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Talk:Dreamwidth FPP Draft

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Note from Darkstar:

Rather than crafting a more elaborate and exhaustive FPP as seen in more recent megathreads, I’d like to propose a simpler FPP, which will be less onerous to craft and therefore a lower barrier to creation. A single paragraph, with some in-line links, perhaps. Something along the lines of the following:

Title: Long live the US Politics megathread!

Description text:

The country reels from another wave of mass shootings, drawing increased focus on President Trump’s use of <a href=""> inflammatory and racist rhetoric</a>, undermining his own call to unity with <a href="">continued attacks on immigrants and political opponents</a>. The escalating trade war with China is resulting in <a href="">significant upheaval of global markets</a>. Meanwhile, the Democratic Presidential Primaries are only <a href="">six months away</a>, with <a href="">only eight candidates so far qualifying</a>for the next round of debates in September.

What do you think?


fixed your first link so it matches what you posted in the MetaTalk; fixed formatting on third link </a> - LD

Works for me. I added a link to the latest impeachment news to the "In Other Headlines" section. -diogenes