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Types of Mefites

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This taxonomy is non-canonical but at the moment considered definitive and complete. Thanks to ornate insect for his efforts on September 24th 2008 for this much needed research.

thin skinned

thick skinned

soapbox polemicists

contrarian misfits e.g., Meatbomb

rabble rousers

pedantic hairsplitters

procedural sticklers

fussy grammarians

ironic hipsters

coy raconteurs

witty fops

cosmopolitan polymaths e.g., languagehat

ivory tower hooligans

lovelorn sailors

frustrated librarians

Chomskyite anarcho-syndacalists

Libertarian skulkers

flea-ridden grifters

ornery populists e.g., jonmc

insufferable elitists

dimestore nihilists

recalcitrant decadents

would-be Beats

incurable Romantics e.g., hadjiboy

urine-soaked hobos

unrepentant malcontents

wooly Heideggerians

gin toting rakes

all around drama queens