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Ez1 mefi

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The first MeFi Diplomacy game created for new or more casual players.

Game Summary

DP Judge link


schyler523 (Austria)
pravit (England)
Alvy Ampersand(France)
burnmp3s (Germany)
Rock Steady(Italy)
? (Turkey)


Absolute victory for Germany in 1912.

Final Map

DP Judge GIF

End Of Game Reports (EOG)






I really enjoyed the game. I played in character as the Prime Minister of Italy, Primo Varicella (name stolen from a truly Machiavellian Adam Cadre interactive fiction game), which was a lot of fun. I tried to create a bit of a backstory for him, including a pretty much abandoned subplot that had Primo seducing the wives of all of the heads of state of Europe.

To Austria:
Dear Chancellor,

Thank you for your message and your reassurances. Of course, I knew full well that we have nothing to fear from you and your people as we enter this time of uncertainty and unrest. I remember you and your lovely, lovely wife treating me and my staff so well during our conferences at your lovely villa in the Alps. I trust Signora enjoyed the wheel of Grana Padano I had sent to you -- she mentioned how hard it was to find decent cheese in Vienna.
I also appreciate you warnings about the Germans and the French. I have never gotten along well with Monsieur Prime Minister, and the Germans have always been a mystery to me. From what I hear from some of my operatives around Europe, you would do well to mistrust any communications from Berlin yourself -- but I should say no more for now.
Do give my best to your wife.

Humbly yrs,
Prime Minister Primo Varicella


To England:
Good Evening, Mr. Prime Minister!

I certainly have my concerns about France, and while much of my attention will be wrapped up in pressing business in the Balkans, I can certainly exert a little pressure on Marseilles to keep Monsieur occupied in the south.
I hope you and the wife enjoyed the wheel of Grana Padano I had sent to you last month. I know you are proud of your English cheeses, but surely you can appreciate the true mastery of the art form we have attained here in Italy.

All the best,
Prime Minister Primo Varicella

I tried to play the game pretty straight up -- no lying or stabbing. I did try to suggest that alliances were forming that I had no idea about, and I did not mention alliances that I had, but I didn't out and out lie.

To Turkey:
His Excellency the Sultan,

I was so saddened to hear about the passing of your predecessor. He and I had a close relationship, as you may have known, and I think our ideals and visions for the future of Europe were similar. He was a wise and a good man. I trust your viziers and advisers are bringing you up to speed regarding the troublesome state of relations among the major powers, and I will not burden you with all the rumors and negotiations that are swirling, but I must say this:
I have reason to believe that the Tsar may have his own agents placed in high positions in your government. Be very wary about the advice they give you regarding his trustworthiness or his designs on warm-water ports in the Mediterranean.
Please let me know if you need assistance or advice regarding the Russians, but I have some pressing matters in North Africa to address in the short term, so I may not be able to lend men or materiel right away.

All the best,
Prime Minister Primo Varicella

I really enjoyed this little exchange around our Christmas truce:

To all:
My esteemed colleagues and associates,

It is a shame that some among us are not able to rein in their more aggressive tendencies and settle their differences like mature adults, and that we find ourselves absorbed in violence and warfare even at this most peaceful time of the year. I wonder, therefore, if we mightn't call a temporary cessation of hostilities, for the next few days, at least? It would allow our generals and ministers to spend a little time with their families, and give our boys in the trenches a brief respite. If I am not mistaken, even the Mohammetans have a winter holiday, isn't that right, Sultan?
Let us all give no orders to our generals and troops until Monday, the 29th, hmm? At that time we can begin our little game of diplomacy (or lack thereof) again.

Humbly yours,
Prime Minister Primo Varicella


From Russia to All:
My honourable friends,

More's the shame that the papists among us are intent on ignoring the many followers of the Orthodox tradition - for my people, the most peaceful of times is not the birth but the death of our Lord. Even more, we utilize the calendric system given by Caesar himself, not one by a man who would massacre those who disagreed with him on religious grounds.
But that being said, we will not oppose any armistice. The Russian winter is long and cold, and any relaxation during it is welcome. We leave it up to you others.

Nikolai Morozov

I respond,

To All:

How very Russian of you, Nikolai. Focusing on death and demagogues.
Even so, I wish you a buon Natale, and I shall raise a glass of vodka in your honor, as my family gathers in our secluded villa on the Amalfi coast. I trust you all have received the regali I have sent out this season -- please trust me when I say that the chianti and the fine cheeses are perfectly safe to enjoy, and are the best that Italy (and Europe, if I may be so bold as to say so) has to offer.

Buon Natale,
Prime Minister Primo Varicella

I tried, for a while to play Germany and Russia off one another, but it never really took.

To Germany and Russia:

It seems that my little arrangement with Austria is not going to allow the Italian people the glory and power they deserve. The combined might of Germany and Russia is unstoppable. However, your strengths are nearly equal, and I suspect that a small amount of added weight in the balance would enable one of you to dominate Europe, instead of sharing it with an equal. If Italy is allowed to continue its existence, I am willing to help either of you wrest control from the other. Please contact me soon -- time is of the essence.

Prime Minister Primo Varicella

For a while France, Austria and I enjoyed an incredibly close alliance -- to the point that we were sending each other explicit lists of our upcoming moves. I'm not really sure what happened to cause our downfall. France seemed willing to let Russia come into the Mediterranean freely, and Austria took Venice without warning. I'm not sure if there was out-and-out doublecrossing or just poor choices, but it quickly fell apart from there. Primo Varicella didn't let it get him down, though.

To Austria:

Herzliche Gluckwunchen! Our dream of a unified Europe is at hand! The benevolent and wise Germans are sure to rule the continent with an even hand and a kindly manner. War and genocide are assuredly relics of the past now. We must put aside past grievances and disputes and come together to make the Greater German Empire a force for justice and brotherhood in the world! Perhaps we can meet one day soon for a giant mug of beer and some sausage.

Your good friend,
Primo Varicella
Unter-subkanzler fur Italien



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