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Ported from the old wiki

This seems to duplicate what frykitty is doing, only in a less useful format.

Yeah, this is a problem. I came up with the idea of a MetaFilter wiki when I recalled MattHaughey saying that he thought a wiki would be a good idea for a FAQ format due to its collaborative nature. Unfortunately I didn't pick up on the fact that frykitty was already in the process of making a FAQ. However, I'm not going to shut this down quite yet - I still think it's useful. Why is it that you think a wiki is less useful than something else? - Adrian

See, I like the idea of a wiki to keep the community norms. Its a way of putting the onus of the creation of the FAQ on the community. Because after all, that's what MetaFilter is all about: the Community. - Bshort

Personally, what I love about a wiki is the way it almost builds itself, if you have one or more people interested in helping. I enjoy both frykitty and y6y6y6's contribution to MeFi, and will do my part to "seed" this wiki with the info from their FAQ (if they don't mind) and to add value in the ways only a wiki can. P.S. Adrian: it's wikid ;-) - walrus

Argh, the CGI files are being annoying with me. I was trying to introduce a new link to a hard-coded Index page on the goto bar (which is now there) so we wouldn't have to keep on updating ours, and we could change it into a Contents page. But then it started messing me about... sigh. - Adrian

D'oh, it's all because of a misplaced " in a config file. All is well now - Adrian

Curious, how much band width does text in a wiki use? Also, I agree with walrus - with just a few editors, you can grow the community, in different ways from MetaFilter the weblog. - best, MarkDilley?

Not much at all, if you look at the stats I've just updated. Each page is roughly 3 or 4kb big. This makes things very easy on the bandwidth, and is mainly because the page html is so simple. - Adrian