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Collaborative FPPs-in-Progress: State-by-State Same Sex Marriage Legalization

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Why this wiki page? There have been a few MetaTalk posts complaining about the frequency and relative thinness of recent FPPs about same sex marriage legalization in individual states. To help ensure that future FPPs are substantial enough to forestall yet another MeTa about yet another thin SSM post, all interested MeFites are invited to use these MetaFilter Wiki pages to collaborate in advance on future FPPs for the states in which SSM is still pending.

See Collaborative SSM Posts template for a possible start for each state. It doesn't mention the Multi-State Resources or Previouslies below yet.

Requested Information for Each State:

  • Background of the relevant laws and court cases
  • Links to the actual text of bills, rulings, opinions, statements from government officials, etc. to date
  • Links to profiles and human interest stories about the plaintiffs and other affected couples in the state
  • Suggested draft text for various potential outcomes
  • Links to previous MeFi posts about SSM in that state

Please sign your user name on each state page you work on so that whomever eventually posts that state's FPP can thank everyone who contributes.

Multi-State Resources

Previously on MetaFilter

I'm working on a big roundup of all of the previouslies with the links in MetaFilter editor format so that future FPP authors can just copy/paste to append it to the end of their posts, if they want. --Jacqueline (talk) 00:36, 18 July 2014 (UTC)

A list of Marriage Equality threads was the prior page set up for this effort, though it's far from complete. --Filthy light thief (talk) 17:22, 21 July 2014 (UTC)

Suggested Tags for SSM Posts

STATENAMEHERE marriage samesexmarriage gaymarriage marriageequality civilrights usa

State-by-State SSM FPPs-in-Progress