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Meet Up

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Occasionally members of MetaFilter will schedule regional 'real life' meet ups. You can find information about these in MetaTalk or the MeFi SideBar. Meetups appear in MetaTalk's MetaFilter Gatherings category. If you'd like to have a meet up, why not organise one yourself by posting to MetaTalk?

The MetaTalk sidebar lists both Upcoming and Recently Past Meetups. Once a meetup has taken place, a link to its thread appears on the Past Meetups page. If attendees have submitted links to pictures of the meetup, its entry features a special icon.

An iCal calendar of meetups may be subscribed to from a link in the MetaTalk sidebar. (The wiki does not support the webcal URL format at present.)

In the past, members have used the organizing service of, which set up a category specifically for MetaFilter. Some found the system to be user-hostile. It may be most convenient for setting up first meetings, but does not appear to be used at this time.

Please feel free to advertise future meet ups or give reports of previous meet ups here.

Whistler 2007 Ski Trip