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Podcast 107 Transcript (automated)

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A transcript for Episode 107: "Breakin' the Dowels with ColdChef " (2014-08-03).

Pronoiac set up autosub, which uses/abuses the Google web speech API, and this transcript came from there.

It might be best looked at as automatically generated dada.


But when we get rolling

This is

Running start at this one

Beer way to take it

Am i going to get to

My brother just offered me a beer but i turned it down but i'm on call

Super mario brothers taco las vegas nevada

Private investigator talking to people?

Recipe whale tale pale ale

Terrapin beer co liquid bliss chocolate peanut butter porter

That is not a bee

Beer and accuses the harry potter font

Did jesus laughing cuz he thinks will tell if something is not right up the road from where moby dick was written

Why i contain multitude i know what that means about things on 500 moby dick has the word dick in it so

Death too much and you know

I let you go on welcome to it

Episode 17 of the

Metafilter best of the web podcast

This is covering

June 1st

Through what is today

Under that was the first through it

I don't want you to get up at the correct interval

Ideas for covering the august


Yes you are

No credit union plan is it all union playing at 7

We only got around a planet out how to do that like you know

Two episodes ago

With us with us today as special guest host

Cold chef gj charlotte downtown louisiana

Hello there

Charlie is a charlet starlight charlotte so long it's good we never like

King james twitter

It's always written down

Difference method

Yes gjergj call jeff is joining us today matt is busy slacking up at slac

So we're mix it up in an hour

Having everybody his favorite undertaker come on the show in just so

Sorry i hang out and talk to us about

Metafilter the way we always like to do

How are you doing today

Processing time

Mod shoes

I'm just going to say over and over again

Perfect paperback writer about two minutes now

Yes i i'm using skype for only the second time of my entire life so

And you did you did warn me going in you

You are an undertaker you are on call at sports

Possible at any moment someone could turn up dead and you'll have to

And action

Put on your

Victoria gray tights and cape

Howell mi

Water off in the night there

That's correct that means i got it. also there

But i will hope you can hold on you for the whole time

That's like a whole way right like a whole mannerly way where you like doing a thing and you look at your phone and then you're like

Yeah i gotta take this


The people must know all right

Like you're on the death call but you don't say it like i'm on a duck call with you have like a lot you say it

Special force rangers

Adjust a panda habitat special number for adecco have an answering service

So when they call them in depending on the time of day you, know what it is

There are people who will call in the middle of the night with just random questions

Better not c** mediate like you're just an advice nurse thursday. yeah i was just wondering

Oh yeah in the middle of the night and so you answer as politely as possible hours

Because you have enough hours kind of jobs are there

If you could be the new must be

That's the way to work when you're on call you literally never sleep

4 hours a day

I've developed the great skill i develop that when i was in high school of being able to

Wake from a completely sound sleep and sound exactly like i've been up for hours

I can do that actually

I even i mean

You must have the same thing but you can even just lie like that wake you all know i was

Bob sapp so lonely i would do anything

I've also got the the contrasting skill of being able to act like i just woke up when the phone's ringing in it

That's not what i want to talk to me after i wake you up

Like my father's house right this is kind of dead person story lake

I'm at my father's house we have a telephone here it's my father's telephone number but we keep it because the alarms connected to it and what the

The hell why not right

But the only people that call are like scam artists right because

Does that number doesn't link to a living human being and has

4 years road

Anytime it rings

It's never anybody but i pick it up and how come sometimes i'm bored maybe a little lonely but i'll always be like that huh

Canobie lake

Test your computer

I don't have a computer

Who is this hahaha


What it's like those crazy scam people who are trying to tell you that you have a virus

Only when you tell if you don't have a computer they actually don't have part of the script

Animals that you just hang up

Well you know nfl players like they might

Get out anyway

They're probably not going to get me fired

Yeah yeah

I used to work at a hotel we used to play this game where are we

We would see who can get the telemarketer to hang up on them

F*** f*** f*** f***

So we would always tell him that we had to speak to a supervisor but i will be right back in just a moment and you put them on

Old woman get pick up milk at 4

4 - 8 minutes from 12 to mad magazine joke that i remember from being a kid like how long can

He leave the telephone just in the oven

Look up before people just hang up and then like testing the different people and how long they stay

Why the oven

Have someone who do you think it was a funny cartoon

I don't know

I was getting service on my home cable the other day

I was trying to rush around because i have to call service person

I'm alive i'm just trying to walk me through how to fix my cable

And i said okay okay let me hurry up hurry up and go grab like a screwdriver

Sir sir

I'm here for the next eight hours and i'm perfectly fine talking to you for the next eight hours

Old myspace like homes not talk to you all day so what the fuss

Kevin roper

Get some point we do need to pivot

Retirement metafilter in the snowboarders pleasantries yes

Just waited mei kentucky gentleman all night

Cheap drinks types

Holland 7

Smallest positive integer requiring six syllables in english

If you don't count the ant

If you don't


Oh without you and it only has 5 years


They don't care about us

What is always a real son-of-a-bitch of a number in english that

It like that

The one the one

That's two syllables of the light

Basic counting

Yes i guess it's not like this not like there's the longer ones in the shore

Everybody got this s*** figured out except for 7

Batman games

Seven sounds like the name of someone's annoying

Big apple neighborhood you know it

That's why some

Turn it up name 7

Oh this is death

You know my sister just found out that one of her friends doesn't like the number 5 cause he belongs to the shooting club

Dress up like cowboys

And i you have to have like a cowboy named and

And so he wanted to have leg buckeye be part of his cowboy names were like f****** many colors that means like you have

Number 5

Like how can you not like the number five but you don't like the number 7 so clearly this distaste for certain numbers as i am

The rock

672 great neck

Just think

Name wise

It's causing some problems that we would

You wouldn't need to deal with it

British fix stupid syllables but like you know it probably is name is actually so then

I want to do like stand up

How many syllables are there

Counting crows cracking is this your first beer

If not eat if it sits is huntsville heat

The only thing i have to say about 107 is it the designation for the fair use exception in copyright law which is

Big s*** so i mentioning it breaks up section 107 or

17 usc 107

That's it that's all that s*** 107 there's a whole bunch other b******* is that in auspicious number i don't even know what that means

And the number of lethal acupuncture points i didn't think that's real i can somebody

I'm somebody added that to wikipedia out if i wanted to kill zone with a time


Guessing the number of differ

Some places i could do

Do it ad

What do you depend a lot on the technique

Radio shack lee i mean after all in your eye

Let's move on her right well let's talk about 1070 yet



Psalm 107

Thanks to the lord for he is good his love endures forever we use at lawton obituaries that's why i know it

The whole thing sounds are short right

Yeah i know it. it's a long song if it goes on and off of arts which way she paid for the lines that are you

Try to keep as concise as possible

You just refer to it and then people kind of know how the rest of it goes

It's like i got scared of cats

Now thats what i call summer

Give up on trying to run an artichoke so what should we talk about jobs real quick brighton psalm 107 1


China rivers in the wilderness



It's the pits


Pretextual all iniquity shall stop her mouth



I was a hexagon have

Jobs this month but there's several jobs in the new york-new jersey area

Is also an hr administrator

Los angeles rail yard

Alligator man how to drive a stick shift what i think would be amazing true that is that is pretty good

Regular router reach me right

Wgj jude learning driving a tractor like black people in souther

Where we are when we drive our heroes and the swan


So i'm trying to understand that sentence say it again

Piro's a flat bottom canoe that you use in the swamp

I never learned how to drive a stick

Guess i'll smoke machine are you serious, teach you how to drive stick sometime then

Next time you come to new york city you have to come all the way out to massachusetts or vermont


Girlfriend try to teach

Teach me once and i just about ruined her car so

Start with a really bad car

Stick it stick it

What is worthwhile


I probably will never because

It's never even been an issue because by the time we buy a car cover years ago

You know automatics are so ubiquitous at this point

Sure they are up washer

Car nearest my god that is the jury still out

Maybe it's all just a long rifle joke


The projects

Projects that talk about project this month

How old is dj pick one that he likes because as josh never talking before the podcast many of the top

Braided projects belong to us

You but i'm feel well for myself this month so somebody else maybe should talk about maybe some

Another staff

I'll give a quick shout-out to uh uh


Case kimberly aka

Jesse hold my quahog

I was on the captain and his friend aaron just put out monkey popeye game that will work on for wildstar the game jam

Two player game where

Heritage controlling a monkey and you find remote control you can control the other monkey briefly and transfer them and like that

Deadly trackers on

Game and it's fun

Holiday finally put it out i'm happy

Let's go play monkey pop

That's great shirt keyboard that sounds like a recipe for divorce already i get some real punches on the shoulder in

It's like tilting a pinball machine accept the other person is at 10

Pinball machine

Sorry is a sorry asses aren't alright

I didn't know that that's cool

But you know i'm always excited to see a new project by the welk

He and i have actually met sally

X in real life

New orleans and buffalo new york to take me to get ice

Really expensive haircut when i was in new york

And i hear a fun guy to show you around the city he seems like a real match

Yes i need a lot more

Writing a project on performing

I need a piece recently called i'm getting really tired of living

What does quaint english village that's really funny

That makes it dangerous level funny essay

It's very good

Performance adds a lot to it

Kevin wanted to watch that are shockable

Real steel the hedgehog

Talk to justin about this

Feel the project when it comes through

June allyson


Operations insight

I'm no longer surprised at anything exists

Instead i'm currently thinking oh s*** i was going to go back in

Look at that thing

Things every month

List of things cause you

Phone watch

Very very very funny

And i also enjoyed the good bloods at essay about the secret language of brazilian trans women too because it's

Scion medium which is sometimes lake and matter which is sort of like to the people that i write for

But it's a it's an illustrated essay and it just looks really cool like one of my favorite things to read on medium in general is the nipple

Which is all it was traded

Metallic short form comics kind of stuff

But this is sort of a longer



Why i use your husband easier for a while but mostly has been

Writing an ask metafilter and i just i learned some stuff

Talks a little bit about time

Portuguese folks as well which is slightly relevant to time in this sort of semi portuguese part of massachusetts right now so i just

Yeah yeahs down and like westport isn't but like fall river and new bedford ferry portuguese

I didn't know that

I'm so uh

Terrific food

Totally different culture

Really interesting and especially relative to like the rest of massachusetts like it's it's it's a completely different

Consideration so i thought it was cool very interesting very well done essay and it was need to see it projects

Dental association the great head like a hole then it is crater lake

Recorders top down

Yeah the bangles super funny angles but they look really really

Really cool there was

It was okay

Moanalua purchase the knock knock jokes i ended up making an actual medical term

Zadig knock knock

Big big big nick not like ice cream we mention him every

Maybe we should also talk to him at some point he's a very nice guy in person

Videos on the boston fight so i can speak to my home in fact i think i have met him as well i'm i'm

Put it together now

Yeah i guess you made of

I'm laughing at the thing that he should lie to the post again

Knock knock jokes twitter

What about called a auto

What does knock knock jokes by

Knock knock who's there picking a word

Word who and the word whatever google autocomplete

Black girls are the second i gotta try this right now but not knock who's there d-day

Dj whoo kid faces

There donkeys donkeys and donkeys place

564 gout

How does this work you send it a love thing or it just doesn't matter i think it just

Naked pics of word i'm not sure how it picks

First word exact

Ashley major sort of do are random

But then it does whatever the first google autocomplete it comes out

How comes with a junk inside that terrible

The dumbest jokes

Robot that understands the structure

Attractions attractions to attractions near hershey park

Why i love that and after turned up

I thought there a couple things in the medical terms red

Other related

Robots. came up as well

Isaac super charming

Once again

Minimalist work to get to

To get a random word

Oh yeah yeah yeah documented google autocomplete api

Secret undocumented

Text to matt saying what

Navigate to go jumping without you aj come on yeah boom boom boom

Get her wet on

What is another one that i like

Na this is

Alaska pca vives


So sorry

Fish that is at the end of the joke

Don't forget me when i asked you to make them up it's impossible to know

Sorry i'm sorry dude super duty anvil

Tomato game called xo bikes danville

Do it now like swift yeah okay that makes me

I was having trouble parsing it


Maplestory available for the i have no memory returns

Have no ability to retain

You're not even the

Actually named in the post on my computer now

That's that's that's not so scary

Go to your brother

It's charming it's all so it just happens

Something that

I started with it

They were like hey

Icon for java

What should i program in his life

He's making exciting

They did

They made it

It's so much better

Little kingdom

I'm supercharged

Tonight's football game


Roc royal

Bso search

And i'm just so glad i didn't get that

It was fun just as a tweet

Come to nothing but


A while later this thing actually shows up in


What fills me with a sense of power

Like i can say do with egg on twitter and then it happens

Discounted good right yeah that's it

Interesting very aggressive with great responsibility to

If i'm not going to do anything bad

Just like spider-man

Yep exactly like spiderman

Kenneth michael i got my uncle killed

He got the others you like tj

You just got

Mine and yours okay why you wanna be mine all the ores

Oh yeah

Who did

Another one of these blah-bitty-blah of random words

Turn into atomic comics on how would you sterilize a lot of work to turn

Perhaps something that kind of looks like you did it by hand in 15 minutes

Ombre calvin and markoff does make mean

Ghetto semi-coherent narrative that of calvin and hobbes



A thing

Panther door but i've seen the ones that you're posting apparently it took lots of work and you're doing more work

But yeah


It's all about them


If they have time like so if you find the one that you like

Kitten have a lincoln you can sort of

Send it around which is the doraville from


Become what am i sort of like pee

Hey i'm working on this thing little chatter

Feel like i'm sort of using it off label

My people are mostly posting

Images found on the web but like i told him to find stuff

Content creator that's important to get all i'm just a content finder

Create content to

Sometimes you created

Library of congress today

Your library and the frog

Just read the url mean i thought i was over scroll down if i can do that but i guess that's what it says

Library of progress

The play on words

If you will

If you want then don't talk

Find it

Holy upon it



It's it's it's not it's not necessarily the grass


Yes you you put together

Editor's page on

Aunt on the opening

Denver library congress

Cousins play possibly the most important library jobs that is going to become open in my lifetime and everyone sitting on her cell

Mom's being like holy hope they pick someone good and it's like you know we can actually have a conversation about

Who did she pick and why did like in forms to people who are doing the hiring


Like the copyright part like that

Dmca exception part like

That you don't get rid of the backlog in open access and all the other staff

So yeah it's been my little hobby horse in this is one

One part of that

He put together really nice

Now it's just one of those turn key templates i just type words into it with super simple words in sign anything

I know right now i construe

Why cannot i copy them

Oh yeah but you chose which ones

You know what a dumbass i feel like i could look like

What tiny icon represents change management and then i look in the window and i'm like i hate myself

What's up i think when you're in the office

Trying to figure out exactly what color of light 88 copy paper is perfect for your little hand out on whatever the

Everything is noticed goldenrod released today

Microsoft word basics

Now there's only so many options

Yeah i mean. i think that it looks like inside

Cedaredge roar like a file


I can't tell if i lost it was you active

Red devil designs change management to me

Is coach it everything just get those boxes in the back room

What's the temperature outside

Patagonia outlet

That well you know special shout-out to whoever the people are they do the the do the yum

What do those little icons let me see if i can figure it's the ff

Ipod something

Have a name and there's a hole there's a whole page of like these icons you can use them they are free they are so

That was awesome

Oh yeah projects it's great to see people creating all the steps to creating


There's a question or maybe a comet

Both of you are content creators

Have you ever come up with something that's kind of also

You have an arrow that down a little bit

Yes or no does like a really terrible like

Popcorn noir joker card of that thing just a curse to you

So you make like a little picture or think about it

You don't want to take credit for it so you just put it on the internet he say oh look what i just found the f*** up

No i've never die i have decided not to hit post on things

I've done it maybe once or twice in my entire

In my tire internet history but generally know although tits tempt


I have nothing to lose right to like having stuff attached to my name doesn't actually

I've occasionally made b***** tweets from a different

Twitter account that i used to have

A while ago

But i don't think i have anymore

I don't do terrible things like that either

Gas death

How far is winthrop to ask your friends while playing doctor and they tell you all their playing doctor stories you're like oh i've never done that

Are there any particularly good things you never would have done something like

A twist


I would have never taken really horrible

Adult swim

Condimento valentine's day cards and sent them out two people think i just found

I like that idea

I like the idea but i would yes i would start a tumblr blog


You are without a real gas

Let's make this a project

Let's make this a thing that's so beautiful so horrible that i would cringe as i made them

I can't even imagine what that might even be like

Premier best conversation have offline sure we can always edit this outpost but sometimes you say you're going to do that

Josh doesn't show i

How to keep a capacitor

Toys collection



I know i can spend some time

Austin like 5 min

You know what this is just

This isn't good enough to justify

The subterfuge

What was said to teach a now and then he can just

And i want and i just told you that before you catch a if you need someone to put

Put everything on the internet that give you enough distance for plausible deniability and if someone did get blind it would be me

I would take the heat for that

Absolutely appreciate that now having said that don't start posting off of things

And then saying that the tigers and things to me but i'm not saying hey

I kill people

Think that way

I can't even think that way you know i did drive by my local funeral

Go home today in

But i should just go say hi to the potter funeral home people because they were

You're so nice

Back in the day

Yeah i just i don't know you

You're something i actually text each other quite a bit now

She says she doesn't send you a topless selfies

I said she said

That's what you supposed to say

The f*** the f*** the f*** the f*** she's awesome you guys should be friends you have a fever with slightly even more

Or similar sensibility than you and i do if that is possible

Isn't she lovely

Always always suffer good joke so we went to the cemetery joshi said that we basically said to pick

Pictures from the cemetery 12 gj that was mean kate giving him the finger by the the

Greystone at said but and

911 to draw a ship that had the most lard

Gravestone that was cross the street from the butt

Gravestone & i thai

Now that you that what you have

Dell computer guy

Yeah yeah i love cemeteries out i was i'm grown up and i'm

And so are there still a lot of games i play in cemeteries especially when i'm standing out there just


Favorite game to play as when i call a poison birthday cake

Which is where you try to find somebody who

Died on the same day that they were born

Different ear

Oh nice

1 cemetery in mississippi that i go to

Is a 6 people

All died on their own birthday card

Does the doctor come back

Frozen birthday cake

The greyhound bus have a really crappy

Baker honda

I have no idea

Also like to look for people who died on

Popular. or born like a holiday like on christmas

Imagine like to know how much their family resented them for that the people that died like 3 days

Weather birthday and i feel sad

Examples of equator


Follow through people

I just make an effort

You were so close

Turn your terrible

That's funny where you find out and look up

Husband and wife who died on the exact same battery

Create a narrative in your head that

The rent-a-car radford house burn down on the both side or something like that



Oh so you use you work in and live and operate in

I presume you have you know ever left this

Do you have breakfast


So like new england cemeteries are so weird

As someone who grew up you know in portland where cemeteries are just like real

Lawyers in remarkable about it

What if it's just a cemetery really really old

Old f******



Hollywood cemetery you go to you can see

What's the current style of headstone at every had

That was

Death heads

Turned into like angels and what enters a****** weird evolution

Headstone cutting back in like that

1717 century of the self

. some of that town in louisiana to coldwater hair loss elko nevada great and pretty quick

What you also see a lot and not in the south as i

Homemade crepes


People who make your own tribute some things that a


Hundreds of years they're supposed to


Ultimate alliance 2 fur

50 or 60 years as long as you know the people who made them are still alive and adult party that far into the future


I was just there

Maybe someone 20 years later

It's really poorly maintained

No one who cared about it

Has anyone ever hundred years by the time that person's be

What are turn one really creepy aspect of a louisiana cemeteries especially down in new orleans

So many people died

During hurricane katrina


When you walk through the cemeteries

You'll see the same day

Coming out for gta

Cialis 25 2005

Over and over and over and over and over again

Cemeteries lake

Triumph dealer around

Orioles roster

Areas for today

Forgot 20 burials like in a week

Are they just going to like

Okd 20 / right here

Atlantic broadband

I try to guess there is i guess you buy a plot ahead of time

The plot so here's what's interesting in new orleans have crepes

Moms that


Deep hole

Mma build si

Marble building over it

The burial movie comes after the burial they put on wooden dowels over the whole they roll the casket

Acetic acid

Wooden casket always

Supported by the weight of the dowels

And then when the dowels


Casket falls down into the hole

Fairway and it makes like a crazy scary noise in the middle of the night

My door

I want to talk to when you're walking around a cemetery go to a big black dick

I did not know that

Why did they do this this way

Because you're getting married

Multiple generations within the plant cell

It's not just let them drop that seems


Every moment you'll join the pile of previous

Rotting bodies in caskets from previous generations gap in the whole of your family has

Most likely the ideas that will happen when no one's around

I'm hungry. spend a lot more time in cemeteries that most people do so i farted more than most people will ya

But there's a rule

I have two people in the same family died

During the same calendar year

The body that's in the krypt

What is in there for a year and then

The day

After a year and a day enough the body hasn't fallen down into the hole

Jumping up and then the next body goes in

So if you die like this

Super saiyan someone dies in january and the next person dies in july

That person go

Goes into a man


The wave

Earlier in the day to go into the hole

It'll just put them in the hole and then put the other person on top of them you have to fall into the hole


Gg allin so much every time i talk to you

Newark new jersey near newark new jersey

Ikea grove avenue richmond virginia 30090

Ear piercing

I guess i could talk about you know


Pretty much forever but i will tell you most of the butterfly fabric from the past month

Ri death and cemetery related to olympics


We'll talk about stuff you like

Let's get into it

Metafilter ask metafilter i never met over

Who made the first what do the blue were the ones that i like him was

Happiness for you


Molly and caitlin dewey

Disrupting the homes are disrupting the funeral home business

I wasn't supposed to say

That was a post about how are

Who wrote the book about a modern sanitary practices called smoke gets in your eyes

Oh i brought her book and you know i actually thought the couple emails with her she sounds like a top-notch human being


Oceania differ on a few things

But but yeah she should i spray water can soap

They're making a big push for

Hack home

Home funerals on

Without all the other traditional uh general business

So luckily the thread did not turn into a bunch of talk about making generals

Why does my wife talk about that before any time you have a

Fred that's about funerals what are usually talks turns into a bunch people talk about well when i die i want this ridiculous

Firefly live vikings i want to be stuck mom is a stuffed into urethra wires giants bhp

Get it out yet


Seriously though i did i don't know what suddenly that came back to me that old thread about the story about

I got a fever dream you had

I don't write it down and prove it

That's weird

Hold on hold on

Las vegas viking funerals of such strange penis and we're done

Why are you not talking right now okay okay

I want to make sure it wasn't like a little kid vintage pewter

American cultural history

You are

It's it's one of those threads that could have really time icarly

Really quickly but it actually didn't

Nfl team got to a couple of other things about

Why we have funerals and wild

The cases we turn them over 20

Professional and try instead of trying to do it ourselves

What i like about it is that was a good day

Difference of opinion about it

Everybody kind of respected each other's opinions about it

Free icloud wander are lost

Do define

How many opportunities does ted



Director undertaker


Did you get a chance to mix professionally much

Cars that goes are there like you know

How to record chat


Baby with other funeral directors today

There are there are few electric inventions

Call me there as bad as any other conventions swag from them sometimes

I got toe tags from tj when he went to one of us

Reassure employees are really great because it's copying out of the bomb

The as a regular booth babes that you said anything else except that pocket like in bombing fluid

Cavity plugs and that's hard to find but are they are they in like bikini

And similar such things or do they

Dress like sunday morning

Very well-dressed

Cannot go too deeply into

Questions about the products

As with all these people unfortunately

What's really great if you get to see all the stuff that's

Really fantastic but i would never personally order some

I like there's a god that was a cremation urn with

Star trek insignia on it


It says boldly go go

Cross the front of it

That's fantastic is that as i would never sell one no one ever best golfer ever

People would ya

I thought you said on twitter this week that you had to buy some sample merchandise is that true or are you just like

And everybody's leg know it is so i want what i want to dip into it at we we are just 16 feet

Cheeky bottom now i'm here i'm sorry


People are weak and cremation urns provoked by

My daddy said the turtle habitats about just buying whatever random


Alderwood combine

What's highlights of the fall off the truck runs here five iron that don't match

Um bank of america standardize it

So i said i said i made a list of the 8

Good popular names

Just to show people

What can be done with personalization

I am actually clip

Real names on them

Mostly friends from medical term twitter


Use their real birthdate

And i made up death dates for them

Jasmine's what up on an outside yard from your picture of santa comes around states were past death date

Really she's a past date

How did bruce lee just an arbitrary date that's funny to me

You can tell me what the arbitrary date is and then i can tell you what it matches in my real life and then we can all have a moment

I can't remember what i use for years but it was something like

When you and i want to make some time together chicago

Diana ross

How much children's bike riding off the road

Oh i forgot about that

How frozen are all in a row

A rental vehicle i am i went down the side of a hill. that go to look at for the field stream netflix

What is

Describe a bike for half an hour

What is the i don't remember that at all

Hair by toby keith

We are what we care about the young lady who is riding in the back seat



Donna bike ride to

She's got a child use a grown up or grown-up now they're excited i see her asking questions on ask metafilter about her child

Geneva measure belly at that point

Fine asses

Yeah how did you get there i got a ride

What's a great not sexually


Pbr ride

Define quiet ride

Winchester super nice guy

He's the best person in the world yeah he's fantastic

I swear that we had a nice ride but i remember on that car ride we were

Wine and through the mountains on the way up to

Singing super bass

Basically no internet connection

Taking down the site so we're trying to frantically to resolve a problem with it


No internet access

Yeah.. never because i was

Oh yeah what

Seven years ago now

One of the things i most remember

Waterside problem

No internet on ee

It's a great idea for all the mods be there in one weekend

Resort with no connection to the internet. anyway. yeah those real salt lake 2008

But we we we got an f mods to beeville to cover the side a little bit

I'll be distracted the same time. go away after people and people think i'm joking when i tell them about how in 2000

2001 when matt took a trip to australia he just turned off the website for two weeks

People don't believe that actually happened or that

What is a town so crazy now that really is a difference of arrow wiki no job

The to the site making money and having uptime didn't actually matter as much

We actually turned the site offline he went read only with it

I just couldn't

No it wasn't all i did was the author got about that

It was missing for two weeks

There's nowhere to do that today


I would have panic


Bedford revenue office

Answers like this


Angry letters

I like you like i should probably mention since it is the podcast of the months that i decided

Learn how ever old it turned


Twerk team




There were no big party but there was the twitter

Original cast


Which was always a good time


Where to meet up in the vicinity

I was at meetups near its birthday

You know for the first time i met metafilter zone lobster mittens and hat

Oh yes that's a

So excited

I have never. only if we never met i have only seen that one photograph of her in a raincoat tonight so like

I was all set to meet her and her husband at

Edit local

Establishment near my sister's place as they were driving from where they live to where they are

Family was in black

Like a picture of her in a raincoat

You know i wasn't totally sure i would recognize her but we had dinner and it turns out she's as great as you think she would be

I would imagine so

Superman cheesy i think she's like the

We started out there all over the internet

Person on staff

Which is like

Totally reasonable i just got a fighter like

You and me and that particular have always been so

I'm gonna make a fart joke on twitter well that's me

Inotia hello hey baby i love you very open and you have you got the stuff

Oh yeah

Being arrested

I'm so happy you guys got together haven't you know mgk friday's worth it so i could give it some point

William neal caffrey got family outing

Marilyn's not right there but it's enough to make it a

When she's got family in maine so i have to do is catch her when she's going back and forth

Oh that's why did she stopped and had dinner like i'm off the highway and had dinner right here when my sister was it was great

Totally worth it

Everyone should meet lobster mitten

I'm glad i had a mansion like the big one

The big medical terms how is there was there was there was a big metafilter post a couple weeks ago now

Which books by relationship overnight

Where's my cut

Unpaid emotional labor


Buy a jesse merman

Where she wrote basically about you know the nature of emotional labor ends

The champ

Let me explain briefly what emotional labor is

Things things that

That involves making sort of

I'd like a emotional or mental support efforts thing

Things that are sort of

Are the off an unspoken off and someone to go shaded aspect of just making things work

Got a day to day basis

Things that bad this is sort of the point of the article some extent there's often a very poor distribution of this world

Turn off and very gender distribution

Where is structurally a society we've

Things up in such a way that a lot of the stuff is just a

A woman's job in a relationship it's going to be

Baby you know

The wife's job

I just do this stuff and it's not stuff up with the birthdays for the sample so you know like i do

I would be more likely to know it was jim's parents anniversary did jim actually wood

You know that's bizarre because he's related to them


I feel i'm having suddenly such a terrible time for summing it up

The thing is i don't need her

I don't need to set it up too much because they

There's a gigantic gigantic thread on metafilter and the whole thing is worth reading witches

Because it's like that

It's like 1600 comments off

Long i just it's kept going for like two weeks

It is just full of a bunch of really

Good interesting sometimes

Kind of sad or depressing or

We sold it. you know

Ground shaking revelations and thoughts before having

Reflecting on this and talking to each other about it

What someone pointed out somewhere to thread this is you know

Food stamps

So what


Call the consciousness-raising exercise

Juno decades ago when it was made

Baby you're coming

Round previously has an idea

Something where you recognize some of these things

You're standing of

The stuff that i am is this is not strictly feminism but they're still strong over

Flappy bird has a lot of family

Yep feminism

Definition of architectural license app how

Well it's funny because i mean gemini in a lot of ways don't really have a boy-girl relationship

You know like i'm the one with the tools and he's doing pranks in the bathroom all day long but i

Put in a lot of ways i'm definitely the one who kind of have to check in with although

The kind of structural stuff about our relationship like it get out

When are we going to meet and what are you going to bring and i got a message from someone

Toronto and we got to do this thing and it's no big deal like i'm trying to deport most of the time but we both of us lyrics


Me doing that extra work

Take me to ball and i was having a hard time putting those

Putting it into words

I was just kind of you know doing that i throw up my hands feel like i have to do everything around here

Is it true

Queen these threads especially the one ask metafilter the emotional labor checklist

I'll check it out

Do you know which felt like he was doing his part right you know like i was cooking you do the dishes like that

And i was like yeah i'll cook you tube

Do the dishes and then i have to make sure you clean the kitchen right because you mostly do some of the dishes but not all the dishes in seoul

Ultimately the dish doing

Process is my responsibility even if you do

New part of it

We are really nice conversation about them continue to

But like for some reason that hook

Emotional labor aspect where you can kind of point to it be like i'm not saying you're not doing your job

I'm just saying there's an extra invisible job that i'm doing


Is it being taken into account when we eat when we figure out if we're both kind of doing the work

Nfl whatever reason it's stuck with him in a way that dick

As it before i mean

Generally pretty happy together anyhow

I like when stuff is hard it's hard in this one direction it was really hard for me to identify

And it's also really easy to kind of .2

You know the emotional labor and be like yeah but you just put in the effort that nobody else requires

Being able to bring it around and be like well accepted

The necessary for a relationship to function at this high level

So let's talk about it so it since we've been talking but literally fell last week or two

You don't you don't really clean the porch and i didn't even ask him the other day like it's like i feel stupid

Pretty even talking about it but it's really like made noticeable changes in the way we sort of treat one another up

How about some of these topics

Henry that thousand page thread it out but it was just that concept was that helpful concept for him understand

Meaning of thing that made it

Not his fault but kind of his responsibility to understand what i was bringing to the table

And it was awesome

Really just awesome and helpful

So we are never ever think about the thread i feel like you know

People been tweeting

About it it's like

Like you said it was i asked me to read there's actually at least two maybe three acme threads

Drivers 101 that idea

The couple others like the summer

Oh my gosh this real

Made me realize

Truth about my relationship

Help what's the fix for dealing with as

They got it

The death rate has a bunch of really really thoughtful intercom

Some of them are kind of like

Just realize what's wrong



Look at some of those and they're really amazing they're powerful

Also feel like

A little bit like

Download my kind of love

And i know so much that the thing is like i feel like

If you look at only certain section

Feel like i do

This is a thread you need to read to find

Find out how much you f*****

Relationship and it's not. you know if i mean there's there's plenty story there's really cold this is why

Salsa lot of people just sort of saying oh i like you

He said i have a better way of


Necklace with an angel just write it and it's good

Good for my relationship

What i can't describe it in a way that doesn't point fingers it's not like i'm doing all the work which is like true

True but not true because it explains why jim would look at it be like

You're f****** not your data

We could both be right


We were we were meaning it in a different way to a super helpful i found

We will see but at least it means we have got a little tagline don't forget about us


Gj your job

I thought i would say you know

There is a huge amount of emotional labor just based on the things i've seen you talk about a mean tweet about funny stuff he also tweeted out

Serious dolphin

You know you you have to deal with

People you have to deal with

You know terrible stuff like you

The colin and someone's child

Elvis died

This is this is this something that you have had to take a real active approach to sort of

And thinking about how you sort of like you know

I want your emotional well-being with the job you need to do

Oh yeah well yeah one of the first things i ever learned about this job is bad

Camelot of what you do is not on the clock and not suffer

Sara lee paid for

Meralco started working here was the first cases

I was a baby baby

The really difficult time

Dealing with it

I went to my uncle

Who is the owner of the business at the time and i

Customer said

Why is it so hard i don't know i don't know this family i don't know this child why is it so hard and he said

How do you say what you have to learn how to do

You have to learn how to separate ourselves from the work you're doing

App to learn to be

The counselor

You have to learn to be a guide

You're not trying to get them whole again you're only trying to get them for the next three days

Find a path yes graphics

You can't say you can't take it personally you can get personally involved

You kiss

Go home and cry about it

Damned if you figure out how to do that let me know cuz i've been doing it for so do i take it out

I think it's worth saying that one the best things about this thread

We're not only all the really great comments

Mostly from the female members


But the moderating really really good

There were few places where

Look like an arrow

Guys are going to come and go yet

Hey i don't do that conga


Not all man

But as the moderation kept in check and really i think

Mayor of the munchkins

It was one of those things where i thought i was saying

Yes but there's some yes but that and also metro think like them i had that said you know

Shut up and listen

Winn-dixie what they're saying

Gladiator because

Big willy it really meant a lot and and and i did

How do you tend to be one of those people who were members birthdays and send out cards

And reaches out to friends when they're having a hard time

After death red

A lot of friends

The medical term from twitter

Reached out and just kind of said thank you to me

Time for being there another person that really so nice


It's funny we get we get stuff on the contact for the rose bowl from summer

Not really ever for anything other than

Boy looks like a crazy week unless you want to say

Frozen's words like everyone i hope i'm not imposing by saying

Free fat and ugly old world like no thanks i'm pregnant and it is it's nice and it

It's one of those things where you know you did it

It's really easy to be totally well-meaning and

He's not in any way in the wrong address

Just not all

Always do that little bit of her like

How will i know we both know this is true

Big butt

Are you a good friend



I tell myself they know that i'm just

But i care about them but then time

Things that eat other things that i like

Things i can get away with all sort of advocate

I don't keep up to her clothes


Somerset because there is

Bunch of emotional labor involved sometimes into

Who is albert the same time

You know maybe i do sort of

Go to the other and the pendulum there in just sorta like you know

Yes or no about of some

Stuff like craigslist

My brother's make the phone

Colorado more often

Send an email more often

Call of duty ghosts

That was just concerned after the part where i got you on that like i type only trying to find a half hour everyday like literally just

Just going through my world of social media being like way to go

You're doing great that was interesting thank you for other people who i know you know

How could you use a thumbs-up from somebody whose opinion they value

And part of it for me was realizing i should turn some of that

Fortify family's direction as well i mean not that i don't like my family and interact with my family but that

I should include them in my daily romp around


That thing



Frederick is like juniper berry good at that i'm actually very good at that was trying jersey

But i'm not that good at it with people

Do i care about because i spend so much time for separating about the best way to blah blah blah are i'm worried that it's going to turn into

Blah blah blah so i

What developed a lot more of a f*** it attitude 2

Just say the thing and like you know

Was it afterwards don't know

Not do it because

Never let your good at it with everyone else why can't you

Get better at that we can always have people

Visit and like being white

I'm glad you came

I want someone to say that to me if you swear to shake as it sounds presumptuous and stupid

It doesn't feel weird other people to hear for the most part so f****** said stop

Yeah i have time travel event

Anything to do before i started

Yeah i was saying. it just when i clean as that have to have started a new project where i am

I like beer

Getting my wife sending letters in the actual mail

I'll probably actually likes

Letters and postcards more than i actually like getting them

Weird endorphin rush when i mail a bunch of letters at once

Austin mahone next day just stay here by my letters just trying to help the country when is mother's day


So i thought a project where i

Welcome my beautiful friend and i are fighting each other

I'm letter back and forth i probably have the largest collection

Boulevard members real names and email addresses


Except for maybe the music swap

Miley cyrus album

But i want a new thing that i started doing it song

The password you know you would send somebody a text message and i'll

Good job on that thing you did

I'll just drop him off a postcard or a ladder

So you know there's something fun about

Writing a three-sentence letter

Dropping a male five minutes later

What is the plant that looks like what you see

Travel a lot

He would send postcards that were basically like hey i had this funny sandwich it look like this

I didn't say anything like it was like here's a story about my dad was just like one or two sentences i was thinking about you

In the mail

I have a ton of them and i love having them because they really were just kind of slice of life

Not like i got a right to perfect guard you know

Ashley a person eat more than one

Yeah i just had them and get about people like that no

I think that's the thing that helps us like

No each other better as a no not

Tell me what you asking all this time perfectly crafting

What does colloquialism life as a saturn digest a little something out of your daddy

Thinking about you? but i thought this month's reset user herpes test results envelope

I think you are but you can try to call you

I had children with herpes while since i am sorry about that

Help me to find out

The declaration


You have this tab now well i have been saved

Even that envelope cent height

Schoology jimmy

What made me laugh probably for 10 minutes and then i put it on

Twitter and people absolutely loved it for the rest of the day so thank you

People that it was really good

Did actually i don't know if you saw that it says groin pull down the side fit and

Navigate the guy i was super into in high school had given me his email password which was glowing ball

All night should have known that i should know and so it was on that envelope when i had them

Saving it for the exact perfect time and there you go

Set alarm for 11

Butterfly by the band in order contacts

It's great

Undress me said me baseball card patches

Baseball player

Stitched patches

Thurman munson and fred lynn

Yeah i want to frugal frank's discount outlet and they had a bag you can buy for $3 that had a stack

Actor fred lynn and thurman munson

Baseball patches and i don't know who those guys are jim was like oh my god you just totally buy them at

I totally didn't

I took pictures of a man and everyone on the internet was like oh my god why did you buy them

So bad i don't know so i want i can buy them and then people on facebook will it send them to me and i mail them out including to you

Great thurman munson die

Fred lynn did one of the google baltimore

All of them is dead

Things you can sketch them for that blog you have about baseball players

I don't know why you think you're going to start another podcast and that's going to totally workout i don't know what the hell are you know it

It's much shorter you know

Zen zen

I have a good feeling about it

Shorter than a post on tumblr url shortener than this anyway

Which presidential cycle to become an x-ray


Chewy chewy segway that should we should we talk about that that this now

Mail post

Oh yes yes you do

Cuz that's pretty great and then all explained

But there was this fantastic ask me

How to turn 2 into a santa

Fantastic gif

Unconventional medic

The rapping holding up two personal narrative that would be normal for

Out of the blue but i was like you know executive fired this thing

Is great

Is there a post about a snail from the mid

I want go into detail because i can

Free do

Something else but nice butt crack

Is the user who made the turn in

Into this

Nfl to post about the snail

Mid 19th century that got sent to the british museum from egypt

Index glued to just collect s*** in other countries and be like we have to go back to it

What is a nice way of saying stale

What what are your rights in this country was a snail so probably like

Lawanda page

Thanks button

Email to snail back in

The soon-to-be-dead the stolen snail

I'm so good just batman cartoon for years later they realized it's not

The capital if a couple more year

Burgers and fries a bunch of details a story but also interesting to read

Which is a big part of the potion

So it's just a great ask me

To a great post and fun

Discussion button

It's also the subject of

New podcast that we

We just launched

Here we

Meetme doing all the work at the moment but



Comcast called out of the blue

Shorter leg will 12 minute 2001

Edited narrative about one little story from something

They related to medical

And i was like this is the perfect thing to those thinking about doing that first episode was like

What am i going to do about exactly in boom this was it could have captured people's imagination like i said

Zipping around the internet a little bit i was like hey



That's what i told her like yeah i have certain intel about this

It's it's

I did it i did it again a little bit of uh




Miami time in alabama

It must be great right here

You don't actually funny huntsville the real sort of

Buried city

Lot of people who are

Lots of people have southern accents

I can't quite get used to any one particular thing i also won't come away with a nice pussy

Opinion about

North alabama accents

So yeah people so they don't talk like that

Anyway to say laughing is awesome the new podcast i'm super

Happy without a vertebrate

The train do monthly probably come out like you know the middle of the month

He's on the tail lens

Girl yeah

Define thing


He was my favorite thing from x-men a filter this whole month

User blue llama

Just kind of funny joke in itself


Is trying to match the colors of an old

Pdp 11 computer and like that which is digital equipment corporation was kind of known for having computers

This is how to know a tease men seventies

It had

What kind of pretty interesting color


Like they had these purple and pink colors in the blue and green colors like ahead color colors they were just kind of girl

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

And so they were like this

This guy for whatever reason lady


Vintage siamese cat

Like i'm trying to match those colors cuz i want to paint the stripes

And so you know i'm all like oh i work at the internet archive hear some documents

And i'm always happy when i can try to answer questions that don't have any

When somebody else shows up like in this case zamboni who is it just all around genius

Psycho by the way here's a scan of a deck standard digital approved paint suppliers material identification

System document without all the aerosol colors

For the document

Etcetera etcetera

And then we find a guy in new york city who has won the machines know it turns out is a meat fight

Punch out all up in the thread

They say you know

I've got one if you want to

Comparison swatch

Call me

Autopilot user

Is autopilot to take everything that's great about ask metafilter including i get to help

Other people actually answer the question

Question is hilarious like in an honest erica way it's very tacky & nerdy


Everybody helped

First class medical

What is a happy

When i grow up next door to digital climate corporation so i'm like my little pony even though they have nothing to do with it and ran

Randolph products is the name of the company and i live in randolph vermont


How did a lot together man

The web

Telus buy one beer hitting right now connected

I enjoyed this question from

Snuza portland a fight

About songs in a minor key that is a

Coal miner

How did i miss this

That's funny cuz i don't feel like he got killed

I'm sorry i thought i lost you

You sure didn't end

Did robin williams have tattoos turn off so i miss that died

His question was a lot of labouring jobs have a history

Singing while working

Miner songs

And everything thing as a bunch of great answers a question but they're not answer the question

Find ask

Songs about minds of people


What he's asking is songs about while your mind yes songs people would sing in the morning

24 but the thing is a couple people noted

It's hard to breathe in a mine

You know people probably like a waste

The extras

Only with the truth again person who's all over it is an actual sentence and pony

By lightning


January 1st


What's the one thing that actually

The y2k bug

You think i'm kidding but but looking inside up 2007

Consenting for a while and sort of getting by

Bored with piano app

Metafilter heard about that

Yep so

Soa but i like my name songs i don't know why i like mining songs

Would like to use a bunch of good ones in it


Play checkers online and disaster i grew up on that song

My dad was saying it i thought my dad wrote that song

I was wondering where the springhill mine was in my town

Youtube covered it and i was like


It's over

They took it from you


Real tight

I was always fond of uh uh oh my darling clementine

One of the only

Children songs

About an accidental drowning

If you could let me see above the water blowing bubbles yellow jackets

M&m car service

Last lyrics etta that doesn't end up in most songs

There's a churchyard on the hillside where the flowers grow on vine

Ergo rosie's monster posies fertilized by

My clementine

Kids allowed at party


Donatos pizza gir

Repeat the horizon have holy god jesus camp

You got me at 4 to go to favorites from from ask this last


The thing that i like about her ask me what medicines are usually the

Are usually given to people who have a few more deaths are related questions

Watertown new people on twitter will alert me

Conversation that i need to give a little live pets allowed him to

The things that i really like so i'm the one that i really like this month

I was about office supplies

Awesome i was looking for new office supplies


Tyga all this one thing i like better than office supplies are fancy office supplies

The song went through there and i made a loud voice and machine

This is first lady style does successor

Is lady southesk feathers which are usually the best

Wow wow

Why did you answer this you just read it

What i find interesting is the app

Fred like a square

It's only 19 answers but 6434 favorites

We need to have a cat named for those because he talk about them on the podcast they come up all the time

The name of use form for years i ate

Savannah's things with high reference ability

Bible bookmark them not because they want to purchase

It's going to be a useful represent your bookmarks right josh

Sandusky state only are in the style of favor

Saber-tooth people like all yeah i want to

I'll come back to that

Hezekiah prove you ask about off the flies

I think there's disingenuous

Bookmark utility

Now i'm stuck looking at all these pages of all these sites have this is a nightmare

Why did you have to tell you gentlemen this is only vaguely related but jim went back to visit his family

At 1:15 she got when was there cuz his family to the process his parents live in arizona not going to downside to move to a smaller place


And one of the end you know as most parents do in that they're like

Get your s***

Like what what if you have my s***

Separately he had like a stamp collection when he was younger it wasn't even really his stamp collection

I like someone in the family had gotten him i don't know if you guys are the right age for this but like

In the seventies especially

Goodbye lake


Notebook that would come with like special stamps from that year


A little collection thing that you know you could learn about the individual stamps from the year we have like 10 stamps

You could stick him in this notebook in a special way

How about those stamps

And somebody and jim's family got him those

Those notebooks for like every year from like 1970 i guess to lake 1979

And it got all the stamps which are unused which as you know are legitimate u.s. postage

Yeah from all those years and so now i have all these kind of to cooley used

A lot of them like whatever you know but like some of them are like

Keep our air clean keep our water clean like she'll be cared about the seventies with complete

We forgot that we cared about and so part of my kind of male thing which i share with gj


Trying to find the appropriate stamps to put on the appropriate envelope in order to send them up cuz you like

I don't really spend a lot of mail and when i do i don't want to put like a cool stay up on the

Electric bill

So why don't you take these

It was all these weird old stamps from like different decades different dates different years in the seventies

There now mind to get to it

Staff also and

Surat to read my notes

What was the rope

I'm at my father's house for the summer

One of the things i found was all the wedding stationery they hadn't used

When he got married 15 years ago to the woman who later divorced him and then married someone else and it was a big story

The lot of them like these big beautiful thick white

Envelopes that have stamps

On them are


How to dress for anything she can just


Finding money in the attic

Beautiful white envelopes offset you bungee chair they're lovely

Plaza auto

Hello is this this is not forever stamps

Lavender stamp on their taxes separately?

Town of rhabdo if your poop is like an older stamp and then there's this weird span of time

2 piece

I like to think that the post office appreciates

Akron housing college theater he's not have automatic stamp machines at the student union

Search uniden

Alexia 29 cent stamp i would give you a $0.25 stamp

Now $0.01 stamp

Cosmos people had no use for 1 cent stamp with just leave just leave them in the machine i'm sorry

Every now and then let me just a long line of one cent stamp

I respect you and i would always just staring off

My favorite thing to do would be to send somebody a letter but instead of a 29 cent stamp you would put 29

One cent stamps on the 4th of people s*** like that like put n $0.05 stamps on or whatever

Yeah you do

You don't do it

You don't need it sometimes

Times when i need to


See the post office the priest that they make money on your back and i'm i'm i'm the arbitrage

Or or break it



How to get blonde with the hassle of all the bizarre

Cards i get address to like whatever the s*** i'm putting them back in the system to balance out your ear weird male

Will lysol vector

He probably only

Have so much mail related labor to do

Turning point once you're already employing the postal service

They may have that extra

I got post card address to jessamine address


One of the greatest people in the world

Zip code and i got to work

It's a good life


And thank you for that dj was very sweet

Other side there's an ass from just the last couple days

Certified funds with blue eyeshadow tutorial yes that's harder everybody f*** around

I haven't finish it would have been any issues that took the stuff in there

If you things deleted

Angelina this comment you might end up eating someone

One a day like f***

Auto response

Mostly mostly what happened to academy but i wasn't on the clock so i'm just going to

Bermuda triangle

Willowbrook wichita

Archie's island

Okay yes the penis be

Eye of no for the comandante's beavers playing


Where to find red


I don't want things are you into

It's going to be loaded subjective in a sword like a woman bob chinn's crab apple or totally wrong about this thing that other

People are like no actually you are wrong

Like what you do

Great it's one of those it's 10 seguin alexander s*** but what kind of things you should give me a whole bunch of them


And one of them when the criteria is it has to be a thing that like people don't

People really believe that everybody does it that way

Reyli give your personal wipes your butt when you sit the fact that other people

Stand up your lexapro


Some of these things kind of devolve into not that thing

It is really interesting especially for me reading through the thread

Being like

What person is that kind of a****** you know

Do cats like some of these things are clearly just wrong but

I am aware that that's probably

All that i have an important to learn all these new specific reasons to want

Although i did find out recently

I went out to get ice cream at 1 was placed it just has porta-potty should i wait after my friend my friend is in a fight so it's okay to say this

Chase bank

He went before me

I think she's one of those ladies that piece on the seat


What do you do during the worst kinds of people

Miami-dade electric if you have it it's fine


I should talk i'm a guy

Ahip standing up so i'm proud

What's the phone number for david stella

Beijing you and your wife both clean the bathroom

Mmm you know i'll always be what and what do you call the


What are the 350-mile cuz they're so sweet i guess it's not if this evening to cover

Singing the cover is the sea

What covers the lid

How do i have trouble coming up with

Benefits of strong beer yeah it's

Very it's very

Harry pottery

Beyonce that like harry potter and it's weird

Harry potter

Yes you can win

You want to

Tiger woods

You're a wizard harry he was very hairy

What time is it now



Buffalo wild kratts out of my head song solitaire

Utah gerda me but i'm from new england so ida

I don't even know. there it is

Delightful it's super fun and i can deal with the wrong people to learn things about the other people

Learning about the world learning about people

Contact the dozen


What channel is important stuff to

But then being bad in their kids are pets

This is just gone

Android is very brief

Max barber

Sort of one-and-done 23

3 minutes read the name of some random old cookbook

Description blah blee blah something

She's like oh that's this

Oh yeah


It's gotta be the shortest ever i mean it's like

15 works but the whole like two sets of answers no one else answer that best answered bam july 1st

The best

It's it's beautiful

Eminem happy

Sos with attitude like this is all the things were like on the one hand

This is going to be useful to no one on earth has come to useful to one random person on the internet with a google

Android keyboards and i'm like oh my god i found it

The long tail male sperm ask metafilter gentlemen we have the ability to bring a senator 2 hours

I got no more ask a guy

Bank of america deposit i couldn't

Dimension but the girl

I'm going to do a quick micro mention of this one

I like that

Possible 5 people commented on it

No one


Hardly no one

Blue jade cortex item naberius and item again i'm sorry joshua you know what

I call myself no one

I'm in that mix

Zappos buy moon milk out of ruler comics buy

Alabaster al

I just let die with super charm by them and i think it's sorta like

Passed by but time

The bunch of comments

A bunch of comics

We're coming today at 1 about that lady staring at the other guys but using the mirrors

That might be the same person i meant, kentucky.

Lancer looks

Tumblr so it could be


Hahaha i'm sorry i really, it's just a bunch of

I'm a little

Itunes illustrating various amazon

Of a phoenix

12 inch ruler

And they're fantastic and i love them

Although i don't know if there are any a post with no comments

I actually did my first

How to post on a long time

Literally got one comments

Craigslist this month


Wild kratts know that josh

Pizza hut

Weather breaks out memoir

And i was reading more about the author and he had redness

All about writing memoirs

Frozen steak and i share that and i have one,

I'm the only, daddy got as

I'm trying to read this side but it seems to be having server problems


Check the side

Probably two dozen times a day excessively and i don't know what that was no problem with that

Summer southwest

Everybody has to try to read it

They died of a yacht

Novelty fern inscription related accident

Eiffel tower

This is a great introduction though i'm loving it already

I just saw an ad for this saturday at home


Reload and try them

Don't don't leave me alone just just leave it open and and and wait

4 new comedy show

Go up and then when they don't then you can reload

I know that much more ashamed puppy beyonce

It was actually very interesting to me to see

Brad with no comments or just one, too. marley ever say that anymore every time i see it like it is

I get excited maybe it really won't get any comments

Never once

What happened to dan

Loss of a nonmetal culture long enough to have a series of up bookmarks

Eminem my favorite bookmarks that i have is a front page post

Zero length senate

Upper iowa

I don't think i have it here it was the first

How worried way back


Justin timberlake front page picture that says i like smoking weed

You are lying

Now i have set up this is like the first year old on the 2nd

You read back through the years that the free lifestyle 2001

2001 even

As pre 9-11

Everything's almost famous

I would have it

Bite bite code who i don't even recognize user number 2626

Hey there's andrew cook who is back i have to set up a fake side and back with out of space

Sign up a new handle with with no space in it

Brad fittler still around

Optimistic still around

Scott & white healthcare trust him on facebook all the time j bushnell still around

Are saxon still around this is awesome

Little round pot makes me itch

Don't rub

Your eyeballs

I don't know what that exactly but they

Auto lcs


Usmc is really doing there

Wow like what like every couple years it'll be some big metafilter news thing and then something people would you

Even though they basically use them


Sight on a check

Oil filter

Say hi

Everybody hurts

It's been 7 years

Fitbit school at community

I want to fly to someone

Many years

The format exactly

Yo gotti new team

Music but but you got it we got it

Nothing about that

Something's that don't break in the new theme

Someone manages to fail

In the classic theme that

Sonic team works

Doesn't have another new things i don't want to see this player now

Nothing wrong with this post

I can see it

Looks fine

Yellow cab

What year was national contact for me. i could be like wasabi was ramadan just like him



The website let me type

What does

You guys have anything else you want to mention we should mention that has been killing it in the best of sidebar the suspension

How we just got fanfare maybe someone should updated accept you can cause it's match

Yeah i will will will

Tell him about that

Super duty

Will try to throw rings around a little more behind the scene if you've been doing a fantastic job of

Looking stuff up her self collating stuff other people

Really really crack

Ben we've been sorta bond that shatter your side

Are linked like them

What about now? everyday sidebar images

I thought you

Thank you for my trailer for that any day

I need a

Trade my i teeth what are eye teeth

Pointy teeth


I have ice on them

So uncomfortable right now

But if i said i want to thank you all for this opportunity

I have too quick commercials if that's okay

Fresno commercials for turbo 1100

How i want to say i miss the sun comes up a lot on them

Under the counter and it's worth mentioning

Making end-of-life plans

Yes i can also back this

It's never too early

How to start thinking about the end of life plans for yourself

Especially for are your parents

Why do people have on their phone and comfortable conversation but try to have it

It's hard making all those decisions

After someone has died but it's a lot harder if you've never

Talk about it ever

Advanced healthcare directive durable power of attorney end of life planning funeral

Arrangements of staff

Absolutely durable power of attorney so you can even make decisions after someone dies

Power of attorney ceases at death

I know that

Free him

My other earthquake


As if anyone's listen to this and you've never actually met

M14 metafilter in real life if you're just a

Reading it everyday and

Can you see the links for meet ups

I think that's not something i would enjoy go to the meet ups

Lead animal shelter people in real life

Become their friends

Without exception every single person i've met from


Will you make why

You can even just go have a drink and just sit and listen and hang out if you don't feel like interacting chatting or whatever

Absolutely so much are my best friends in the entire world

Why do people have met through this website

And i couldn't overstate how much

It means to me and how much you mean to me

42nd and 8th

Administer fantastic i am

Bruno mars

Huntsville gyno chattanooga

Pictures of a picture of you had a little bit up now yeah nmsu people came out in chattanooga certificate go to post for that

I got high

I talk to belinda flipping off the camera so i can send it to youtube

Wanderlust bigfoot. connect

I'm sorry love that that's uh that's right up there with aa

I mentioned one time that i enjoyed


I get beef recipe of time! i'm but i like people lie when they send

Pictures of themselves flipping off

And i got about 400

Jackie nice and one pretty much on every holiday were together cuz we know

Rgj last name

Would you like a coffee table book about

Work visa make me laugh


Kubota trailers

R rated

That's right

What is an advertisement of the earth that have a very difficult time getting my like oh yeah

Monkey rabbit

Without being without being too turtley specific because it would implicate people here on metafilter there are

People who

Enjoy taking pictures

While doing her activities

Baby or not

Scorpio likes to f***

I want pictures of people i got track betting

Like off track betting

Little store carries bedding

Charlotte's web

How to endorse

Happy john found each other

Yes absolutely people go to meet up school aerial go hang out with people

Even if i could

What are good people

It's not my favorite things about this website

People f****** each other and do it

Each other

Fake friends



Thank you so much for coming on it's really fun talking to you and get some

Literary stories

And so on i'm so glad you came it's always great to hear your voice

Appreciate that thank you god

Driveway we will love college good will talk to you all about a month then that's great how great thou cast

When there is nothing left

F*** you all let it go instrumental

Thought of you who do you want to do

Do you want anything

Do you do you do you