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Givewell references on Metafilter

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This is a collection of ancillary references on Metafilter to Givewell and Givewell-related persons and topics, to supplement the key items referenced on the main Givewell page.


  • 8/22/01 - 'Holden' account created - note that this account does not belong to Holden Karnofsky. Had this account not been registered, would we have seen Holden and holden0, rather than Holden0 and holden00, in the account circus under discussion (see [[1]])? Karnofsky has had both "holden" and "holden0" as a handle in his posts elsewhere -- is holden0 his fallback when plain holden is unavailable? (Note further: there are a number of other mefi accounts that contain in the username or mention on the profile page the string "holden", none of which appear to have anything to do with Mr. Karnofsky.)
  • 7/14/03 - Hankins comment - reference to Holden Karnofsky's Harvard Commencement speech.
  • 12/19/07 - thread - a post to the front page of Metafilter about the unrelated Visa project.


  • 12/31/07 - 'This will givewell' - comment in Metatalk thread posted later in the same day as the Givewell thread; riffing of "this will end well/this will wendell" meme.
  • 1/1/08 - 'banned list' post - reference (in the 'give back' link) to the Givewell metatalk thread.
  • 1/3/08 - nax's ethics question - references (and links to, in a clarifying comment) the Givewell metatalk thread.
  • 1/3/08 - charity zing - Givewell as ironic resource in Burrito Project discussion
  • 1/3/08 - mathowie zings - playing on Karnofsky's sleep-deprivation excuse. (Some further references follow in-thread.)
  • 1/3/08 - inspiration - administrative request prompted by the Givewell thread and the wiki article.
  • 1/3/08 - could be worse - Sears as 'worse than Givewell' in thread about online community, etc
  • 1/4/08 - not_on_display riffs - pseudo-apology joke referencing Karnofsky's mea culpa and "donation?" comments
  • 1/4/08 - anonymity joke - Karnofsky homage in unrelated thread
  • 1/4/08 - observation of an injoke - not_on_display namechecks Givewell and Holden and notes the proliferation of Givewell references.
  • 1/4/08 - rampant meme-ing - ericb throws out Givewell reference in unrelated soon-to-be-deleted thread