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Ez2 mefi

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The third MeFi Diplomacy game created (the second for new or more casual players).

Game Summary

DP Judge link


? (Austria)
equalpants (England)
empath (France)
? (Germany)
ssg (Italy)
jeversol (Russia)
xbonesgt (Turkey)


A four-way draw between France, Italy, Russia, and Turkey in Spring of 1910.

Final Map

DP Judge GIF

End Of Game Reports (EOG)








I had allied with Russia before the first turn was submitted; I think the agreement was Russia would get the Black Sea and Rumania in exchange for Bulgaria, a non-aggression pact, and some help against Austria. I thought Italy and Austria were allies until Italy tried an end-around and attempted to capture Greece in Fall 1901. Not quite knowing what was going on, I figured I'd concentrate on Austria for the time being. I tried to turn Italy against Austria, and there was some press that went back and forth which I enjoyed, but to no avail. With some luck, and some Russian aid, I was able to pick up the Austrian supply centers and keep expanding westward.

After capturing the Italian peninsula, I was in pretty good shape and thinking about where to go next; Russia looked overextended directly to my north, and after a little urging from France and Germany I decided to go for it. I was hoping Germany could hold on for a few more turns since between the two of us we could've taken out a lot of Russia's ground forces in central Europe, but it didn't work out. I didn't know where to go next; I should've gone after France, but I thought he was fighting Russia and Italy (I held off attacking the Italian units in Spain and Portugal due to some of his press!) and was only going to ally with Russia if I attacked Marseilles. Then French reinforcements helped Russia hold onto Munich, and I figured that was that.

Other Info

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