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MetaFilter History

I joined MetaFilter (my profile) on June 4, 2000, probably after reading about it on Blogger, but I don't recall exactly.

Why 'terrapin'?

The answer is threefold. First, I am a long-time fan of the Grateful Dead. Second, I attended (and graduated from) the University of Maryland whose mascot is the terrapin. Lastly, I have always dug turtles. I think they're interesting creatures.


I currently live in the gorgeous town of Tunbridge, VT with my beautiful wife, Sarah, our rescue pitbull, Leo. We also have 4 sheep and 2 llamas.

The wife and I decided to leave the rat race of Washington, DC for a quieter existence where we could grow some of our own food, and enjoy each other's company. We bought a house on 10 mostly-wooded acres in Tunbridge, VT in the spring of 2006.

Other Online Haunts

I usually use rickscully or terrapin. Here are a few places I can be found: