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The batshitinsane tag is usually applied to front page posts that document regarding actions or belief systems that are at such odds to the ordinary rational order of the universe that they shake the poster to the core of their being.

According to user Loquacious "The batshitinsane tag is not to be used as an indication of how wrong-headed you think something might be.

The batshitinsane tag is to indicate how wrongly something fucked up your head. Those things you just can't unlearn, those totally impossible insanities that do more to confuse you about the things in this world than anything else.

It's for posts about things like "naked zebra polo, with bacon!", "glow in the dark three headed cats that speak sanskrit", "rocket propelled skateboarder wile-e-coyotes self into Darwin Awards gold" or even "man builds entire belief system around the particular smells of aglets of different socioeconomic classes".

It is not a judgement to hand down from upon high. It's something that happens to you."[1]

History of batshitinsane

The earliest post tagged with batshitinsane is dated March 8, 2000, and links to the timecube site However this is an example of retroactive tagging, since the ability to add tags to FPPs was not added until January 2005. This July 2005 FPP, linking to a comic book described as "like The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, except with a cybernetic Ollie North" appears to have been the first proper use of the tag, as evidenced by the following comment by poster UKnowForKids:

"I'm disappointed that no one has used the "batshitinsane" tag before me. Please, people, think over your old posts and go add it to any that are appropriate."[2]

Doing this, however, proved controversial.

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