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The Tick episodes

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This is based on filthy light thief's awesome original post.

The cartoon

Season 1 (YT playlist):

The Tick vs. The Idea Men Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. Mr. Mental Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. The Breadmaster Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. El Seed Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. The Tick Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. Brainchild Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. Pineapple Pokopo Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. The Mole-Men* Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. The Proto-Clown Youtube (info)
The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account Youtube (info)

Season 2 (incomplete playlist):

The Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love Youtube (info)
Alone Together* Youtube (info)
Armless but Not Harmless Youtube (info)
Coach Fussell's Lament Youtube (info)
Leonardo da Vinci and His Fightin' Genius Time Commandos! Youtube (info)
Bloomsday Youtube (info)
Evil Sits Down for a Moment Youtube (info)
Heroes Youtube (info)
Ants in Pants! Youtube (info)
The Tick Loves Santa! Youtube (info)
Tick vs. The Big Nothing Youtube (info)
Tick vs. Reno, Nevada Youtube (info)
Grandpa Wore Tights Youtube (info)

Season 3 (incomplete playlist):

That Mustache Feeling Youtube (info)
Tick vs. Dot and Neil's Wedding Youtube (info)
Sidekicks Don't Kiss Youtube (info)
Tick vs. Arthur Youtube (info)
Devil in Diapers** Youtube (info)
Tick vs. Filth Youtube (info)
Tick vs. Europe Youtube (info)
Tick vs. Science Youtube (info)
Tick vs. Prehistory Youtube (info)
Tick vs. Education** Youtube (info)

The live-action version

All nine episodes are streaming for free in the US on what is now Sony Crackle, and on Dailymotion as linked below. These are in order as listed on Crackle.

Pilot Dailymotion (info)
The Terror Dailymotion (info)
Arthur, Interrupted Dailymotion (info)
The License Dailymotion (info)
Arthur Needs Space Dailymotion (info)
Couples Dailymotion (info)
The Funeral Dailymotion (info)
The Tick vs. Justice Dailymotion (info)
The Big Leagues Dailymotion (info)

Technical details

Tools I used to make this: