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Collaborative FPP Drafting

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FPPs are sometimes created by multiple writers, often using this wiki. This page is intended to support collaboration on posts that are not related to US Politics or US Politics-adjacent topics. To work on collaborative US Politics or US Politics-adjacent FPPs, please visit the U.S. Politics FPP Draft wiki page.

Additional information and guidelines related to collaborative posting generally and how to use the wiki are also included at the U.S. Politics FPP Draft wiki page.

Drafts in progress

Draft FPP template pages are linked below to support collaboration on topic-specific posts. These template pages can be reset by deleting the content after the post is published on Metafilter. While the post is under construction on the wiki, please include a brief description of the topic in the list below.

If a template page is not currently available, a new template page can be created with the MeFi Wiki search box. Please use a title that begins with FPP Draft-Topic, followed by the next number available. Enter the title in the search box, click the search button, and you will be presented with a prompt to create a new page. Next, click on the red link of your title to create a new page, and then add the link below with a brief description of the topic.

After publishing your post, please delete the content from your template and note that it is open for drafting in the list below!

U.S. Politics

• Please go to the U.S. Politics FPP Draft wiki page for collaboration on US Politics and US Politics-adjacent FPPs.

To maintain consistency and to promote clear communication related to collaboration, please do not post links to draft US Politics or US Politics-adjacent FPPs here.

Other Topics

FPP Draft-Topic 1: open for drafting

Draft FPP Template

The following can be copied and pasted from the editing side of the wiki and used as a template to help organize draft posts:

Post Title:

Description/Lede Paragraph:

Extended Description/More Inside:

This is a collaborative post produced by <user>, <user> and <user>. • If you are interested in working on collaborative posts, the <a href="">Collaborative FPP Drafting</a> page is available at the MeFi Wiki.

Topics of interest

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