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Regular users of MetaFilter seem to speak in a mysterious code composed of acronyms. These acronyms are often included in the deletion reasons of Deleted Threads. Now you can use this handy page to decode them.

  • DH: Dearest husband.
  • DTMFA: Dump the motherfucker already. Alternately, Dump the motherfucker's ass. Used in the context of relationship AskMe threads. Originated with Dan Savage.
  • ATMFA: The corollary to DTMFA, Ask the motherfucker already. Used in "human relations" AskMe threads.
  • FFS: For Fuck's Sake. Also seen as OFFS which is Oh For Fuck's Sake.
  • FIAMO: Flag it and move on.
  • FTFY: Fixed that for you. Used when quoting another member and using the strike tags to "remove" certain words and replace them with new text within the quote to change its meaning or intent.
  • FTW: For the win. Used to indicate that a poster, comment, or solution is the best.
  • GYOBF or GYOBFW: Get your own blog, fuckwit. Used when the poster is excessively editorializing, axe-grinding, riding a personal hobby-horse topic, or just personalizing the subject matter too much.
  • GYOFB: Get your own fucking blog. See above.
  • GYOB: We'll leave the deciphering of this acronym as an exercise for the class.
  • IANAL: I Am Not A Lawyer. Often used in AskMe as a disclaimer for legal advice given by a person who IS NOT A LAWYER. The ending can also be modified to D for Doctor or RS for Rocket Scientist or various other professions. Alternatively, IANYL (I am not your lawyer), and for emphasis, TINLA (this is not legal advice).
  • LOLXIANS: "Ha ha look at what the stupid Christians are doing now!" Often modified to LOLathiests, LOLbrnppl, ad infinitum.
  • OP: Original poster -- the user who made the post or started the thread. Can also be "original post" depending on context.
  • QFT: Quoted for truth. (Alternately, but much less common, is QFE: Quoted for emphasis.)
  • RTFA: Read The Fucking/Furnished/Fine Article. An encouragement to read the article or site linked in the post.
  • SAIT: [Or $20 SAIT] - "Same as in town." Punchline to a common joke, which has changed into an in-joke on MetaFilter, where it is often used response to "what's [blank]?"
  • SLOE: Single Link Op Ed. [Also, SLBOE] - A posts that points to one usually-short newspaper or magazine opinion piece (Op Ed originally stood for "Opposite-Editorial" for their location on the page facing the newspaper's Editorials, but is now frequently thought of as "Opinion-Editorial" taking in both types). Generally disdained for being short and oversimplified, even among many who may agree with the opinion. Similar linking to blog-based commentaries is called SLBOE (Single Link Blog Op Ed) for bloggers trying to emulate the Newspaper Op-Ed style (They know who they are).
  • SLYT: Single Link You Tube. A post that points to one video clip, usually (but not necessarily) hosted at
  • TFA: See RTFA.
  • TL;DR: Too long; didn't read. Typically used as a dismissive and snarky way of saying that the poster was overly verbose or long-winded and that they need to get to the point. Also used by the author of a long comment, typically at the end or beginning, in front of a short summary that summarizes the comment for those who find the full comment too long to read.
  • TS;ND: Too sad; now depressed. Sometimes used in place of TL;DR to justify TL;DR.
  • WHBT. WHL.: We have been trolled. We have lost. Sometimes followed by HAND: Have a nice day.
  • YMMV: Your mileage may vary.

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