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Holiday Music

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Jingle Rock Bell

Jingle Rock Bell. Bell Rock Jingle.


I'm seeking music to be played outdoors as background classical-ish music at a secular public winter holiday display in a garden.

I would like to build up a large playlist of songs celebrating Yuletide, Solstice, and winter in general, but leaving out Jesus and the Christian god.

Christmas carols for pagans? Mentions of Yuletide, Solstice and winter are excellent, Santa is fine, Christmas is fine, but I'm looking for beautiful music (choral and orchestral) that has no mention of Jesus Christ, Israel or saints.

Help me find non-Christmas music for a winter craft fair

Looking for seasonal music. We are not Christian, so we are looking for, in order of preference, Yule music, winter music (OK, I don't know exactly what I mean by that, but maybe you do), secular "Christmas" music.


Fun, light hearted holiday music for all. I'm putting together a holiday play list for the office pot luck and, trying to make it fun and all inclusive.


My workplace plays music for the holidays for our holiday light display and we need more Jewish music.

Aside from "Dreidel, Dreidel," which is a kid's song, Adam Sandler, and "Rock of Ages," are there actually any other songs (bonus points for easy to learn and sing) for Hannukah that aren't horribly cheesy?

What Matisyahu, Adam Sandler, and Orrin Hatch have in common

Beyond the holiday

I'm looking to expand my advent playlist beyond specifically holiday songs.


I'm looking for happy, peppy, upbeat, and energetic Christmas music!


I am interested in putting together a playlist of music featuring depressing / creepy holiday music

I know we recently discussed "not especially joyful" Christmas music. Great! I want actively miserable or screwy Christmas music.

I want to put together a couple playlists of good Christmas songs and carols that are sad, wistful, somber, or maybe just quietly reverent. The key is that they not sound triumphal or celebratory.

Help me make a playlist for a stressful Christmas!

I am looking for Christmas music that is mostly melancholy, and often about loss or abandonment.

Some time ago either on MeFi or BoingBoing there was a link to a bunch of songs that I *swear* were Christmas songs played in the wrong key or one half-tone down or something... Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about and where I could find this (again)?

Songs about difficult Decembers?


I'm on the lookout for any interesting Christmas/holiday music.

Next Saturday, I've got three hours of radio time to do whatever I want, as long as it's holiday related - it's my holiday special! Please help me put together an awesome playlist.

Left-of-center Seasonal Musical Recommendation Needed

Non-traditional holiday music help needed! I'm playing a Christmas/Holiday show in a couple of weeks along with a bunch of other performers. I really can't stand Christmas music. Halp!

I'm looking for some good indie-pop holiday music, preferrably in various artists format

I'm on the lookout for fresh Christmas music. Pretty much anything goes.

Seeking metal, rock, goth, punk, or other loud covers of holiday music to brighten her day.

I need Christmas music that doesn't suck. Preferably alternative/indie/folk/ish, 1990 through 2012. The newer, the better!

I basically want to wake up Christmas morning, light candles, put on some Christmas music, and celebrate the whole damn holiday with style. I like Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas but would like other suggestions. Nothing too religious or mystical.

I recently saw a video that makes me want to create a playlist of unusual/surreal Christmas music. That is to say, odd pairings or covers of classic Christmas songs. I have a small set of criteria inside. What do you got?

Looking for recommendations for good alternative Christmas music from the last 10-15 years, either original or by way of cover.

Where can I find more Christmas music in the style of The Bird and The Bee's Carol of The Bells ?

Christmas Song Filter: I'm looking for the best, current, classic Christmas song covers by today's popular artists.

AskMeFi, give me your recommendations for the best nontraditional, offbeat, or just "different" Christmas music.

Help me find subversive Christmas videos, music and other media.


What are considered the DEFINITIVE versions of popular Christmas songs?

ISO perfect Christmas tree decorating album!

Need more Christmas music. Too busy to list what I already have, so just list whatever CD is your favorite.

It's been a crappy month and I need some happy, cheesy or just plain good Christmas music. I'm especially interested in everyone's childhood-nostalgia Christmas songs (for me, Kenny Rogers Christmas, John Denver singing 'Silver Bells'). Also requested is anything that makes you grin like a big dork.

I need a recommendation for a good, classic, straightforward Christmas album. What I'm looking for is just plain, straightforward Christmas music, of the more classic, older bent.

It has come to my attention that my five year-old cousins do not have any Christmas music. Recommendations for fantastic albums, please!

What are you favorite Christmas Songs? [MI] I want to make a CD of fun music to listen to with the family on Christmas day...

what are your essential "wouldn't be Christmas without them" Christmas albums?

Brass, Jazz

Looking for holiday music that features screaming high trumpet and loud, swinging big bands.

Can you recommend any fun and/or jazzy French-language holiday music?

I like jazz, and I like Christmas music. Which jazz Christmas music would I enjoy?

I've fallen in love with this rendition of "O Holy Night" from last week's episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Now I want a whole Christmas album in that style - either already made or individual songs to make a mix.

Choral, medieval

Think more quiet and contemplative, and not so much of the medieval stuff -- more "bunch of people sitting around the fire in the front room with their fiddles" than "the lords and ladies of court singing of Christmas".

I don't like most Christmas music. In fact, I'm an atheist. But I do love Christmas / Christian music which has a sense of the numinous and the sublime – such as Noël Nouvelet , the Coventry Carol , this , or anything by Hildegard von Bingen . What else should I be listening to this December?

I would appreciate any suggestions for 20th/21st century arrangements of well-known "standard" Christmas carols, probably still choral.

Can you recommend some good Christmas choral music on Spotify? I've been listening a lot to The King's Singers and Tenebrae but I can see that there are lots of other choirs with Christmas albums on Spotify. Who is good?

Classical, Instrumental

With the Christmas season almost here, I find myself wishing I had any knowledge of, like, fiddler trios, or classical 12-string guitar players, or basically any instrumentalist of any genre who has released Christmas / winter solstice music.

What's your favorite Christmas instrumental, classical-sounding music?

I'm in search of non-schmaltzy, non overwrought instrumental Christmas music.

ChristmasMusicFilter: More music like George Winston's "December" or Al Di Meola's "Winter Nights"?

Please recommend classical music related to Christmas/birth of Jesus - preferably including comments on specific recordings.


I'm trying to get into the spirit of Christmas, but not musically. Do you have favorite seasonal spoken word pieces, and can you tell me where to find them?

Serbian Christmas Music Recommendations