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What Sites Would You Like To See on the "Also On" MeFi Feature?

The "Also On" feature is a way to share your activity on other social sites ("Hey everyone, I'm also mathowie at Flickr and here's a link to my profile!). The social app icons on your MeFi user page link to your public user account page on other systems. Here are some quick rules for submitting a Social App for consideration:

  • The service must be a social network where other MetaFilter members can join and connect with you.
  • The service must have a page that is a close approximation of "you" in the system. A profile page or a stream of your output is required.
    • Please include a working link to a profile/output page when you add a suggestion.
  • The service and linked page must be human-readable (no RSS) and available to the public without a login.

Social App Suggestions

  • -- a free, open-source twitter-like juv3nal's profile page
    • Should allow for any Mastodon (and other GNU Social) instance, not just
    • that's fair enough...general format is https:// INSTANCE_URL /@USERNAME
    • The problem with the general form is that there are oodles upon oodles of gnu social instances, so it would perhaps be good to filter these against a known list of sites. There's a semiformal list of mastadon instances at and a list of GNU Social servers at this wiki page.
  • -- A social network for sharing data sets, Working profile page
  • Pocket -- A read-it-later/article-clipping site, Working profile page

Add your suggestions here.

Needs Clarification

Past Suggestions

Current Active List

MetaFilter Social Explorer - the page to search what MeFites are on a particular site