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LearnedLeague is an online trivia league, featured here, here, here, and here. People compete head-to-head for 25-day seasons. The best players in each league (or "Rundle") get promoted up, the worst get relegated down. There are 5 levels, A-E, and an ever-growing number of leagues.

This table shows MeFites who have publicly posted that they are in LearnedLeague, along with their LL username (if it's public). You join LearnedLeague by referral from an existing member. Some members have publicly posted that they are OK with people MeMailing them asking for requests. Others have said that they prefer to refer people they actually know. This list can be updated with people’s MetaFilter usernames if they’re on LL. LearnedLeague names include people's real names, so please do not add LL usernames to this list without the user's permission.

Leagues were updated as of LL76, but may change as the league grows.

Your rookie season is free; subsequent seasons will require a paid membership, $30 a year as of LL74.

Starting in LL73, we have had a Private Rundle, where Mefites can compete against each other. You have to be a non-rookie in the Premier Member level to play in a Private Rundle. Huffy Puffy is running the MeFi private rundle starting in LL75; contact him for invitation/details.

Don't forfeit! Don't cheat!

MetaFilter username LL username League OK to MeMail for invitation?
ActionPopulated Morningstar yes
anem0ne Fjord
asperity Cascade yes
backseatpilot HallM Taiga
Chesty_a_arthur Plumb-LarrickA Cascade yes
Chrysostom MunnJ Tidewater yes
Chuck Carroll CarrollC Cascade yes
clavicle Horizon
the cydonian Tidewater
damayanti Sierra
DrAstroZoom Tidewater
DRoll DailyD Badlands Yes
duffell AppiahDuffellJ Morningstar Yes
durandal Tidewater
earth by april Tidewater
en forme de poire Tidewater
Etrigan yes
everybody had matching towels Peninsula yes
exceptinsects Wilderness yes
Falconetti McCaffertyT Cascade
ferret branca Tidewater yes
Fig LavineE Fjord yes
Freelance Demiurge Tidewater
Garm Tidewater
hollyholly yes
Horace Rumpole OverholtJ Taiga no
Huffy Puffy EdwardsDP Sunrise yes
inturnaround CoughlinJ Continental
jenny76 CummingsJ Piedmont yes
jessamyn WestJ Taiga yes
jpdoane DoaneJ Taiga
julen haydenj Tidewater yes
juliebug MartinJ8 Glacier
kaszeta KaszetaR Taiga yes
katemonster yes
kevinbelt BeltK Taiga yes
kumquatmay BonnellJ Elysium
leesh Morningstar yes
Madamina BrooksS Olympic
maryr yes
mathowie HaugheyM Tundra
MidMarch Snowman KeelyR Denali
Mo Nickels
not_on_display yes
otters walk among us
palindromic yes
palmcorder_yajna yes
persona PearsonA Utopia yes
phunniemee LeeJen Fjord yes
pykrete jungle
rewil WilsonB2 Morningstar yes
Rock Steady ProvostD Morningstar yes
RyanAdams AdamsRS Tidewater yes
sixswitch yes
snorkmaiden Tidewater yes
Songdog Taiga
superfluousm Tidewater
tayknight WyattW Aurora yes
Ufez Jones SecrestS Morningstar yes
Zeusianfog TatroP Frontier Yes
zorseshoes TaylorM NYC Tidewater no
zsazsa ScottI Citadel no