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MeFites Choice Best Post Contest

Please sign up to offer to provide one of the prizes for one of the weeks of the Fantastic Post contest for December 2013. Winners will be determined by numbers of "fantastic" flags an FPP gets as well as any criteria the prize-givers want to create. Indicate if your prize is for a runner-up. People may only win once for the entire month. Mods' decisions are final.

Week 1: Dec 1-7 is done and passed, and noble taz proclaimed the winners

  • taz awarded a bacteriophage coffee cup or similar phage-branded useful and/or cool item to delight the soul of a Blasdelb for Where My Ladies At, a guide to "awesome female science educators online with channels that focus on Science Technology Engineering and Math."

Week 2: Dec 8-14 is now but a memory, and honorable cortex announced the victors

Week 3: Dec 15-21 is in the rear-view mirror, and mathowie told us of the past

Week 4: Dec 22-31 has joined the ghosts of the year past, and jessamyn invoked the spirits

Topic or Category Prizes (awarded at the same time as the last week's winners)

  1. Jessamyn offers a stack of 25 attractively-wrapped library catalog cards for the best book/reading/library-themed post to jiawen for A lot of public domain images, a collection of over a million images posted to Flickr by the British Library.
  2. Miko offers a personally guided tour of her museum (or any other museum she and you are in proximity to, whether she knows anything about it or not) OR if geography is a barrier, a museum catalog of your choice from a limited selection offered by her, for the best post tagged "history."
  3. griphus offers a game/games worth up to $20 on Steam, GOG or digital distributor of emmtee's choice for i dont care what you say this video game character is my boyfriend, the best multi-link retrogaming post. (Winner can delay claiming this prize until a sale because who pays retail?)
  4. phunniemee offers to draw (poorly, very poorly) anything griphus wants on a notecard for Meatball!, the most-fantastic'd slyt of cute animals doing cute things.
  5. ApathyGirl offers a tin of homemade English Toffee (with/without nuts!) to aniola for Many recipes for candy, the most-fantastic'd candy-themed post.
  6. Sokka shot first offers a hardcover copy of the new novel Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell to capricorn for Yuletide 2013, the best fandom/fan fiction-related post.
  7. Narrative Priorities offers a copy of Life Meter 2, an anthology of video game inspired comics and illustrations, to kmz for Video Game Foliage, the best post about video games or gaming culture.
  8. Narrative Priorities offers a gently used first edition copy of Derek Kirk Kim's Same Difference and Other Stories to Kitteh for Witchling, the best post about small press and independent comics.
  9. filthy light thief offers a selection of at least 5 gently used and new CDs to Sara C. for Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume, the best post about music.
  10. filthy light thief will also provide blue corn pancake mix to MuffinMan for The UK's first social supermarket, the best (local) food post.
  11. greenish will write and/or record a song or piece of music to the specification of Soliloquy for A song for the formerly hearing impaired, the post which was deemed to have warmed the mods' hearts the most (runner up: jason's_planet for Don't Sweat The Technique).
  12. the quidnunc kid offers a gift voucher from the Folio Society, in celebration of the birth of his son quark, to Room 641-A for Superego & Thrilling Adventure Hour present "The War Of Two Worlds", the best science fiction-related post.
  13. sophie1 offers at least one skein of special yarn and a jar of jam canned by Sophie to MonkeyToes for Plane Jane Modest Dress and the Modern Woman, the best post about crafts or crafting.
  14. ThePinkSuperhero offers a CD or digital album of the musical cast recording of roomthreeseventeen's choice (up to $15) for Maria, what is it you cannot face?, the best post about theatre. Should you need guidance, ThePinkSuperhero is happy to help select something you might like.
  15. psoas offers an official poster from the Leopold Museum's (NSFW) Nude Men art exhibit to 1f2frfbf for Christmastime in the Trailer Park, the best gay-themed post.
  16. not_on_display offers this: for Sans Protovision, the best FPP about something that the OP, gilrain, didn't previously know before randomly walking through, n_o_d will write and record a song about the subject matter of said winning post. Please include a link to the original "discovery", and include the tag "archive" for easy identification.
  17. LobsterMitten, in cooperation with Mefi's own woodblock100, offers one of the five New Years Gift Prints from David Bull's Tokyo printmaking shop - to Quilford for What do you get when you mix red and blue paint?, the best post about art or art-related subject.
  18. aniola offers a bike bell to gingerbeer for Healthy cities: public health and urban planning, the best post of the month on anything with an urbanplanning tag (aniola also offered a fair-trade chocolate bar for the best post using the fairtrade tag; a direct-trade chocolate bar for the best post using the directtrade tag).
  19. shothotbot offers a flying Totoro wall art sticker (or an Amazon USD25.00 gift card) as a reward to AlonzoMosleyFBI for the rookie of the year - the best post (At least Roger Corman didn't have a preoccupation with ping pong balls.) by someone who joined MetaFilter in calendar 2013.
  20. MartinWisse offers a Chris Ware drawn Lambiek business card to Greg Nog for Mikenesses, the best non-superhero comics post.

As there were no posts tagged sustainability in December, travelwithcats, who offered a little something - handmade from upcycled leather - for the best post tagged "sustainability," will double up on prizes during the next contest.