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MeFi Nomic

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It's all here now:


Original Nomic rules:

Some ideas:

Current Active Ruleset: MeFi_Nomic_Rules

Round Summary:

  1. Current

Turn Username Status Points
-> notjim (I don't know what I'm getting into, but I like it already) Voting on 301 is open 0
1 0
AAA Aaron A. Aaronson 0
aspo 0
backseatpilot 0
Beatrice (bonobo) 0
Burhanistan 0
Chuck (prefers not to disclose his MeFi username) 0
cortex 0
enn 0
ErWenn (erwenn) 0
Flabdablet (flabdablet) 0
flatluigi 0
Freshwater pr0n (freshwater_pr0n) 0
gerryblog (gerryblog) 0
goodnewsfortheinsane (let's make this eponysterical for me, baby) 0
jayCampbell 0
jeblis 0
klangklangston 0
Mister_A (the "A" stands for "Awesome at Nomic") 0
mosessis 0
motty 0
Resrever 0
robocop is bleeding 0
shelleycat 0
Taksi Putra 0
tallus 0
turaho 0
vernondalhart 0
wendell (in the Patrick McGoohan role) 0
whir 0
xorry 0
~ 0