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This is about a 2007 Ski Trip. There's a trip planned for February 2009.

9:00 am at the Lightboard on Whistler

Mefi Summit

Steep and Deep: Mefi Whistler Summit 2007

Condos and Couches: Are you going to Whistler?

The Snow has Arrived!

Bluebird and Blower

The planned date is the weekend of December 15-16 at Whistler. If powder fever persists, stay longer. If fever lasts longer than 10 days, consult a doctor and call in sick.

The picture on the right is Blackcomb on November 10.


Please do add yourself here if you're coming, along with all sorts of details people might find relevant. Do come back and edit them if those details change!

  • anthill - My girlfriend (novice snowboarder) and I (expert skiier) will be there, driving from Vancouver the afternoon of Friday the 14th. We may have a seat free in the car. Looking forward to [ed]'s couch, but if someone else needs it more we're willing to pay up to $40/person/night.
  • percussivepaul - Planning on coming. Probably daytrip from Vancouver, not sure which day. Thinking about staying over.
  • [expletive deleted] - Antill and his girlfriend will be surfing my couch. As MeFi's resident Whistler skibum, feel free to email me if you have any questions.
  • lordsludge - Crap. I just had five people back out over the course of two days, so it's looking like I'm out. Have fun!
  • randomstriker - I will be up on the 16th only. Daytrip from Vancouver, see y'all on the mountain. Please post a meeting place (e.g. Lightboard)

Lodging Ideas:

Do you have accommodations already? Have any scoped out?

  • My (expletive deleted's) girlfriend works at the front desk of the Sundial, which is as central as you can get, swanky, and not suprisingly somewhat more expensive than the UBC lodge. Call and ask for Lauren. She would be happy to give deals to any Mefites who are interested, and you may be lucky enough to get a room with a private hot tub.
  • Whistler has an early season deal. Starting at $99 per person per night, includes lodging and lift ticket. This is a great deal, since tickets are usually at least $60 per day, and it looks like there is availability on the weekend in question. Website

Things to Do:

Saturday, anthill & linda will be getting photographed for EDGE cards between 8:30-9:00 at the Whistler Village gondola base. After that, which mountain depends on the conditions...

Tentatively, Sunday will be spent on Whistler. Suggested meeting time: 9:00 at the lightboard outside the Roundhouse.

If anyone is interested in some light slackcountry touring, bring your skins and avy gear.

If you're a sucker without avy gear or experience (like anthill), bring snowshoes and let's do a little in-bounds hiking (7th?)

I figure we should all commit to a casual tapas style dinner in the Attic at 21 steps. The food is good, so are the drinks; it's right in the village, and it's a lounge style area with lots of comfy couches to sink into as your waist expands.

I nominate the GLC as our apres spot. It's right at the base of the hill in the whistler gondola building, it has a nice open hearth fireplace and a generally good selection of apres. Other places I would recommend are the Cinnamon Bear in the Hilton (good food and the best pool tables, only marginally less central) and Citta's in village square for people watching.

Beware: There are no friends on a powder day. It might be worthwhile to plan lunch meetup spots if people will have different plans on where or how fast to ski.

Current Conditions:

Nov. 29, the Spearhead range from the Roundhouse on Whistler.

Putting away our skins on top of Flute, after a 30 minute trek.

We are rewarded on the way down with waist deep virgin blower.