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Retroactive tagging

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Metafilter originally didn't have tags since they weren't invented until Web 2.0.

There have been several volunteer projects over the years to add tags to all those old posts and questions.

MetaFilter and Ask Metafilter tags

43,000 posts needed tags added to them.

Launch thread - May 2007

Completion - March 2008

Users who helped out with this have a badge in their profile that says "I was a back tagging superstar!"

Ask Metafilter titles

Ask Metafilter originally didn't have a title field. There was some resistance to it at first because titles were historically jokey in Metafilter and did not seem appropriate for Ask Metafilter. The rise of RSS readers and bookmarking services made titles a necessity though and they were added in February 2005.

There were 10,000 questions that were missing titles. After the success of the tagging project, a side project to add them was started in October 2008 and finished at some point.

This was announced via an email to the volunteers for the prior tagging project.

Metatalk tags and titles

Approximately 12,000 MetaTalk posts were also missing tags and titles.

A project to add them is ongoing. If you wish to participate, contact Jessamyn.

Announcement comment - October 2008