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Extended Riffing Sessions

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This is a collection of threads on MetaFilter where the comments creatively continue the theme of the original post.

Alternative titles for this sort of thing, as suggested in a MetaTalk post about these threads, include: Delightful, community-building grabassery, Does what it says on the tin threads, Munchausen by Posties, filter loop, epostystericals, meta meme thread, quine, selfrep, Steve, "And I do!" threads, MensaFilter, mimetic threads, conspicuous diegesis, thread-as-fanfic, Infrafilter, MetaRiffing, cascading threads, PARTEY POAST, MakeFi, teRIFFic, home, filting, a fliterie of riffing, and The Aristocrats!

And now, with no further delay ...

The MetaFilter Threads

In chronological order, from oldest down to newest

The MetaTalk Threads