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List of Metafilter members who are ordained to perform wedding ceremonies

Feel free to click a member's name and then contact them directly through the "send MeFi Mail" link on their profile page.

This is a sortable table. Click the arrows to sort by column

Mefite Location Licensed In Ordained By (where applicable) Willing to Travel? Notes
anastasiav Portland, ME ME N/A Yes, any location south of Bangor. "I'm a Notary, which means I can perform your wedding anywhere in Maine"
bedhead New York, NY (See Notes) Universal Life Church Yes, (within NY state) "I'm not licensed by the state, but they accept ULC-ordained ministers." Cleveland, OH OH Universal Life Church Yes
chicobangs New York, NY Licensed everywhere accepting ULC ordination Universal Life Church NY/NJ "I don't mind travel, but the closer to NYC, the better your chances of getting me available. Also happy to set up trivia-themed receptions if that's your thing."
churl Portland, OR, USA Licensed everywhere accepting ULC ordination Universal Life Church Yes
cooker girl

(Candace Janidlo)

Cincinnati, OH OH Universal Life Monastery

(formerly ULC)

Yes (see notes) "Approved by the Secretary of State of Ohio to perform marriages.

Willing to travel depending on schedule and distance. I will include or not include religiosity as the couple prefers. I can put together the entire ceremony, the couple can write the whole thing, or we can collaborate."

CrystalDave Seattle, WA Everywhere accepting ULC ordination (I have the card) Universal Life Monastery Yes (see notes) "Willing to travel anywhere within ORCA card range."
DirtyOldTown Schaumburg, IL Everywhere accepting ULC ordination (I have the card) Universal Life Monastery Greater Chicagoland area, mostly, though if there's a party... "This is my second year doing this on a sort of semi-pro basis. My better half, MeFi's own Comrade Doll is also an event planner who can occasionally offer advice. I've also been known to write tailored wedding scripts: gamer-centric, punk rock, whatever you like."
Faint of Butt Baltimore, MD MD, DE, PA Universal Life Church Yes "I can perform your ceremony in character as the dread pirate Black Dog Nate, and by arrangement can bring a whole crew of pirates ( to sing for your entertainment."
Greg Nog Louisville, KY Everywhere ULC is accepted; also registered in New York City Universal Life Monastery Yes. (See notes) "Travel: Within a couple hours of Louisville, or I guess beyond that if you feel like paying for airfare

Ceremony-wise, I'm happy to be as religious or secular as the couple prefers; pagan and raised Unitarian Universalist, but can pretend to be a member of any denomination's clergy if needed as part of a Wacky Caper or Plan So Crazy It Just Might Work"

item Asheville, NC Everywhere accepting ULC ordination. (I have the card) Universal Life Church Yes Have performed several non-religious ceremonies and am most comfortable sticking with such.
jessamyn Randolph, VT VT elected Justice of the Peace Yes! Can perform your wedding anywhere in VT

(or Reverend Mother Lynsey if you have a sense of Dune-like humor.)

CA: In the 707 CA Universal Life Church Yes "Mostly geographic limitations. Willing to travel from Mendocino to San Francisco and inland as far as Napa. No Solano county, sorry! I have an experienced wedding photographer and beach venue, including lodging available, if desired. Love wins!"
Major Matt Mason Dixon (William Mize) St. Petersburg, FL FL, and Everywhere ULC is accepted Licensed Notary Public in Florida. Also ordained by the Universal Life Church Yes "I prefer to stick to the West Coast of Florida, but hey! Everything in life is negotiable!"
NoraReed Albuquerque, NM Everywhere ULC is accepted Universal Life Church Yes "Will travel within Rail Runner distance of Albuquerque or further if you can transport me."
stynxno Woodcliff Lake, NJ Everywhere Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Yes "As an ordained clergyperson serving an active congregation,I can easily register as an officiant anywhere. I'm a Christian and can be Jesus-y."

Helpful Info

  • Greg Nog notes that some US states (such as New Hampshire and Missouri) do not require an officiant to be previously registered/licensed in that state. Prospective officiants may obtain a per-marriage license. See U.S. Marriage License Laws by State to learn how marriage licensing works in your US locality.

US States That Don't Require An Officiant