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Podcast 136 Transcript, alt (automated)

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A transcript for Episode 136: "2017 year-end call-in show" (2017-12-03).

Pronoiac passed the podcast to Scribie for an automated transcription.

It might be best looked at as automatically generated dada.


Hey, this is torture, and is calling to think the medical or community for sending through. So for herding me through my pc intact, it's been a weird and often terrible year, but we're all here and you're all there and then thankful for it. Things happy to clicking. I clicked record by the way. I don't know if you wanna record this bycast.

Yeah, that's how I fewest talk. And then we tell people that we talked with the wife just real form. I.

Talked to josh, so let me sum it up for.

A rush on style post podcast podcast summary, where we each tell a very different version of how the medals.

Was really hung up on the squirrel thing to really seemed to be a.

Week the last time.

I don't remember the morning one at a glass, a id at other than even one, the one before that was maybe morning. Anyway, this one, this one is episode one hundred, the six of the medical monthly podcast. Best of the web. Welcome to it. I'm josh aka cortex.

And I destinated.

And here we are, it is to july, it's july for the tensions birth date. It's the morning. I did this to myself on purpose. I've known playing, but me and so I walk when and just like seven, thirty in the morning works for me for some crazes. And we model sing. Are you? You are. I just took at your work.

No, I appreciate that we're recording audio to... so by definition, this is a success in january is a... I feel like a successful adult individual accomplishing things.

Yes, it's thursday, january, fourth, and it is tongtian. I'm still writing to ny seventeen on my podcast.

Thank you. That's how I do stand. I tell the joan, thank you. And then the cat looks at me.

Only the one cat. What about the.

Other cat has stopped coming to my shows anyway, here we are bright early, and it is the new year, and I'm glad it's a new year. I'm glad the years no longer the alter'cause the older was pretty dumb in lot ways, not always, but some big ones. This

year, I came down with the crowd on new year's eve. And so as of yesterday afternoon, I still hadn't gotten dressed into sand a team. I'd just been in my pajamas lying in bed an... but I woke up yesterday morning feeling on the mend and not like I've gotten dressed today, but I did get you yesterday. You

could... you could decide to me it's only quarter eleven, don't funari things and did some little things. We're supposed to have, whatever it is, the snow bomb. What is that thing called? The

bomb cyclone, the bama genesis. Yeah,

I for a enteritidis is gonna be one of those crazy bullshit things where massachusetts get socked with everything, and then everyone's like, oh shit for mom. I don't know how you can live there. And I'm like, dude, look at forget, massachusetts. I'm work. Fine. We're supposed to get four inches is now massachusetts supposed to get a foot. Jim's already been out shoveling today already, which you can sort of tell if gyms up some shit going down. I

didnt ate, it seemed like a good idea to get some pants on it, drag my ass to the store. So I did, and I'm actually feeling alright today. So making. That's

a good feeling, that rally I taking turns having a cold for the last two weeks of the year, essentially by new years. We were both doing pretty okay. But yeah, I was like that. Let's take a cosine add in the slog of taking turns feeling just completely worthless and become a. Damn

cold here, negative file. I'm

used to it, and my place is warm, but it just means everything else. Your friends have their pipes frozen, or you're worried about your age dams when it starts getting warm. It was twenty degrees yesterday, and I didn't even work love for if. One,

thirty degrees warmer than it was before at any it. The weather. I

feel that change. But

my fever went away, I'm feeling optimistic about things. I'm gonna put up my new calendar later today and the at temperatures. I saw something on what compete the other day where it had specified a temperature range for something in alcester, and then to be clear about the temperatures to not just use what scale it also specified it in kelvin held him come. Which

is, feels like a great big fuck you. That fair in play is like, oh no, I'm sorry. In case you aren't comfortable with set of grade, let's lift davies in terms of absolute zero that will help edify the reader. That's

so there sort. But

not even nerdy in any good way, there's gotta be a word for that, that it's nerdy, but like everything that's bad about the nerds. But. Bednar,

there should be... something snapped for the. That

gets crossed, the... this is bad nor day. Well

is gonna be in significant part, a collin show, which we called out middle last month, I put up the google voice mail number again and said, hey, call in with nothing working. I

did not got some international state, I feel bad if I had a call. I posted that immediately stop to exist as a person for several. So. I

set a put mine up'cause I think I had it worked out on my scape. We could

get several international calls, which I appreciate. I appreciate folks taking that whatever the bucket on the feet, if that was necessary. He said

to... and yeah,. You should

offer to give all those people a sticker. I should.

Did you

spend a dollar on collins sticker? The. If I

mail me and I'll reimburse you, but. Man, milds

swag, it's either bad nerding or mild swag is what we should call this pitesti. I'll explore

that more in the future, a figure out the skype thing a little bit more. I talk to get excited as we've established over the years about trying to make go do things so. You know,

I hear you, but I have enjoyed listening to people call again. It's always interesting to listen to everybody's accents and where everybody is calling from, and people take aways, and it seemed like it would be redundant, but it made me take a oither. Is part

of it where it's like I should have called in, but all these people so many whom I met, I've met a tremendous amount of the people who called in and would really like to meet. Many of the other people who called in and high point for me is always listening to exide, read his user day out loud, because that's just a delate, sorry for people who had a super crappy years as opposed to only the mildly crappy years that many of us had and happy that people were able to find either something good about last year or some optimism for this year and happy that we're all in it together. Either way. Now, it's

really nice hearing people's voices, it's nice having that sort of physicals, maybe not quite the right word, but that's like more tangible reminder that were bunch of people out there who happen to meet up a text based website, but not just the text on the website. It's always nice like the variety and I... the whole mix of where people are coming from. So it was a lot of fun is new. And I'm gonna just think everybody again for colin in a lot of fun, and we should keep doing it because it's the good time. Yeah, and

thank you, josh, for being willing to do the extra work of dealing with a whole bunch of fiddling little five. It definitely makes a podcast more complicated than you and I. There's reason

we don't do what ever budget is, for sure. But now and then, I think it's good way to go that it really is early. I was the fact I, I think a full of pisin vinegar. I think basically just... no, no. I actually woke up full of half remember dreams about video games and laser cut design stuff. And so. I had

to remember dreams about library conferences and twitter, which is always a bad idea. I do a good job of staying off social media right before bed, but sometimes it just doesn't help. So I dream about it anyhow. And then I wake up the the... anyway... this is in the plan. This is nine to five, seven, zero, three, three feet for a zagat. Three ctc dbd eight, one nine, a four, six to six, nine at nine. And on a four day, what up. Hi, this

is gran on site. I'm not a hippy theres plenty, seven team. My partner, many years came home for good after working away for four to five years and amazing, three convention weekend, really sick a music festival in meza, montana witnessed a total solar eclipse and then backroads for seven hours back home, because traffic continued my thirty year streak of seeing every youtube or the thirty is year of the halloween reunion party in my home town last crisis on mexico. And we'll be seeing a new starwars movie this weekend. But my favorite thing that happened was the july best post contest, and I recommend anyone do that sometime, be a prize sponsor, it changes and it feels magical. Here's to twenty a team, this big dome church, renin, lovie, kentucky, and I wanted to say things to mana filter for continuing to be the best community on the internet, a refuge when we need. And that was always the host of the best dip things I ever seen. Thanks again. And I look forward to giving you guys twenty buck a month for the next year. Hey, all this is moveable book lady. I just wanted to say, I wish everybody the very best for what's coming. I don't have anything particularly pay your portentious to say, I use myself sometimes benefit. I'm almost two years a member and it's my haven. Thank you very much back. High co

casuses, this is libya, some fine men at lifeline for meter. Really difficult. Yeah. Thank you for everything and happy. Hey, this is... oh yeah. Just to ask, should I be in the pee core that was in... which all would probably saying for breakast, for disney, it was so neat, but nine days or either. I'm foto,

I'm calling from norway. I don't have anything particularly interesting to say. I would just like to find a metafilter for introducing me to so many interesting people with so many diverse backgrounds. I feel like that's talking a whole hell a lot about various experiences, and it's made a much more tolerant and interesting posting my field anyway, that's just me saying, thank you. You don't have... and the things that you do a thank you core. Taxi evening,

this is endotoxin calling from albuquerque, and I wanted to call in and brag for a little bit sad, and I helped a person run from me here in albuquerque, and he was really some of the best policy choices I have seen from my home city in a long time. And best news ever. He got elected. Thanks everybody as for helping out. So no

mother filter, this is debate flowing in from elburn australia, where it's really say what the white christmas with white people anyway, polly is good for you and for us, find hi, this is janet lynn calling from name. I guess the most important fun thing I do this year was to take up the equal and I'm gonna play something, but then I realized that have performance anxiety, and I screwed up and I'd wanna call back and try again and I screwed out of two. We get all mad, be like, oh, christ on a tense face and stead, I, everybody. High cortex,

this is cross coteries intern to into some... tim has been a rough line for a bunch of you to keep the heat on ota belt. I'm looking forward to being a bit more employed next year. I'm just... sorry, I can't share ariol wet cortese me can do with all of you or even delicious comedian, al cookies, if I could, I went. Cheers. Hey, this

is okarito appolia for the new year to all. I am particularly thankful for methods this year, because three months ago, I was the victim of a really brutal sexual assault and the people in my life who have been the most constant and the most helpful other than my family and a very few real life friends do not know how I would have gotten through this without you and nothing else has come out of my being a member of this place for ten years. Then that would be fine because the support that I have gotten from my friends that I've made through this website has been absolutely infallible. Thank you. And I love you. I home. In, I

just wanna thank you for a continuing source of sanity and reason and good people in my life, and thanks everyone. I've met through this and we'll continue to meet to hope you have a good new year and I'll see important hacking gene walls lower here. What is hacking year? That's how I got to say sent. How bout this? Is fbi just winning to say hello to my... I love me. Medipeople have new year in grain holidays, americus, as everything like that. I'd have a good end of the year and I'm just happy that is going to be the end of the year because it's. Mine may

be happy holidays from the ide family. In eforie

is for ten. For ken, I just wanted to call and was joe a happy new year and happy holidays, and to thank you for providing a place of san insanity in this last year and the start of hopeful looking forward to twenty eight team, I have been book marking various things on a askreddit potential creative projects, and travel and other optimistic ideas. So I think for providing that space online and have a great holiday by, hey, this is josh ur oven one, and I've been a number of medical some down for about a leven ears. I don't want to say the best thing about minilotus I've made in real life through the website, especially captain zu and t seven. Alright, thanks for all you do. It everyone...

this is a crisis time, user ones, zearalenone. I just wanted to thank cortex and the mod team and all my fights for making point seventeen a less bad year that might have otherwise been. And I want a wish, a very happy twenty a team to everyone and all of their friends, and friends, and family, and loved ones. Happy holidays from everyone here at elections news. And of course, the borough tax collector's office. This. Slappy underscore,

pinch, bottom calling from austin, texas. I just have a couple of questions along with their answers. The first one is, what's the best meal to be served at tectonic plate? And the answer is continental breakfast. And speaking of breakfasts, what's the best breakfast to be served upon a draw bridge them failure. Should never

leave it is there as there looks only to the test in business and in the future is president needs it wearing a zucker here by the cleans to him his second chance. Hey hole. We focus a samana here. Just saying that we all had a wonderful holiday season. Got in milontin, not everything you deserve and am not actually a member of metafilter. I have never signed up. I don't have a user id, but I have worked on the site for a good well years and just wanted to wish everybody who is listening to this podcast a happy holidays. And I appreciate all of the input and links that you guys provide. A metafilter is a great site. So take care guys and keep up the good work. Hey michele,

I have no idea what I wanna say here, but I feel like it's vastly important that I say it. I think I must be in there somewhere hability to. Hey, this

is dance, the blue austin, texas. It's the winter soul cushin sitting on town lake looking across or just past the day. It's the water still pretty or silver. I call it to silver my favorite day of the year and my favorite hour of the day. I'm in hope that yall are having a great day talking about, I met a filter, this is bond. I have a cold, so I would appreciate it. If you would make me some up. Tell me a story and thank you for being there for me. I hope you all have a great vid. This is

our amd, ten, twenty three. And the metafilter has helped me be saying this year, and hopefully everyone at metafilter is gonna have a better point. Ai, everybody

is sicced, I am having some insomnia, so I thought I would call. Yeah, this year was a good year. I had a lot of fun on metafilter. You guys kept me saying and alive. I probably annoyed a fair bit of you with incessant video game post, but hopefully some of you found some joy with that. And I hope that in a ten is better than twenty. Seventeen and yeah, I will end this'cause I'm rambling with some good words of wisdom and I've never ever forgotten up down down. Left. Right. Left, right. Select all. And no, I used it up a buck down down. Left right. Left right b a select all that will get you thirty extra man. We all need thirty extra, I hope is a good one for all of you. Take care. This. Is calling to

say thank you all so much for being such good, kind funny and sometimes very serious people place my home. I appreciate more than you can ever imagine. Thank you so

much. A hi tec. I guess men high metafilter is range finder. One point four and I weight for me this year, was getting to work with a talented lib and not on display on me, my music projects, and I look forward to finishing more clubs in the future. So shout out to greenish. And I knocked and everybody on me five music, and also to meet caeman for being an excellent friend and to me, y staff for your dedication and arwork, and everybody contributing to medical tor, an awesome community. And so, yeah, yay. For music. Yay. For for science for getting involved, how we can ya for lamas and games ear, the mefi broadcast a for the best post contest, and metatalk fails, and you a for kindness and in there. And I hope that in a ten is a brighter year for everybody. No, it then

a weird year of ending of, okay, I've actually been happy a note to because of all the pacenote world in heart to say, but ecocard that I love on you guys, and I hope you have a great year by single by the way sites. Like a corality

of elements, and I just wanted to say hello and thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You to all of you just for being you and making this a really wonderful place. It's been usually important in last years, even mall in the work, ie is one example I met, I loved friend actually populated through my calter, and we traveled coming around the country together. We don caroon, both sides well, cost streich, I guess. I just wanna say hello and enjoy the season. Things, do few songs and do. You think much

filter were cue speaking from the conservatory? Well, it's indulging in a plaid ed evening of a t. One is currently absent from the meticillin during the quiet season, and also due to an unexpected liaison with a member of the aristocracy on e weening. A went with me filter in ecause. In the meantime, one wishes only thoughts, far laspina health, interesting opportunities. The air had to itthis. Shek spell. This

is stanick

sell. That can can. I just wanted to share what I thought were some of the best jokes I heard didn't funny some team. The first was I've given up asking rhetorical questions. What's the point? Alex sale said that a second. Non alcoholic beer is a vibrator without batteries. The s you petition of buzz. That can finally my favorite, because one always have to ask yourself is my depression back. I'm just hungry. So hagin said that ever hear this is not on display and my message for all the medical people for the year two dozen is, but once again, that is... but thank you, a user manolin conspiracy here as we've been farewell to the year. That was... and wonder rarely into the year. That will be... I just wanted to wish all of take care. I don't know. I guess we could mention some medicine. There's rally a

bunch of posts that I like a wee he december, both contest. In fact,. I gave a

price our. Did you get...

I. Still need to

nail that down today. It's been a

weird turnover in the new year, but as no, there were several posts I had asked for geometric art and people. There were seven post take with that. They were all quite nice and covering of variety ground. You're seriously telling

me you have to choose... I need to write it up a little bit. I could just say, oh, I like that one best and go say, I like that one best. But I feel like I should put it all bit more. That's what I did. Okay, well, fair

enough. Maybe I'm overthinking it, I'll get to that one or the other, a shocking the other day about someone had used the phrase being pleading so angry, who I don't personally, I haven't fallen. So I was like, oh, this is this person like... but there's a thread about kang were angry showed. Mentioned something about being playin the haleth side conversation about... oh, they must actually really be lurker than... because they know the phrase being planning and. It's kind of

an insane. And another fine

was like, well, I don't know, people use that elsewhere. I was like, ten. I get really excited. That turns out was just misunderstanding. I think we ended up in a place where plate of beans had gotten conflated with phillipines. And so the familiarity of hillians made them feel like it was played at beans was being used a anyway, so it's like a false alarm on a crazy linguistic side side conversation. But in any case that was a cool thing. People like that. The whole king situation in that, I just... I know nothing about this. So we got this little chat window and the link. I like this,

this is gonna change. Everything is, is gonna revolution podcast. What were some of the things we have? The desire goes upon both contest. Is seven? Forty

nine am folks. It's ten ford.

I've been awake for several hours a... well, my december post contest topic was books and reading and two winners were basically... I don't know if I made this explicit, but there's certain people that make posts that just always seemed to be exactly up my alley. And so part of this was not the people who have won my best post contest before. And so one of the people who I think had one before, but I don't remember, um, was did call in... hello, welcome. And metafilter is a relative new of only two years, but she consistently makes posts about book stuff that I consistently like. But she also made this post about manually operated elevators, which is not about books at all, but just like a super fun, weird post about elevators that still have a person in them that run them. And. It's this


article that's in the new york times, and then she recommends a book, the intuitionist, which is, is an elevator mystery. The intuition is school of elevator inspectors. Pit it against the imperius is cool. It doesn't always

who. Even knows, maybe

it does, I don't know. But I like the post and I enjoyed the conversation and it was just a quintessential metafilter thing for me. Made me happy. Loose glans and

through projects, there's a bond of good stuff on projects too. It's actually one from just the other day, copying and pasting links. That's a thing. This is from soccer shot first, and it's a weird little generative project called our audience includes which just generates a bunch of random very specific demographic groups. So households with demonically possessed errors, users of gunston dogs, whose anemos suggesting may action uses of fireworks in bulk motional encryption. I love it. And I think

the idea is if you click on one or tap on one, it'll save that as something that someone is in. And then we'll remember those and probably some feedback in there, but it's goofy little data stuff. I love that sort of thing. I enjoyed that. There's also a very cool planet generator from ircon who's been doing a bunch of cool game program in step the last couple years. Interesting. It's a

procedural planet generator. Generates planets procedurally,

it makes a planet, it generates planets, or descriptions. In the plane.

Now click on

the link it to make me. Just it works

in your web, is it more web? Jesus christ, local bubbles, periodically set themselves on fire to spread their seeds. It. Comes up with

a name and a description and some statistics, and a rotating or revolving image of the planet and its celestial conjunction. The planet is plunged into darkness. Every thirteen years, click to get another planet. It's the sort

of thing that you would expect to see in a video game, basically as a background system for some sort of galactic continues game or galactic exploration. You're gonna have a billion planets at least allegedly, and you gotta come up with a somehow. And so this is the kind of approach it actually be feeling, something like that. But in this case as our on just made it as its own thing, it could end up being the background for something, but it could also just be a way to go look at random planets. Yeah, I like

it. They spend in different directions, they go as different speeds it, the local animals, which I'm always interested in because I'm being set upon by squirrels. Josh. I think we

lost all that girl talking in the b roll, but you've got to one corleones, the bomb cyclone approaches, and all the local mammals are losing their shit and they're attacking my bird feeders with great figure. Well, your burd

peters, essentially the bubble at the grocery store. So they're just making sure they got some stock up before bob, a genesis fully sets. Always care about

that. Bariatric pressure, maybe,

maybe. Or maybe we're

just applying that assumption to what is actually just normal winter squirrel behavior to say. Another thing I like though is so anvil made a masson, but which is a twitter biotics, af or on atleast handle, rob set views just a just as various zooms into the mandelbrot set, which is a famous and quite nice looking. Complicated. Fractal is that weird bolshie, one of a still menai. Telling the listener,

I know, you know, I'm just trying to set the scene in a... like listeners. A a... I

can try to do that. We may partitioner the randles art official. I dot e

like you're man planning. We explain the

things were looking at... I don't know, I'll see if I can... t listeners feels very artificial. Is. It's like a

bit... that's the butt metal broad, the maneri andal. But yes,. It's

cool. I

like the matte broad set. It's cool. Those are images from it and. It's cool, it's

a messed in that. I also wanted to mention direr who did a animated advent calendar, which is the reason I love it. It's a pretty simple web thing, but he's been doing it in situ that has it nine, and he links to his own original project that he posted. Oh, two thousand, eight. I don't know why I said. So donat nine at any rate. It's cool. It's an animated art advent calendar. It's fairly stupid, I hope in a good way. And so you can click on it on the day and see some animated goofball thing that he did, but it's been running for a long time. I like their dirt. And I thought that was funny, the fifth team for a seventh team that that's the number and the two hostage calendar. As good. Yeah.

Let's what. Happens. Yeah. It's

actually... I

didn't think the cast before the podcast of otis wanted around on my desk knocking should over and be owing about food, because that's the kind of cante bulimic both faces. Shes a in occasionally fixing ways. A dorival and

hungry pre by namath. It is, she

would be excited to have access to your squirrels. I would be

very excited for her to have access to my squirrels. She's tending to...

the real issue here is she likes to flipper tail around and she's walking underneath my microphone stand and flipping a tail around. So he was trying to knock it over. But I bought a new... I bought a new microphone replacement suspension. Reg can't remember the name of... and... but it's a isolation rig that uses some to hold the microphone floating in space to eliminate things like table vibrations and whatnot from the sound, his very segner, pat cashing. Bot, this is

the mike, I... some music recording with it sometimes, and sometimes the audio in the last year. So has not been great because there's been campings to it. And that's been because those elastics on the previous thing broke. And I was coming up with various ways to hack around that, including the last couple of podcasts, resting it on top of a winter hat to keep it isolated. Little bit. But I probably

in. As nice pride

beback. In action, and

I've got a new working desktop computer after the last one died before the previous podcast. So everything's coming back to. Computer to yeater

fixed it, he helped me fix it with other people, but yeah, and it continues to work, which is lovely'cause that's always a question. It starts working and you're like, is, is it just working for a day and I can just get all my data off it and then it's just gonna fall apart. I kept working. Day we have, as

we mentioned, the best post contest, a link in all the four reads from that. Since we did. Huge peps to eyebrows

mcgee for doing a lot of the heavy lifting on keeping that momentum going. I think that was fun, worthwhile and really work the extra work going into it. She did a great

job on that. I appreciate that. We also had weirdness with imdb and fan fair. I just. Tell me about that.

They changed emaus. Got rid of some

apis, I guess is what they did. They just... they used to provide an xml api interface. So basically, you could use rss feeds to pull data for very... could be a more medical for approach to dealing with media consumption than to use rss feeds from media information source. And I had decided the... maybe not that so much after all, and apparently they quite decided this kind quietly and a third party customer web site to find out that the italian even that was sort of like a tiny letter I had to read the time letter was shutting down or maybe shutting down through an article in inc magazine. They didn't... it does add a fuck off. Well, it sounds like tiny letter, it's more... it's like impending doom. Like I say, god bought by someone who has been declared that they don't intend actually preserve, or it's been like a side hustle of male chimp. And. So what they're


do is roll... well, maybe they did actually, I don't know where tiny letter came from originally, but I thought they were always a thing of mailchimp, but it's basically like, we're gonna roll the stuff in the mail chimp at some point. But tiny letter is free. Mailchimp isn't above a certain number of sign up people. And so figuring you're not sure what the offer is. A yeater haven't updated their twitter in a year. You kinda knew something was up, but now they're twitter is like, don't worry, everything's gonna be fine. And everybody in their twitter is like me, I u tic... you can't make a public statement about this. I know you have my email address, command, etcetera. Was weird server, I

guess I'm just gonna talk about stuff from attack. That's the flow. It's gonna take to day like it is month and metatalk, but there was a... a. College show e e

e e e e e and call that good. There was several people asked, and then cjad a metatalk post, asking about a weird thing in the edit window where the window we... we got to excact. It six, six half

minutes on the wide instead intended five and. It is adorable'cause people

were like, o. People are excited because like,

oh yeah, more time to a mess around. But the problem it turned out and I feel very... I feel good that I guessed the right general situation'cause it's not necessarily my wheelhouse, but the clock, one of the servers was off and it was off compared to one piece of software was saying, okay, the start time is now, and then five minutes from now is when the window will end. Another server was like, okay, so five mins, now that's seven mins from now. Okay, cool. And were rgime server went away. So we've got a new redundant one, but. I owe... I'm sure it just

fimble, but from those ability to kind untangle this, figure it out and deal with it, considering that it's not a safe... they built. They are doing all of the

actual work there. That's my biggest fear when I was like, oh no. We find a new tech person, and pb had done a fantastic job of building out and revamping an ordering and making sense of the mediator codebase, but it's still a water born that... and his mercurial fields too, which I also think is an important part of the pb role that was not to be translated into the trimble role. You know what I... you're whimsically like riggle. I would really like this new feature that we're gonna launch on friday before you go on vacation. The dynamic, strange, little bit for...

but in any case, final had to figure out what the state of things was. A pb helped make that very doable, but I'm also continuing impressed that friend belles managed to just like, oh yeah, no, I know what's going on there. Okay, now let me go find it. Okay. That sort of out, this is why someone else does this work. Yeah, that I think you guys

really happy'cause it just seems handled and it also seems like if shit comes up, that can also be handled so know. I was happy to see that speaking of happy to see. And if we're just calling out a in metatalk also really like this post by hippias nine comments about times. Metafilter helped you or helped other people or help you with other people or whatever. It's just a smoopy thread of people telling stories. Some of the stories are the old metafilter chest nut of the time. It's just people talking about how they made a friend or how a person was there to help them when they were having a hard time or how they were in a dark place. And something that happened on metafilter help them not be in it. And it made me happy to just read about things that were helpful and things that people have gone through and things that were going a little bit better, especially because this year has just been beater. It was nice. Nice to see that and happy bar sending me a hat in the mail. And because he got a nine inch nails hat that just says anxiety across the front, and I thought that would be good for me aware. And I was like, I'll send you some things. And he's like, I don't know what things you have. I'm like, I don't know this kind of thing. And we settled on maple sugar candy. And then I realized I had completely overestimated how easy it would be for me to find maple sugar candy in town and in town, meaning, don't need to get in the car. Right. You would think I could just walk out and it would be somewhere, but I of maple can in vermont. You just stop it off the late

posts and everything, but it turned out the place that's my usual go to was out because it's january and usually sugaring season in march, and so have it or december. And so people have it there may that... I got to make a little post on facebook on my local community facebook like... or I get maple sugar candy. And now I've got seventeen recommendations. It turned out. Well, it turns out that I had

gone to the wrong gas stations. I had gone to three of the gas stations, but the fourth gas station is where the maple sugar candy actually was. But it meant that I got to stop by the sugar house on the way out of town and pick up some snacks and male them. He had poped happy bar. This was a good post. And hey, I'm looking forward to getting my hat and the malonate days. There was a fun metatalk post about

learning the copy and paste. There we go about a neural networks. Nam was like a... a entirely. It's just goofy. I posted, so an

explanatory reply to it. But basically they were asking about doing weird neural network, regenerated fake post text and ask me stuff. And dan handed that a few months ago, actually a and mani crean. Yeah, he's been desi and then there's

just a bunch of groping on what it is, not a super long thread that people used a couple of other generators to make things. It's fun and it's money that the tray help my sister get over pizza rejection of people. We should totally discourage. It's great. So. There is also thread

that was very

half about the idea of who are the bloggers of metafilter, which feels like it's... it's extremely twenty team that that is a question that we need to ask versus just obviously a normal part of the entire medicine. Was basically only when I got here,

it was a blog, the people who are on it were bloggers beginning and. It's the whole thing in there. Yeah,

and this overlaps nicely with a

thing going on in my real life, which is that there's a sort of the anniversary bloggers for the old school bloggers that were blogging in it at seven. There's a little collection of them on facebook being like you, we should have a event or a get together or a thing, and it's a in the late nine, des, or one of years older, but still kind of screwed around on facebook, many of whom are still blogging just to chat in about what's been going on with them. And it's been lovely. So if you're a very old school blogger and would like to check out with other uld aca bloggers, getting touch with me and we can add you to that add into that group. So you know me, I've been blogging this whole time, kind of slow motion blogging, but blogging. Number. I did my hewell, here's my


So I make a book list every year of the books I read, and I've been doing it since, I don't know, two thousand, four or whatever. And it was a joke early on, because as you know, I assume, you know, one of the early internet nerd things was art, garfunkel, and his list of every book he's ever read. I'm sending you a link. I'm looking so far, poles kept a

list of every book he reads. It's like nine, six dead, which is interesting because I was born. I'm interesting to me, so I kept a list. People are like how art on focal, hah. And I always make that line. But then I noticed as I was writing my book list this year. Oh, hey. Car cal hasn't updated his book lists and to two thousand. Sixteen. And I went to search my email to see... I don't remember. I was searching for garfunkel to see if I had made the same joke on some mailing list before and found an email that I'd written to our girls website last year, which like, hey, it doesn't look like art. Read anything since two thousand six team is everything. Okay. And I still don't know, but I may just copy and paste that email and do a form again in order to get some closure on. My concern about art are fancl reading. I think you finished... he was like,

oh no, I read all the books I'm done. It turns out there is exactly seven hundred. No books left, right? I don't know

though. I do. I

had to decide this year'cause I wonder sometimes if the quantified life is just a way to keep yourself on the habitrail treadmill, whatever, and not... I don't know, some time to enjoy the flowers or whatever. Reading can become a competitive act. Or you read the finish book, not because you wanna read the book, but I decided that I pretty much okay with it. Things to do for complicated, questionable motives than read a lot of books. It seems like that's probably pretty okay. Bad. But just the collecting of stats, I think

I'd read even if I weren't writing down the books. But the question is whether writing down the books affect my relationship to reading. Yeah, yeah. Now I totally feel that I've

been thinking about some of my own creative output and recording of creative output stuff the last couple months and thinking about blogging thing about social media, thinking about the way I make stuff and how much I managed to decouple that from turning around immediately sharing the stuff that I've made. Well, it's interesting, right? Because it seems like

you found a really interesting middle path with a lot of the painting and whatever that new thing is, you got, if you can mostly do that thing, but then put a picture on instagram, it seems like you're able to stay on top of that. You're making little comics and putting them on a blog that seems to not be a sustainable thing for you. I think part of this finding balance in the amount of time I put into making the thing versus the time I put into making the recording of the menu. Thing'cause I like sharing the stuff I make

it, it's honestly, it's a motivator for me to some extent to not can take this thing and then put it out there and get a couple comments. But I also do... I wanna spend two hours a day documenting the process of making stuff final. Designing a blog, or getting your ass feet work.

Which. Is a weird spot that I'm still in


now trying to figure out what I'm gonna do there. So it's been on my mind, but in. Your store. Did you get your store back up

last? That's

a couple different things that need to do there still. So we'll see what happens there. So. Your stores just a picture of your. Yeah, did

we get a feedback about them all

this year? I know you guys took it off the banner early on. It. We should figure out a better way to manage

that next time. Part of it is, I think we'll maybe try and not do so much stuff in december, it was like end the year. And so all the holiday season stuff coming up and of your stuff coming up. And then we did the best post contest and the mall, and it feels like it all smeared together. And as a result, we didn't should have in retrospect. So I think we'll try and do that different next year. Another thing ive think about, there's no reason we couldn't just have them all up all year. If we wanted to do it. That way was always my suggestion. So maybe that'll

ethe new thing, orton tatas will

revisit them it sort of like'cause we could do basically a combination metafilter merge page and also the mall stuff as we're like, hey, here's your metafilter commerce. Go give. Honestly, now that pb, I think, made the... or was

it from a... I'm sorry, the all. Yes. That is a teetotaler, been able to edit their own

entries. You do it once it once a year, but you could theoretically do it once a month being like, hey, now is the time to revisit your entry. It wouldn't be that hard so that people can keep their stuff current. So have to department. So it's not just a check in one year, it's

a take care of your thing. So we'd have to figure out some details here, but that's possible too. They've had the same thing up for years and years

and years pope have that available and accessible to maybe people who are new at metafilter. Yeah, if it's a going venture, then if it's still

going, then why not? Yeah, that's a song you need to put one of the mods in charge of outreach. That's my suggestion. Maybe maybe. It's not the outer acting so much as

putting them

on in charge. I don't necessarily want a say, oh, by the way, here's your additional duty, go to. One and out that mean. It's not be super busy

there. Yeah. It's something that

we could look into and we've talked about that sort of thing a bit before. So I think we'll come back around and chat about it some more. But I don't know. That's some stuff. I don't know. You have any more urgent business. I think we could probably just call it a podcast. And so, hey, we traveled about them stuff and goes, let me an. Let me double check. I haven't asked my questions this

mid. Jun ooking, let me tell you joke. I heard. You

really have a job. Yes, to knock, knock. I

convince. That was a portrait

I'm ever that. No,

no. Es...

yeah,. Confused got confusion. Sipping rom ribolla,. Eyebrows in

a slack

discussion, vile dwell.

It's important to

have... we've talked about this before, but

it's really important to have a joke. You can just do on demand. U that one for the cultural context required. I feel

like there was a really what this terrible

radio I get. It, I'll leave in the comments if I need, but

I basically felt like there was some really cool fun ask metafilter question that somebody asked, and then I got to answer it really fast cause on the internet librarian, and it may be really happy, but I can't... it's hard to find those things when you want look for them so I can leave in the comments. But basically this is mostly the calling show. I'm really excited that everybody called it. Thank you josh for putting this by cast together. Thank you for all mods for slicing through december. Oh, I remember the one thing I was gonna ask

you feel the month is gone with this slightly different approach to political threat. That seems like it's actually gone. Okay. I feel like it has gone. Okay. I don't need.

To put you on the spot, it is really ugly

and messy, but it... to... it's a good thing. It's a little bit messy just'cause we're sort to make it work day to day, week to week, but all in all, I think it's been good. I feel like people were really pretty responsive to the stuff we ended up laying out in the mediator post thing. I think you guys managed the message really, really well. And it's a joy actually to just watch like, hey, we actually give a shit and you had a good discussion. And, and it's such a complicated thing. I've seen people say,

well, but if everybody's going there, why would you want a change? That... which I get that anything. But talk about the postal, just the sheer volume. Just the sheer pace of it is not workable. And that is really tricky, right? I think we've seen things

like that. I don't remember if it was math word or one of those kind like indy publishers basically decided at some point that they were gonna stop doing their romance line and the romance readers and writers were like voracious, huge, whatever. But they also meant that the brand became disproportionately aligned with one genre. That wasn't the car somebody's gonna have to fill me in the specifics because I don't remember it or hand of the same thing. Right? It needs to not be meta filters brand to just be like where everyone comes to fight about politics or talk about politics at the expense of everything else. And I feel like I've noticed a difference in people engaging more with the rest of the site. I feel so jeneil that way too. I'm curious to run

some numbers and analyze the quantifiable side of it, but it felt better like the politics rants are still busy. There still canby a hundred or two comments a day, and then they haven't gotten quiet, but it feels less fire hose and feels little more manageable. Just like say, hey, I'm gonna bad mood. And here's metafilter. So bare. Ass has been spending some time in chat. I don't know

if other people have been... and so it seems like cats been a more viable concern for people and that's been good. That's been a little bit busier, so yeah, it basically... it's

going good. I think we're still... or figuring out some of the details and figuring out... I feel like there's a little bit of rubber band around the end of the year start of the year here where people are to... they've got time on their hands. It's easier to be sort of chatty. So we're probably gonna have to keep doing waves of push back to help keep it settled, but it's going up. I'm pretty happy about the move and I feel like it's been better for the site the last several weeks as we've been making that happen. Randy. Let's call out a podcast is talking to... and I


forward to having a more full on podcast next month, but I'm also totally okay. Just leaving it there this month. I think that'll be just great. Thanks for doing all the

extra work with the blind. Thank you. Everybody for comin. Fully, you're all fantastic and I'm super glad you're here on

this website that we could hang out on together. A write having now hear everybody. Happen. To her everybody. Hello,

metafilter. This is diaper. I'm calling


from time, austria. It's a day before christmas strike that it is the day before here. I've been big fan of that porter for many years. I dinged a lot. I have contributed great ale and I wish everyone to donate team and they had in two thousand. Seventeen, love me. Hey, this is near as ie here in too. And we are temple to exceed over sons for twin. And so if you wanna say, hi, is the people hello jorg. No,. Re. Seperator, what trains do you thinks that a filter



Yes, or training at babe. Alright. When I was in conference,

but have a good podcast. I jst adjustment is a song dog. I'm out, so showing

say nine degree weather and thinking of you, I often been al listing to the pod cast kept me entertained, and so I'm thinking of you now at the end of the year, and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the podcast. Thank you to all the mods for doing such a great job on the site and to everybody on another culture for keeping me informed and entertained and distracted over last year and help last support. Team months. Very much appreciated. Happy me or everybody next year. Be better. The year before. This is language song do just reminded me to call in,

so I'm calling in if I said little to the cold. Anyway, just wanted to say meseta mathy has been an oasis of sanity and a crazy year, and I hope for a better year for all of us next year and methe. Keep on nothing now. This is kay thomas. I just want to say thank you

to everyone who is running metal filter, have a happy tohana. Claw cooper, I just find out of the clink after. So

clueless cops clicked over the kiwis, actuations of the cleric lifford and her clunky, planking, clean, copper fliers, and note as to what manner of clapa this podcast. It is. I will remain closed mouth a year. Will I? Climber for clemency, have a nice day. Hey, it's nears I and I'm pretty on brand right now.

I'm a few whiskeys deep in cocktails, making myself at home, and I was just thinking about this and thinking about what really theseason seven ten was for me. And I think that the thing is to toss and core team was lost and what that means and what we need to learn from that. A lot of us, it started with the end to a sixteen and the november election there. But for me also that parted right into the next morning. The first thing I found out was that I was losing my house, and in the ensuing weeks, I also came to pass that I lost my job after ten years in my relationship with several years. And that really has to, for me. And so I decided that it was important to come to grips with why this idea loss exists and what lost me. And I really like in it to how we have these animals and their skin, or to pass off their hus or crawl out of their shell in order to c or a, the reasons that a creature in nature needs to do that and why it's important that a creature in an and leave part so much behind in the process. And as I look forward to you has any team. I think that in the same way, that death is so important in life because it clears the way for the next thing and creates the groundwork for what comes after that. We look forward to that maintain with and carry the responsibility of making sure what comes next goes so much further than what came before, and it's so much better than what came before and takes all the lessons we need to learn from what came before. And as I wattstation what I carry into that resistance that we are up to the task. Thanks. Hi,. This is the wrong kind of cheese. I love the medical

to give me a place to feel useful and probably geeky and a little less raoul. Indignant. I'm wishing a happy and healthy twenty a team to all of you by f andrew's happy new year. You continue to be the one thing that just makes me life totally delay in the face of all other horrible things speaking, which I have new year's wish that I wished for for a while. Can we put together some sort of network of new site just in case, you know, society collapses or something, because that keeps thinking that you guys all have probably the knowledge that we would need to survive. Collectively. Let's think about it. Is it january first fate? This is lester, but... and I am hurtling down the highway with my complaining cat in the back seat. So this is a. For me, dot have to understand that

most of the time

are, and he has a very pelousy enough. So that's the sound of a contented cat in a car on the highway, up to date. So happy twintech, high metafilter. This is chicago coming from beautiful downtown toronto on taro canada in the early day of teammate. And while it's been a absolutely shit, I thought I would play a song that comes from your country. That's always meant something to me in hard times, and I'm hoping that it will do that. We onore down there in the united states and just walking over here to drums, pring, then a one in my son. George say, george man, it's gonna play some blockage deal anyways. Happy new oil, I go by the one a little green

lassitude is a... he can watch any butt. This comes colored. If you got a hard and gone that are more... can I say really says it. All. This is palace, athena have wild fell to the wild


with my... the year is dying in the night, bring out wild bells and let him die. Bring out the old ring in the new ring, happy bells across this. Now the year is going. I can go bring out the false ring in the true, bring out the grief. That's not to the mind for those that here we say, I long bring out the fee of rigid poor, bringing refers to all mankind ring out of slowly dying cause that ancient forms of tarty strive with sweeter, manners, pure, but bring out the band, the care, the finales called ness of the times, bring out, bring out my mournful rins, but bring the fuller menstral in, bring on the spite, bring in the love of truth and rt, bring in the common love, good, bring out old shape of pow disease. We a, the narrowing less gold, bring out the in the thousand years of peace, bring in the salaman and free the larger heart. The kindly or hand bring out the docents of the land. Bring in the crisis is to be that. Now. It's gone, you boo, it's still recording in to he


This is a bunch of me flights from sydney, australia, and

we've opened drinking wine for several. I will fight you the disagreement. Anyways, is... those were robots.

On taf, aka. Miss fish, not

us. Usually we have a

what? More mana.

Yeah. But we missing quite a few people and it... because it's holidays, so we're gonna do around have smoke, who knew that comes to anything because he's like, a printer is on the body love. We love him so much. And his family's been then he aiaeeee. Love my find. Awsome, but we don't miss him too. Yep,

and then we

have got casar, a a or a.

Thing on my children love and oracle's in part spertus, I

were with us. Yes, accidentally took him hes, a little person, two and a

half hours of lican carl musing today. Oh,. Good dot. So that... yeah, this is actually true fact. And

he said that if I sound said, take me home, dad, if not, I'm gonna melt down. And he was worried that if he did not take the one time and he would in fact step many sleep to not to be a sametime. So no ximena, ell. Latin car on music, two and a half hours. It requires

some recovery to ding o. I said, fair enough.

Next time. Home to a fine cause he doesn't terrible australia. Thank you

minnesota. Presenting his jade pillow. He's lovely on. We

love that she looks like a dream. Oh my god, did you have heart? He had passed a

selling. She's promise men, maumee. Everything is amazing, is that a bob haven't gotten it, but

I'll let it... she does have a vibratory star get rid of. Do not take use five predestines. Just trying to get rid

of it, I... it's like complete

and packaging sodashi write it. I think it had about a right to a dot a... if you are a vibrator, then contact a plan. I mildly use a sweets in the pack, moving on a

day, not to... that's everybody that we have here. The cheese month, the. Wall, we see her name before we

prospreads. Tell us what

we're doing here. That's. A re existentialist, so...

so were at chirino at our house,

try to not doll, which happens as every friday, an occasional friday. And I. Not that occasional. No. Okay. Occasionally not fats peseta. On fridays,

what do you do on fridays? We get drunk.

Okay. So inspired by friday night make goals on metafilter at some stage, I think it's on the blue. We started try to night doll in sydney, which is an open house and a house. We make doll, which is vegan, so we can invite anyone we like. And the idea is you being someone to introduce, if you like to share something, if you like and you say as long as you like, and what are you doing here? Now you invited me. Yeah, I guess if you like so

that it... no inspired

by manifold, and that's where all the make flights. Actually, a man fights now made up inside at my house. So what we'd like to do is read you a section

of the most. Also poe, we could find. Joy is bloody flatten, lie, his bloody short. What's the use

of waste in it all on bloody sport? Hit you fucking tip tray to a bloody staff. Bloody watchword. Be a straley. I'm actually a eylander. I have no passion is in the coming to make a shake jokowi. Sorry for swearing in the poem. You can... you can be

it. A day use data, I'ma see what the americans to. His

hunting. I think we need to round the. I can

do anyway

from moving me. Five happen. You, you.

Ayakashi fours here, here's my year in a nutshell, a most

exciting and it I found another job or so be your identity. And I'd like to tankinis found on hard to find. Another way to find is a... I. on hard to find another way to find is a i