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A noble contest celebrating the most splendid of posts, being of December in the year 2012

Please sign up to offer to provide one of the prizes for one of the weeks of the Fantastic Post contest for December 2012. Winners will be determined by numbers of "fantastic" flags an FPP gets. Indicate if your prize is for a runner-up. People may only win once for the entire month. Mods' decisions are final. Mods are people too, my friend. Mods need a hug as well.

Week 1: Dec 1-7 has concluded; Mr Cortex has declared a list of winners.

Week 2: Dec 8-14. Entries are closed; Her Modness Jessamyn proclaims the winners here.

Week 3: Dec 15-21 has concluded; restless_nomad is the winner announcer.

    • Mr Cortex will aurally assault you by recording a terrible four-part acapella cover of the pop song of your choice on his iphone.
    • Mr Stix will consumerize you with a $20 gift credit to (or, alternately, a $20 Amazon gift certificate).
    • Mr Kwine will post one (1) *unopened* pack of fifteen (15) *mint condition* Skybox NBA basketball trading cards, featuring a grab bag of basketball stars and lesser lights from the 1991-92 season, to a recipient to be randomly chosen from the posts that are flagged as fantastic precisely fifteen (15) times. Because All the Children Are Above Average (In Height).
    • Mr Davey Darling will workshop a CNC Router to inscribe the text/logo/design of your choice onto a wooden/mdf plaque of up to 12" x 12" for the most fantastic post about wood or metal working (as determined by mods). Wood type determined by availability.
    • Mr Wordshore will, as a homage to the meta-ness that is MetaFilter, despatch a book titled "It's a book" to the author of the post which, in the collective opinion of the mods, made them laugh the most.
    • Turkish ocherdraco hanım will send a set of three Discworld novels, Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters, and Witches Abroad to the author of the most fantasticked post (not written by ocherdraco herself) about a woman or women doing awesome things.

Week 4: Dec 22-31 has concluded; goodnewsfortheinsane announces the winners.

    • Brother Greg Nog will quench you with a frosted glass MeFi stein that is way too big to hold comfortably, with "FLAG IT AND MOVE ON" etched into the glass. (not like the keep calm and carry on thing, some other design tbd). This prize is for the most-fantasticked SINGLE-LINK post (technicalities count; even a "via" counts as a secondary link)
    • Mr Oyster will caffeinate you with a Starbucks Pike Place Market mug and $10 gift card from the same store (or, if winner is from a place with easy access to the Market, the same from Fort Worth).
    • Ms k8lin will mail you a batch of delicious home-made cookies or candy. Please let her know if you have any allergies, dietary restrictions, or special requests.
    • Ms infini will flavorize you with packets of authentic spice mixes from Malaysian/Singaporean/Indonesian cuisine. My prize would ideally go to the best post about healthy eating and Asian food but if no such post emerges then RECIPES!
    • Sir Griphus offers a $10 game on Steam/GoG/digital distributor of your choice for "Best retrogaming post".
    • Mr Davey Darling will send a brand new Corsair 115GB 2.5" SATA SSD to the author of the most fantasticked post about music (musicness of post to be determined by the mods).
    • Turkish ocherdraco hanım will send a copy of Don't Bet on the Prince: Contemporary Feminist Fairy Tales in North America and England to the author of the most fantasticked post (not written by ocherdraco herself) about a woman or women doing awesome things.
    • Mr Wordshore will send the book "Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat" to the author whom, in the opinion of the mods, has provided the best cat-related post.
    • Mr goodnewsfortheinsane will lyricize you with a sonnet in the Italian (Petrarchan) style on the topic of your choosing. Topic must be a single word; proper nouns are permitted. Sonnet will be composed in English. Sonnet will be composed of fourteen (14) lines.
    • Mr adrianhon will send a package of electrons in the form of an Entertainment, delivered via the fine people at Valve, via their network of Steam 'internet' tubes, to the RUNNER UP in this very fine contest.