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Link Titles

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MattHaughey has introduced a neat new DHTML system that will make little boxes pop up containing text when you run your pointer over a link. These are Link Titles and they are supposed to let people add a short informative description of the linked page for readers. You can add them to links within posts (or comments) by simply adding title="Your text here" in a link tag. So, for example, if you wanted to make a link to CNN than had a pop-up box containing 'Good news here', the tag you'd write would be:

<a href="" title="Good news here">CNN</a>

Here's a good example of a post that contains Link Titles being used appropriately. You should bear in mind that link titles are not there just to dump any miscellaneous information in; you should aim to keep title text as concise as possible - a MetaTalk thread discussing this issue