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Here's the place to offer prizes for the 2015 Mefites' Choice best post contest.

Sign up below, and say what you're offering and what kind of post it will go to (or whatever other conditions you want to impose).


  • LobsterMitten offers: $20 same as in town, for: the best post tagged "jokes"


  • The site will award: $25 toward a purchase of your choice from the Mefi Mall, to: the best post of each week as voted by members using the Fantastic flag.

Here's some info on Help:Editing

Week 1 (Dec. 1-8) offerings

  • jessamyn will offer 25 random catalog cards and a few library stamps to her favorite post from Week One

Week 2 (Dec. 8-15) offerings

Week 3 (Dec. 15-22) offerings

Week 4 (Dec. 22-31) offerings

(Note: The last week of the contest will be a little long, but includes Christmas and New Years Eve which tend to be lighter days)

  • capricorn believes her birthday (Dec. 30) should be celebrated as a national holiday, so she will offer a party-themed prize to the most-favorited post on Dec. 30 that does not also win another Best Post Contest prize
  • jessamyn will offer another assortment of catalog cards and library stamps to her favorite post between Christmas and Solstice (December 21-25)

Month-wide offerings

  • phunniemee will draw (poorly) anything the winner wants on a notecard for the cute animal slyt post that earns the most favorites.
  • everybody had matching towels will mail a delicious pound cake to whoever makes the best post tagged "sports."
  • Etrigan will give the winner their choice of any available Fluxx deck to whomever makes the best post about games or gaming.
  • DevilsAdvocate will award to the poster of the best post with a supervocalic title, their choice of supervocalic item(s), total cost not to exceed twenty-six US dollars. (supervocalic = using each of the vowels a, e, i, o and u exactly once; and using the letter y at most once)
  • rangefinder 1.4 will send a picture postcard to the author of her favorite post about a woman or women doing awesome things (hat tip to ocherdraco). In case of a tie, each winner will receive a postcard.
  • Kabanos will award a custom designed and/or illustrated commemorative poster of the Best FPP of the Month (as determined by fantastic flags and other random criteria).
  • ThePinkSuperhero will award a video of herself lip-synching the Broadway song of your choice to the poster of the best post tagged "Hamilton".
  • Sophie1 will send something homemade to the poster of the best post about baking, crafting or homemaking determined by Sophie1.
  • knuckle tattoos will gift a Steam copy of Undertale to whoever makes the best post tagged "anime."
  • divabat will mail an aerogram from Malaysia to the best post about something outside the US that is not a current news story.
  • zarq will send one or two Amazon gift cards.
  • Secretariat will award one rad hen cap to the best post written 'mad ape den' style- that is, using only words with three letters or less. For example: Is Mad Ape Den gab fun? Yes it is! (The post may be about any topic.)
  • (add yours here)
  • (add yours here)


Week 1 (Dec. 1-8) winners

Week 2 (Dec. 8-15) winners

Week 3 (Dec. 15-22) winners

Week 4 (Dec. 22-31) winners