's any new big stuff. Partly we're trying to get Yeah, I mean, the big. The big thing is, since the last month was just the sort of state of the site post this month, because I wanted to get that out before it took off for Thanks for doing that. By the way, ya know, it's nice to sort of round up where everything was. And yeah, it was really good. The fact that things are looking okay is great. You know, I mean, there's no, there's been no seismic crazy improvements or anything that, you know, change the world. But it's definitely feels like the site's in a pretty good place right now. Like we can keep sort of planning for the future, instead of just being like tearing our hair out, you know, terrified about what might happen.

Jessamyn 1:47:29 All right, and congratulations. Thanks. Thanks. And this, the one the posts that came out today, I'll delete Oh, did the thing. Yeah, lots and lots of graphics. I know that. You know, there's there's debate about some of the interpretation of that. But you know, just at a bare minimum, it's data vis for people who really, yeah, that's that kind of,

Cortex 1:47:48 yeah, it's a bunch of really great work, he did a really nice job putting that together. And you have some good discussion in the thread about that, you know, it's one of those things where it's, like, one of the things that it shows is a small but measurable downward trend in overall level activity on on the blue, specifically over the last couple of years. And it's like, how to interpret that as the tricky part. But it's like, well, yeah, it would be bad if this keeps happening forever, because, but will it keep happening forever, what's coming from hasn't track with traffic, you know, the fact that things have been looking a little bit better traffic and revenue wise over the last, you know, six months in particular, how to track that with the sort of data how tightly they correlate bunch of a bunch of stuff worth digging into. So, ya know, he did a really nice job putting that together. I feel like we haven't had a good data Winfrey thread in a while. So it's kind of nice to have one come around.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:43 It's fun to kind of funny to see the, the, like, the swath throughout through the data of the floodgates opening of the new members. Like it breaks up in 10 graphs, you know, like, it's all one thing. Yeah. One user posted 14% of all comment volume. Well, yeah, that's

Cortex 1:49:03 real early, right. I think that I think it was, is who it was, but like, yeah, early on the site, there just wasn't that much volume. So if someone got excited and posted a lot, you know, these days, if someone gets excited and sort of gets super hyper engaged, it'll be noticeable. Like, if you spend time on the site, you're like, oh, yeah, that person is here a lot. They're posting a lot. They're commenting a lot, but it's not going to be 14% of the site content. Because, you know, it's just like, there's too many other people around to have that big of a, you know, single person shifting the numbers, but yeah, back in the light like 2000 2001 You could totally do it. Yeah. If you just set up camp for reals,

Unknown Speaker 1:49:40 downward trends, like the downward trends are kind of industry wide, you know, like long form, you know, all blogs are sort of seeing this. Well. Yeah.

Cortex 1:49:49 And people were talking about Twitter and Facebook. Yeah. Like social media has drawn people off of stuff, you know, within Metafilter. It's a question too. And and if l delito has a chance to do this would be great to see sort of the same analysis done on AskMe edit filter and see, you know, do we see the same trends there? Is it more of a sitewide thing in general? Or is it something that's specific to different uses of different parts of the site? And how people are engaging in where and what portion of that is just adding up on? Yeah, exactly. people posting on Twitter, people posting on Facebook? stuff? There's a million news

Unknown Speaker 1:50:23 apps now. Yeah, so people used to read metadata for news aren't going to do that much anymore. Yeah, I didn't understand this one graph with the people commenting the last time versus their first time. Like, what is the last time means? Since?

Cortex 1:50:38 Yeah, haven't commented since some basic moment? And that's, that's a that's an interesting one, because it should kick up. Yeah, well, yeah, it would kick up a stop, because people will, you know, the closer the last comment period is to the current day, the more people will have not made another comment since their last one. Because if they're low frequency, they just haven't gotten around to it yet. But at the same time, you can sort of the main argument about that graph is the fact that if you have people's last comments going up, and people's first comments going down, that suggests a crossover point where you're gonna see user base shrinkage. So yeah, I don't know, it's a bunch of interesting stuff, a bunch of food for thought, you know, things that are definitely sort of play into sort of a long term question of like, well, you know, what's, what's going to happen? You know, two years from now, what's gonna happen five years from now, with metal filter and with metal filter type sites on the internet, like you say? So yeah, we'll see what happens. But it's neat stuff to talk about right now. So yes, super neat.

Jessamyn 1:51:39 Yeah. And it was nice to data that elegido did all the work to I just, I just love seeing that to user user generated data analysis. Very cool.

Cortex 1:51:50 Also, there's a question about whether we can have field recordings on music and, and I said, Yes, that's totally fine. And then someone,

Jessamyn 1:51:57 which was funny, because I remember when we said, No, that's totally against the rules. A long time ago.

Cortex 1:52:03 Yeah. And well, and someone dug up the thread. And the thing is, Matt Sedna was what really, I at the time was a guy, no, yeah. And you were like, Yeah, that's not really what I was thinking of his forte. So it turns out that I had in those nine years ago, still, respect for your position adopted that and forgotten that. I was actually saying, oh, yeah, that's a good idea all along. So I got a I got myself.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:29 My Yeah, my My God is like, yeah, that seems fine. But back then I think it was still new. Yeah. Well, I was. I was like, Oh, I didn't want cover songs that would be legally problematic. I didn't want this just remixes and mashups, so be super legally problematic. And we've used

Cortex 1:52:44 those two, because it turns out, it's just it's not a huge deal if people aren't doing it constantly. And the one time we actually had trouble is the time where it wasn't actually, it was that time Michael Jackson's people got our case, because of a recording of Michael Jackson name has to be something else with a similar title. Made up of very common with the exact

Unknown Speaker 1:53:06 same title. So yeah, yeah, the exact same title years before.

Cortex 1:53:10 Yeah, so maybe we'll see a little bit more field recording stuff on music in in the coming months, so it could be neat. Could be something cool. incorporate them in their own stuff. Let's see. Yeah, that's most of the most of the stuff. It's been more about. Keeping on month, I think

Jessamyn 1:53:27 you're gonna go to the pool mat.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:30 Yeah, I'm gonna vacation the shit out of this week. Do it.

Jessamyn 1:53:33 Hey, I'm gonna go organize a closet and sit and watch some birds and then go talk to people about them.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:39 That sounds pretty rad. Yeah, birds.

Cortex 1:53:43 I think I'm gonna go play. You must build a boat on my iPhone, because it's a great little game. You have to build.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:49 Oh, I just got that. Yeah, it's just a weird puzzle game the whole time. Well, yeah,

Jessamyn 1:53:54 make sure you do it outside. Yes.

Cortex 1:53:59 So I'll go sit on my crappy balcony next to the very loud air conditioner unit and play some some iPhone game. All right. Well, pleasure talking to you guys.

Jessamyn 1:54:08 Yes, happy summertime. Yeah, yeah, happy for everybody.