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Image attributions for MetaFilterest, the 2013 April Fools joke.


via mathowie's comment

mishima:alguna cosa em diu que sí by visualpanic, on Flickr

gattino/kitten by Reportergimmi, on Flickr

taystuho071 by Fantasyfan, on Flickr

Reflection by BigTallGuy, on Flickr

Geisha 755 by Dirigentens, on Flickr

Моя Мелочь:) | My Meloch:) by eXage, on Flickr


Hello by BigTallGuy, on Flickr

Atticus by seanmcgrath, on Flickr

June's multi-colored eyes by kakissel, on Flickr

moon by raneko, on Flickr

IMG_9728_070330x by BigTallGuy, on Flickr

IMG_9788_070331x by BigTallGuy, on Flickr

Kitten by thebuffafamily, on Flickr

Kitten lickin' chops! by Monica R., on Flickr

Smarty Cat by Mat Honan, on Flickr

Garden cat by adactio, on Flickr

CatInCan by Joe Crawford (artlung), on Flickr

Sunday Morning by Jeffrey, on Flickr

Snow White is always hungry. by Jeffrey, on Flickr

Horatio by mecredis, on Flickr

Curious the cat is not amused. by mecredis, on Flickr

DSC00020 by mathowie, on Flickr

Cat watching birds by rarvesen, on Flickr

Cat by kevin dooley, on Flickr

Cats in the Spring by zaimoku_woodpile, on Flickr

cat yawning by uncle.capung, on Flickr

Cat in Sink by kretyen, on Flickr

Cat on a string by Stefan Tell, on Flickr

cat by ilkerender, on Flickr

Cat eyes on black body by Stefan Tell, on Flickr

Cat volume computation by oskay, on Flickr

Cat Necessity of Life by CelloPics, on Flickr

Cat_DSCN0081 by Gangster Car Driver, on Flickr

Lucy the Cat by A.Davey, on Flickr

Cat by martie1swart, on Flickr

Cat by scragz, on Flickr

Fallen cat by Stefan Tell, on Flickr

Cat by martie1swart, on Flickr

Holiday Cat by, on Flickr

Cat by David.Futcher, on Flickr

Misko The Cat by SoraZG, on Flickr

Flying cat by tetraconz, on Flickr

Stray cat, Gosyo-Neko by nekonomania, on Flickr

Cat from Hell by Kjunstorm, on Flickr

Cat + Mouse by Denis Defreyne, on Flickr

Stray cat, Gosyo-Neko by nekonomania, on Flickr

Cat show: Heavy Grey by Tomi Tapio, on Flickr

My Cat by Shoichi Masuhara, on Flickr

vermont (blank)


via an email from taz, and a comment from pb

bad hair day by kevinzim, on Flickr

A Belstone Pony by @MWolstenholme, on Flickr

Buddies by spakattacks, on Flickr

Tropical Surprise & the Bayfront by dreamcicle19772006, on Flickr

Shetland pony by suvodeb, on Flickr

Sad pony... by Tanya.K., on Flickr

Pony near East Okement Farm, Dartmoor by @MWolstenholme, on Flickr

pony by steve_lodefink, on Flickr

Whisper by Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin, on Flickr

One-Trick Pony by Calsidyrose, on Flickr

ginger side parting by petercastleton, on Flickr

IMG_1173 by rayand, on Flickr

White Pony Peckish by Tomi Tapio, on Flickr

Sturdy Horse by BinaryApe, on Flickr

Shetland pony by M Hillier, on Flickr

shetland pony by mrpattersonsir, on Flickr

Shetland Pony 2 by 60North, on Flickr

shet1 by pdam2, on Flickr

Shetland Pony by Ella Mullins, on Flickr

Shetland Pony by Ella Mullins, on Flickr

Dartmoor by Tim simpson1, on Flickr

Shetland Ponies by Ella Mullins, on Flickr

.Roko by, on Flickr

Palomino colt natural light by Derrick Coetzee, on Flickr

nelly + simba by ynskjen, on Flickr

Whisper by Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin, on Flickr

xp belgian pony - 8 weeks by thart2009, on Flickr

Along for the ride by Jenn Durfey, on Flickr

Donkey Club ( thanks bambe) by jumpinjimmyjava, on Flickr

carousel ponies TTL by Muffet, on Flickr

A pink dog 2 by jonseidman1988, on Flickr

Con cariño by Tania_Cataldo, on Flickr

nosey by jenny downing, on Flickr

DSC_2625 by jmayer1129, on Flickr

foals by a_whisper_of_unremitting_demand, on Flickr

Butter Pop & Twinkle Hope, Enjoying a Nice Sunset by dreamcicle19772006, on Flickr

ME AT ABOUT 5 YEARS OLD ... by mrbill78636, on Flickr

Horse eye by pink_pixie21, on Flickr

Wild horses? by exfordy, on Flickr

Ponies by Zahoяí, on Flickr

snuggle by davedehetre, on Flickr

ponies by minicooper93402, on Flickr

Portrait of a Pony in Hounslow Urban Farm by Maxwell Hamilton, on Flickr

Ponies by Martin Pettitt, on Flickr

a bit pony by *ade, on Flickr

282/365 - Plastic Ponies by puuikibeach, on Flickr

Such a Pretty Pony by jurvetson, on Flickr

pony by minicooper93402, on Flickr

Shetland pony & fence by rkramer62, on Flickr

2009_03_wk5_DSC03024 by Gwydion M. Williams, on Flickr

bikes (blank)

tumblr (blank)

invertebrates (blank)


via pb's comment

Vegan Sandwich by moriza, on Flickr

Roast Beef Panini 8-4-09 IMG_4348 by stevendepolo, on Flickr ham and cheese with homemade mustard by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Vegan Sandwich at Bonchaz in Vancouver by SweetOnVeg, on Flickr

Sandwiches by Christian Cable, on Flickr

Tempeh Sammich by Vegan Feast Catering, on Flickr

Mmm... toasted yummy, with mustard by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Mmm... Italian beef with pickled peppers and topped with giardiniera by jeffreyw, on Flickr

strawberry and chocolate panini by pure.sugar, on Flickr

Untitled by » Zitona «, on Flickr ham 'n cheese with slaw and homemade honey mustard by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Pan Bagnat by kochtopf, on Flickr

montaditos tenera by jenny downing, on Flickr

bocadillos-5 by jules:stonesoup, on Flickr

grilled nutella sandwich by amlamster, on Flickr

Picnic sandwiches with vegetable italian omelette by nebulux76, on Flickr

meatloaf sammich from rossi's deli by rick, on Flickr

The Over Embellished BLT free creative commons by Pink Sherbet Photography, on Flickr

LUNCH - Subway Turkey Bacon Avocado Sub by _BuBBy_, on Flickr

Novena Feria de la Torta by ismael villafranco, on Flickr

Club sandwich by WordRidden, on Flickr

roast chicken sandwich by jules:stonesoup, on Flickr

Mmm... I call it "The Italian Job" by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Club sandwich by adactio, on Flickr

roast beef and brie sandwich with a side of bokeh by Robert S. Donovan, on Flickr

Tuna Melt w/ Swiss by bertwagner, on Flickr

Mmm...coppa, mortadella, provolone, olives and onions by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Day 235: Meatless Sandwich by SodanieChea, on Flickr

Hot Pastrami Albany 1-2-09 4 by stevendepolo, on Flickr

Jimmy'z Kitchen by cherrylet, on Flickr

Breakfast baguette at the Mission cafe in Prahran by ultrakml, on Flickr

Mmm... hot chorizo links by jeffreyw, on Flickr

panini by michael hilton, on Flickr

yum by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Mmm... Cheeseburger - ricotta, Parmesan, mozzarella, and a marinara sauce by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Deli Sandwich by bingbing, on Flickr

Lunch by gromgull, on Flickr

wide open!! by nurpax, on Flickr

Mmm... Corned beef piled high by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Mmm... cheesesteak by jeffreyw, on Flickr

BLT by AMagill, on Flickr

Toasted tomato, avocado, cucumber & hummus sandwich by SweetOnVeg, on Flickr

Mmm... boiled salameats with giardiniera by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Breakfast Panini by @joefoodie, on Flickr

Mmm...sammich by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Mmm... hot sandwich by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Club sandwich by WordRidden, on Flickr

Barros Jarpa by Paul Lowry, on Flickr

Mmm...ham sammich (banh mi) by jeffreyw, on Flickr

Siagon Sisters Bahn Mi & Pho by rtaylor0129, on Flickr

Club sandwich, London style by joshuaheller, on Flickr

Churrasco con Palta by Paul Lowry, on Flickr

club sandwich by Seph Swain, on Flickr


via LobsterMitten comment

Kaas op planken

By a little tune (poffertjes! auf flickr)

Dutch Farmers Cabbage (Kale) by roolrool, on Flickr

Broodje Haring by psd, on Flickr

De ruyter vlokken

Pink Mice by Nanimo, on Flickr

Teatime by torekimi, on Flickr


Gezin picknickt naast hun DAF / Dutch family having a picnic by Nationaal Archief, on Flickr

Automatiek / Automat for snacks by Nationaal Archief, on Flickr

By Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, Rijksfotoarchief: Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Fotopersbureau (ANEFO), 1945-1989 - negatiefstroken zwart/wit, nummer toegang, bestanddeelnummer 911-6398 (Nationaal Archief Fotocollectie Anefo)

Dutch football supporters 20120609.jpg (1)

Ice Skating Fun by Bert Kaufmann, on Flickr

Schaatswedstrijd / Skating race by Nationaal Archief, on Flickr

Winter in Amsterdam by Nationaal Archief, on Flickr

Roompotsluis by ednl, on Flickr

Haringvlietdam by Martin Bravenboer, on Flickr

Oosterscheldekering lucht 1

Anaconda by Lothann, on Flickr

Bike Bridge by The botster, on Flickr

Erasmusbrug Rotterdam

Den Haag 'Hollands Spoor' by FaceMePLS, on Flickr

Haagse lijntjes :) eindpunt Vrederust tram 9 by Het mooie Haagse Leven, on Flickr

Afsluitdijk by inyucho, on Flickr

Fietsen by Tom & Katrien, on Flickr

Langenboom, cyclotourisme en forêt de langenboom

The Hague on a sunny wintersday by Walter Watzpatzkowski, on Flickr

Donkere wolken boven de Pier van Scheveningen by Het mooie Haagse Leven, on Flickr

Untitled by Pixel Addict, on Flickr

Converging by kevin dooley, on Flickr

Windmill in Amsterdam Oost by Daveness_98, on Flickr

Friese molen trotseert overstroming 1926 / Dutch windmill facing the flood of 1926 by Nationaal Archief, on Flickr

Dutch Windmill by thecomicproject, on Flickr

zeelandMolens by, on Flickr

keukenhof by vijaykiran, on Flickr

Flowers from downunder by, on Flickr

Dutch tulips by adavies, on Flickr

Lovely lines by Remon Rijper, on Flickr

Scheveningen by Walter Watzpatzkowski, on Flickr

Amsterdam Javaeiland Lamonggracht

Kleurenoverdaad by ednl, on Flickr

Tasmantoren by ejansenvangalen, on Flickr

Kop van Zuid by Daviddje, on Flickr

Rotterdam, The Netherlands by rick ligthelm, on Flickr

By International Court of Justice; originally uploaded by Yeu Ninje at en.wikipedia. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Vrijthof Maastricht Sunset by >WouteR<, on Flickr

Amsterdam by Night by Lennart Tange, on Flickr

Calm canal by Éole, on Flickr

Utrecht Canals Aerial View - July 2006

Maastricht by Bert Kaufmann, on Flickr

beans (blank)


via an email from taz and a comment from pb.

New breed found!? by tanakawho, on Flickr

Wassup? by, on Flickr

No Fear! by Soggydan, on Flickr

Dog with a Mustache by ginnerobot, on Flickr

Friday: 12.5.2008 by Jesse757, on Flickr

smallest puppy I have ever seen. by ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser, on Flickr

Big ears by tanakawho, on Flickr

Go for it! by Soggydan, on Flickr

Dafney by Ⅿeagan, on Flickr

Demon Dog by Sam Cockman, on Flickr

Jason Edward's dog Duke lays on a big sloppy wet tongue kiss. Dog show in Morro Bay, 10 May 2009. Best of Bay Pooch Pageant. Is a dog's mouth really cleaner than a human's? by mikebaird, on Flickr

Wee Westie's Nuclear Ball by Randy Son Of Robert, on Flickr

Stuck! by OakleyOriginals, on Flickr

135209 by johnlemon, on Flickr

a LITTLE Excited! by OakleyOriginals, on Flickr

+ by Nisa Yeh, on Flickr

Me and my ball by PuppiesAreProzac, on Flickr

funny animal by didbygraham, on Flickr

Papillon Kiss by PuppiesAreProzac, on Flickr

Come on baby, just one more kiss... by mawel, on Flickr

I love my dog by :mrMark:, on Flickr

Salvador Dalí III by Giuseppe Bognanni, on Flickr

The Puppy by Klearchos Kapoutsis, on Flickr

surface-to-air-dachshund by Soggydan, on Flickr

Toy Poodle Chocolat by Yasuhiko Ito, on Flickr

best friends by joshDubya, on Flickr

Yogi has some cajones by Soggydan, on Flickr

sleeping beauty by Soggydan, on Flickr

Eye'm Watchin by Jasen Miller, on Flickr

Baby Maya by SuperFantastic, on Flickr

Where it all began by marcos_leal, on Flickr

Just 5 more minutes! by Sam Cockman, on Flickr

Wait... what? by LeahLikesLemon, on Flickr

Patagónico II by GONZALO BAEZA, on Flickr

Free Sugar Baby Puppy Dog and Pink Rose Petals Creative Commons by Pink Sherbet Photography, on Flickr

anti botox brigade by emdot, on Flickr

Ralph by ClaireDPhotography, on Flickr

I Just Love Her to Pieces! by Noël Zia Lee, on Flickr

rocket! by Bree Bailey, on Flickr

Wondering by snailsareslimy, on Flickr

30 Days of Gratitude- Day 25 by aussiegall, on Flickr

Daisy faces the Darkness II by lucianvenutian, on Flickr

Monty by Andy M¢, on Flickr

Mine! by Fake Plastic Alice, on Flickr

&quot;I am not really awake&quot; by Elsie esq., on Flickr

Livonia, USA, North America, Vagabondfcr, 12.24.2005 by vagabondfcr, on Flickr

yvette bought me this silly sheep thing and i love biting its ears by _overanalyzer, on Flickr

Little One by Sukanto Debnath, on Flickr

Bel Air -I left my heart in San Francisco -B&W by akaporn, on Flickr


see jessamyn's comment for the list of books that were the sources.


via LobsterMitten's comment

ZEF_2044 by cut_the_edge, on Flickr

Butterfly stroke by ucumari, on Flickr

Struthio camelus (Kunene)

Waiting for a bus? goose trio CNC 08-25-07 by Vicki's Nature, on Flickr

Tail by aldenchadwick, on Flickr

50 Foot Ridgeback by The Pack, on Flickr

Den indiske elefanten Letzie ved Cirkus Berny by Riksarkivet (National Archives of Norway), on Flickr

Equus quagga burchellii (group)

Elephant's tea party, Robur Tea Room, Sydney, 24 March 1939 / Sam Hood by State Library of New South Wales collection, on Flickr

Safari - Animal Kingdom by ladybugbkt, on Flickr

dorsal stripe by muzina_shanghai, on Flickr

Little baby giraffe butt! by ucumari, on Flickr

By -ani- at de.wikipedia Original local file name Wollschweinferkel

tails by ynskjen, on Flickr

Blonde d'Aquitaine Vallée Campan 2009

Gardes Républicaine queues et crinières

Hochlandrinder im Mühlviertel, Oberösterreich

That's What I call Posing:-) by mysza831, on Flickr

Benny Trapp Chamaeleo africanus gräbt Nest

Tortuga de orejas rojas (Trachemys scripta elegans), jardín botánico de Tallin, Estonia, 2012-08-12, DD 01

I'm King of the world... or at least this rock! by ucumari, on Flickr

Silverbutt, I mean SilverBACK gorilla by ucumari, on Flickr

Xerus inauris 0

DSC_2949 by ucumari, on Flickr

Angels dancing sun Giovanni di Paolo Condé Chantilly

El pensador-Rodin-Caixaforum-4

"* by photo.maru, on Flickr"

Fernando Botero escultura Cartagena Colombia by Edgar

Venus von Willendorf back

David's Backside by S Richards Photography, on Flickr

In Guardia Fort St Elmo 2012-05-06 n32

Apollo AS11-40-5866

Boete voor schaars geklede man / Fine for indecent man by Nationaal Archief, on Flickr

2 Aguilas del Zulia vs Leones del Caracas 21-12-2011

Fußballländerspiel Österreich-Ukraine (01.06.2012) 35

ST vs Gloucester - Match - 23

H. Cutting (LOC) by The Library of Congress, on Flickr

Thamar Karsarvina (LOC) by The Library of Congress, on Flickr

BayWindBravoDay1Opti (24) by Paul B. (Halifax), on Flickr

Bréhat 22 Marcheurs Paon 2010