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The MeFi Magazine is a monthly publication that showcases the written and visual talents of Metafilter's users. It is published by Klangklangston and Brandon Blatcher. The concept was originally proposed by user adrianhon in MetaTalk, who envisioned "a website that featured longer-form original essays, articles and writing from Mefites."

Issue Theme Buy a Print Version Download MeTa Announcement
One No Theme Print Version Free PDF Collectors edition with a foil hologram
Two No Theme Print Version Free PDF The new old media
Three Travel & Places Print Version Free PDF MeFi Mag 3 is here for a visit
Four Jobs & Work Print Version Free PDF In which MeFi Mag works on their issues)
Five Cool Print Version Free PDF Come Chill Out with MeFi Mag 5
Six Games Print Version Free PDF Game On
Seven Death Print Version Free PDF Death is the new black
Eight Sex Print Version Free PDF Better late than never
Upcoming Themes


  • December 2011: Nerds
  • January 2012: Music
  • February 2012: Leaps, extensions and do-overs
  • March 2012: Anniversaries
  • April 2012: The future
  • May 2012: Food
  • June 2012: Travel
  • July 2012: Cities

See the official MeFi Mag website for updates and announcements, or to submit your work for consideration.

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