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As you compose a post to Metafilter, here are some things to keep in mind.

Metatalk post

You should meet these criteria before posting. via jessamyn:

  • [ ] I am not just me being peevish, I sincerely think this topic needs the attention of the whole community
  • [ ] This is not something that would be better suited by an email to the mods or the individual involved
  • [ ] I am more or less sober
  • [ ] I am not linking to a comment that, once it is inevitably deleted, will make this entire thread moot
  • [ ] I do not have a hate-on for a particular individual which I am waggling around in making this post
  • [ ] I do not, at this time, need a hug

possible additions: I know about the mod contact page, I know my writing will be treated mercilessly

AskMe post

Medical questions

Providing this information is a good start. via jessamyn:

  • [ ] seen a doctor already, they said it was nothing
  • [ ] seen a doctor, they said it was nothing but NOW IT'S WORSE, do I go back?
  • [ ] hate all doctors, don't tell me to see one or I will hate you too
  • [ ] would go to doctor if I could afford one
  • [ ] have an appointment but it's not for _______ days, do I need to go earlier?
  • [ ] are there homeopathic ways to treat this?

Mefi post

Here are some obvious mistakes to avoid. via _aa_:

  • [ ] Searched for doubles?
  • [ ] Not a self-link?
  • [ ] Not a newsfilter?
  • [ ] Not an axegrindfilter?
  • [ ] Tested links?
  • [ ] Proofread for typos?
  • [ ] Proofread for spelling?
  • [ ] Proofread for quality?

possible addition: check for doubles via url & by tags