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Hurf Durf

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The phrase “HURF DURF BUTTER EATER” was introduced to Metafilter on February 16th, 2005, in the text of an Ask Metafilter question relating in part to weight issues. Later that year, the phrase gained visibility on the site thanks to a discussion of the original use, and Metafilter users began repeating and modifying the phrase in a variety of ways on the site.

From the original phrase, variations have developed on Metafilter, including but not limited to:

  • rhyming and non-rhyming adaptations of the original “HURF DURF [object] [verb taking object +er]” form (e.g. “HURF DURF DRAGON-READER”, “HURF DURF BOTTLE BREAKER”)
  • syntactically incongruous puns and rhymes (”HURF DURF BUTTER VADER”, “HURF DURF DEATH EATER”)
  • characterization of dismissive attitudes toward a topic (”hurf durf chauvinism!”, “HURF DURF TAROT”)
  • mocking paraphrases of argumentation (”hurf durf why can’t I tell all my awesome black jokes”, “Hay guyz I hrd DAILY KOS is 2 drs dwn on da left hurf durf”)
  • self-contained utterances (”Hurf durf.”)
  • explicit references to weight (”hurf durf” as synonym for fat; “hurf durfer” as fat person)
  • snowclone integration in fixed phrases (”To hurf durf or not to hurf durf”, “hurf minds durf alike”)

The phrase has also appeared in tags, in post titles, and in administrative notes and deletion reasons.

For more detail, see this April 2008 blog entry from cortex indexing several hundred uses of "hurf durf" on mefi.