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This page indexes the analysis that has been done using the Infodump. You can do your own work, too, with various tools for working with the Infodump, including Infodumpster.

Major threads

Analysis of users

  • signal posted dendrograms - clustering users by the tags they use.
  • rakish_yet_centered looked for patterns in mutual favoriting, & provided a spreadsheet for the top users.

Analysis of Threads / Posts

  • hoppytoad checked out the ratio of favorites to comments to make graphs of percentiles (comments per thread, favorites per thread, average comments per user), & find threads with lots of "light" - many more favorites than comments.

Analysis of Favorites

Analysis of Time of day, or otherwise over time

  • hattifattener posted a page of graphs regarding comments & thread ages -
    • a histogram of the post's location on the front page at the time of each user's first comment on that post
    • how well a thread is able to attract new commenters over time
    • how long threads take to receive a comment

Analysis of Best Answers

This data isn't currently included in the Infodump.