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Hey That's Me!

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This is a list of MetaFilter members who joined when they (or their work) were highlighted in a Front Page Post.

Signup Date Member Related Thread First Comment MeTa Announcement
March 2, 2017 auntie-matter (Mat Brown) orichalcum thread So, I'd been meaning to get an account here for ages... Welcome to Metafilter, Mat Brown
November 1, 2015 avrahani (Dani Weiss-Bronstein aka Geek Mom) Vulcan Benediction I'm the author of the piece, and I greatly enjoyed this thread. None
August 25, 2014 Squidnapper (Peter Watts) If we're not in pain, we're not alive Hey folks... None
November 20, 2013 deantrippe (Dean Trippe) It's Hard to Speak About these Things in Public... Thanks for sharing the abridged version of my story... He drew this.
October 28, 2013 robatsu (Jay Roberts) Everyone wants to believe that they are special. I'm the author of this article. Thanks for reading this and all the feedback. None
October 12, 2013 collypops (Colin Gourlay) True blue or skewed hue? Hi everyone! Thanks so much for playing Name That Blue. I'm overwhelmed by the response it's had, especially from the MetaFilter crowd. Name That Blue
September 4, 2013 Zeamon (Ken Condal) All the spheres revolve about the sun as their mid-point Hi Everyone. I just wanted to check in and thank you all for the encouraging comments regarding my Orrery. None (Best Of post)
June 30, 2013 leadfeet (Eric Strand) You're going the wrong way Thanks for posting and for the comments, it was a complete blast! Another FPP subject drops by to say hello
May 10, 2013 bmyren (Bruce Myren) Precise yet Arbitrary Places So, I was checking my Google analytics stats and saw that I had over 1000 visits from MetaFilter!!! Thanks. None
April 16, 2013 strangeloops Stanford developes passive panel that cools without using power After lurking for many (10? 12?) years I figured I owed Mefi the $5... None
December 30, 2012 p.a (Pat Andrade) (Still) Dancing on John Wayne's Head hi quite fascinated by the comments im reading here... More about Dancing on John Wayne's Head, from p.a
December 5, 2012 james_ash (James Ashenhurst) "This post, dear reader, is 100% about cats." Thanks all, for your kind comments on these cat posts. Welcome to Metalfilter, James
November 11, 2012 Bill_Roundy (Bill Roundy) Drawing bars in Brooklyn Hey guys, this is the cartoonist for Bar Scrawl. Welcome to MeFi, Bill Roundy
October 22, 2012 JonathanHardesty (Jonathan Hardesty) I want to learn It's not a big deal guys honestly. None
September 2, 2012 AssassinPrincess You too can be a professional princess Hey there, this is AssassinPrincess Welcome AssassinPrincess
August 29, 2012 losethos (Terry A. Davis) An Operating System for Songs from God If you've seen the obfuscation and sabotage I've seen on and elsewhere... yey him, yey us
August 8, 2012 timpratt (Tim Pratt) Impossible Dreams Nice to hear the kind words about the film (and my story). Welcome to our little shop
July 20, 2012 billyhunt (Billy Hunt) Think Rube Goldberg meets the Wizard of Oz I created the screamotron3000. These are interesting comments. Screamotron3000 maker shows up
July 10, 2012 MyqKaplan (Myq Kaplan) I will include your name on the letter... Greetings! I have just joined this community. We've got a live one!
June 26, 2012 timeblimp (Sean) Who's got an Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath number? God DAMN!!! This is Sean at, the guy who wrote the original article. Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath-timeblimp
June 14, 2012 stephenls (Stephen Lea Sheppard) Dudley suffers from a rare disorder... Hi, all. Yes, this is me. Geek Guru Harris Joins Metafilter
May 23, 2012 parabasis (Isaac Butler) Parabasis: The Fandom Issue Hey All, First off, thanks for all the kind words... Tangentially and similarly...
May 23, 2012 Deborah_Feldman (Deborah Feldman) An Unorthodox Controversy Hi all, I figured I would weigh in here... MeFi's own...
May 20, 2012 Samarov (Dmitry Samarov) I’m done for the night Thanks so much for all your interest. Cab talk
May 17, 2012 lacunacabal (Sean Dixon) “It's about as far from the theme as you could possibly get.” Thank you, typewriter. There is no Lacuna Cabal, kid.
April 5, 2012 justincwatt (Justin Watt) Courtyard Marriott in Times Square is spying on and manipulating your Internet Hey folks, I wrote the javascript injection post, and I just thought I'd chime in here... None
April 3, 2012 ratan.joyce (Scott Rubyton) Time To Corner The Market On Passenger Jet Wing Assemblies! "Thanks Cortex for making the post. I track referrals and noticed metafilter popping up this morning, so I got an account here." None
March 16, 2012 demonicpedia (Billy Engler) Demonicpedia: better know your demons Hey Gang, I'm the webmaster for this website. Lil Tetrax is now Lix Tetrax
February 23, 2012 Chris Arnade If I had all the money in the world I would own all the crack in the world. I am the photographer behind Faces of Addiction. Post Subject Shows Up for a Cameo
February 22, 2012 DaveChild (Dave Child) What Would Babbage Do? As the original author (Good Morrow, MeFi!)... ...shows himself to be a thoroughly decent bloke.
January 16, 2012 Hugh Howey "Maybe I should finally mention WOOL..." "With a name like Hugh Howey I suppose he had to be a Sci Fi author." XD e-book author - Live
January 4, 2012 mushroomman (Michael Maki) The Feds Were My Biggest Customer Duly note and appreciated all your comments on my blog and my situation, folks. Do you know the Mushroom Man?
November 3, 2011 shanecyr (Shane Cyr) Rick. Rick. Rick. Hey! I wrote this! None
November 1, 2011 JeffVan (Jeff VanderMeer) Neither as complete as an encyclopedia... I will appear here briefly like a wraith and then disintegrate into a flock of tiny ravens. Weirdo alert! No, wait...
October 3, 2011 LeDiva (Julia Lunetta) Ig Nobel 2011 Hi there, I work with Improbable Research, and I've been part of the Igs for a dozen years now. Eliminate the impossible yadda yadda Improbable remains
September 20, 2011 philnel (Philip Nel) Tales for Little Rebels Hi. Philip Nel here. A Little Rebel's Tale on the Blue
September 19, 2011 plukas (Paul Lukas) Permanent Record Today's article is the first in a series of five (one per day, rolling out over the course of this week). None
September 17, 2011 amerigo615 (Amerigo Gazaway) Fela Soul Wow thanks for all the positive feedback and support ya'll! Amerigo Gazaway found MetaFilter
September 6, 2011 ddunham (David Dunham) Humakti Death Duck demands vengeance! How many cows should we give him? Release date is 8 September, and I think it will indeed pop up in New Zealand first. comment in another "hey that's me!" thread
August 28, 2011 David Graeber you owe me, but I’ll cut you a break for now It's amazing how oblivious people can be. Graeber makes an appearance
August 15, 2011 troygoodfellow (Troy Goodfellow) Montezuma has always been a prick Thanks for the link... Troy Goodfellow
July 19, 2011 rumhud (Rob Rummel-Hudson) iPadGate First of all... iPadGate
July 19, 2011 Matt Bird Underrated Movies Wow! Welcome to Town
July 8, 2011 Lain Shakespeare Born and Bred in a snap bean farm I'd like to second... Welcome to Metafilter, Mr. Shakespeare
June 8, 2011 sebarnes (Steven Barnes) Five minutes later... Hi. Steven Barnes here. Hi there!
April 17, 2011 themightyhumanrace (Paul Jones Jr.) Smile, Paul! Greetings Everyone. Wow, this is amazing. None
April 14, 2011 plannedchaos (Scott Adams) How to Get a Real Education Lots of haters here. UnplannedChaos / Summary of the incident
March 17, 2011 iwriteplays (Laura Birek) knit two, purl two Hi everyone... Heeeyyyy! We got another one!
February 17, 2011 caspar babypants (Chris Ballew) Caspar Babypants is Chris Ballew HEY! It is ME! CASPAR BABYPANTS! Gods sometimes do answer letters
January 2, 2011 caspar grandall2 (Gary Randall) Communists and Religion and Corporations and Capitalism and Taxes and the 9th Circuit, oh my! I tried the case for the Hutterities in the District Court... None
August 19, 2010 steveroye (Steve Roye) Does it count number of smashed watermelons? As the inventor of... Hilarity ensues.
May 5, 2010 OLTW (Rachel Sussman) I am immortal... Hi, out there. None
March 22, 2010 Dr. Centeno (Chris Centeno) Defying the FDA Hello all. Might be of interest
July 21, 2010 jenjennijennifer (Jennifer Berger) Ending the Hurf Durf Hi -- I'm the director of About-Face ED of About-Face Joins Metafilter
June 28, 2010 savingadvice (Jeffrey) Eating Well on $1 a Day Hey all. Welcome new user
January 23, 2010 maursam (Maureen Williams) Anyone know anything about Gold Bond Powder? To Spilon... Metafilter's Own Maursam
September 18, 2009 Shadan7 (James Downey) Big things have small beginnings OK, so after umpteen years I had to actually register... None
September 5, 2009 siracusa (John Siracusa) Behold, Grand Central Dispatch.... You're right. I've corrected the article. None
January 15, 2009 CTORourke (Colleen O'Rourke) Birdstrike in the Hudson Hey whats up. None
December 2, 2008 amandapalmer (Amanda Palmer) What's with the fucking mimes? hallo people. it's amanda. None
March 16, 2008 brshute (Benjamin) An ironic infestation... I'm one of the subjects of the NYT article.... None
February 17, 2008 Elizabeth Pisani The plague is over, let's party "She" responds: None
June 12, 2007 motogrrl03 (Amanda Orson) Yay, Internet! I am one of those ridiculously happy ladies- None
May 10, 2007 adragushan (Aaron Dragushan) Not as subtle and intricate as AskMefi... Hey folks, thanks for checking out the site. None
October 4, 2006 stevewoz (Steve Wozniak) Woz? Woz? More like Was, am I rite?! I am very happy to read these posts. The Woz on MeFi!
September 12, 2006 Dave Gorman "Do you mind if I write down that website?" Hello. Dave Gorman pops in to comment in a thread about himself
June 1, 2006 pogueman (David Pogue) David Pogue is the rudest man alive! Want to know the actual story here? David Pogue makes a comment
May 18, 2006 jessajeffries (Jessa Jeffries) This Blog will self-destruct... ...hey sorry None
April 11, 2006 Turandottiness (Nick Gill) Three taps of the tongue. Lo. Li. Ta. ...thank you for this great load of comment. None
January 25, 2006 Julie21Horse (Julie Carpenter) That's what you get... I am just stating this to clarify things. None
January 17, 2006 AlanAdler (Alan Adler) Coffee machine flies 1/4 mile Hello everyone, None
May 25, 2005 robmanuel (Rob Manuel) Click the colour I made the game. None
February 4, 2000 litlnemo (Wendi Dunlap) No title I don't really think of it as a loss of privacy... None