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Craig Ferguson's Musical Openings

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Craig Ferguson, Late Late Show host, has gotten some love from Metafilter. Rhaomi compiled a list of the musical segments that sometimes open the show, & it was made of win. A few months later, swift posted a new musical number featuring the Mythbusters, and Rhaomi updated the list, fixing many broken links. A wikified version of the updated list follows.

After David Letterman signs off and the Worldwide Pants production logo fades, viewing audiences are oftentimes treated to a cold open of an empty talk show set... one that quickly becomes the impromptu dance floor for a shameless Scot making an absolute giddy fool of himself while lip-syncing pop songs alongside a menagerie of puppets (and a couple of scantily-costumed stagehands). Now on YouTube for your viewing pleasure, the complete collection of Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show musical numbers:

After the first five puppet-based songs, he and some of his crew ("The Craigettes") started to add elaborate choreography and lip-syncing to their songs:

More (non-musical) Late Late Show puppet intros:

See also "Wavy the Waving Alligator", the show's signature puppet:

Like the puppets? You can buy some of your own from Folkmanis Puppets (scroll down), the show's official supplier.

Other interesting moments:

Craig Ferguson previously on Mefi:

Lots more at the surprisingly comprehensive Craig Ferguson portal at the Huffington Post.