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MeFites Choice Best Post Contest

Please sign up to offer to provide one of the prizes for one of the weeks, or month-wide thematic gift, of the Fantastic Post contest for December 2014. This contest is officially a go!

This year, the mods are counting winners based on the fantastic flags ([ stated by mathowie on Dec. 15]). Based on the rules from the 2013 MeFites Choice Contest:

1. This is for FPPs on the blue only.

2. Vote with the fantastic flag
3. We'll tabulate top fantastic-getters weekly and announce winners and runners-up

4. Mods and other MeFites will sign up to offer prizes for top vote-getters or other topic-specific criteria.

Must be a MeFite as of November 30 to win.

Each MeFite can win once for the month.
Winners will be determined by a counting of fantastic flags; we'll try to announce them in a timely fashion

MeFites who agree to provide prizes also agree to ship prizes. Contact us if the cost of postage is an issue.

Prize providers alternatively can decide to choose the winner themselves, rather than by highest number of favorites.

Week 1: Dec 1-7

The first week of December 2014 has come and gone, and the winners are...

  1. storybored, for "JokeFilter (What's the one joke you always tell when someone says "Tell me a joke."), will receive anything from the Mefi Mall, up to $25*, from taz.
  2. Renoroc, for the Doxxing Defense post (a list of resources on how to scrub a lot of personal information off of the internet), will receive some very special paper snowflakes to get a home and/or workplace in the December Post Contest spirit, from deludingmyself.
  3. roomthreeseventeen, for Vulture's great interview with Chris Rock, “Wow. Let’s drive to another town. We should not sleep here.”, will receive a rubber duckie humidifier and a small tin of Tiger Balm for the cold days ahead, from Alnedra.

Note from taz: * or if you prefer, an Amazon gift certificate for the same amount.

Week 2: Dec 8-14

The second week of December 2014 is behind us, like headlights from a long-hauling truck, and the winners are...

  1. cwest, for "East bound and down, loaded up and truckin'...", the exhaustive history of everything you ever wanted to know about long distance trucking. For this Eyebrows McGee will send a flat plastic vase that can be molded with hot water into a not-flat plastic vase, and mathowie will personally buy one shirt of the poster's choice from Cotton Bureau.
  2. AceRock came in second for continuing the annual tradition of posting the Longreads Best of 2014.
  3. Shmuel510 made the third best post this week, with Play Your Ukulele, covering lots of resources and tools to get you up to speed and playing more songs.

Week 3: Dec 15-21

Three weeks down, one to go! And this week's winners are...

restless_nomad provided user-selected gifts from the Mefi Mall to:

  1. Rhaomi, for his comprehensive salute to Stephen Colbert, can pick out anything from the Mefi Mall up to $25.
  2. It's a tie! Greg Nog, for his heartfelt plea for Cortex to stop doing what he is doing oh my God the humanity, and filthy light thief, for his extensive history of Mel Brooks's Young Frankenstein; are both the recipients of anything from the Mefi Mall up to $10.

Additionally, joseph conrad is fully awesome offered up Disneyland-related DVDs to:

  1. filthy light thief, for Young Frankenstein at 40: not so young, but still Brooks' finest film
  2. rollick, for Behind the scenes at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens
  3. Monsieur Caution, for Something ghostly in the air of Christmas
  4. cwest, for Power of Art (Simon Schama)

Week 4: Dec 22-31

December 2014 is a done deal, and with it went the spoils. And the winners are...

  1. EvaDestruction, for the post Playing the bones, Soviet style, an incredibly interesting post about underground Soviet records made from old x-ray films, will receive some delicious coffee, tea, or hot cocoa from capricorn.
  2. AlonzoMosleyFBI, for the post So you're tired of sugar cookies for the Holidays, eh?, highlighting an amazing MST3K riff on pastries.
  3. Third place is a three! way! tie! and coincidentally, all about nostalgia-related subjects:

Month-wide thematic categories

  1. brundlefly, for the post Sprouting feathers and lost teeth (on bird evolution), and dhruva, for the post The Caterpillar Defense (baby birds who look like horrible terrible caterpillars), each receive a framed photograph of an adorable baby mangabey, as authors of the best post on wildlife, as selected by ChuraChura.
  2. JulietBanana will provide a sampler pack of 3 read-and-loved LGBT-themed paperbacks to the poster with the best post on a transgender person or topic during the month of December made by a poster with a US shipping address.
  3. Etrigan, for the post 'Is this the place where I ask questions I can't get answers to?', chosen as the best post about libraries or librarians, receives a copy of Kazuno Kohara's 'The Midnight Library', courtesy of box.
  4. DirtyOldTown, for the post I need to know my place about Macklemore, Iggy Azalea and white appropriation, chosen as the best post about hip-hop/rap, receives a copy of Ed Piskor's 'Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 2', courtesy of box.
  5. His thoughts were red thoughts offers a ridiculous over-designed minimalist Swedish yo-yo, for best post about fandoms or special/fringe interest groups. Bonus points if it includes some element of obsessive dedication to pointless, useless skills.
  6. Eyebrows McGee will send a flat plastic vase that can be molded with hot water into a not-flat plastic vase to the most interesting-to-her post about plants or agriculture or botany or similar.
  7. jferg will provide an awesome, recipient-tailored board/table-top gaming related prize for the most awesome board/tabletop/role-playing game-related post.
  8. cwest, for the post The Enduring Art of the Lowcountry Basket, receives a prize for best post on American folkways (of the people, by the people, for the people -- food, song, art, what have you). Raspberry jam may be involved. Courtesy of MonkeyToes.
  9. Miko offers your choice of museum catalog (shiny thick coffee table book) from a small list of titles as the prize for best post centered on history
  10. griphus offers $20 of credit at a digital video game distributor of your choice for the best post about video game arcades and arcade games.
  11. phunniemee offers to draw (poorly) anything you want on a notecard for the most-fantastic'd slyt of cute animals doing cute things.
  12. aydeejones, for the post It's a White Industry, receives a $20.00 prize at either Amazon or the favorite movie theater of the author of the best post about film or film history, courtesy of Pardon Our Dust.
  13. filthy light thief, for the post How big is space?, receives the choice of a fossil from the personal collection of barchan, including fossil fish, ammonites, coral/seashells, and crinoids (among others), shipped w/ homemade fossil cookies. In addition, if the winner is both so interested and is w/in driving distance of Colorado (determined the weather and me), I offer a fossil hunting outing with me for up to an entire day. barchan also selected two runners-up, brundlefly, for the post Sprouting feathers and lost teeth, and infini, for Mother of the Sea.
  14. joseph conrad is fully awesome, for the post That evergreen feminist cautionary fable: The Handmaid's Tale, receives a signed copy (author's signature only) of one of a short list of titles - including but not limited to Cooked by Michael Pollan, Dust by Patricia Cornwell, or The Guts by Roddy Doyle – for the best post on books/literature/authors/anything book related, courtesy of lyssabee.
  15. Sophie1 will gift home canned jam and feral honey for the best craft/farm/garden related post.
  16. There were two especially neat posts about 21st-century science fiction, so the prize from mediareport will be split between them. MartinWisse's post about the new Nigerian speculative fiction site Omenana wins a signed copy of Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower and The Whelk's post about Uncanny Magazine wins the inscribed copy of Orson Scott Card's Monkey Sonatas.
  17. adamvasco offers a $50 Amazon book token/gift card to whatever he decide is best post of the month. This will be completely arbitrary and his own personal like.
  18. Rhaomi, for his comprehensive salute to Stephen Colbert, which was the most favorited/fantasticked FPP of the month (as determined by Mods), gets a custom commemorative poster illustrated and designed by Kabanos.
  19. the man of twists and turns, for the post A Sword Among Lions, receives a paperback edition of Miss Rumphius (a lovely children's picture book that's been recommended in previous AskMes) to the author of the best post about a woman or women doing awesome things (hat tip to ocherdraco), courtesy of rangefinder 1.4, who also offers picture postcards to the following folks for awesome posts about awesome women: