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Live News Threads

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While MetaFilter is not supposed to be News of the Day, there have been some news stories that were posted early in major events, and updated by MeFites as the news happened. This is a list of those few highly active NewsFilter threads, and to a few key points in those threads. For more detailed discussion of the threads, see their respective wiki pages.

September 11, 2001: Plane crashes in to the word trade center. Live comments on 9/11. Compared to some other large NewsFilter posts, this one had fewer comments, due to a the large number of related posts that were made to the front page after this first post.

August 28, 2005: Live Local Coverage Of Hurricane Katrina. The day before, news that Hurricane Katrina was headed towards New Orleans was posted, but the later post had more live updates of the progress of the storm. The dedicated Katrina article collects the more than 90+ MetaFilter threads discussing Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

December 2, 2009: and there are no citizen initiatives in NY to overturn it. This post was on the pending passage of marriage equality legislation by the New York Senate. It was mostly hopeful, with live updates of who was saying what in the TV coverage, including live coverage of the votes as they came in, up to "ayes 24 nayes 38, the bill is lost."

March 10, 2011: Large earthquake off coast of Japan. Preliminarily mentioned as a 7.9 earthquake, later updated to 8.9, with huge impacts due to the resulting tsunami surges. MeFites in Japan checked in throughout the thread, updating everyone on their personal status, how things looked from their location, and translations of the local news and Twitter feeds. See also: dedicated March 2011 Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan page.