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Draft FPP WinRed

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WinRed is a Trump-endorsed GOP competitor to ActBlue. Republican candidates were <a href="">'strong-armed'</a> into using it after the GOP sent cease-and-desist letter to shut down rival <a href=""></a>--one consultant calls it a <a href="">'travesty'</a>. While's commission rates are lower (meaning a larger share of donations go to candidates), it's been up and running for ten years, and it already had relationships with thousands of candidates, <a href="<a href="">">WinRed</a> offers the advantage that it "will potentially funnel millions of extra dollars to a firm owned by Gerrit Lansing, a former RNC staffer who left his White House job only three weeks into the administration after reportedly failing his FBI background screening." Processing fees will also be paid to Stripe, a company that has Jared Kushner's brother as a major investor.