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As MetaFilter has grown reality dictates that some members would inevitably no longer be with us. Sometimes word gets to the community. This page lists, in order of obituary announcements, known deceased members and their obit threads. Please contact the moderators if you know of any other deceased MeFites.

Member Obit Thread Date Announcement Obituary
poopy 2005-04-14 An active MeFi member, poopy, has passed away. Eric Lynne Osterhoudt
alicila 2005-08-25 Long-time metafilter member Alicia Frantz passed away on June 3rd.
MiHail 2006-05-11 Mihail passes, sorrow ensues
Radio7 2006-09-29 radio7, rest in peace.
leslie 2006-12-12 Leslie Harpold Remembered
Cancergiggles 2007-01-30 Cancergiggles has passed away this month
anitar 2007-12-10 R.I.P., Anita Rowland
realjanetkagan 2008-03-02 realjanetkagan (1946-2008) Janet Kagan
Soulbee 2008-11-22 Vaya con Dios, Lu. Alexandra C. Wilich
hexxed 2009-07-31 A short time in this place Kurt V. Huber
litterateur 2009-12-04 litterateur 1985 - 2009 "You give your/words to me" Kalila Borden
Bageena 2010-01-01 Bageena, RIP Andrew Paul Press
bradlands 2010-01-04 Remembering our friend Brad Brad L. Graham
null terminated 2011-01-05 RIP Bill Zeller William P. Zeller
Balisong 2011-02-04 RIP Balisong Andrew Charles Bullock
bob sarabia
puke & cry
dead cousin ted
2011-09-16 Try and believe... Robert Aaron "Bob" Sarabia
american caesar 2012-09-08 Obituary for Jerry Willcockson
aaronsw 2013-01-12 Open access, open internet, closed book Aaron Swartz
2013-02-19 Our friend, WolfDaddy
Glider 2013-03-15 RIP Glider
2013-05-02 RIP liosliath Leslie Jayne "Liosliath" Manner
Prince_of_Cups 2013-05-14 RIP Prince_Of_Cups Remembering Matthew Schuler
wfrgms 2013-09-13 wfrgms has passed away William Frank Revis
Felicity Rilke 2014-11-17 RIP Felicity Rilke
Anitanola 2014-12-9 in celebration of Anitanola Anita E. Cage
edgeways 2015-07-15 edgeways has passed away
Cheerwine 2015-07-31 Cheerwine has passed away.
Lemurrhea 2015-09-18 Please be kind to each other.
Danf 2015-10-12 Passing of Danf
Wolof 2016-05-27 "This is all we are" - Goodbye, Wolof
jbickers 2016-09-29 jbickers has passed away James Bickers, Long-Time Louisville Public Media Host, Has Died
govtdrone 2016-10-19 govtdrone has passed away Veronica Critchlow Obituary
Steven den Beste
Steven C. Den Beste
2016-10-24 RIP Steven den Beste
quin 2017-01-07 Rest in Peace, quin
MsMolly 2017-01-12 RIP MsMolly, MeFiBrarian Extrordinaire Molly Anne Dolan
Bruce H. 2018-01-25 Bruce H. passed away
kmennie 2018-04-09 RIP kmennie
gman 2018-07-04 Say goodbye to gman
rtha 2018-11-10 rtha in hospice