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Talk:Open thread: disability, neurodiversity, deafness and Deafness

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Simplifying language

The Fleisch-Kincaid model marks "disability" itself as a word to be avoided on account of having five syllables.

I think this is a hilarious distillation of something, but I'm not entirely sure what... --Sciatrix

I figure it illustrates how it's hard to have complicated conversations, and bootstrap them with introductions to jargon. I'm not sure whether you're used to writing while maximizing reader ease in this way? I have some practice in it. So here's an example of how I would rewrite the paragraph you wrote (and of course one would add the hyperlinks back in):
I want you to know about two ways to think about disability. This will help us have a better conversation. One of them is the medical model of disability. The medical model sees disability as a medical problem of illness that doctors and patients need to solve. The other one is the social model of disability. The social model sees disability as a social problem of access that people in power need to solve. Most people and organizations right now think and act in terms of the medical model, so they prioritize "fixing" disabled individuals. But, in reaction to that, disability civil rights advocates use the social model. The social model asks us to think about what activities and spaces need to function, and whether the barriers that exist right now are necessary.
That's my first attempt -- mostly using shorter sentences, changing the structure so the reader doesn't have to keep as much in their head as long, using simpler words when possible -- and it got us to a Flesch Reading Ease of 49.4 out of 100 and a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of 10.0. Does this help? Diss track able (talk) 12:44, 28 August 2019 (PDT)
Sciatrix: I've changed up that paragraph in the draft to use the language I wrote here, and included the links you had used. Diss track able (talk) 05:39, 30 August 2019 (PDT)

Draft ready for more editing & posting

stoneweaver and sciatrix had some suggestions in the existing MetaTalk thread and so I edited the existing draft to try to reflect those a bit.

At this point it's been about 30 days since the existing MetaTalk thread went up and I am going to post ~1 more time in it and then bow out and stop using this pseudonym.

I had a very good experience working with the mods to frame and edit and time the MetaTalk that I put up, and flagged comments in the thread if I needed them to pay attention to a troubling comment, respond to a comment, or something like that. Whoever wants to finish up editing this and submitting it into the MetaTalk queue, I recommend you also use the contact form and tell the moderators if there is a particular set of days you'd be best placed to help respond to the earliest comments, which set the tone for the thread.

Best wishes & thanks. Diss track able (talk) 05:45, 30 August 2019 (PDT)